Funeral coverage of Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson

Saying Goodbye to David in the rain

The descendants of slaves and of slave owners sing together, Amazing Grace

(The link to the CBC live coverage has been closed. We’ll throw up some video links to the funeral shortly.)

12:08pm The procession is moving from President Kennedy Drive to Eagle Hall, and from there continuing on.

11:43am The National Anthem. The service ends and folks remain standing as the body is taken from Kensington to St. Johns Parish Church for burial.

11:05am The descendants of slaves and of slave owners sing together Amazing Grace, a song written by John Newton. Once a profane sailor on a slave ship, Newton turned Christian and then abolitionist. The reality of who we are and where we’ve come from is never far away in Barbados.

9:00am Dark clouds and rain on one side of Kensington Oval, blue sky and sun on the other. A fitting message for this day…


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32 responses to “Funeral coverage of Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson

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  2. rasta man

    Wonder where all the white folks are?

  3. Politically Tired

    On a terribly sad day like this people still got to bitch bitch bitch, shame on you both.

  4. permres

    But Rihanna did come, and she was dressed very appropriately, with a very fashionable black hat. Well done, Rihanna!

  5. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    Let me see if I got this right Mr. Rasta Man. You have decided, based on a close up of 10 people, who it appears are the immediate family of David Thompson, that no white people attended his funeral? I have no doubt whatsoever that many white people attended his funeral. Your stupid and divisive comment does not serve the rasta community very well.

  6. Juts a query

    Please..don’t join the bandwagon (Doug Hoyte) and start referring to President Kennedy Drive as John F. Kennedy Drive!!!!!

  7. Mathilde

    Amazing Grace always swells my heart.

    RIP David

  8. Politically Tired

    I thought it was a wonderful service, both a the Oval & St Johns.

  9. 20 yr old attendee

    As a young adult attending the funeral of the Late PM I must admit that it was an experience I will never forget and definitely befitting a man of his character. For the record Rhianna did show up although she chose to arrive fashionably late…in my personal opinion she should have arrived at least before the procession of the Late PM entered the oval, but nonetheless she was present. I knew the PM personally and I must admit that I saw and still see him as a mentor not only to me but a wide range of young aspiring Barbadians. I had always wanted to join the Young Dems but never got around to doing it, his death inspired me to finally join; only God knows where this will take me. Rest in peace Mr. Thompson… are loved and missed by many.

  10. theWatcher

    I would like to congratulate the Caribbean Broadcasting Company( and whom ever else would/may have assisted them) on what turned out to be an impressive display of Barbadian professionalism with their Presidential styled coverage of the State Funeral of the late David Thompson Q.C, M.P… Not a beat did they skip!
    Simmilarly, I would like to extend congratulations to Sen. Maxine McClean on her impeccably executed job of handling the funeral arrangements. Your role is now indisputable as an organizer, manager and leader.
    The events of today however tells me that the business-as-usual, lack-luster attitudes that we Barbadians take to our various day to day functions can certainly be improved if we all just take our responsibilities a little more seriously and do just a little more than the bare essentials.
    Though not a joyful occasion, this day was executed with the millitary precision of a first-world nation and certainly show-cased Barbados to our foreign dignitaries, and the world watching that we possess the ability to run with the horsemen.
    Kidos, and may God continue to bless us all.

  11. Tedray Kirton

    I was awaken this morning about 6:30, by a ringing telephone, first thought comeing to mind Barbados so it was, my loving mother, hey hurricane hit Barbados and you did not call to see if I alive or dead, then she continues to tell of the Honorable Prime Minister of Barbados passing, Mr. David Thompson, it hit me like a bomb, I did not hear or know, I am 5000 miles away from the beautiful country I still call home, even though Canada is my second home, this young gentle will be missed by many both home and abroad, I have been fortunate in many ways to see what his vision, integrity, and with has done for the development of Barbados not only as a small island but for the development of a people going into the future, to Mr. Thompsons family and friends I say to you David did the job he was put her to do to the best of his abalities and age is just a number he was beyond the age and he will always be remembered and respected, in the hearts of peoples both at home and abroad, to the litte paradise of Barbados I say to you we are full of Davids and we will get over this pain and go forward as a strong people, let us remember to keep the bajan torch burning where ever we go.
    My respects to my nation’

  12. bajan in beijing

    CBC is a sham….livestream my foot!!!
    I had to attempt to watch the funeral on starcom’s network…which was shaky to say the least…..does anyone know where i can watch highlights of the funeral???? i have no access to youtube or facebook so please done suggest those…
    thanks a lot from a desperate bajan in beijing

  13. Barbadian First

    I think we all feel the pain; the pain is so very heavy regardless of colour, class or political affliation. This was a good man, a man for all seasons.

    Prime Minister Stuart has handled himself quite remarkably given the tragic nature of the situation. Barbados has always been blessed with good leaders; PM Stuart seems to continue that blessed tradition.

  14. rasta man

    Dear “Anonamouse not by choice ”
    Are you a mouse or a man?.My comment still stands. If you only saw 10 people at the funeral maybe you need glasses.Where were all the business persons such as,;
    Sir David Seale
    Sir Charles Williams
    Bizzy Williams and the like?

  15. BFP

    Hello Bajan in beijing,

    Is it cold there now? You are proof of the old saying that you’ll find a Bajan wherever you go!

    We had reports from the UK that the CBC feed was perfect there. Another person from Los Angeles said it was “passable but not good”. It might have something to do with the distance or being behind China’s big firewall? The Nation website was overwhelmed for a time so that could be a factor too – just over capacity.

    We’re surprised you can visit BFP as our site used to be blocked. I wonder if they let you here by accident or if BFP is okay now?

    Thanks for tuning in!

  16. BFP

    Hi Juts a query,

    Yes, you’re right. The “John F. Kennedy Drive” has slipped into normal conversation and it’s not accurate. We, like many folks, have been doing it for so long that it will be a task to remember to correct ourselves, but thanks for the reminder!

  17. Politically Tired

    BFP I still can’t connect to the Nation site this morning, problems with server.

  18. Minister

    Can anyone tell me who are the candidates vying for MP for St.John now that it’s seat is about to be declared vacant?

  19. BFP

    Hi Politically Tired,

    Yes, The Nation has been up and down for 48 hours. Poor show.

    We managed to get in about an hour ago but then got dumped. I think they don’t have enough capacity to handle bumps in traffic.

    Poor show.

  20. rasta man

    Saw “Bizzy”in the newpaper today in attendance at the funeral

  21. Politically Tired

    Well done Rasta Man, there were plenty of ‘whites’ there & I thought you were color blind.

  22. Facts

    How is it that Rihanna couldn’t come and then all of a sudden she turned up?

    A real good friend.

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  25. 225

    I cant believe the headline that started the black/white discussion. Are you serious?

  26. every single person in barbados is very sad and hurt that our faithful leader has left us her with pride and dignaty . he was avery good man and mara did a good job for the the seven months that he was fight the pancreatic cancer.and also i thank robin rihanna for going to the state funeral she really brightened up ever body’s face when she went she took her time out of her busy schedule to come to her home barbados and to let the whole of barbados know that he will always be in our heartand thoiught every day as i heard a wise man say that when you do good people always remember but when you do bad people will always remember. and he was the man that did good that is why people will always remember he will always be watching over us and looking at how this little paradise island that he left in good hands and he will mostly be watching over his three lovely daughters and his beautiful wife.

  27. permres

    I think, lindsey, when you said “a wise man says that when you do good people always remember” you meant “do not remember”.

    I just listened to a sermon by Restoration Ministries this morning on 100.7 FM. I am sorry I did not pick up the name of the preacher, but what he said made very good sense, I think. He called for unity amongst the Christian denominations, especially mentioning the evengelicals and the Pentacostals.

    This was the message of David Thompson, unity amongst the people of Barbados, for as the preacher said, unity does not mean uniformity. Please let David’s legacy for unity in Barbados prevail, let political divisiveness further the cause of democracy, not destroy it, and when integrity legistration comes to pass, let all criminals be tried, charged and punished no matter who they are.

    The rule of law applies to us all, rich or poor, and no matter our political or religious views. I said in an earlier post that David was not able to really confront and address the corruption in our society. He tried, but the forces of evil are very strong.

  28. Joyce Prescod

    Where can I get a copy of Prime Minster Thompson

    Thank You

  29. Politically Tired

    Joyce, check out the Nation website, or I’m sure CBC may be able to help.

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