Shame on Rihanna! Barbados Ambassador for Culture and Youth – not coming to David Thompson’s funeral.

UPDATED: November 3, 2010, 11:47am from the funeral of PM David Thompson

Photo from TV feed at 11:47am: Rihanna watches as the funeral procession leaves Kensington Oval for St. Johns Parish where Prime Minister David Thompson will be buried.

Rihanna arrived in Barbados late Tuesday afternoon, and is currently at the funeral. What happened to change her mind from her publicist’s announcement that she was too busy to attend? Ian Bourne at The Bajan Reporter has some thoughts…

Barbadian Social Media influence Rihanna’s Mourning of Youngest Prime Minister of Barbados – Cultural Ambassador accepts responsibility and attends late PM Thompson’s funeral!

You can get the live link to the funeral where you can view the proceedings and see the audience here…

Funeral coverage of Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson & live TV link

Original article as published October 28, 2010…

“Our PM practically shut down our Island when she won that Grammy. Gave her a full concert, gave her a SUV, Land + a House at the super exclusive Apes Hill (Valued at Millions) plus made her a Cultural Ambassador and she seriously can’t take the day or two to fly home to show her respect for the man who did all that ??? I mean she’s flown home for two days to attend reggae concerts !!!

And then to have her “people” send that statement?! She couldn’t even make that personally??”

… found on the net by Ian Bourne as reported in comments below Kammie’s article.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty will be judged harshly by Bajans

by Kammie Holder

I am a Barbadian blogger and a social activist who takes my responsibility to readers seriously. Many of you may or may not know that the Prime Minister of Barbados David Thompson QC of Rihanna’s home country Barbados has died.

With his passing, I took the decision to curtail all blogging for a week as a mark of respect. However, upon reading the Barbados Nation Newspaper October 27th edition I have to break my silence.

I was brought to tears by an article titled “Rihanna Not Coming For Funeral”. It is quoted by her agent Amanda Silverman, “Rihanna would not be attending the state Funeral next Wednesday November 3rd because her schedule would not permit.”

As a Bajan (and I think I speak for the majority of Bajans) Ms Silverman please tell Miss Fenty that America has made her famous, but as a Cultural Ambassador with a diplomatic passport she also has a responsibility to her country.

To say the least, I find this excuse not flattering.

Miss Fenty: you must remember that patriotic Barbadians are hurting at this time and will undoubtedly judge you harshly.

Ms Silverman: as Miss Fenty`s agent we expect you will use your influence to remind Ms Fenty of the significance of ”Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Miss Fenty please do the right thing. Show your appreciation and respect to a fellow Combermerian and Prime Minister who took a lot of criticism for how he honoured you. (Also see BFP’s article here.)

May the family of our late Prime David Thompson find comfort that he lived by the creed “Dulce et Decorum Pro Patria Mori.”

Kammie M Holder


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116 responses to “Shame on Rihanna! Barbados Ambassador for Culture and Youth – not coming to David Thompson’s funeral.

  1. Adrian

    I don’t have a problem with her not attending. It’s her decision first off.

    Secondly knowing the sort of stir and media frenzy she creates I think it might be distracting if she was to attend. Especially since as we all know, the international media doesn’t seem to have a sense of decorum and propriety.

    I really think her non attendance is a non issue.

  2. ZIPPO

    Is this Kammie living on this planet or in outer space? When people have signed up – most likely with CONTRACTUAL obligations – does he think they can just cancel out on a whim and walk away?

    I’m pretty sure if there was any way R could be here – she’d be.

    Just last week she was unable to attend the wedding of one of her best friends in India because of ‘work.’

    Is this too difficult to understand?

  3. Responder

    I agree.

  4. Oh My

    Kammie, don’t presume to speak for the majority of bajans, you are out of place.

  5. come on she probably is really busy, or going hard. she is probably in Germany.

  6. para

    Can we also stop giving out these Ambassador titles like those stars you put on a kids book for doing good in class ? It seems we have nothing else better to do when someone achieves something, other than to go “OHH lets make them an ambassador of something !!”

  7. para

    Some of you people honestly have nothing else better to do with your lives. Honestly, who cares about stuff like this ?

  8. Makin' Sense

    Seriously, Kammie Holder? Seriously? This is what you spend your time getting upset about?? How disappointing, coming from you.

    You are so judgmental! ‘Judge not, lest you be judged’; Your tone and substance is unnecessarily threatening ‘Miss Fenty: you must remember that patriotic Barbadians are hurting at this time and will undoubtedly judge you harshly.’ You are speaking for yourself and only yourself, Kammie. Get a grip.

    Surely you should be more worried about the state of this country and how we are going to go forward from here; there are bigger fish to fry and issues at hand that are way more important than this. You can push a righteous agenda without resorting to petty commentary about something that has little to do with the big picture. Ambassador or not, Rihanna has commitments that she cannot get out of. Do you know if she has sent private respects and condolences to the PM’s family?

    Is Obadele coming back for the funeral? Maybe you should have a look at all the ambassadors for Barbados and see who is coming and who is not before you start to harshly judge one individual. Your commentary smacks of the negativity that pervades society in this country. Why not try to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem?

  9. caravel

    I am amazed that people think this is a non-issue. When you are caught up with life overseas, as I have, it is easy to forget Barbados, or consider its significance ‘small’ (to you).
    Seriously – her value is in her image – whatever that stands for – and part of her image is being Barbadian. Any CEO of any multi-national company would understand if she had to delay a commitment to attend a STATE FUNERAL in the nation of which she is a DIPLOMATIC REPRESENTATIVE – of the nation’s leader who made her that representative.
    Why are we so eager to blow in the wind and not stand up for what is meaningful to us??
    Believe me she does not gain respect ‘over there’ in this scenario for putting ‘work’ first. This betrays a lack of self-confidence.
    Celebrities put off appearances because of hangovers f0r goodness sakes.

    On the opinions of almost everyone above – wow?!

  10. Jovahni Cheeseman

    Shame on Rihanna!!! I will be removing her music from my library. She should be upfront at the P.M.’s funeral. SHAME

  11. Makin' Sense

    @ caravel
    ‘Why are we so eager to blow in the wind and not stand up for what is meaningful to us??’
    So what you are saying is that it is more important that you see an individual such as Rihanna attend a state funeral than to focus on what is really important for this country? Wow?! right back at you, because if THAT is what is meaningful vs the current state of this country, then I really have to wonder. It seems that many would rather draw attention to somebody else’s transgressions (as they see them) than to take a step back and view the bigger picture. In the grand scheme of the world, @caravel, Rihanna’s non-attendance is an issue that is fleeting, momentary, and will be forgotten by sometime next week. The state of our economy, the suffering of the poor and disenfranchised, the fact that this country’s economy is depressed – now that is an issue worth being termed as ‘meaningful’. How do we find our way out of it, how to we go forward and make this country better?

    ‘Believe me she does not gain respect ‘over there’ in this scenario for putting ‘work’ first. This betrays a lack of self-confidence.’
    How is that @ caravel? You want the honest truth? Nobody out there beyond the Bajan diaspora really gives a damn. Yes, it is tragic that out PM died, and yes, he was the leader of our country and due respect should be given. But be realistic. Lawd, half of America thinks Barbados is in Jamaica!!

    What you mean to say, it seems, is that she does not have YOUR respect because of this decision. That is your opinion and you are entitled to it – but to speak on behalf of the people ‘over there’? Who exactly are you referring to? Those same CEO’s that you refer to in your post? If you had an understanding of how things work at that level, you would know that schedules are planned months in advance and appointments can be back to back for weeks. This is her job, and what she does for a living. Why can people not just accept that she cannot make it and be done with it? Move along people, there is nothing to be seen here!

  12. bystander

    i don’t think she needs to come here. ppl die everyday and not all family members are able to come home for funerals. rihanna has an album coming out in less than a month so her contracted appearances and interviews are probably at their height right about now which would obviously be difficult to get out of.

    however i do have an issue with the statement that her agent released as it was devoid of any sort of emotion or sincerity and i do believe she could have done better than that. in this era of social networking i would have even pardoned a “tweet” from the singer (using the term loosely) as this would have been her own words and thoughts. i do not believe that this was a release that needed to be made by way of an agent especially considering the honour that the thompson administration bestowed upon her – regardless of whether or not we, the public, thought it was merited.

  13. Maybe

    Makin’ Sense you should change your name to Really Makin’ Sense.

    Bajans, and i’m one, are to small minded. they don’t know the facts or care to know the facts about ANY and like Mr. Holder, would push this type of hate and BS.

    Mr. Holder, given your view, i would suggest take a “decision to curtail all blogging” for ever.

    but i would have to wonder how that would sound.

    “half of America thinks Barbados is in Jamaica!!” and A LOT of the other half knows about Barbados because of the same Rihanna.

    people like Mr. Holder with that kind of thinking are a sad sorry bunch of losers, and you could take that to the bank.

  14. Makin' Sense

    @ bystander – Rihanna did make her own statement and it has been reported in the press – it was carried in the Nation this week. It was well put together and sincere, from what I read. Perhaps you should visit and read for yourself.

    @ maybe – I agree with you that many Bajans tend to jump to conclusions without asking questions, or finding out the truth and facts. Many seem to think that Barbados is where it begins and ends. Kammie has a right to express his opinions, but to say he speaks on behalf of most Bajans?! To quote him, perhaps he needs to show some ‘appreciation and respect’ himself…..

    It’s a shame that people can point fingers at others but refuse to look at themselves. It’s all about the external and not the internal. You see this every day in Barbados, at every level of society, and it saddens me that we focus on the negative subjects that have no real relevance to daily life but avoid tackling the real issues at hand. There are many shameful things that go on in the island that are far more detrimental to us than Rihanna not being able to attend the PM’s funeral, but this is the subject that Kammie decides to break his week long silence in respect of the PM for? What does that tell you?

  15. bystander

    @makin sense i acknowledged that she made a statement but my issue is that it was made through a third party…and i dont know what statement you read but the one i saw wasnt sincere in the least

  16. Makin' Sense

    @ bystander – and I quote from the Nation:

    Wed, October 27, 2010

    Barbados Grammy award winner Rihanna says the death of the late Prime Minister David Thompson is a great loss to Barbados.

    In a statement from the singer, who was dubbed an Ambassador under the Thompson-led administration, today issued a short tribute on Thompson’s passing, who died last Saturday at his private residence in Mapps, St Philip after his battle with pancreatic cancer.

    Rihanna wrote: “I am deeply saddened by the passing of Prime Minister David Thompson. He was a great man. True to form, even as he battled cancer, he remained focused on fulfilling his public responsibilities. This is a great loss to our country. My thoughts are with his family, who loved him dearly, his friends and with all of the citizens of Barbados.”

    It’s there on the Nation’s website. Just google ‘Rihanna nation pm died’ and you will find it.

  17. I am a Bajan studying in Texas. I am appalled, shocked and extremely disappointed in Rihanna. If she could not have been there then she could have at least sent a video announcement or a statement to the people of Barbados. The Right Honourable David Thompson fought for her recognition in the hearts of some very stubborn Bajans. He thought that she would be a great ambassador for our country. He reluctance to address the country and it’s people is felt not only in Barbados but by my Barbadians friends in America. I am not in Barbados, but my friends and family can see that I am still a patriot at heart. My facebook profile is a picture of our late Primeminister and my profile list everything from quotes in the nation to my friends in other countries condolences. Rihanna should take the time out to let us all know she is mourning and that she knows what her people are feeling. When she went through her private battle with C.B. I support her right through until the end. However as from this point on, Rihanna has lost my support as a Bajan.

    Kammie you spoke the truth. Many people do not understand what is it to be patriotic. I wear my Bajan pride in my heart, mind and soul. No amount of money, fame, arrogance, or ignorance can ever erase that.

  18. caravel

    bending over backwards for your paymasters is one thing, but bending over forwards is quite another

  19. caravel

    …. oh and @Makin’ Sense
    I don’t know who you are but I have worked intimately with many of those same CEO’s
    be careful with assumptions …. hold on, that’s what you were complaining about

  20. Makin' Sense

    @A Bajan….so you did not read the statement Rihanna made to the people of Barbados either, then?

    @ caravel – what is interesting is how you have taken my words out of context…..I did not assume anything about any CEO’s….but you assumed I did.

    The point that I made about scheduling at that level of business is accurate, and if you have, as you state, ‘worked intimately with many of those same CEO’s’, then surely you would know that.

    My question to you is – do you honestly think that this is particular situation is “meaningful” in comparison to the challenges that all of us face daily in this island? Seriously?

  21. bystander

    @making sense i think you are missing the point…my issue isn’t that absolutely nothing was said…my issue is that in MY opinion it did not come across as genuine…so you didnt have to waste your time to read the quote which i had previously read

  22. Troll

    @ ABajan: after reading that nonsense you typed up, I assume you will be returning to the island, and attending the funeral ? if not SDFU and GTFO.

  23. As I scanned the comments above, I am amazed at the thinking of folk who call themselves ‘Barbadians’ and I now realize why Barbados would continually remain ‘small’. It would be due to ‘small’ close-minded people.

    Everyone needs to research the words ‘Diplomat’ and ‘Ambassador’ in their entirety … the weight and significance of the words.

    National Pride should take preeminence over everything and everyone except GOD.

    Great contribution, Kammie! I concur, caravel & a bajan!

  24. Concerned

    Everyone here is entitled to their opinion, so… SHAME on Rihanna Fenty and pity to all who agree with her actions. They are just like her. Selfish. strip her of the title. she has proven she is undeserving of the role.

  25. candi

    i agree shame on you ms fenty

  26. Maybe

    “Many people do not understand what is it to be patriotic.”

    see where it’s going, i’m unpatriotic and selfish. WOW!!!



  28. Blackness

    It would be super for Rihanna to return for our late beloved leader’s funeral but Kammie Holder’s arguments against her are facetious and shallow like him. Why is he crying or is he lying? Holder’s articles are routinely negative and pull down. He sides with the opposition party because I read him freely criticising the Government but not a word on the raging war between Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley factions in the BLP.

  29. Lady Anon

    Is Obadele Thompson coming to the funeral? He was also named an Ambassador for sport some time ago. Are all the ambassadors that we have at overseas missions coming in for the funeral? I believe not.

    Lets not confuse the image of patriotism with the reality of it.

    We have been very quick to pull down Rihanna because she no longer looks or behaves like the Rihanna we expect. She is an adult, she is an artist, she has contractual obligations.

    Many of us do not understand the meaning of the term contractual obligations but that is a different discussion for a different time.

    Attending the late Prime Minister’s funeral is a choice. Many Barbadians will not flock to view the body, nor will they scramble for the few tickets to go to Kensington Oval. Does that mean that their grief or pain is any less? No it does not.

    Let us not presume to know anyone’s heart. Let us not confuse the image of patriotism with the reality of it.

  30. I is a Bajan

    Here, here Lady Anon! The fact is the young lady took the time to issue a statement, and I am sure that the Thompson family is appreciative like other Barbadians for her sentiments. Highlighting her non-attendance is one thing. However, to imply that Rhianna’s absence is somehow an ungrateful/disresepctful act after being conferred an ambassadorship is petty.

  31. J

    Ease up on Rihanna.

    She is young.

    I did not attend a funeral of a non-relative until I was maybe 30.

    And even so I only attended the funerals of relatives because my parents made me. Young people do not like going to funerals and I don’t think that we should push them to attend (especially of a non-relative)

  32. J

    And we know very well that many, many people do NOT attend the funerals of their parents, or of their children’s grandparents, or of their siblings.

    I am sure we all know a lotta, lotta people who raised grandchildren from infancy to adulthood and when the grandparents die a good number of those grandchildren do not bother to attend the funeral especially if they have to travel from overseas (and pay good money to do so)

    Who do we think that we are fooling?

    Loyalty to family is a rare thing.

    True patriotism is even rarer.

  33. Some bajans are truly amazing and totally disgusting at the same time. Lady Anon on point indeed. I cannot understand why some bajans seem to think that Rihanna somehow needs to carry Barbados on her back and be a slave to it. When that child got her Grammy an yelled “Barbados we got one” I was so proud! only to do a google search an see people spewing “hate” about her dress code and sound lyrics an blah blah blah like the dirty stink barrel crabs they are. I saw one idiot on facebook make mention that if the pope can send condolences an he never knew the PM, then Rihanna could fly home. Without acknowledging that the statement is demonstrating that condolences can be sent an respect shown in different ways. I cannot expect higher thinking from people that if the rain fall to hard, don’t go work, to then understand “contractual obligations” and how things work on a highly professional stage. Now if Rihanna happens to attend the burial of the PM, what will “they” say next “Why she didn’t say something or sing at the funeral” or “Why them photographers taking pics for, she like she only come home for a photo op, to promote herself an make her image look goodie goodie for the yanks”
    As I said before, If her absence at the funeral is really “letting down Barbados”, the expectations could not be that high, the focus should be the man, the late PM, David Thompson, his legacy, his inspiration and the path he’s set, not who ain’t at the funeral, some of wunna bajans need to stop the foolishness, the hating, the jealousy, the crab in a barrel mentality and really need to focus!!

  34. J

    Madbajan wrote ” I cannot expect higher thinking from people that if the rain fall to hard, don’t go work”

    This is a myth you know. I am a Bajan who has been going to work for 40 years and I’ve never heard of any worker who did not come in because of rain. Except on a morning like this when there is a tropical storm. Even so I know friends and relative who will go to work today becasue they work in health care, child care or the police service. So even on a stormy Saturday morning they will get up and go.

    It is time that we Bajans stop telling lies on other Bajans.

    Bajans are a generally hard working people.

  35. Trolling

    The PM is dead, and these fools are talking about rihanna. I hate celebs.

  36. Bajan Abroad

    Be honest. A lot of people who insist that Rihanna attend the State Funeral are only concerned with putting on a “big show.” You know, as well as I do, that many Bajans just act out of expectation, obligation and insincerity. And, as a result, they do things – that they would not otherwise – out of fear of ridicule. It is like shaming and guilting others into “behaving” is the national passtime there.

    Try remembering that Rihanna did not ask to be an Ambassador. It was offered to her out of national pride – but do not act like Barbados did not get something from it and like she owes you. And while you are at it, try remembering ever harder the loss of the Honourable David Thompson and his family.

    Grow up. If she cannot make it she cannot make it. Stop acting like she did something to you personally.

    Well done all of you who shared this sentiment

  37. Izabajan

    Has ANYONE checked out why the organizers of the funeral would NOT want Rihanna there?
    Can you imagine the circus? All the cameras would be on her. No one should be up-staging the PM at this time…. so stop the bs – chill.

  38. Bajan Abroad

    People are quick to assume that she only issued a statement saying that she was unable to attend – maybe she contacted the family directly too.

    Give her the benefit of the doubt.

  39. 98

    She should attend because she is also acombermerian. True family

  40. Bajangal

    After reading all the comments posted I can see both sides of the argument. Let me first start by saying that I am an avid fan of Rihanna. I do have to admit however, that upon reading about Rihanna’s inability to attend the funeral I too was upset and angry. Now in retrospect I have a greater appreciation for artists and the contractual obligations that they have. On the other hand as a child of a Barbadian diplomat I do know that ALL of the Ambassadors and Consul Generals are to attend our late Prime Ministers funeral. As one post stated Rihanna didn’t ask to be Ambassador, but I would argue that she did “accept” the post, and the responsibilities that came with it, which include attending state funerals. As most Barbadians I was deeply saddened by our beloved PM’s passing and having met him personally I know that he would not have wanted Rihanna’s attendance to be an issue of contention among Barbadians. That having been said, I agree that everyone has a right to their opinion and although I am no longer angered by Rihanna’s decision, be it hers or one that was forced on her. I personally as a “Bajan” have no intentions of buying any more of her music. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

  41. jiggaman

    Rihanna Barbadian? Is she really? What has she done for this country. All her sucess is hers. Her attendance at the funeral is a non-issue

  42. Bajan Abroad

    There is the guilting and shaming behaviour I spoke of earlier: Rihanna went to Combermere so she should be here. That comment rings hollow. Moreover, it looks petty and classist from afar. If she goes to the funeral, which she cannot due to previous contractual obligations, it should be out of respect for the Nation – not just her alma mater.

    As for accepting the post of Ambassador, it is an honorary one that she did not seek out. Case in point, she has never been appointed to a High Commission, worked as an envoy for Barbados, or represented Barbados on mission at the UN. And unlike other Ambassadors she does not draw a government salary. Regardless, I agree with you that the former Prime Minister would not want us arguing about this.


    Hey Jovahni Cheeseman – what you could do is hop over to where R is – do her rehearsals and her song and dance routines for her – so she could get here….

  44. Tamarind seed

    My personal opinion is that to attend the late Prime Minister’s state funeral is the decent thing for any ‘ambassador ’ to Barbados to do. Whether this role is cultural or diplomatic, it should become a matter of high priority. The big organisations and sponsors out there understand this.

    Only last night, I watched Rhianna perform live on XFactor here in London. Barbados is only 7 1/2 hrs away and if she and her agents had not given this such low priority, she could have arranged to fly in and out with little publicity, just to show support to the bajan public. Death is one thing that is never scheduled and the common courtesy of attending the state funeral would earn her respect both locally and internationally. Today it is the PM, tomorrow heaven forbid, it might be a family member.

    Rhianna, take control! Budding stars have to toe the line on the way up. You have reached dizzying heights and Barbadians (well most…) are proud of you. Don’t turn your back on your country whilst you are up there!

    (unless, of course, it is the intention……….)

  45. Ambassador of truth

    I’m here wondering what will Rihanna do for Barbados with all the damage from the storm Tomas. I mean it’s already reported “Shame on Rihanna! Barbados Ambassador for Culture and Youth – not coming to David Thompson’s funeral.” However he is but one man albeit the man that made her ambassador but what about the country as a whole ? waiting patiently to see….

  46. Straighttalk

    Is Rhianna presence @ the funeral gonna raise the dead life goes on, if she is busy she is busy y u all making a mountain out this issue, u all need to understand the might have contracts that is already signed that she cannot back out of…..

  47. Bajan Booby

    You know what, if she comes wunnah gine find fault of what she wearing n how she look and some of wunnh will ask wuh she come fuh!!!

    She can’t please wunnah so why worry or even give a >>>>….

    The woman now refuse to go to she best fren wedding cause she did too busy and now wunnah want to humbud she ass by a funeral>>> Wuh dat gine do for David anyway,they suppose to have 10 000 n wunnah in glad bout the ten thousand wunnah complaining by busy professional. Look Rhinanna tell dem bajans to Kiss your ass

  48. Funny Stuff

    you ppl need to quite sweating the small stuff… I’m. not bajan and it is apparent to me that ms Fenty does not really care about he lil isle..she has bigger fish to fry… lets have ppl who really care about Mr. Thompson at his funeral.

    Making Rhianna ambassador….ummm not the best move ever but …I honestly don’t think bajans give a rats a** what she does anyway. Stars fade like everything else and one day she’ll regret alot of her decisions for now…lets not make her head bigger than it already is :D:D


    Is Ryan Brathwaite attending? Yes! I believe Rhianna should’ve tried to make it, but, at the same time, will Ryan be there? Let justice prevail.

  50. Fence Sitter

    Her presence would result in a circus and it is clear that the organizers do not want that.

    @Funny Stuff – well put.

    She is a puppet for the almighty (US) dollar. Time we stop fretting up about someone that doesn’t care two wukups about anything of substance.

  51. Andrew Hulsmeier

    She a Bajan????

  52. 160

    Topics about Rhianna sure generate a lot of comments. What is it about her that brings the worse in some people? What do they want from her and what are their expectations?

    Frankly, I think she should not attend the funeral. It is not about security. It just that her presence would be a major distraction; too many photographers or wannabes out there. It is day for people to pay their final respects to PM Thompson without wondering where Rhianna is in the crowd.

    Yes, she is a Bajan. Worry about yourself and family. Pay your respects on Nov. 3 and forget about the fact that the world famous Bajan will not be in attendance.

    After all, critics and supporters will always be at odds when it involves Rhianna.

  53. Kammie Holder beat me to it, so I ran his eloquent piece… To date? The article has 148 shares on FB.

    The fire-rage is also further afield…


    Here’s a comment within same – “Our PM practically shut down our Island when she won that Grammy. Gave her a full concert, gave her a SUV, Land + a House at the super exclusive Apes Hill (Valued at Millions) plus made her a Cultural Ambassador and she seriously can’t take the day or two to fly home to show her respect for the man who did all that ??? I mean she’s flown home for two days to attend reggae concerts !!!

    And then to have her “people” send that statement?! She couldn’t even make that personally??”

  54. runner

    Here’s a comment within same – “Our PM practically shut down our Island when she won that Grammy. Gave her a full concert, gave her a SUV, Land + a House at the super exclusive Apes Hill (Valued at Millions) plus made her a Cultural Ambassador
    …….. nothing , absolutely nothing is free when given by a politician . every aspect is calculated .. so the shallow game will continue

  55. Funny Stuff

    @ runner wow i never saw it that way…. i completely agree lol well put!!

  56. caravel

    I guess there is no point in being surprised anymore. Reading most of these comments I feel like I am on another planet.
    This probably goes beyond ‘opinions’. I can only conclude that two different VALUE SYSTEMS are at work here (not judging, honest, just a difference)
    … and I suspect that one is a little more ‘old fashioned’ than the other
    … lots more examples in everyday life

  57. Oh My

    Ian Bourne and Kammie, where do you two get off with this rant against Rihanna. you guys just wanted a specticle to create a name for yourselves? are you both that shallow.. really you both need a dose of real life and you need to grow up

  58. Quite simple, if I was in similar position then I would KNOW it’s a no-brainer… Person who honoured me with Diplomatic passport versus flimsy song or film which may or may not be a hit?

    I pay my respects to those who believe in me and do so under fire, it is called LOYALTY or HONOUR – – RiRi showed that when she fired Manager and jumped str8 to Jay-Z who has less than sterling career himself…

    But then you are one of those folk who feels RiRi sweats Chanel No 5 and poops BICO and urinates high-octane Ethanol no matter what, right?

  59. An American who knows where Barbados is

    You wrote: “You want the honest truth? Nobody out there beyond the Bajan diaspora really gives a damn. Yes, it is tragic that out PM died, and yes, he was the leader of our country and due respect should be given. But be realistic. Lawd, half of America thinks Barbados is in Jamaica!! ”

    One American replies: I know where Barbados is, and give a damn about the premature death of its PM. I find it remarkable that the majority of posts here think being an international superstar is more important than maying one’s respects. At the least, a superstar of any sensibility would issue a substabtive tribute. The world is full of celebrities, but that alone shouldn’t leave us in awe. Apparently, one American cares more than most Barbadians do.

  60. Sayed

    Usually it is easy to get out of contractual obligations due to death.

    And although the death is not her immediate family, she has a diplomatic passport and is an ambassador for the country.

    So therefore protocol would dictate that she return for the funeral.

    Anyone who believes otherwise knows nothing of loyalty honour or protocol.

    Sandiford has returned and so have the other consul generals.

    Really flying in for 6-7 hours the max on the same day is too much?

    She canceled out of a contract appearance during grammy awards when she had a fight with her boyfriend.

    So you people that spill the contractual obligation card will look for any excuse to dodge responsibility.

  61. baje

    Rihanna arrived in Barbados this evening for the funeral.

  62. Confirmed – and thanks, Kammie! Truly excellent commentary…

  63. theNickster

    Sadly, even if she sent the biggest wreath that could fit on the coffin, it still wouldn’t be enough. Nothing is ever enough. She shows for the funeral and then there will be new talk again, the dress, she didn’t sing a song, or some other imaginary crap. All for the sake of keeping up appearances. What a fickle breed you lot are.

    What you should be talking about is how the still living crooked politicians, will try to use the blood of Thompson to wash the memory of their sins from the public memory. The captain of the titanic might have been a nice guy with hopes and dreams, but the ship still sank.

  64. Slap Happy

    Right on! @ theNickster.

  65. Everyman should have something he or she believes in even if it is feces! For the life of me I could not believe some nincompoop with the alias Blackness, saying I always criticizing the DLP.

    The late PM always said to me, always do what you know is right and what you feel you have to do. BLP supporters failed to give the BLP ministers truthful feedback and we know what happen when election came. So nincompoop aka Blackness go visit the optician, for your blindness with deceit if you really love the DLP.

    Partisan politics thanks to people like you will surely destroy Barbados. Stop hiding under anonymousness of Blackness if you really want to make a contribution your country other than destruction,

  66. 149

    Rihanna IS in Barbados. She arrived today Tuesday November 2nd.

  67. You can obviously sense the jealous tone of some of these comments…seems most of you need to grow up. Are you yourselves going to the funeral? If you still had to work on that day would you still attend the funeral? Why be so hypocritical? Obviously you needed to vent your anger somewhere and found this half-cracked article by someone who let’s personal feelings interrupt their judgement.

  68. Grace

    I cannot believe the amount of garbage that has been contributed here. Do we not realize there are serious issues confronting this country. PM Thompson has died we are all grieving but must we be so judgmental, can we all be expected to react the same way. A bunch of hypocrites we are.. what have you done to assist anyone in need after the passage of Tomas, instead we argue about who should attend a funeral. Give me a break…

  69. A real Bajam

    Good Ri Ri, it takes a big girl to do the right thing!
    And remember familys fight, but we as Bajans share so much from a sunday sea baths to Cheffette rotis, that the understanding of who we are belongs to us alone.
    No matter what, we are family and we love you !
    Good Girl.

  70. Matt

    Guys hate to break it to y’all but she is here so all of this fuss was for nothing

  71. Jen Rosales

    She was going to the funeral. She was trying to throw all those inconsiderate annoying people off her tail. Next time shut the f… up until you get all the facts, or at least wait for the outcome. When you ASSume things you look like the donkey!

  72. sledge

    oh, the self-righteousness crosses many a oceans. get over it. should this young lady be obligated, simply because she is known the world-over? i am not bajan. i am a black american that finds all of this to be silly and frivolous.. it’s the same type of self-righteousness in America. perhaps, she has rectified her feelings in her own way with the PM’s family and if so, that is all that is needed. i am by no way a fan of Rhianna’s. i find her to be quite smug, if you ask me. but, initially if she declined to attend, perhaps it was due to obligations. after all, she is a professional recording artist. it’s the American way and it is that America that has made her into this so-called superstar. get over it.

  73. WTF?

    “She was going to the funeral”

    Where’s your proof for that? She announced she wasn’t going to the funeral due to work commitments, then after the bloggers raised a fuss that went international, she shows up. There’s not much else to tell unless you have some special knowledge Jen.

  74. WTF?

    Sledge, Rihanna is an Ambassador for Barbados. She has a diplomatic passport, given as a special honour by her country and her Prime Minister. It is fitting that she attends the PM’s funeral as a duty associated with her position as an Ambassador. Otherwise she should have resigned from the position. Too bad that she announced she wasn’t coming. She lost much respect at home and other places.

  75. sledge

    @wtf- i am against any human being casting ‘shame’ upon another human being. sometimes, we become too big for our britches with our expectations. in America, when a foreign dignitary dies, and our president cannot attend, he sends either the Vice-President or the First Lady. things happen. artistically, i do not like Rhianna. i think that she is average-at best. but, we do not know what she resolved with the PM’s family. i do not appreciate the self-righteous(shame on you) attitudes from another human. we are not able to place shame upon another. now, out of respect, sthe humanly thing would be to pay respect to your beloved PM. i am sure that Rhianna rearrange her schedule and attended with respect.

  76. Matt

    @wtf and sledge- Well this is not required…I personally believe that this post should be taken down because it is disrespecting My Late Prime Minister. Yes I am from Barbados, yes I was pissed when I heard Rihanna was not coming but I understood she had a busy scheduled and I believe she sorted out her condolences with the family since they have mutual relations. She was at the funeral which not to long ago concluded. This should be left at this last comment. I personally may not fancy Rihanna but I do love her and she has more than all of my respect now that she attended the funeral although she has a busy schedule. So please as a Barbadian I beg you leave it there.

  77. Sentinel

    @ Matt
    “…I personally believe that this post should be taken down because it is disrespecting My Late Prime Minister. ….She was at the funeral which not to long ago concluded. This should be left at this last comment. ….So please as a Barbadian I beg you leave it there.”

    I totally agree with you, Matt. What do we, as a people or you and I as individuals, gain from this exercise. If it isn’t helping to uplift our nation, the comments are useless. Furthermore, “he/she who is without sin” continue to cast stones rather than constructing or building up our country. How would our future generations react if they had to read what we, adults, are saying to each other?

  78. A real Bajam

    Yes I agree, we have all done things and thought better afterwards.
    Give her credit for attending, and remember we too have flaws.
    Let us pray now for the family for our late leader, and those whom are left to guide this little island of ours.
    May God guide our new prime minister and protect us.

  79. Sensible Mum

    First Class Ceremony
    Triple A (AAA) rating to Ms. Maxine McClean. What a splendid job you and your team delivered. And with such grace and humility too. God bless you!

  80. Special Boy

    ah… anyone give thought to the possibility that it was always Rihanna’s intention to attend and the statement was just a diversionary ploy for security and international media reasons??

  81. Rca

    Kammie Holder writes he thinks he is speaking for the majority of Bajans. No you are not. You damm rude and out of order. You dont and will never speak for me. Reading your article gives me the impression you are arrogant and a idiot. Rihanna continue to make Barbados proud, ignore scumbags like Kammie Holder .

  82. mr. sant

    Why doesn’t Kammie Holder or Ian Bourne make any further comment on the issue they started. They were quite vocal when they believe she wasn’t coming. Are they so arrogant that an apology can’t be expected from either. Bless!

  83. rihanna fan for life!



  84. @rca – what did Kammie do you? Speak truth? Hurts like a demon, eh?

    @Mr sant – did you read update of BFP’s article? Did you go to my site? Wrote a commentary, said she did right thing in end… Apology from MOI? NEVER!!! As an ambassador, do the right thing in the first place every time or demit your diplomacy, simple! 😛

  85. rag

    you people are so sad.

    you’ll keep the world of noise because Rihanna said she was not coming. as an ambassador for Barbados, what has Rihanna done?

    where is Kammie Holder or Ian Bourne comments on this issue?

    you’ll internet bullies can take pride in small things because what more can we expect from small minds.

  86. Lemme guess, rag= Rihanna As God? in other words she can do no wrong? Right always? So sad the world has such Jingoism when nothing is absolute and ALL MUST be questioned! If no one takes a stand, who will you stand for? SMDH

  87. Worse, with no one backing you… Who would stand 4 U? The bell tolls…

  88. Slap Happy

    Nuff said! Another Rhianna story blows up in our faces. What is it about Rhianna that makes so many of us so emotional that we lose common sense?

    A nice run.

  89. BFP

    Hi Matt,

    The question is, “Would Rihanna have attended the funeral if not for the outcry from Barbados – which was started by the blogs, not by the newspapers?”

  90. keri

    no body give the girl time to see if she would show up or wait after the funeral to say something but ppl have to go on and on she not there give her time to arrive , rather late or not she was there to show support, thats the main thing….

  91. BFP

    Hi keri

    Rihanna’s communications person announced that she would NOT be coming because of work commitments. It wasn’t about “giving her time”, the decision to not attend was already taken and announced. That was what caused the furor.

  92. Storm In A Teacup

    Outcry my ass!! So this is what this was about?? For “bloggers” to pat themselves on the back and claim to be the ones who got Rhianna to come to pay respects to the Prime Minister??

  93. Narcissism or sanctimony???

    Tsk, tsk, I marvel at what Barbadian readers might be missing out on if only Mr. Ian Bourne had the writing skills on par with the “loyalty” and “honour” he professes to possess. Oh well, one can dare to dream…

  94. Ah lie

    Aftah de shame heap pon Rhianna, I was looking fuh Kammie and Bajan Reporta tuh cuss the USA AG Eric Holder.
    Aftuhall, we name bigable building in St. Josef aftuh he an’ I ain’t read dat he send he condolences tuh de familee nor de govment or peeple oh Bahbadus?
    So doan leh we stop at Rhianna. Ah mean tuh seh if bloggers so powafull, and dey get Ri-Ri tuh come to pay she respects, I figure cussin’ Holder might get he tuh resign as AG of Amurca and come tuh Bahbadus and run fuh de seat in St. John!!

  95. C'bbean Gurl

    I can relate to the feelings of the ppl when they know RiRi not coming and she is Ambassador…She like all other ambassadors popular or not popular must REPRESENT Barbados honourably and she has not been doing a good job of that so far in many ways than one. However she did end up attending the funeral and we must not forget that we cannot change ppl’s actions we can only focus on our’s …so, even if she chose/”could not” attend, the beat goes one…let’s focus on ourselves and leave her to God. We must check ourselves too to rest assured we too are on the right path…

    Life is a journey let’s get together and unite to be better persons!! Rip and rise in Glory Hon. David Thompson! My sincere condolences to your family! Hope I get to heaven and see you too and Rihanna and everyone here.



  97. Arthur

    People like to cry down people and Barbadians are good at it. First thing Rihanna did more for Barbados than Barbados did for her.Before every one jump on to band wagon, they should have waited until everything was over . She was there
    when she walked in the people went from crying
    to shouting RI.RI. I just love here. She is blessed.
    They been to the same school

  98. Makin' Sense

    Ah…now that Rihanna came to the funeral, it is the naysayers who claim credit that they shamed her into attending; this poor young woman cannot win in the eyes of these people no matter what she does.

    But then none of them would have considered that perhaps Rihanna was trying to organise to come, but did not want it to become a media frenzy or to take any of the attention away from such a sombre occasion (in which case, she would have been showing a great level of respect). Nor could they have thought to take into account her recent management change and comments that would indicate scheduling issues (all available online)….perhaps her management change is due to her unhappiness with the service that they are providing to her, perhaps the agent who made the statement spoke too soon….none of us will ever know what really happened, and I am sure that none of her detractors will bother to look at how quickly they judged. No, they will only see how righteous they are.

    Nevertheless, it ended up being a lot of drama and tears (you can wipe them dry now, Kammie, she came!) followed by so much judgment on one person. Those who made such negative comments should form your own church so that you can all congregate together and find fault with others, pointing fingers at those who, in your mind, disappoint you. God forbid that you should take a long hard look at yourself and ask what those comments reflect about you.

    Perhaps – for some – it is redirecting your own pain and sadness for the loss of PM Thompson on someone else, because you are unable to process the grief that you feel; for others, it is just another opportunity to criticise a young woman that they feel envious of because of the success she has achieved.

    Remember that which we see in others and criticise is often something within us that we are unhappy with but are unwilling to recognise or accept. It really is depressing that so much negativity and vitriol is spoken by so many! Just blows my mind. Those people must be so miserable in their own lives….or blissfully ignorant.

    Live and let live, because what goes around comes around – but even then they are too blind to see it, so they keep misdirecting their anger. From what I can read and see, there are a lot of very angry people out there…..and then we wonder why there is so much victimisation and bullying, why our children are so aggressive and resorting to solving problems with fists and knives.

    But then that is a tale for another day…..

  99. Makin' Sense

    All these comments about the fact that she is an Ambassador and her responsibilities…but what about Obadele? Is he not an ambassador too (in a similar capacity as Rihanna)? Where was he, and where was your outcry against him?

  100. Obadele was Ambassador under BLP, was not aware his envoy status was renewed, and Ryan Brathwaite was there 😛

  101. If you think Bajans are carping bad? Check the UK;- was probably the money that she stood to make for herwork commitmentsthat let her miss her best friends special day. Wouldn’t wish her friendship on my worst enemy!

  102. gosh darn

    Geez..ok enough about Ms. Umbrella..stop giving her so much attention focus on making your soul right for when you time comes and let’s continue to pray for David’s family that they may be comforted knowing we can all meet again in Heaven. Rihanna is an ambassador yes, but let’s not be too critical to judge since we don’t know all the facts…she came..she left and the beat goes on!

  103. Turnabout is fearplay?

    This last comment is uncalled for – if they believe in such nobility for Rihanna and lies on Bourne, why not put your name?

    This smacks of Peter Gilkes, a cowardly Senator who spreads calumny on Bourne because of his unusual political views, I have heard him telling lies on the former anchor; he better watch Bourne don’t get a lawyer and sue his pick away from him!

  104. Turnabout is fearplay?

    Open my response BFP

  105. BFP

    Hello “Turnabout is fearplay?”

    We looked and there’s nothing from you in spam or waiting for approval. Did everything you wrote eventually get posted?

  106. Turnabout is fearplay?

    Hi, thanks but if the offensive comment was taken away then I have no need to speak except to warn Mr Bourne of the liars who walk about.

  107. Give the Rihanna story a rest already ! There are more important issues to deal with.
    The recovery from Tomas for one and where to get fresh produce.

  108. Politically Tired

    Makin’ Sense you make sense!! unfortunately a lot of people can’t see anyones else problems but they’re own, people will always judge & be jealous of the Rihanna’s of this world, she came, end of story, maybe her work commitments meant ‘under contract’ its not that easy to get out of these things! even for the rich & famous. Give the girl a rest.
    So lets stop the bitching & get on with more important things & help get this country back on its feet. Some people are homeless, some have badly damaged homes & can’t afford repairs, some still have no water or electric. Some have lost their beloved.

  109. Izabajan

    What I would NEVER understand is how Bajans can’t stand to see people succeed. They love to “bring you down”/”put yuh in yuh place”. The liitle girl/boy in a little community who passes for Harrison’s or Queen’s and isn’t rahrah like the others is called “great”. Rihanna, according to some “can’t sing” is “mediocre” – they think she’s “swell headed” and even wonder “who she think she is” – yet this same girl who “can’t sing”
    and as far as Bajans are concerned is “nobody”,
    is making millions from SINGING and is loved by the entire world.

  110. Avatar Gurl

    Hmmph…give any other Bajan the money that jay-Z gave Pihanna and see their head “spin round” very quick!

    Shoe wouldn’t be on the other foot then…WOULD IT?

    And Bajans STILL wonder why we’re a Third World country…!

  111. Avatar Gurl

    Oh, by the way…does BFP STILL think I’m a white middle-aged dude from England who spies on the political parties?

    I gotta laugh at that…! Boy, I’m lovin’ it!

  112. BFP

    Hi Avatar Gurl

    Now you have my curiosity tickled. Which one of the BFP crew said that about you?

  113. Post her recent bikini pictures.

  114. Pul

    no body give the girl time to see if she would show up or wait after the funeral to say something but ppl have to go on and on she not there give her time to arrive , rather late or not she was there to show support, thats the main thing….