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Kammie Holder’s Swimming Upstream: The disease of evading accountability

Accountability and Offering Excuses for Excuses

by Kammie Holder

Most of our problems in life tend to come about as a result of trying to evade being accountable. It appears like a disease in the government, the private sector and in our personal lives. It’s just not an easy thing for some of us to accept accountability.

Accountability means we are responsible and answerable for our actions or inactions, thus the consequences must be accepted. Managers and leaders must accept accountability for the actions of others in their organization or on their team, just as they accept praise when the team does well.

In order to be accountable, we must also embrace the fundamental principle of integrity. It’s not always easy to do the right things, but we can save ourselves a whole lot of time and trouble if we invest a little more time to do things right the first time.

In communications with the late Prime Minister of Barbados David Thompson, he always reminded me to “Do what I think I have to do and what is always right.”

It’s also much more difficult to clean up a mess than to just simply avoid it. Continue reading

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San Francisco Chronicle features Kammie Holder’s “Swimming Up Stream”

On Friday September 24, 2010, The Nation newspaper refused to publish Kammie Holder’s weekly column because they disagreed with his straight talk. After that, Kammie quit or the newspaper fired him – we don’t know what happened.

That’s fine. The Nation can do what they want… and so can Kammie or any Bajan who cares enough about our country and our people to write and share their thoughts.

But the world has changed. No longer can the “oldstream” Bajan news media dis-empower and dis-enfranchise any citizen because the newspaper doesn’t agree with their politics – or because the citizen criticizes the elites who own the Barbados news media and everything else ‘pon this rock.

Kammie Holder said “To HELL with the Nation newspaper” and took his message to the internet. To Facebook, Twitter and the blogs. A few weeks later and the The San Francisco Chronicle decided that he had something worthwhile to say… so they linked to his article. The San Francisco Chronicle has a daily readership of 1.6 million people.

At this moment if you Google or Yahoo! search for “Barbados Independence”, you’ll find that Kammie’s article is #4 out of 82,400 returns. The Nation and The Barbados Advocate are not found on the list.

Even if Kammie is too classy to say the message out loud, we will do it for him: “Nation News… stick it where the sun doan shine! You media elites no longer control everything. The world is changing, but you don’t know it.”


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Kammie Holder: Give our police their due, they should be our “Police Service” and not “Police Force”

In his Friday column in The Nation, Kammie Holder gives praise to the men and women of our Royal Barbados Police Force and throws a barb at those (including BFP) who don’t temper their criticism of the police with praise.

We at BFP plead guilty to the offence, but we’ll leave it be and just say that Kammie has a point.

Kammie also has a point that words matter. He says that the police FORCE should change it’s name to reflect a new approach. According to Kammie, the Royal Barbados Police Force should change its name to Royal Barbados Police Service.

For the record, we at BFP agree.

Also for the record, dump the phrase “reassure” from the RBPF slogan. We don’t want “reassurance” – we want RESULTS and a safe community.

Please visit The Nation link here to read what Kammie has to say.

BUT… we’ll reprint Kammie’s column in full so that when The Nation wants to change history again by deleting or modifying what they published, at least this post will exist… Continue reading


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