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What happened to the Barbados Association of Journalists?

Dead blog, dead organisation?

The Barbados Association of Journalists last revived from the dead in January of 2009 in response to the repeated harassment and arrests of professional journalists by the Barbados Police.

At that time there seemed to be interest among Bajan print and broadcast journalists in once again having a unified voice to address local concerns in their profession. Yes, everybody belongs to various Caribbean and international press organisations, but that’s not the same as having strong and credible representation on the home turf. Continue reading


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Barbados Cabinet Shuffle – Succession Planning under pressure

UPDATED: October 2, 2010 1:17am Bridgetown

David Estwick does the right thing for Barbados, the DLP and himself

Judging by the number of on again, off again press conferences scheduled in the last 24 hours by demoted government minister David Estwick, it wasn’t easy, but he (if you’ll pardon the expression) bit the bullet and took the pain.

Last night Dr. Estwick issued a statement that briefly communicates his disappointment, but emphasizes his continuing commitment to Barbados, Prime Minister Thompson and his party. He wishes “all that is good” to Minister Sinckler and states that contrary to some reports he has no animosity to anyone.

Estwick gives credit to his colleagues and support staff who worked with him during his time as Minister of Economic Affairs and, most important, he lists his and his team’s ongoing work and accomplishments. It is fitting that Bajans realise that no matter who has the helm, Dr. Estwick and his team contributed heavily to the foundation that has been laid for the future.

We at Barbados Free Press believe that Minister Estwick conducted himself with dignity and honour under trying personal circumstances and that Barbadians of all political stripes will remember this moment in his political career with great respect.

BFP carries David Estwick’s full statement in another article as we believe it is worthy of our readers’ full consideration.

Here is our original article on the Cabinet shuffle as first published on October 1, 2010…

No winners, two big losers: Estwick and Barbados

Our invisible Prime Minister (that’s him above) announced the latest cabinet shuffle yesterday. The fourth Cabinet in two years and eight months produced no real winners, but two big losers.

The first loser is former Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs David Estwick who is now in charge of “Fish Markets, rat poison and the termination of the giant African Snails.”

That beautifully creative description comes from The Bajan Reporter article Former Economic Affairs Minister of Barbados under heavy fire.

Estwick’s new position sounds about right to us, considering that we and others called for his resignation when Estwick displayed a pistol in Parliament under circumstances that can only be seen as an attempt to intimidate another member.

Whether Estwick was demoted for his uncontrolled mouth or the gun incident or both, he’s demoted with a public spanking. David Thompson had to do it or risk being seen as weak or not in charge. Continue reading


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