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Benjamin Moore Paints used racially offensive colour names – Is ‘Nazi Red’ okay?

Benjamin Moore Paints Lawsuit

(click photo for large)

An interesting story is breaking in New Jersey where Clinton Tucker, a black employee of Benjamin Moore Paints, has launched a lawsuit claiming that the company apparently named various paint colours after him – allegedly just to disparage his race – and then fired him when he complained.

Mr. Tucker also took exception to the company’s naming of ‘Confederate Red’. While Mr. Tucker found the paint names ‘Tucker Chocolate’ and ‘Clinton Brown’ repulsive (he had worked on these colours before they were named), his white supervisors laughed at him – so Mr. Tucker says in his lawsuit.

Benjamin Moore’s website states that the colours were named after Mr. St. George Tucker in 1798 “for his home facing Courthouse Green” in Williamsburg.

Hmmmmm…. I wonder when that was added to Benjamin Moore’s website.

And to top it off, Benjamin Moore’s ‘Confederate Red’ page says:

Benjamin Moore Flag

Benjamin Moore’s Confederate Red

This rich, refined red is a timeless and enduring classic. A great accent wall color, it is not too bold and won’t overpower a room.

Hmmmmmm. To some folks, myself included, Confederate Red invokes the same thoughts as if the colour was named ‘National Socialist Red’ and said “This rich, refined red is a timeless and enduring classic…”   Continue reading


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Lawyer’s letters to BBC & Barbados High Commissioner: “Top Gear specialises in making a profit from deliberate but deniable racism.”

TopGear Festival Barbados

Clarkson subsequently withdrew the apology for his use of the N-word and said that the BBC forced him to issue it.

… from the letter apparently sent to the BBC and Barbados High Commissioner to the UK. Did Clarkson really withdraw his apology? Something like that here.

Strictly Private and Confidential letters sent to Barbados Free Press

Today BFP received two letters apparently sent from Equal Justice Ltd Solicitors to the BBC and our High Commissioner in London. The letters are supposed to be “Strictly Private and Confidential”, but nonetheless were sent to BFP as PDF files.

Interesting… the PDF files hidden data reveals that two other UK law firms are perhaps involved in their creation: Penman Sedgwick LLP and lawyer Beena Faridi, apparently with Bindmans LLP as a trainee.

“Dear High Commissioner, you should consider banning the programme from Barbados because it appears to incite racist bullying at work and in the social sphere.”

… from the letter apparently sent to the Barbados High Commissioner to the UK

What does it all mean? We’re not smart enough to say, so we’ll publish the text of the letters and also the original PDFs so folks can have a look for themselves at the letters exactly as they came to us anonymously through an anonymous proxy out of Russia.

Remember: These letters were sent anonymously to BFP – and BFP is an anonymous blog run by unnamed persons somewhere near Grape Hall. Take it all with some salt until it’s confirmed somehow, okay?

The whole thing is about Jeremy Clarkson’s “N-word” comments. Clarkson used the word “NIGGER” in case anybody missed what this is all about – but the below letters explain that Clarkson’s racist comments are intentional and scripted. Is that the truth? Judge for yourself…

PDFs of the Letters

Letter to Barbados High Commissioner  let toBarbados 060514

Letter to BBC  let to BBC 060514

Letter to Barbados High Commissioner

Equal Justice Solicitors

Striving for better justice
Equal Justice Ltd
Bloomsbury House
4, Bloomsbury Square
London WC1A 2RL

Tel: 020 7405 5292
Fax: 020 7405 5315
DX: 35708 Bloomsbury

High Commissioner
Barbados High Commission
1 Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3ND
By post and email.
Email – london@foreign.gov.bb


Strictly Private and Confidential
6 May 2014

Our ref: LD/Top Gear
Your ref:

Dear High Commissioner


Race complaint against the UK’s British Broadcasting Corporation (“BBC”)

We act for various clients (including Richard Rogers and Fred Jacobs, US citizens) who have brought a race complaint against Jeremy Clarkson (a tv presenter) and the UK’s British Broadcasting Corporation (“BBC”) for scripting and authorising the use of the N-word in filming for the “Top Gear” show. As it transpired, and probably due to our previous complaints about the use of racist anti-Mexican material on the previous show, the BBC and Clarkson got cold feet and the racist material was not broadcast, but the racist intent to profit from the use of deliberate but deniable racism was there.

Mexican people (both adults and children) living in the UK were subjected to racist bullying after the earlier anti-Mexican broadcast.

The BBC defended the anti-Mexican racist material on the basis that it was “British humour”. Mexicans were described as being fat, flatulent, lazy and feckless. Continue reading


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Former Barbados Housing Minister Gline Clarke says take land from the rich and give it to the poor – Refuses to answer how he lived on expropriated land!

Housing Minister Clarke’s love nest on expropriated land. Barbados news media let it pass!

Clarke a never ending source of entertainment

What do you call a Minister of Government who lives in a house built on land expropriated for ‘public housing’ by his own government? You call him corrupt, that’s what!

This is the same Gline Clarke, the same Barbados politician who announced to the world last August that rich whites aren’t welcome in his Barbados…

“Mister Speaker, I am appalled. I am really appalled that a government in two thousand and eleven would be dealing with a group of white, conservative, rich people.”

“If the member want me to withdraw ‘conservative’ I will withdraw it and substitute it with the word ‘rich’, I will substitute it with ‘a group of rich white boys’…”

MP Gline Clarke, former Minister of Public Works, expresses his disgust in Parliament that the current DLP government would do business with people of the white race.

Barbados Member of Parliament: Rich whites not welcome

Gline Clarke is back at it again – telling the local news media that government needs to be more ‘progressive’. By that he means that the Government of Barbados should take land from private owners through force of law, not pay them for it (or delay for a decade or more as is usual) and then build houses on the land for Members of Parliament and their mistresses – just like Clarke did for himself. Not that you’d know that from the island news media.

Who would begrudge a poor man like Gline Clarke a place to park his Mercedes?

A call to nationalize large tracks of privately-held land should attract foreign capital, do you think?

Clarke is a moron in election mode!

Man, this corrupt Owen Arthur gang never changes – but if you vote BLP, at least you know what you’re getting! It’s almost like they are honest because they tell you up front that they are dishonest!



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Barbados Knighted labour leader shows hatred against Jews

SIR Roy Trotman derides employer for being “an Egyptian Jew”

Will the Barbados Government allow Roy Trotman to keep his Knighthood?

Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) general secretary Sir Roy Trotman is under fire for saying that Diamonds International employees were sacked by an “Egyptian Jew” – but according to the local papers Sir Roy doesn’t see why there should be a fuss.

And that is the real story here.

You see, Sir Roy’s racism is so deep-rooted that he doesn’t realise that he is a vile and hate filled racist. He thinks his comments were fair and normal. The sad truth is that many on this island will agree with him.

Sir Roy is amongst those on this rock who not only view the world through a prism of race, but also act upon their racial prejudices. I have no doubt that when he meets someone for the first time Sir Roy’s fundamental opinion about that person is already shaped by racial prejudice.

SIR Roy sees nothing wrong with his statements because he believes that the problem with the Diamonds International Director Jacob Hassid’s actions is that Mr. Hassid is a Jew.

Aha! Mr. Hassid is a JEW! That explains everything…

“I think (Sir Roy Trotman’s comment) has further implications about Barbados, racism, the treatment of foreign investors and fairness in general,”

17 year Barbados resident and international business person Jacob Hassid talking to The Nation Racial Fear

Terry Schwarzfeld, Canadian murdered in Barbados

Memories of murdered Jewish tourist called “White Trash”

In February of 2009 60 year old Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld and her daughter-in-law were attacked in broad daylight on Long Beach. Sadly, Mrs. Schwarzfeld succumbed to her injuries after being flown back to Canada.

While the vast majority of Bajans were horrified by Terry Schwarzfeld’s murder, the popular Barbados Underground blog published comments calling her “White Trash” and generally railed on against ‘Jews’ as Mrs. Schwarzfeld was reported to be a prominent member of one of Ottawa’s Jewish charity groups. Anti-Jew themes are nothing new at the blog where government advisor Hartley Henry is a contributor. Last year the blog published an article blaming Jews for the labour troubles at the West Indies Cricket Board – calling the organization a “Slave Plantation” run by “Zionist oligarchs”.

The cricket article was pretty tame compared to Barbados Underground’s genocidal call for terrorist Hamas and Hezbollah to murder whites in Barbados.

Sir Roy’s hatred of the Jews is nothing new in Barbados. It’s just the latest manifestation.

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is naturally horrified by Sir Roy’s racist comments, but they have nonetheless taken a soft approach on hating Jews …

The BCCI called on Sir Roy to investigate the facts and, “once he is satisfied that he has been misinformed, withdraw his uncalled for remarks”.

That’s hardly the damning condemnation that is required in this case.

“The managing director, Mr. Jacob Hassid, has lived in Barbados for 17 years and he and his wife have three children all of whom were born in Barbados. When someone has shown this level of commitment to our country, we should not be referring to them by race or religion and seeking to make them feel personally uncomfortable.

“We would hope that Sir Roy would investigate the facts and, once he is satisfied that he has been mis-informed, would withdraw his uncalled for remarks.”

Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry statement at Caribbean360.com

In most Western countries, Trotman would be on his way out the door – but not here in Barbados. That tolerance of racism is the norm on this island as long as the attacker is black and the targets are Jews, Whites, Indians, Chinese or lighter skinned persons of African ancestry.

Will SIR Roy keep his Knighthood?

No doubt about it.


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The Bajan Hitler: Racist… or anti-racist sarcasm?

Truth is where you find it. Did the racist creator of this Hitler meme video deliver a message that was quite different from what they intended?

Or… was the creator trying to expose Bajan racism?


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Junior Campbell: Too much Afro-centric or Euro-centric education causes racism

I am a Pan Africanist secondly: I am a Pan Humanist first

“Blacks can be as exploitative and abusive of their own people and other as any other racial group can be of their own people.

This is why the influence of my afrocentrism on my politics – when I dare to call my activism such – is secondary. I am a Pan Africanist secondly: I am a Pan Humanist first.”

Junior Campbell writes Diane Abbott no Obama at AllVoices

Junior Campbell’s latest column at AllVoices is sure to make some racist folks angry – no matter the colour of their skin. Racists like Liz Thompson, Owen Arthur, Gline Clarke, Roosevelt O. King and Louisiana Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell won’t like it at all. Bob Verdun might have a problem with it too, along with Rihanna’s classmates who bullied her for being “white”.

Not to forget the despicable human beings at Barbados Underground who called murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld “white trash” and refer to Bajans of Chinese and Indian heritage as “rat-catchers and mango-sellers”.

Race is always just below the surface in Barbados

As we’ve said before, in Barbados race is just below the surface on everything. You can’t blame us for that, we come by it honestly. Have a look at our history long ago and more recently and you’ll see that in Barbados race has had social and economic impact upon individuals for hundreds of years.

The questions and issues about race didn’t just disappear with our independence in 1966 ya know!

Just over a year ago Prime Minister David Thompson died and everybody with the exception of a ranting Owen Arthur paid appropriate tribute to the late PM and his family.

That was all very nice, but the BLP tended to forget that during the 2007-2008 election campaign the BLP supporters said that Thompson couldn’t be trusted because he was too white and born in England. The BLP mouthpieces warned that “whites” were voting for the DLP. Horrors!!! Even the newspapers made sly references to Thompson’s mixed race.

This is Barbados where even on a live TV debate we heard Government Minister Liz Thompson say that a “Caucasian male” had no right to complain about government actions.

Yup. Race is always just below the surface ’bout hey.

Junior Campbell’s latest is well worth your time, and whether you agree or not, he’ll make you think.

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Barbados Member of Parliament: Rich whites not welcome

UPDATED: January 15, 2014

In the midst of our current economic crisis, one has to wonder how two decades of Bajan politicians’ hostile, xenophobic comments about whites, ‘curry boys’ (persons of Indian descent) and other foreigners have dried up offshore investment.

Politicians like Owen Arthur and Gline Clarke fanned racial intolerance whenever it was politically expedient, but the internet has made everything public and forever available. How much of our current financial and investment problems are the natural result of the money and tourists going to friendlier places?

Something to think about.

Here is the original article as first published August 24, 2011…

Barbados government should not deal with “Rich white boys”

contributed by “Former Barbados Tourist Mr. Kilkenny”

“Mister Speaker, I am appalled. I am really appalled that a government in two thousand and eleven would be dealing with a group of white, conservative, rich people.”

“If the member want me to withdraw ‘conservative’ I will withdraw it and substitute it with the word ‘rich’, I will substitute it with ‘a group of rich white boys’…”

MP Gline Clarke, former Minister of Public Works, expresses his disgust in Parliament that the current DLP government would do business with people of the white race.

No Concern in Barbados

The lack of news stories and comments on the internet say that very few Barbados persons are concerned about the outrageously racist statements in the Barbados Parliament by former Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke. There is precious little in the newspapers about what would be a “hanging offense” in the United Kingdom if an elected politician and representative of the people chastised the government for doing business with blacks or any other named race.  Continue reading


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Barbados Aquatic Club in the old days: A good place for some…

An old friend sent us this photo of the Barbados Aquatic Club. We have no idea who took the photo or owns it, so if it’s your photo and there’s a problem please let us know.

There was a time when the Aquatic Club was one of those places like the Yacht Club where our own Auntie Moses was welcome to clean the toilets or work in the kitchen – but when it came to swimming, sailing or having a rum punch on the outlook, well that was something else. “Europeans Only” thank you, was the reality for far longer than many on this island care to admit. Even after independence it took a while to change the political and economic reality. In the 1970s worthwhile employment opportunities at the banks still listed “European Experience preferred” as a code phrase.

In truth fear was a catalyst during the 1960’s too. It wasn’t like everyone just decided to get together and sing “Kumbaya” one evening after independence. The white plantation class were more than a little worried about “things getting out of hand.” Some very prominent white folks moved to Australia at the time, and I truly hope they and their descendants are doing well.

But… after so many years of mixing who was or is “white” on this rock?

Now it is class division, not race…

…that maintains the curtain that kept Auntie Moses in the kitchen back when Frankie Sinatra hid in the walk-in cooler.

Oh, there are those who love to keep the racial divisions alive on this island of mixed breed mongrels. Owen Arthur is one. Liz Thompson is another, but there are many more prominent Bajans who have profited from race-baiting. Mostly BLP I think, but there are enough examples elsewhere and that’s true too.

So we bring you the photo of the Aquatic Club, and a few lines from another old friend at Oxford, who recounts how Grantley Adams could only drop off his white wife at the Aquatic Club – but was unwelcome to enter himself. Times must have been different for Mrs. Adams to attend when her husband was unwelcome. Very different times fuh sure!

Leisure spaces – including churches – were segregated. The large hotels, the haunts of white society, excluded black people (except as workers), and clubs such as the Yacht Club or the Aquatic Club, and certain cricket clubs, were exclusively for a white membership. Grantley Adams, a coloured, English educated lawyer – who later rose to prominence as the first black Prime Minister* of Barbados – had an English wife. 18 ‘At that time’ Neville recalled,

“She was a member of the Aquatic Club in Bay Street and Grantley was not a member, he was a black man, he wasn’t a member, but she had that privilege as a white woman to be a member of the Aquatic. And Grantley would carry her to the Aquatic Club, drop her there and turnaround and come back down the road [laughs]. Tell me when you’re ready and I’ll come back and pick you up when you go…He drop her there. That is your thing. You belong to that club. I’ll put you there, you come back when you’re ready to come, call me and I’ll come back and pick you up.”

PDF download: Memories of Race and the Formation of Nation: Barbados 1937-1967
Mary Chamberlain Oxford Brookes University


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Barbados Underground blog “suspended” by WordPress for violations. What happened?

Was it threats to witnesses, threats to journalists, calls for racial genocide, XXX articles or something else?

Visitors to the Barbados Underground blog on Monday morning were greeted with a notice from WordPress.com internet hosting that the entire blog had been “suspended” for failure to comply with WordPress.com policies.

Later in the day the blogsite was put back up, but without any explanation from the editors or WordPress. It is as if nothing ever happened.

But it did.

Why was Barbados Underground suspended? Continue reading


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Murdered Canadian Tourist Terry Schwarzfeld Called “White Trash” – Senior Advisor to Barbados Prime Minister Publishes Articles on Same Racist Website!


Why Does Prime Minister Thompson’s most senior advisor publish articles at a website that calls Terry Schwarzfeld “White Trash”?

Early this year, readers from Barbados Free Press voted to remove the sidebar links to the Barbados Underground blog because that blog had become a racist hotbed – and also because they published reader comments containing threats of violence against named individuals. Some other Barbados blogs also removed their links to Barbados Underground for the same reason.

Barbados Underground’s editor (David) allows and facilitates the most vile racist discussions and articles – even to the point of allowing posts that call murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld “White trash”. Other posts call for blacks to remain racially pure and to not have children with other races or lighter skinned persons of African heritage. Some posts encourage violence against whites, Chinese, Guyanese of Indian descent, and other non-Blacks – including mixed-race Bajans whose skin is not sufficiently dark enough for Barbados Underground’s commenters.

A visit to Barbados Underground will show that this disgusting racist dialogue is not restricted to readers’ comments, but actually appears in some of their published articles. For instance, a recently published article called The Fear of The Growing Ethnic Factor, Real or Imagined? stated “Bajans must understand that Hindu immigrants, with their high fertility rates, and their dislike of miscegenation with the Negro, have already destroyed the social cohesion of two Caribbean territories–Guyana and Trinidad. Now they are invading Barbados.”

All of which makes us wonder why Hartley Henry, who is Prime Minister David Thompson’s most senior advisor, continues to publish articles at Barbados Underground. It’s not as if Mr. Henry is unfamilar with the racist dialogue or the threats of violence that are published at Barbados Underground as these subjects have been major topics of discussion for the past year. Some of the racist comments have even appeared in response to Mr. Henry’s articles and in articles about him and other DLP insiders.

Barbados Underground Racist

Two days ago, Hartley Henry published an article exclusively at Barbados Underground that was the fulfillment of earlier threats he made to ruin an editor of the Nation News (photo above). We covered that story and the content of Henry’s article on Barbados Underground in two of our earlier posts. (See BFP’s articles Senior Advisor To Prime Minister David Thompson Follows Through With Threats Against Barbados Journalist and Barbados Newspaper Editor Threatened by Senior Advisor to Prime Minister David Thompson)

It is not our intent to rehash that story here.

We simply desire an answer as to why Mr. Hartley Henry – who very much represents the Barbados government and Prime Minister David Thompson – would publish exclusive political articles on a website that condones, facilitates and publishes content that is both racist and threatens violence to named individuals and members of certain races and religions.

Here are some samples from the many hundreds of disgusting writings at Barbados Underground where the senior advisor to our Prime Minister publishes his articles…

Barbados Racism A1

I guess the writer of that last comment isn’t too worried about prospective tourists discovering Barbados Underground blog through Google and other search engines. Obviously, Harley Henry doesn’t worry about it too much either.

That’s just a start folks. Here are a few more samples of writings posted at Barbados Underground… Continue reading


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Reader Fires Broadside At Bizzy Williams’ Nation News Letter – “Xenophobic, Stupid, Intolerant”

UPDATED: Bizzy Williams’ letter added at the bottom…

Dear Barbados Free Press,

This letter is in response to Mr. Bizzy Williams’ letter to be found on page 13 of the Weekend Nation (May 29, 2009).

Dear Mr. Williams:

Let me say for starters I have not read such a xenophobic piece in a long time. I am a born and bread Bajan who is capable of accurately tracing my roots for over six generations. I am deeply embarrassed that someone with your prominence in our society can pen such utterances.

My wife of over 30 years and three children are not born and bread Bajan, however, they became naturalized citizens of my beautiful country because of my heritage; yet you want to deprive them of a right that they have earned..

If you were to get your way none of my children or my wife would be able to vote in their adopted home country Barbados. This is in spite of the fact that they all pay their taxes on time – inclusive of PAYE, VAT and NIS.

Your intolerance for “foreigners” reminds is no less repugnant than the US’ most notorious media bigots, namely Rush Limbaugh, Bill O-Reilly, Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity.

Editor's Note: Any man of Bizzy's age who can party until 8am has our respect!

Editor's Note: Any man of Bizzy's age who can party until 8am has our respect!

By the way Mr. Williams, what do you mean by “a culture unlike ours”? May I remind you that culture is a set of patterns and traits exhibited by humans from the time of our existence and such characteristics are often used to define any given period, community, country, ethnic group or class within a respective society. As you can or should appreciate, culture is by no means static and actually it is a very dynamic process which will continue to undergo metamorphosis over time.

Here in Barbados we do not have a homogeneous culture, For the weekly paid construction worker with four children to support will never be able to sip Chivas Regal too regularly much less own a multimillion dollar yacht, however, both you and I are aware of those Bajans in our midst where this is an everyday part of life. There are some of us Bajans who prefer dancing to the dance hall star Buju Banton at Reggae Longue while there are others who prefer a night out taking in the classical violinist Patmore Lewis at Holder’s Plantation House. We are still Bajan in spite of the fact of our differences culturally.

Both you and I know that political parties here in Barbados seldom dance to the tune of the electorate as a matter of fact they are more likely to cow tow to major political financiers. Case in point both parties routinely break election promises following every election.

Mr. Williams I have always credited you with some intelligence, however, you went onto compromise my opinion when you state, “.. everyone (who was born in Barbados) and allowed to vote would at least have grown up in Barbados…”. Do you see the stupidity of such a conclusion? My Brother’s two kids were born in Barbados but migrated from Barbados when they were 3 and 5 respectively and have lived and are still living overseas for the last 20 years. However, if we were to follow your decree my Bajan born but overseas living nephews should be allowed to vote while my non-Barbados born but Bajan by descent kids should never be allowed to vote in the country they have called home for over 25 years. How utterly stupid!!!

Do you realise that if you were given your way most of out Prime Ministers wives (including PM Thompson) would never have been able to vote for their husband’s political party. Mr. Williams it looks as though that your brain was not in gear when you penned your harangue.  .

Mr. Williams how come we never heard a disparaging word from you regarding “foreigners” when Port St. Charles was being conceptualized and built or for that matter Apes Hill and the plethora of other similar projects. Was the conspicuous silence because these foreigners imported a culture that was similar to yours?

May be we are all foreigners for when our ancestors originally “discovered” Barbados some 550 years ago there were unsuspecting indigenous inhabitants that roamed Barbados for centuries who were a lot more welcoming to our fore parents than you are being to our neighbouring CARICOM brothers and sisters.

I consider myself much more culturally compatible to the foreigners you doth vehemently protest about. However, unlike you I am tolerant of the foreigners from both near and far for I see both these groups of people as having the potential to contribute in a positive manner to my beautiful island country called Barbados even it is no more than to diversify our stagnant gene pool.

A Bajan Forever

Letter written by Bizzy Williams… Continue reading


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When Did Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter Dump Link To Barbados Underground?

Major Barbados Blog Removes Link To DLP’s Barbados Underground Blog

Barbados Journalist Ian Bourne

Barbados Journalist & Blogger Ian Bourne

Last Thursday we were doing our morning surfing – visiting our regular websites by following the links from one to another – when we noticed that The Bajan Reporter no longer featured a link to Barbados Underground blog in the sidebar link list.

“Hmmmmm, that’s interesting” we thought. There have been a few times in the last year and a bit where we have ourselves discussed removing the link to Barbados Underground. We sent a proxy-protected anonymous email off to Ian Bourne to ask him why he removed the link to BU, but we haven’t heard back in 3 days.

So… we will have to speculate on the reasons why The Bajan Reporter – the most popular Bajan blog penned a named author – removed the link to Barbados Underground: a blog that was once an important voice demanding integrity in Barbados politics.

Why Did Ian Bourne Dump The Link To Barbados Underground?

We think we know. In fact, although we haven’t dropped Barbados Underground from our sidebar links, I can’t remember when we last linked to one of their stories – or they linked to one of ours.

Failing our hearing from Ian himself, here’s why Barbados Free Press is considering dropping Barbados Underground (BU) from our sidebar links…

1/ Racism

Barbados Underground allows itself to be used as a forum for those who espouse positions and arguments that are essentially racist. Blanket statements against Indians, Chinese, Whites and other racial minorities in Barbados are allowed to remain on the blog by the moderator. Here is one example where a regular Barbados Underground commenter named “Negroman” says that “Indians are only bidding their time in Barbados” and he wants to “alert Black Barbadians about the (Indo Guyanese) monster that is at our door and about to unleash itself on Black Barbadians.” The reader is none too happy with Chinese or White Barbadians either – but that is only one of at least a hundred similar comments on Barbados Underground by a variety of commenters.

It is one thing to discuss immigration policy and CARICOM, it is another to provide a platform for those who hate – and Barbados Underground does just that.

2/ Threats Against Witnesses & Political Opponents

In a much talked about series of articles authored by now-revealed Iain Deane, a defendant in a contentious lawsuit called Kingsland, Barbados Underground allowed itself to be used as a forum for vile comments calling for the harassment and stalking of witnesses testifying in that case. There were also threats against Ian Bourne and his wife and their home and pets – which we and many other folks believe came from the same group of people that seem to have free rein at B.U. As to the sources of these threats, don’t forget that Member of Parliament Dr. Duguid publicly confirmed that one of the computers at the Barbados Legislature was used to make death threats against witnesses in the Kingsland case. Failures of our courts, police and the corruption of the rule of law are real and serious issues for Barbados.

As we said in our December 11, 2008 article Witness Intimidation In Barbados

So you can perhaps understand why we are upset and saddened to see that David at Barbados Underground blog has now allowed his venue to be used to deliver further threats to witnesses in the Kingsland case. The author called BWWR (Black Woman Who Reads) has been publishing various Kingsland articles on Barbados Underground and always comes right up to the line – calling Madge Knox crazy and such just like the wording we’ve all seen in the rape and murder threats. This time, however, BWWR is calling for citizens to harass Mrs. Knox and her daughters at their homes and beach home.

Don’t forget, this exhortation to harass the witnesses comes after threats of rape, murder and the firing of the son John Knox from his position at the University.

No matter which side of this Kingsland matter you favour, this threatening, harassment and firing of witnesses by very powerful government elites is the most disgusting event. It has been going on for far too long because of the powerful people involved and the cowardly behaviour of our police.

3/ Barbados Underground Ceased Calling For Integrity Legislation When The DLP Government Broke The 100 Days Promise

From their first articles published in April, 2007, Barbados Underground joined the call for integrity in public life – taking the Arthur/Mottley BLP Government to task for conflicts of interest, unethical behaviour and lack of transparency. Throughout 2007, Barbados Underground hammered the BLP government for its failure to implement Integrity Legislation. When then Leader of the Opposition David Thompson pledged in writing to do so and also revealed a “political donation” cheque deposited by Prime Minister Arthur into his personal bank account, Barbados Underground ripped into Owen Arthur’s corrupt act and celebrated David Thompson’s stated intent to hold politicians and their developer friends accountable to citizens. Thompson and the DLP also promised to implement a conflicts of interest Ministerial Code “IMMEDIATELY” upon election and they promised to make government officials accountable for profiting from their positions.

That was then. This is now…

Everything changed the moment that the David Thompson DLP Government failed to keep the promise to introduce ITAL (Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation) within the first 100 days of their mandate. Barbados Underground became silent – revealing that their calls for integrity in public life were nothing more or less than strategic partisanship in support of an election… or…

… or perhaps it is a little more complex than that. On April 6, 2007, Barbados Underground published an article examining the all-too-close relationship between David Thompson and CLICO CEO Leroy Parris. Today it is difficult to believe that the same Barbados Underground published that 2007 article about the Thompson/Parris relationship: The Man Behind David Thompson: Will He Prove To Be a Liability Yet Again?

Contrast that article with the current BU offering Time To Rally Around Prime Minister David Thompson or Is CLICO Being Used As Target Practice?

Frankly, we wonder if the authors of Barbados Underground were not caught out by the government and co-opted into becoming the only active blog for the Democratic Labour Party. Whatever happened, Barbados Underground long ago ceased to be an effective voice of the people for demanding integrity from the Barbados government and public officials.

Each One Of Us Makes Our Own Decisions

At Barbados Free Press, we’re all for free speech and we’re also for the rights of blogs to publish those opinions and subjects that they wish to. That means that everybody sets their own limits and lines. At BFP we often let folks come right up to the line and maybe even step over.

Where is the line? Sometimes we don’t even know until we see someone go over it. That is the nature of blogging where the public can comment freely.

But just as people have the right to freedom of speech, they also have the right to pass judgment upon the positions taken by others, and it appears that Ian Bourne has had enough of the racisim, hatred, threats and double standards of Barbados Underground.

We Ask Our Readers…

So what do you think, folks? Should Barbados Free Press follow Ian Bourne’s lead and remove the links to Barbados Underground?


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From The Mouth Of A Child “Previously, I lived in Barbados… so I know the feeling of being judged by people who are prejudiced.”

“Previously, I lived in Barbados, where 96 percent of the population is black and the minority is white, and because I am white, I was judged by my skin color, so I know the feeling of being judged by people who are prejudiced.”

… from Alisha Erozer, second place winner in the Martin Luther King middle school essay contest, Bradenton, Florida

Be Gentle, Friends – Because Alisha Erozer Will Probably Read Your Comments

Dear Alisha,

Each of the staff at Barbados Free Press read your Martin Luther King essay and we congratulate you on winning second place. You have a talent for writing and we hope you continue. We suspect that as you progress in your life, your ability to inspire others with words will become central in whatever you do.

We’re sorry that the time you lived in Barbados was touched by racism, but trust us on this – as a family that has all the colours of the rainbow at the dinner table – we understand. We have two observations that we gently mention because 1/ we don’t want you to take offense, and 2/ we want you to reconsider some of the thoughts we see in your winning essay.

First, we’d like you to reconsider your position that Barack Obama’s election as President is proof that racism has been eliminated and there is now equal opportunity for all in the United States. Yes, things have improved greatly, but all of us have a long way to go before anyone can say the battle is won.

Secondly, we are sorry that some (or many?) of the folks you met on Barbados treated you badly because of your race, but we hope it wasn’t everyone. There are many folks on this island who follow the old ways and are still burdened by hundreds of years of history. We hope you forgive them, and also that you will give Barbados and Bajans another chance when you have the opportunity.

If you want to write to us at Barbados Free Press, we would be happy to publish your letter as another feature article. We wish you all the best.

Yours truly,

Marcus, Shona, Cliverton, Robert, George and Auntie Moses


Is Obama’s election a realization of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an ardent African-American civil rights leader who deeply longed for a vast change in respect to people of all races. He desired equal rights for all, disregarding race, gender or religion. Dr. King devoted his lifetime, without regard for his own safety, giving sincere effort to put an end to the vile prejudice.

Finally, 40 years after Dr. King’s death, comes the election of Barack Obama as president of our country, which is truly a realization of Dr. King’s dream. It’s a realization of Martin Luther King’s dream because it shows the immense progress we’ve made in recognizing civil rights for everyone; it shows that Americans have been able to see past racial barriers and judge a candidate by character, leadership and beliefs, and it also shows that the election has inspired others to acknowledge that race, gender and religion shouldn’t constrain you from reaching for your dreams.

Yes! I believe, Obama’s election is a realization of Dr. King’s dream because it shows how much progress has been made in the last 50 years. For example, 50 years ago black children went to different schools, lived in different neighborhoods, and drank from different water fountains. Also, people used to think that African-Americans were incapable of completing certain tasks and that they were inferior. Think about it: How crazy is it to judge the intelligence of someone by their skin color? There was even once a law that black people had to give up their bus seats if white people wanted the spot in which they were sitting.

Now, all Americans are given equal opportunities and equal rights. Americans have effectively enforced the idea that all men are created equal. Obama’s election confirms that attitudes have changed to consider black people as intelligent, capable and equal.

In addition, Obama’s election is a realization of Dr. King’s dream because it displays how remarkable it is that many Americans have been able to put race aside and judge a candidate by character, leadership and beliefs.

Previously, I lived in Barbados, where 96 percent of the population is black and the minority is white, and because I am white, I was judged by my skin color, so I know the feeling of being judged by people who are prejudiced.

In Dr. King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech, he states he dreams that his four little children will one day live in a nation where they won’t be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…

… continue reading Alisha’s second place Martin Luther King essay at the Bradenton Herald Is Obama’s election a realization of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream?


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