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“Bloody lawyers” says Kentish. “Bloody judges” says Pilgrim

“Is too!” says Judge. “I’m going to tell!” says lawyer.

Will someone please grab the lawyers and the judges by the ears, take them down to St. Leonard’s Boys’ School and let Dr. Victor Agard have a go at them?

Maybe a few strokes of Dr. Agard’s cane will cure the infantile battle of egos that is debilitating our justice system – but probably not.

Back on June 24th Justice Elneth Kentish said that our courts are being held to ransom by lawyers who don’t show up on time and ruin the whole show. Yesterday in Barbados Today, lawyer Andrew Pilgrim (photo above) said that judges, magistrates and their support staff regularly show up so late that court often doesn’t start until 11am – two hours later than scheduled.

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Kammie Holder connects with his lost cousins in Ghana

“Africa is more than wars, pot-bellied children and mud huts.”

SWIMMING UPSTREAM: The Ghana, Barbados connection

by Kammie Holder

I am forced to revisit my pilgrimage to the ancestral home of the majority of Bajans, Ghana.

Why am I doing this?

The decision was prompted by a call last Friday night from a 78-year-old woman. She reminded me of my privileged position and responsibility to readers.

Therefore, I am going to share some things which the mainstream media have failed to share or have not shared enough on this African country located south of the Sahara.

Ghana achieved independence in 1957 under Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

The Portuguese were the first to arrive and they named the place where they settled as the Gold Coast. That became the name of the country until independence in 1957 when it was changed to Ghana. The Gold Coast had been among the wealthiest and most socially advanced areas in Africa boasting schools, railways, hospitals, social security and an advanced economy. Continue reading


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Further Cabinet change revealed

With our tongues somewhat in cheek, BFP draws attention to a development in the recent Cabinet shuffle story that has been ignored by the other media.

Denis Lowe will now be known as the Barbados Minister of Flooding as this better reflects the results he has achieved in his position to date.

Further Reading at The Nation…

Flooded in a flash and Rain floods bus stand

Mugshot credit: Barbados Advocate


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David Estwick does the right thing for Barbados, the DLP and himself

Dignity and honour under trying personal circumstances

Judging by the number of on again, off again press conferences scheduled in the last 24 hours by demoted government minister David Estwick, it wasn’t easy, but he (if you’ll pardon the expression) bit the bullet and took the pain.

Last night Dr. Estwick issued a statement that briefly communicates his disappointment, but emphasizes his continuing commitment to Barbados, Prime Minister Thompson and his party. He wishes “all that is good” to Minister Sinckler and states that contrary to some reports he has no animosity to anyone.

Estwick gives credit to his colleagues and support staff who worked with him during his time as Minister of Economic Affairs and, most important, he lists his and his team’s ongoing work and accomplishments. It is fitting that Bajans realise that no matter who has the helm, Dr. Estwick and his team contributed heavily to the foundation that has been laid for the future.

We at Barbados Free Press believe that Minister Estwick conducted himself with dignity and honour under trying personal circumstances and that Barbadians of all political stripes will remember this moment in his political career with great respect.

David Estwick’s full statement follows. We believe it is worthy of our readers’ full consideration. Continue reading


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