Barbados Underground blog “suspended” by WordPress for violations. What happened?

Was it threats to witnesses, threats to journalists, calls for racial genocide, XXX articles or something else?

Visitors to the Barbados Underground blog on Monday morning were greeted with a notice from internet hosting that the entire blog had been “suspended” for failure to comply with policies.

Later in the day the blogsite was put back up, but without any explanation from the editors or WordPress. It is as if nothing ever happened.

But it did.

Why was Barbados Underground suspended?

The suspension of the Barbados Underground account and take down of the entire blog is a more serious level of response from WordPress than we’ve seen anywhere at blog hosting.

Barbados Free Press has twice experienced WordPress taking an article offline when someone complained about a sentence or a word. In one case when Roosevelt O. King of the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations complained to WordPress, BFP eventually republished the article in it’s entirety with the change of a few words. (See What happened with the Caribbean Child Sex Trafficking Ring mentioned online by BANGO Secretary General, Roosevelt O. King?)

In another case, the source for the article had been removed from the internet, so BFP did not republish.

Monday’s suspension of the entire Barbados Underground blog is a whole new level though, and we believe that the editors owe their readers and Barbados an explanation.

Why now? What happened?

As covered before here at BFP, Barbados Underground publishes some outrageously racist articles and postings that call for discrimination, violence and even genocide against Bajans of non-majority races including citizens of Indian, Chinese and European backgrounds.

Consider these two Barbados Underground racist genocidal gems from many similar…

“The elimination & extinction of sub-human, half make Europeans from this earth will undoubtedly bring about a more peaceful, stable & morally uplifting world.”


“I support the call by Sir Shridath Ramphal on ethnic cleansing. This country should control the build up of any particular ethnic group outside of the Black population of Barbados. Particular emphasis must be place on the Indo-Guyanese scums & the rat catcher/mango seller Indians & Pakistani.”

Was it the calls for racial purity of Black Bajans?

Other posts call for blacks to remain racially pure and to not have children with other races or lighter skinned persons of African heritage. Editor “David” cautioned that Bajans of Indian heritage are out-breeding those of African heritage.

A few writers are obsessed with anti-Jewish topics and conspiracy theories including the infamous “blood libel” themes of Jews kidnapping people for human sacrifices etc. etc. etc.

Was it the calls for intimidation of witnesses or threats to a newspaper editor?

Barbados Underground also publishes hateful articles that make you wonder if the editors care at all for the reputation of our country. That blog published calls for the stalking and intimidation of witnesses in various court cases. It published threats by Hartley Henry, the advisor to Prime Minister David Thompson, against a Bajan newspaper editor – and then followed through with the threat by publishing allegations of a lesbian affair.

White Tourists as a subject at Barbados Underground

Barbados Underground published statements that murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld was “White Trash”.

In another post about white female tourists, frequent contributor and BANGO Director Roosevelt O. King declared…

“I put it to you that 90% of the white (women) tourists that come to Barbados enjoy being sex slaves to black men and the talk don’t deter them.”

“White women are so fascinated by black men. They love to do the oral to black men because they think that when they drink our sperm, they getting nourishment, like how you drink milk from the cow.”

… BANGO (Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations) Secretary General Roosevelt O. King published at Barbados Underground.

In all of the above, never saw fit to suspend Barbados Underground, but on Monday morning the blog was taken off the internet.

Does anyone have any idea why the Barbados Underground account was suspended?


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23 responses to “Barbados Underground blog “suspended” by WordPress for violations. What happened?

  1. Too Funny

    I find it typical of that hypocritical jackass, David of BU, to offer no explanation of what really occurred. In the mean time, his less-than-bright followers, are foaming at the mouth having convinced themselves, with no evidence presented that BU was under some sort of attack. Head dim wit, Adrian Hinds, shoots off a missive to WordPress which he apparently prepared months ago and still, David offers no explanation other than to copy and paste a brief paragraph from WordPress which appears to say that it was simply a technical glich.
    They put dogs with distemper down don’t they?

  2. Adrian Hinds

    ha ha ha ha ha too funny indeed.

  3. Dumbfound

    BFP are things so bad that you can’t find a noteworthy story to post. Steupse. I pity you.

    Why don’t you spend your time seeking out stories of interest to the Barbadian diaspora instead of you and your cohorts snooping around to find something about BU that you think could be indifferent or negative to gloat.

    I suggest you take your energy and find stories to post that are in the interest of all bajans. Who cares what happens at BU.

  4. Graham Hall

    The clue is in the current BU “advisory” from Big “David”, the big man with the big, big brain and the utterly gorgeous prose style (that is, if you’re, say, eight years old).

    That’s where he suggests that members of the “BU Family” should be alert to the tenor of their comments.

    [Ah, Adrian, now you’re going to have to look up “tenor” and everything. Major bummer.]

    BU has obviously been getting out of hand. In recent days the people called “Dave” have had a lot of fun with their two minute hate …

    [Ah, Adrian, now you’re going to have to look up George Orwell and everything. Downer.]

    They’ve done the hate for faggots and the kikes and the Indians and the Indo-Guyanese and the lesbians. They’ve screeched at each other about the invisible guy in the sky and entertained each other with half-wit conspiracy theories.

    One particularly dipstickish kind of dipstick has already mentioned the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    [Ah, Adrian, now you’re going to have to research that, too. Depressing, we’re sure, for a man as busy as you.]

    Big Dave has published this: “Mia Mottley is a misfit pervert”.

    I have no opinion about Ms. Mottley. I have an opinion about moron fascists. And these suckers are going DOWN. No question.

    @ whoever called Adrian Hinds the “head dimwit”. Have to disagree. Mr. Hinds is the Chief Halfwit, and I will call his true name in a heartbeat if he annoys me, even slightly, just one more time. Promise. 100% guarantee.

  5. what will they think of next

    You are nit picking BFP. WordPress said that it was a mistake and they apologised.

    Good enough for me.
    Find something worthwhile to write about BFP.

  6. Sex trafficking in Caribbean

    Did Roosevelt O. King turn over the emails and photos of the child prostitutes to the police?

    I have a feeling that BFP will keep asking this question over and over again until Mr. King tells the truth one way or the other.

  7. What do you expect?

    It seems that BFP has failed to be relevant and is incapable of addressing that fundamental issue. They seem to prefer to launch questionable attacks on their perceived rivals.

    It would be more effective to seek to become a relevant alternative, and to publish articles that are well researched and of interest to readers.

    The observed practise of rehashing articles from 12 months to 3 years ago does not make for a vibrant blog.

    Just saying.

    Don’t take it too hard.

  8. reality check

    “BFP has failed to be relevant and is incapable of addressing that fundamental issue.”

    Any unresolved unjustice or abusive behavior of those in authority in respect of basic human rights or the Rule of Law is ALWAYS relevant.

    The power of people to forget and move on without resolution in not good enough in a civil and just society.

    Keep reminding us BFP.

  9. ac

    come on BFP. Do really care! NO! I didn’t think so.
    So what’s your problem?

  10. Expat

    Word Press would not stand for racist, bigoted, ignorant nonsense the way Bajans seem prepared to tolerate it, that’s all. May Guyanese Hindu temples line the highway from the airport into Bridgetown. May Chinese Shaolin temples adorn the beaches. May hordes of black tourists from Trinidad and Jamaica swarm all of Bimshire so that ignorant bigoted Bajans can earn a place in the world.

  11. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    Another stunningly brilliant post by “ac”.

  12. Graham Hall

    That Barbados Underground thread, in full …

    … we read it, so you don’t have to

    Terence M. Blackett: De joos is takin over de worl’!

    Negroman: De rat muncher mango sellers is takin over de worl’!

    Mr. Bonny Peppa: Sttuuuupppssseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! I is lovin ya, Negro!!!!! Mwaaaaaaaaaa!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

    Carsick O. Cardigan: I is a closet homo and I hate bullas. De wickers is takin over de worl’!

    Bush Tea: The Bushman amaze by de current account deficit. The Bushman a tasty beverage. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ac: 65 years old stil cant right shudda payed more atentiun in skool.

    Negroman: Exterminate de disease carriers, de whites for a morally uplifting world.

    Mr. Bonny Peppa: Disease carriers. I lovin ya Negro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

    Adrian Hinds: You is mistaking the Westminster model fearing this day would come my aunty Nellie went to school with Sealy’s second cousin’s wife’s sister’s brother’s cousin’s neighbour, Cucumberpatch, when they owned the big house next to my nephew’s friend’s mother’s acquaintance … (trails off into general incoherence).

    Mr. Bonny Peppa: @ Adrian Hinds. Sttuuuuuuuuupppppssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Bonny moist, heah? And he funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heah!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Terence M. Blackett: I don’t really have a degree, you know. I just say that because I think it will impress people. De joos is takin over de worl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And 9/11. That was de joos too. There are little lizard people inside your ears and they is takin over de worl! Wid de joos!

    Carsick O. Cardigan: I buy women’s underwear and put them on when nobody’s looking. I in de closet and I hate wickers.

    ROK: If anyone wants some photos of child prostitutes, don’t be looking at me. And I don’t have any video.

    Mr. Bonny Peppa: ROK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Stuuuuuuuuppppppppsssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. what will they think of next

    You are an idiot, Graham Hall, there is no such thread on Barbados Underground.

    Speak the truth for a change. That is, if you know what the truth is.

  14. Sinderella

    What I would like to hear more of is the close connection between BFP and the Kingsley Estate debacle.

  15. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    Graham Hall: I am a staunch supporter of BFP but I believe that no one needs to stoop to unfair comment or practices in order to support one’s position. David, of BU, has suggested that someone is posting at BU, under the names of regulars, in order to create false posts. Your above post gives credence to his statement. I don’t think BFP needs that kind of subterfuge as they can stand on their own two feet.

    Sinderella: If you’re going to accuse BFP of anything, at least get it right. I’s KINGSLAND, not Kingsley!

  16. what will they think of next

    That’s brilliant, Graham Hall! Do some more. Please!

  17. Mottley Crew

    Direct quote: “Mia Mottley is a misfit pervert”.

    It’s still there …

  18. Mottley Crew

    The defamation quoted above would be slightly less grave if BU were an unmoderated blog. But it isn’t. It is demonstrably true that the owners of the blog make editorial decisions about what to publish and what not to publish. They chose to publish that.

    They chose to publish that on 5 October. The length of time that they choose to keep the defamation in the public domain is an exacerbating circumstance.

  19. what will they think of next

    what will they think of next
    October 14, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    That post is not mine.

  20. Dumbfound

    Mottley Crew
    October 14, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    If you feel that way and made up that quote about Mia Mottley, man or woman up to it. Why try to pin it on someone else. I applaud you for your freedom of expression. You coward!

  21. Ravi Singh

    The Barbados Underground has opened my eyes about Barbadian attitudes toward Indo-Caribbean people. I was once one of those Indo-Trinis who would spend time and money in Bajan beach resorts. Never again!

  22. BFP

    Hi Mr. Singh

    Please bear in mind that the racists at Barbados Underground are a small but vocal group of extremists. There’s racism everywhere but the vast majority of folks in Barbados, in Trinidad and around the world are happy to have anyone at their dinner table no matter the race or religion. Pay no attention to the racists at BU except to expose who they are by the best way possible: pointing at their own writings.

    We do hope you’ll not blame all Bajans for the words of a few racists.

  23. Jack Bowman

    The BFP folks say:

    “Pay no attention to the racists at BU except to expose who they are by the best way possible: pointing at their own writings.”

    Very well said. Sorry I’m a couple of years late with the applause, BFP. I read it only now. Well said. Good thinking.