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Adrian Loveridge’s Tourism MATTERS: Getting creative, making more with less.

At least one Barbados hotel is renting rooms by the hour.

Will Adrian’s Peach & Quiet Hotel target the same “niche” market too? Read on! 🙂

by Adrian Loveridge

There are different versions, but my favourite is when the ‘going gets tough, the tough get creative’. It probably comes from spending most of my working life trying to turn tiny marketing budgets into big picture realities. What prompted this was reading the classified section of the local papers and seeing one of our accommodation competitors renting its rooms by the hour.

Concluding that this property is targeting a particular niche clientele, we cannot let any market share be eroded. We think therefore that in many cases, hourly rates might be to optimistic, so of course the obvious answer is to offer a per-minute rate. Continue reading


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Attention Barbados Police: Please keep looking for the madman throwing stones!

Madman… or setting up a Robbery?

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Forwarding this for your readers’ information, this also happened to a vendor driving to Brighton market a few weeks ago, 5am, dark, man jumped out of a cane field & threw a rock at her car. She was very frightened as driving alone, & reported it to the police.

signed: Politically Tired (very!)

(Editor’s comment: Thanks, Politically Tired. If you Google “threw rock at car” you’ll find that this happens all over the world AND that it is incredibly dangerous. Recently a 17 year-old girl in the USA was killed by a rock thrown at a car. We hope our police give this crime the priority it deserves.)

Now back to the letter from Politically Tired…

Dear All,

Last night 18 October 2010 around 11.30 pm my wife and I were returning home. We had just left the Norman Niles roundabout heading East to the Salters junction, when a man stood up from the side of the road and hurled a huge stone at our vehicle. Continue reading


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