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Please visit our friend’s website… Fish Barbados with Shaun Sandiford

(Click on the banner to visit Shaun’s website. He’ll take you to the big fish for a fraction of the price of a deep-sea charter!)


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Adrian Loveridge’s Tourism Matters: Ignore online tourism reviews at our peril.

TripAdvisor – the power of your neighbour’s opinion

by Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner.

When I read in the largest circulation travel trade publication recently, a direct quote attributed to one of our most prominent hoteliers, my first response was to cringe.

He stated ‘TripAdvisor is sort of a menace…. because it’s hard to get people to go online to post good comments’.

Hopefully this is entirely a personal view and is not being adopted in any national tourism policy.

‘Menace’ or not, TripAdvisor, already the world’s largest travel site, went into history last month by becoming the first travel brand to have more than 40 million unique visitors in one month. So far this year, the site has experienced a 60 per cent growth.

TripAdvisor is currently available in 14 languages, across 23 countries worldwide, so it is present in every marketplace that Barbados is targeting.

It’s not likely to go away in the foreseeable future, and that is why more and more hotel groups together with individual properties are learning to embrace the reality and maximise the phenomenal potential. Continue reading


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Barbados wedding in the rain

Love finds a way…

Thanks to The Bajan Reporter for directing us to a wonderful story and photos at Planet Barbados. Does photographer Leslie St. John know his way around a camera? Ha! Do fish fly?

Nice couple. Hope they do as well as Shona and I have done all these years. (This man is truly blessed.)

Planet Barbados: When your fairy-tale Barbados wedding gets rained on.


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Children, poor people to fill empty seats at Commonwealth Games

Barbados vs England Net Ball – 58 spectators including players’ families

A quick thought before bed about the Delhi Commonwealth Games. In a country of a billion people, 58 spectators showed up to watch Barbados and England play net ball. 20 people occupied 5000 seats for the first tennis match and on Tuesday no more than 100 people sat in the 19,000 seat MDC field hockey stadium.

Lately these mega events are missing the mark in many areas. As we saw ourselves in Barbados with Cricket World Cup, the organisers always wildly over-estimate the spectators, economic and social benefits that the mega-events will bring. They always grossly exaggerate their capabilities and resources available to bring it off successfully.

The host country’s taxpayers end up paying for the mistakes – sometimes for decades. Always the same. In Barbados the hundred million dollars plus that could have been used for a new hospital instead sits in our Cricket Palace. Even former Tourism Minister Noel Lynch after a rum or two would have to admit that Cricket World Cup would have been just fine at the old Kensington just the way it was, wouldn’t it?

Where is our new hospital? Continue reading


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