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Tastes like home… Yummy!

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Coconut Scones with coconut oil

Had some last night. Yummy!

Thanks to Cynthia Nelson for the inspiration, but we wish you’d give us the recipe as we had to guess.

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Did I enjoy eating Giant African Land Snails? Hell yes!

Thanks to BFP reader iWatcha for this culinary recommendation…

“Did I enjoy it? Hell yes. It’s rare to find a totally new combination of flavour and texture and it was privilege to be shown how to prepare it properly. Will I be knocking up land snail at my next dinner party? I’m ashamed to say, no. I’m not sure I could find anyone to share it…”

“I’d gladly fill you in on the whole process of shell smashing, guts removal, washing with alum rocks and boiling for ages but you’d be better off watching the video above for the full, rather astonishing effect.”

Tim Hayward takes you right from buying the snails at the market (or finding them in your garden!) to de-sliming and then all the way to the table in the Guardian’s article and video: Hard as Snails

Would the folks at BFP eat them? Would you?

Watching the video, Shona said something like “Eeeeeewwww!” but Robert said (with a big smile), “That’s nothing compared with snacking on live grubs in Brazil. Wiggly fellows as big as your thumb, aren’t they!”


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Michael Winner Slams Sandy Lane Head Chef “Ghastly Grant” MacPherson: “He struts around… His food is unbelieveably awful… inedible rubber…”

"Charming" Sandy Lane waitresses Rehanna and Francia with a furious Michael Winner

Christmas at Sandy Lane: "Charming" Sandy Lane waitresses Rehanna and Francia with a furious Michael Winner

Winner: “Two Excellent Waitresses – Charming, Probably Cook Better Than Head Chef MacPherson Too!”

For us ordinary folk at Barbados Free Press, there’s a pleasing simplicity about a fish cutter and a beer at Oistins, with some salad and rice on the side. Plastic fork, styro plate. Sit by the sea, talk with friends and pass the rum bottle on a Friday afternoon. Work done, watch the light fade and thank God I was born on this island instead of Ohio where I spent some particularly brutal winters not so long ago.

The food is good at Oistins – sometimes wonderful if the pretty girl is there and fine enough if the not-so-pretty one is there too! For the food at Oistins is nothing but fresh and the company is always in good spirits. (Sometimes she’ll let you take her home, the not-so-pretty one, I mean.)

BFP Editorial Meeting, Oistins

BFP Editorial Meeting, Oistins

Pity the poor rich bastards at Sandy Lane who become upset when their BDS$110 duck pancake isn’t fluffy enough. Oh, we’ve all had the odd “soggy and grotesque” bit of food at Oistins, but when you’re with friends a little soggy food doesn’t matter. Or shouldn’t matter.

But if you’re paying BDS $300 a plate at Sandy Land (yikes!) and you have forgotten that the sea and the sky are beautiful, I guess you could get upset over a leathery pancake.

There is nothing wrong with having money, nothing wrong at all…

…unless you’ve forgotten what it is to enjoy life and your friends.

Michael Winner should spend more time walking by the sea at Oistins; eating fish cutters and drinking rum with the wind in his face. It might remind him of what it means to be alive.

Sandy Lane, Barbados

Michael Winner, London Times

My friend Gordon Ramsay famously said, “Michael Winner knows nothing about food.” At last I’ve found someone who knows less about food than me.

Not only less about food, but less about presentation, about how to treat people . . . in fact I’ve met the most awful example of the so-called “hospitality industry” I’ve come across in 70 years of eating in the finest restaurants all over the world. Quite a nonachievement. This man is ridiculous.

Stop. Don’t get overexcited. “Calm down, dear, it’s only a chef.” He’s Grant MacPherson, culinary director and head chef of Sandy Lane, Barbados. His food is unbelievably awful…

… continue reading this article at The London Times (link here)


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