L.A. Times and New York Times Both Apologise For Publishing Fictional “News”

With our jaundiced “news” eyes, we and other media-literate bloggers are continually spotting the absurd lies that are published every day in the worlds so-called “legitimate” news media. (A cynic would point out that here on Barbados we have had much more practice than in some other countries in spotting horse-manure published as news!)

The two largest incidents that come to mind for us on the world stage are when Reuters knowingly published over a thousand faked and staged “news” photos (stories here and here) and the infamous story by Dan Rather where he knowingly used forged documents in a national news story. (“RatherGate” destroyed his career – story here. His critics pointed to many other suspect stories by Rather.)

Two Major U.S. Newspapers Caught In One Day!

Los Angeles Times Fake Story“Sean Diddy Combs Involved In Tupac Shakur Shooting”

MARCH 26–Last week’s bombshell Los Angeles Times report claiming that the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur in the lobby of a Manhattan recording studio was carried out by associates of Sean “Diddy” Combs and that the rap impresario knew of the plot beforehand was based largely on fabricated FBI reports… (Story links here and here)

New York Times Fake StoryReports Of Interrupted Basketball Game Were Based Upon Staged YouTube Video

SPOKANE, Wash. – A story by KHQ reporter Anthony Gomes, revealing that a popular internet video prank was a fake, has prompted the New York Times to run a correction to an article it published March 24th…

SPOKANE, Wash. – An aspiring filmmaker at Eastern Washington University says he never meant to prank the New York Times when he posted a video online March 16th… (Story links here and here)

Question Everything You Read, See & Hear In The News Media & Blogs

Question Why Stories Appear On The Blogs, But Not In Barbados News Media

The lapdog news media of Barbados routinely ignores stories that would cause a media feeding-frenzy in the North American or European news media. Can you imagine what would happen in Britain if a Minister of Government expropriated land and then ended up building a home for his mistress on the expropriated land? (BFP story here)

Or how about a story of police using a pre-signed blank search warrant (published online for anyone to see) to drag a woman from her home and children at 3am so they could search her vagina for back rent money owed to the Director of Public Prosecutions? (BFP story here)

Do you think if either of those stories had happened in New York City or London that the media wouldn’t have been all over? They would have been camped out in front of the Minister’s home and the Director of Public Prosecution’s office for sure!


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19 responses to “L.A. Times and New York Times Both Apologise For Publishing Fictional “News”

  1. ady-hotep

    Cannot agree with you more.A good democracy will have an effective media.Shame on B’dos if those incidents are real and have gone unreported or not investigated by the local media.In fact this is worrying.Here in the UK heads would have rolled over these incidents/people would have fallen on their own swords.What is becoming of B’dos????

  2. The Truth

    1. Why can’t the BFP print a hard copy paper for sale in barbados ??

    2. Why don’t you email your stories direct to Barbadians ??

  3. The Truth

    A better idea…
    Let us stop cutting down the trees and only read our news on line.

  4. 173

    Over the years I’ve learned to be cynical regarding anything I hear or read.

    “Believe none of what you hear
    – and only HALF of what you see..
    Only feeling is the Naked Truth” ..goes the old standard.

    For many years now I’ve had a built-in BS-detector system that flies anywhere from one to five red flags,
    depending on the severity/likliehood of the BS content.
    Suggest to acquire same.

    This is 2008 – this is the internet.
    Anything goes – even Bear Stearns.
    Who’da thunk it?

  5. Hants

    I am listening to Brasstacks and David Ellis showed kindness and tact in how he dealt with a lady who is disabled and has a speech impediment.

    The lady was speaking about a problem she had at the QEH that caused her embarassment.

    David Ellis tactfully empowered this lady to deal with the issue.

    Well done David Ellis. We should all follow his example in dealing with the disabled.

  6. Cap? What Cap? Man, guh long, do!

    But what I really wanted to point out..
    is that Bridgetown/environs/St.Michael
    does not have a traffic problem..

    It has a school-traffic problem
    as is evidenced (more and more!) every time the schools go on holiday!

    More affluent Mummies and Daddies personally dropping kids off to school now swell the traffic ranks to incredible proportions.

    It used to be that when schools were on holiday, traffic volume dropped by an easy 40%.
    Last year, it dropped by 50%.

    This year, when schools are closed, traffic volumes dropped by 60%.
    Whuh gyne on?

    Where is the cap on vehicle registrations?

    We stand at about 110,000 registered vehicles right now, maybe more…no-one will say for fear of freakin out de publik.

    Either we cap vehicle numbers
    or we get every single school out of St.Michael!
    Ball’s in your court.

  7. Rumplestilskin

    Before anyone caps vehicle numbers, public transport has to be fixed. It is both unsafe and unreliable.

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  9. Newspapers are run by powerful people and corporations around the globe. It should not be surprising that many of the stories they print are lies.

    Another story the media here in the U.S. has been active in promoting is the YouTube video of Rev Wright – Obama’s ex pastor. A closer examination of the “entire” video brings a much different take on what the pastor actually said – so no you cannot believe everything you read – or even see! Check out the whole video –


    BFP says,

    Hi Linda

    Thanks, we’ll check it out! We are mixed on Obama around here because we think he would be good for the USA but not so good for Barbados due to his policies about offshore banking centers.

  10. Technician

    Remember when just hours after the 9/11 tragedy, CNN showed video or Arabs jumping and firing guns in the streets of Palestine?
    They later said the footage was from years before at a celebration rally.
    It got the desired effect of the American people though.

  11. paul sealy

    Mainstream media{press and television} in the US is controlled by the Illuminati,therefore you will have an unlimited amount of bullsh*t to read and view on a daily basis,this is nothing new…dumbing down the masses has been the norm for years,but i’m glad people are waking up.

  12. paul sealy

    To make a long story short,it’s all about a few elite families and bankers who have an ultimate goal to reduce the world’s population to roughly five hundred million and form a one world government..and to do this they need the “media”..don’t believe it..then let them catch you sleeping.

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  14. J. Payne

    The next thing… U.S. news will NEVER disclose sources and they always use broad statements… “The world” say this- and “the world” say that-… Yet is only a small group of countries in true that say it and so on….

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