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Solomon Burke passes on transatlantic flight to Netherlands

Who was Solomon Burke?

Father of 21 children (14 daughters and 7 sons), 90 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. Preacher. Mortician. Admired by Pope John Paul II. Recent guest of Pope Benedict XVI. Gospel singer. Country singer. Actor. Mentor to dozens of people who went on to become more successful and better known than their teacher. Guest on Jay Leno, Letterman and a hundred other television shows in North America, Japan, Australia and throughout Europe. Blues and soul for 50 years.

Yet many of our younger readers do not know his name.

That’s a shame. You should.

Goodbye Solomon, and thanks.

Try this YouTube video: Solomon Burke – Everybody needs somebody to love.

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Arch Cot Inquest witness intimidation: Professor Hans G. Machel reports intimidation, fears of arson, bodily harm, job loss against potential witnesses.

UPDATED: February 16, 2011

The Arch Cot Inquest is set to resume on Thursday, February 17, 2011.

Will the Coroner respond to Professor Machel’s reports of intimidation of witnesses?

Are Richard Goddard and Professor Hans G. Machel summonsed to the Arch Cot Inquest to “name names”?

Investigation team of former Canadian Mounted Police Officer and University Professor called building home on cave “an act of moral depravity.”

“I found out many more things that the public has a right to know but that have been hidden so far. I encountered an atmosphere of frustration and intimidation, nourished especially under the previous BLP government. I met several individuals who were afraid to speak out for fear of loosing their jobs, bodily harm, or having their houses burnt down, if they ever went public with what they know. I will speak for them. And should the day come, I am prepared to testify in any court of law under oath.”

… University of Alberta, Canada Professor Hans G. Machel exclusive to Barbados Free Press Continue reading


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