“Bloody lawyers” says Kentish. “Bloody judges” says Pilgrim

“Is too!” says Judge. “I’m going to tell!” says lawyer.

Will someone please grab the lawyers and the judges by the ears, take them down to St. Leonard’s Boys’ School and let Dr. Victor Agard have a go at them?

Maybe a few strokes of Dr. Agard’s cane will cure the infantile battle of egos that is debilitating our justice system – but probably not.

Back on June 24th Justice Elneth Kentish said that our courts are being held to ransom by lawyers who don’t show up on time and ruin the whole show. Yesterday in Barbados Today, lawyer Andrew Pilgrim (photo above) said that judges, magistrates and their support staff regularly show up so late that court often doesn’t start until 11am – two hours later than scheduled.

Please, children!

“I expect to be cursed for this, but I prefer to be cursed and have the system improved, than to just have to accept we have a lousy system that doesn’t work” said Pilgrim.

Barbados Today says that DPP Charles Leacock didn’t care to comment on the issue and acting registrar Michelle Weekes and the President of the Barbados Bar Association, Leslie Haynes, couldn’t be reached.

SIR David Simmons

As I recall, former Chief Justice and former Attorney General SIR David Simmons said if we’d only spend gazillions on a new court building that everything would be fine. Well, we spent the money and we see how it turned out. The problem wasn’t really the building, was it Sir David?

Barbados Justice System explained.

You know what, ladies and gentlemen of the Justice system? We don’t care anymore. We don’t give a flying cow turd. The justice system ’bout hey been broke and corrupted by politics for decades. It’s like the water system – you turn on the tap and mostly the water comes out, but when it doesn’t you have some in jugs in the spare room. Even in Sandy Lane they have jugs of water set aside.

We have learned to live with mediocrity, excuses and non-performance by our government agencies while we get on with the business of life.

Only my take on life on this rock, but there you go. Others may disagree, but I suspect that most Bajans know ’bout what I speak.


Further Reading

The Nation, June 24, 2010: Judge: System grinding to a halt

Barbados Today, October 2, 2010, page 4: Pilgrim Frustrated

photo courtesy of Barbados Today

Our thanks to an old friend who emailed us parts of this article.


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3 responses to ““Bloody lawyers” says Kentish. “Bloody judges” says Pilgrim

  1. Not a word that seems to be known in Barbados, my friend once again went to court once again with a clear cut case of being sold land then having it taken from him to be sold again. There is no question that it was a crime against him. The case has been adjurned 4 times and now a 4th also the day before the last court date he was telephoned by a policeman and was asked to drop the case. I wonder – could it have been a case of someone being paid off??? I feel so sorry for all the honest hard working people of Barbados I wish there was something we could do to help you.
    Everyone thinks it is paradise, scratch the surfice and see the real place …………………………..

  2. Johnny Postle

    Nothing new in Barbados. The corruptors got the people in their pockets and the threat of victimization and losing jobs keep the quiet and silent. No wonder Barbados sweet fuh crooked exploits

  3. sweetyam

    This is the legacy of Chief Justice David Simmons. All those years as Attorney General then as Chief Justice and all that money and this is what we get. It burns me to see the accolades given to Simmons by others who he gave accolades to when he was in power. One thing is certain: results don’t count.