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Tuesday, May 6, 2008 – A Day In The Life…


This project by the artist Ingrid Persaud aims to record an ordinary day, Tuesday May 6 2008, in the life of ordinary people in Barbados.

If you are in Barbados on May 6, 2008,  all you do is keep a diary of your day, between 600 -1000 words, and email it to her.

It will function as a time capsule capturing for history what normal people did on that very normal day – what they wore, what they ate, where they went, what transport they used – just the stuff of a normal day. It is not about recording extraordinary events.

The records will ultimately be available online for all to share.

Keep a record of the day and send to:

You can email it anytime between 6 and 9 may 2008.

Please tell your family, colleagues and friends.


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Mother Jumps From Second Story Window To Escape Forced Abortion By Communist Chinese Government

In Communist China, the authorities kidnap pregnant women from the street, hold them down and abort their babies.

That is the government were talking about. The same government that has been showering gifts and financial aid upon Barbados in order to win our votes at the United Nations.

Shiu Yon Zhou knows this first hand. Her story is one you will not forget.

WND: Survivor Says US Shares Guilt For China’s Abortions



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Undoing America’s Ethanol Mistake – Barbados Gets Off Lucky

The Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman once said, “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”

Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison on the US Ethanol Programme…

“This was a well-intentioned measure, but it was also impractical. Nearly all our domestic corn and grain supply is needed to meet this mandate, robbing the world of one of its most important sources of food.

We are already seeing the ill effects of this measure. Last year, 25% of America’s corn crop was diverted to produce ethanol. In 2008, that number will grow to 30%-35%, and it will soar even higher in the years to come.”

… read an excellent article by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. She’s the womany between the cowboys (link here)

Meanwhile In Barbados…

Thank the Lord that one of the first things the DLP did upon assuming power was to kill the plan for ethanol in Barbados.

WE were given millions by the EU to spend on our cane industry. I wonder if we shall ever learn what happened to all that money?

Further Reading

Keltruth Blog: Rice Rationing… in America!

BFP: Barbados Government Kills Sugar Cane Ethanol Scam – “Thank You Barbados Free Press. Without Your Revelations…”


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Help Us Confirm The Names Of The Barbados Journalists Who Took Gifts From Communist China

New Barbados Flag

My friends, a few days ago we published an article discussing how several Barbados journalists were on a junket to Communist China – paid for by the Chinese government.

We questioned the ethics of journalists receiving gifts from a government that has a vast network of slave labour camps. We asked about the whether the journalists would now ignore human rights issues in that brutal land where Christians are imprisoned in slave labour camps for offenses such as praying in their own home or for handing out bibles.

Our article Which Barbados Journalists Have Received Gifts and Trips From Communist China? stated our belief that any journalist who receives gifts from a person, company or country that is the subject of their writing must declare those gifts publicly.

Professional journalism standards demand it.

This would never have been an issue if it weren’t for the blogs and our readers, and frankly we don’t expect the Nation News, the CBC or any other Barbados-based oldstream media to act ethically. We’ve seen too much to have any remaining faith in the Barbados news media.


If the Barbados news media won’t declare what gifts the journalists were given, we’ll see if our readers can pool their knowledge and find out anyway.

We received the following anonymous comment from a BFP reader going by the name of “The Mole”. Is the list correct? Can we fill in any of the gaps?

Here is what our reader posted…

I have done my digging and here are the names…

Sean Farrell

Ryan Gilkes

Janelle Riley

Kaymar Jordan

Chris Gollop

Peter Wickham

Hartley Henry and Angela Henry

They went flying all over the place in the chinese government cars treated like diplomats with escort and all, but my question is why did only five of them come back this weekend?

Where were Wickham and the Henries?

makes you say hmmmmmm……

More to come as information comes to hand. Oh, did they declare thier gifts to customs? Heard they get alot…


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Problems With Barbados Hotel Registry and Tourism Statistics – Adrian Loveridge

OK, to be fair… the title is our summary of what Barbados Tourism Authority board member Adrian Loveridge says in his latest report to the people of Barbados.

Adrian makes some astonishing revelations in this article and we agree 100 percent with his main point, which is (we think)… The Barbados Tourism Authority needs the best, most accurate and comprehensive information possible to achieve the best outcome for Barbados in spending their 80 million dollar budget.

Barbados Hotel Room Stock

While visiting the offices of the Barbados Tourism Authority recently, I collected a copy of what I assume is the latest list of all registered accommodation on Barbados.

The brochure is entitled Rates – Hotels, Guest Houses and Apartments – Winter 2007 -2008 December 16th 2007-2008 To April 15th 2008 and Summer 2008 April 16th, 2008 to December 15th, 2008.

According to the listings to have 64 hotels with a total of 5,147 rooms, 19 Guest Houses with a total of 123 rooms and 64 Apartments with a total of 1,090 rooms!

The average size our hotels is 80 rooms and Apartments is 13 rooms.

If you exclude our six largest hotels (Almond Beach Village, Almond Beach Club, the Hilton, the Crane, Accra and Turtle Beach) which account for 1,541 rooms that takes the average size down to 62 rooms.

What stands out from my perspective?

Well, first the fact that we now have just as many Apartment properties as Hotels.

From my reading of the mandate of the Barbados Tourism Authority and the Constitution of Barbados is that all hotels, apartments and guest houses offering accommodation must be registered.

Yet read through a telephone directory, drive around the island or simply Google Barbados accommodation and we will find literally dozens of properties that do not appear in the BTA listing.

It is even more remarkable when you consider some of the properties which carry the name ‘hotel’ and that are not listed, have as many as 120 rooms.

According to statistics published, our average annual occupancy, which I presume is based on registered hotels, guest houses and apartment’s is around 51%.

Based on an average stay of 7 nights, with two persons sharing one room and on the basis that our total of 6,360 registered are recording an annual occupancy of 51%, that produces a grand total of 1,183,914 occupied room nights.

Divide that number by the average stay of 7 nights and multiply that by two persons (per room) and it means that our registered properties are only accommodating around 338,000 of our long stay guests.

With a total of somewhere around 550,000 long stay visitors each year, it therefore begs the question, where are the other 212,000 persons or nearly 39% of the total staying?

Yes! Barbados has a significant number of VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives) traffic, and we of course have a sizeable number of villas and condominiums.

But 212,000 long stay arrivals per year, not staying in one of our traditional registered accommodation providers?

As primarily a marketing person, I would need to know, before spending any significant part of a promotional budget, exactly who I am targeting.

To make limited resources most effective, that would mean knowing what type of accommodation are the overwhelming percentage of our market looking for?

The President of the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association recently publicly called for a moratorium on the construction of new hotels on that island.

The reason for the call was that currently their hotels are achieving an occupancy level of 65%, against ours of 51%.

I would like to finish in stating that these observations do not represent criticism of any organisation or body, but more in the interests of ensuring that, what in anybody’s terms, a large budget of $80 million a year is spent in the most productive way.

Adrian Loveridge
27 April 2008


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Zimbabwe: Mugabe’s Forces Seize Opposition Members’ Children

“Undeclared Civil War In Zimbabwe”

From Times Online…

Scores of children and babies have been locked up in filthy prison cells in Harare as Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s president, sinks to new depths in his campaign to force the opposition into exile before an expected run-off in presidential elections.

Twenty-four babies and 40 children under the age of six were among the 250 people rounded up in a raid on Friday, according to Nelson Chamisa, spokesman for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). Yesterday they were crammed into cells in Southerton police station in central Harare.

“This is ruthlessness of the worst kind. How can you incarcerate children whose mothers have fled their homes hoping to give their children refuge?” asked an emotional Chamisa yesterday. “In Mugabe’s Zimbabwe even children are not spared the terror that befalls their parents.”

The families were rounded up from MDC headquarters, where they had sought refuge from violence in the countryside.

Read the TimesOnline article: Babies seized by Robert Mugabe’s forces as Zimbabwe hounds voter

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Voice of Barbados Radio Talks About The First 100 Days In Office

UPDATE: Not One Word About Integrity, Transparency, Accountability Legislation In Two Hours Of Radio Show

1:15pm – The programme is now over. David Ellis and the carefully chosen callers never mentioned the government’s failure to implement the promised Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation – or the broken promise to immediately adopt a Ministerial Code.

Peter Wickham came on and repeated the lies that are in his Nation News column today.

Business as usual folks… with a cowed David Ellis facilitating the lies by his silence. It looks like he and VOB Radio are still cowering after allowing Noel Lynch to wash out Ellis’ mouth with soap last year. (background here)

Time for the Barbados Integrity Party.

Original article starts here…

Sunday, 11am

Voice of Barbados Radio 92.9 fm

or on the web here.

The show has started, but both the DLP and BLP representatives are “late”.

11:10am – BLP Opposition Senator Kerry Simmons has shown up, but David Ellis won’t say who is coming from the government because he doesn’t know!

11:20am – DLP Government representative Senator Maxine McClean arrives…

We shall listen in with everyone and comment later, although our main points of reference are…

1/ The BLP Opposition is totally without credibility because they are unable to criticise the government on most of the big issues – because their performance when in government was reprehensible. Think about the BLP complaining about the DLP failing to implement ITAL? Hilarious!

2/ The DLP Government was elected in good measure on their promise to embrace ITAL – Integrity, Transparency, Accountability Legislation. Words no longer count for the DLP Government – only actions.

There has been no action on ITAL – nothing at all – and less than that, David Thompson lied during the election about his intent to adopt a Ministerial Code on day one.

There is really little reason for the DLP Government to send a representative to attend Brass Tacks today because we already know everything we need to know about their ITAL initiatives from the government doing nothing.

Regarding ITAL – the DLP Government’s words don’t count any longer. They don’t mean a thing.


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Barbados Royal Shop Saga – Rumours and Updates

We received this in an email today. Once again… this comes from an anonymous and unproven source and should be treated like a rumour until we receive further confirmation. We post it here for discussion purposes…

“I have updates on the Royal Shop saga.  Immigration has asked Anthony to leave the island.  They’ve refused to renew his work permit without explanation.  He has to leave on Monday morning leaving his house (which he owns) and his entire life here.  The Thani’s will never be able to hire a non national if immigration can help it.”


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Once More – No Penalty For Breach Of Trust In Barbados

Barbados Tells The World That Our Culture Doesn’t Take Integrity Seriously

Two days ago we highlighted how the Barbados Bar Association old boys network protects lawyers who steal from clients. A lawyer who stole $150,000 from a client received only a “reprimand” from the Discipline Committee and was allowed to continue to practice. (See Barbados Bar Association Condones Theft From Clients – And Destroys The Reputation Of Honest Bajan Lawyers)

Today the world is shown another story of our society’s failure to take breach of trust incidents seriously. Former Chief Marshal Belfield Randolph McCollin, who dipped into Government’s funds “as if they were his personal piggy bank” was handed a suspended sentence for seven convictions. The Court of Appeal found that the sentence by Mr. Justice Christopher Blackman was too lenient, but there is nothing can be done because the Director of Public Prosecutions, Charles Leacock, did not appeal the sentence.

As it is, the crooked Mr. McCollin as a long time career civil servant will probably even keep his pension.

Barbados Has A Culture Of Zero Accountability

In Barbados public life we didn’t even say the words “Integrity”, “Transparency” or “Accountability” until it became fashionable in the last few years. But even though we say those words, every facet of our society declares the truth: we seldom hold people accountable for wrong doing, and further, we refuse to structure our government and business environments to make it easier to uncover wrong-doing and hold people accountable for their actions.

We don’t even have rules against the most basic conflicts of interest – for instance, there is no rule against an elected or appointed government official receiving a substantial gift from a person who is awarded government contracts from that official.

Our rules for corporate governance, financial institutions and the securities industries are laughable when compared to North America and Europe.

Our government operations are not transparent and successive administrations have refused to put laws in place that would allow the citizens to hold government officials accountable. Even our Chief Justice is a long time professional politician who was appointed to give the then BLP government control over the courts.

Every Bajan knows or senses that the corruption in government and the corporations doing business with the government reached unsustainable levels in the last few years of the previous BLP administration. There was massive fraud and mismanagement in a number of huge national projects. Consider just four: the GEMS Hotel Scandal, the ABC and flyover construction, Dodds Prison and Kensington Oval.

These projects add up to hundreds of millions of dollars – and we know that fraud occurred in each project. In the case of the the ABC/Flyover (3S) and the prison (VECO), both contractors have a proven record fraud and kickbacks in government contracts, yet our government declared that everything was ok here.

In the case of VECO and 3S, massive quantities of evidence exists in other jurisdictions that would probably undoubtedly send a few Bajan big-ups to jail.

But there was and will be no investigation by Barbados. No inquiry. No transparency to the public.

There will be no request by the current Barbados Government for the relevant evidence being held in other jurisdictions. (For prison-builder VECO there are hundreds of hours of recorded FBI tapes and hundreds of thousands of documents being held by the FBI – many of which relate directly to projects in Barbados.)

The Thompson government will not be requesting this evidence because it does not want to hold members of the last government to be personally accountable.

Probably something to do with throwing stones in glass houses. Or as a cynic would say – Honour among thieves.

We all know what that means.

The Thompson DLP Government Will Not Put Anyone In Jail

Folks, you can take what I’m about to tell you and pin it up on your wall forever… because it is true now and will remain true…

The Thompson DLP Government will not seek to hold anyone personally accountable for the well-known excesses of the last government, nor will they implement EFFECTIVE Integrity, Transparency and Integrity Legislation (ITAL) during their tenure.

The World Will Notice

This Bajan culture of corruption, of not putting anti-corruption measures in place and of not holding anyone personally responsible for wrong-doing is being noticed on the world stage. Foreign investors look at levels of corruption, but more importantly, they look at how our society and our courts deal with corruption – because that is an indication of what they can expect if all is not smooth sailing when they do business in or with Barbados.

Increasingly, the sad and dangerous truth is this: When people at certain levels are talking, the phrases “banana republic”, “you can’t trust Barbados” and “I’d be careful if I were you” are now being heard.

Further Reading

Nation News, April 25, 2008: Chief Marshal Job Vacant

Barbados Free Press: Barbados Bar Association Condones Theft From Clients – And Destroys The Reputation Of Honest Bajan Lawyers

This article was written by Marcus and Abidan, a friend from New York City.


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Daniel May Holiday Murder In Barbados – Family In Pain As Killer Is Sentenced – Barbados News Media Cover-up

2005 Robbery Turned Into Murder Of British Tourist

A July 2005 holiday in Barbados turned into a tragedy as a British couple watched their only child shot to death by armed thugs who had broken into the family’s villa. Daniel May was 19 years old when he went to help his father who was being beaten. He was shot twice in the chest and died.

The two thugs had stalked the family and waited for them to return to rob them, but the family fought back.

Andrew Leroy Lovell was sentenced to 25 years in jail for manslaughter. The British newspapers say that the Barbados court found the shooting was “accidental” – and Daniel’s parents are outraged.

I am not a lawyer, but any damned fool knows that when you arm yourself with a handgun, and then wait for a family to come home to rob them, and then shoot a young man twice in the chest… it is no bloody accident.

Mr. and Mrs. May are understandably upset at the horror of the loss of their only child, and they have said some rather uncomplimentary things to the British newspapers about Barbados, and our courts.

The accomplice, a piece of trash named Marlon St. Clair Mayers, is currently awaiting sentencing – which Mr. and Mrs. May say should be hanging by the neck until he is dead – along with Lovell.

The British papers say that Daniel May was the first British tourist to be murdered on Barbados – within memory anyway.

Barbados News Media Cover-Up

Our friend John rightly points out that the Barbados media has ignored this case. No mention of Daniel May’s name is to be found in the archives of the Nation Newspaper. Just another case of the lapdog Barbados news media exhibiting an agenda that has nothing to do with being a professional news organisation. Suppression of important news stories is normal and a frequent occurrence in Barbados.

Further Reading

Romford Recorder: Daniel’s Killer Should Face Death Penalty

The Sun: 25 Years For Killing Brit Abroad

July 29, 2005 Times Online: Teenager Killed In Barbados Robbery


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Ghanaian Woman Detainee Sexually Assaulted While In Custody At Barbados Army Base

We Cannot Find Any Record Of This Story In The Oldstream Barbados Media

One of the Ghanaian women stranded in Barbados when the Ghana International Airways charter failed to return to the island was sexually assaulted while in the custody of the Barbados Defense Forces – according to a letter purportedly released by Barbados politician David Comissiong.

The April 15, 2008 letter which is reprinted in its entirety at the end of this article, states that the Royal Barbados Police Force is investigating.

Comissiong States Detainees Were Told They Would Be Shot If They Attempted To Leave The Base

The letter also states that the African detainees were told they would be subject to sniper gun fire if they tried to leave the Barbados Defense Force base where they are being held.

Our Take: Government Is Entirely Responsible For The Well Being Of Persons In Custody

When our police, immigration officers or military personnel take persons into custody, they and their organisation become entirely responsible for their care and well being. This is a duty that has long be recognised in courts in the UK, USA, Canada and around the world.

What if the woman was your sister, your wife, your mother who was locked in a barracks with dozens of unknown men whose only connection was they happened to be on the same flight?

If we missed the coverage of this story in the Barbados news media, please let us know – but for now it looks like no one else has reported that one of the female detainees was sexually assaulted while in government custody.

As to the allegation that detainees were told that they would be shot if they attempted to leave the military base, again we can find no record of this being reported in the Barbados media.

These two issues would seem to be an important part of the Ghana International Airways charter flight disaster. Barbadians should be asking themselves “What else hasn’t the Barbados media been reporting?”

Full text of the April 15, 2008 David Comissiong letter as published on BN Village (link here)…


Israel Lovell Foundation
Tel. (246) 437-3113
My Lord’s Hill Fax: (246) 437-8216ST MICHAEL

15 April 2008

It is my duty to report that on Tuesday 8th April 2008, the Government of Barbados commenced a “crackdown” on 96 citizens of Ghana and Nigeria who have been stranded in Barbados since their charter flight failed to return for them on the 15th of February 2008. Continue reading


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Stranded Ghana International Airlines Passengers Avoid Penis Theft Panic Back Home – Army Called Out In Congo To Stop Lynchings Of Penis Thieves

Oops… Our Bad…

The Ghana Penis Riots were 11 years ago, although according to reports (PDF here) smaller incidents of penis theft and associated violence continue in Ghana to this day. The new Penis Riots are in Congo. We misread the date on the CNN Ghana article so we re-wrote the article to correct this.

Our apologies if our original information caused any inconvenience to our stranded travelers from Ghana who, we presume, are anxious to go home and as tired as we are of the idiocy that continues to strand them here.

You Can’t Make Up Stuff Like This, Folks!

Now we know another reason that our predominantly-male guests from Ghana were happy to arrive in Barbados and are so reluctant to go back home. It seems that another wave of penis thefts started in January – this time in the Congo – and continues throughout the surrounding area.

Riots have broken out in the Congo and police have had to rescue dozens of suspected JuJu (magic) penis shrinkers from mobs.

This isn’t the first time. A decade ago twelve people were lynched and beaten to death by mobs in Ghana’s capitol city over penis snatching. Other incidents go back into the 1980’s. Despite a decade of African governments’ health authorities explaining why men’s penises change in size, and why the plumbing might not work as well as it should as men get older, an epidemic of penis thefts is once again happening. Hundreds of men have reported to the police that their penises have been snatched and replaced by a non-functioning fake.


In other news, Barbadian men don’t seem to have the same trouble with having their penises stolen… or maybe our women are simply more attractive? (And I hear a laugh from the kitchen as she says, “Or we are just more tolerant of bad plumbing!)

Yes dear. 😉

CNN: 7 Killed In Ghana Over “Penis-Snatching” Episodes

Reuters: Penis Theft Panic Hits City

Kuro5hin: Koro: A Natural History Of Penis Panics


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Zimbabwe Police Raid Opposition Offices – Beatings, Arrests, Destruction

100 People Arrested, Makeshift Hospital Destroyed

Computers Taken By Police

Reuters: Zimbabwe Police Raid Opposition HQ, Detain Scores

AFP: Scores Held As Zimbabwe Police Raid Opposition HQ

Did we really think that the murderous Mugabe would go quietly just because the citizens of Zimbabwe voted him out?

Here’s a little sample from a March 23, 2008 article from The Independent: Zimbabwe police: ‘You’ll never take Mugabe out of power’

In the capital, Harare, at the offices of an organisation that treats and counsels victims of violence in Zimbabwe, a young woman sat facing me. Avoiding my eye and speaking in a barely audible voice, she described how the police beat her after she took part in a march, organised by a group called Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe, a month earlier.

“A policeman hit me on the nose with his fist and then hit me with his baton on my back and on my feet,” she said. “It was raining; they took us outside and made us lie down in the dirty water, and made us crawl as we were being beaten. In the car they were hitting us again and made us put our dirty shoes in our mouths. At the station they told us, ‘You will never take the President out of power. It will never happen’.”

The President himself seemed in no doubt about the result when he warned the opposition on Friday that any outbreak of violence if they lost the election, such as happened in Kenya, would be crushed. “If Tsvangirai and his group have such plans, they must stand warned,” he told a rally in his home area of Zvimba, north-west of Harare. “That will never happen here, never, never. We will never allow it. We have enough security forces to handle that.”

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Barbados Bar Association Condones Theft From Clients – And Destroys The Reputation Of Honest Bajan Lawyers

How The Old Boys’ Network Covers For Crooked Barbados Attorneys

In every civilized jurisdiction in the free world, an attorney who steals a client’s money is at the very least disbarred, never to practice law again. Lawyers who “borrow” (real world word = “steal”) from their trust funds usually end up doing a couple of years in jail.

All over the world, the legal profession and the courts treat theft and misuse of clients’ funds as one of the most serious offenses a lawyer can commit. There is no “gray” area when it comes to the sanctity of monies entrusted to a lawyer. The discipline committees and the courts hammer lawyers for breach of trust involving money because they know that the very credibility of the legal profession is threatened.

Honest lawyers know that if their Bar Association and the local Courts don’t come down hard on offenders, it undermines the entire legal system – lawyers, judges, the courts… everything. Stiff penalties awarded by the disciplinary committees and the courts also act as a deterrent. Lawyers who might consider using their trust account funds to short some stocks or to cover the purchase of a new car “only for a few days and then I’ll put the money back” think twice if they know that getting caught means the end of being a lawyer forever.

Throughout the civilized world, breach of trust involving monies is the one unforgivable sin for lawyers…

Theft Of Trust Money Is The One Unforgivable Sin For Lawyers – Except In Barbados

It has now been clearly established that the Barbados Bar Association does not consider it a big deal for a lawyer to steal $130,000 as long as the lawyer returns the money when caught.

According to the Disciplinary Committee of the Barbados Bar Association, a simple reprimand is a suitable penalty.

No disbarment. No criminal charges. No Jail.

Not even a suspension… only a reprimand to the lawyer-thief: “You’ve been caught stealing from a client. Give back the money and don’t be so foolish to get caught again.”

The lawyer-thief will not be disbarred, and is free to continue to practice law in Barbados.

That, my fellow citizens, is a national disgrace. More than that, it threatens our status as an offshore center for finance and corporations and it dirties the reputation of every honest Barbados lawyer.

Mortimer Clarke – Barbados Attorney And Thief

In 1999, Michael Atkins of England retained Barbados attorney Mortimer Clarke of Sui Juris law firm at Crichlow Alley, The City, to handle a Barbados real estate deal for him. Mr. Atkins needed a lawyer to close the deal, receive the money and do the legal necessities.

Boy… did Mr. Atkins pick the wrong lawyer!

Attorney Mortimer Clarke collected $150,000 but didn’t pass the money on to his client, Mr. Atkins.

Attorney Clarke kept the money. Then in 2002, after three years of Mr. Atkins clamoring for his money, Attorney Clarke gave him $20,000 of the funds. That was it.

What happened to the $150,000? Attorney Mortimer Clarke used the money for his own purposes – according to a Nation News article “to help with the running of his office and circumstances at home, among other things.”

In other words… Mortimer Clarke stole the funds from the real estate transaction and used the money to pay his own expenses… and “among other things” – the details of which are being concealed by the courts and/or the Nation News.

Barbados Bar Association Disciplinary Committee: “For $150,000 Theft, A Reprimand Will Do”

So what did the Disciplinary Committee of the Barbados Bar Association think was an appropriate penalty for Mortimer Clarke?

Disbarment? Jail?

Nope… a “reprimand” was the penalty assessed. That’s all, folks!

Give the guy a break. After all… once he was caught, Attorney Clarke paid back the stolen money!

And Mr. Clarke could have escaped with only the reprimand except that he failed to repay $35,407.04 in interest and travel expenses incurred by the victim of the lawyer fraud – Michael Atkins.

Which leads us to the current situation where the President of the Barbados Bar Association is placed in the outrageous position of appearing before Chief Justice David Simmons to argue that the reprimand imposed by his own Disciplinary Committee is not good enough unless Clarke pays the interest and travel expenses!

Chief Justice David Simmons Has A Legacy Of Defending Crooked Lawyers

According to the Nation News, Chief Justice David Simmons is to rule on this situation, but we wonder how he will view the situation. Will he consider the overall integrity of the legal profession?

Or… like the time he defended Ezra Allyne for misappropriating a client’s money in a similar situation, will Sir David feel empathy with a corrupt lawyer? In the case of Ezra Allyne, Allyne was required to repay money to a client for a failed real estate deal… but couldn’t because… doan ya know… the client’s money wasn’t in Ezra’s trust account any longer!

Ezra was suspended for three years, but it looks like David Simmons got him off on a technicality. Have a read of the court record here and make up your own mind about what David Simmons did then and will do now with this new case of a crooked lawyer taking a client’s money from his trust account.

Chief Justice Simmons… Are YOU going to rubber-stamp this cover-up of a lawyer who stole $150,000 from his trust account?

Foreign Investors Be Warned!

By imposing only a “reprimand” for the theft of $150,000 of foreign investor’s money, the Barbados Bar Association has destroyed the credibility of every lawyer on the island. A greedy, dishonest lawyer has been given a pass by the “old boys” network at the Bar Association.

We’ve got news for the “old boys” of the Barbados legal profession – this isn’t like the old days. You can’t cover up for Mortimer Clarke. You can’t hide your disgusting failure to deal with this breach of trust.

Why should foreign investors now trust any Barbados lawyer with money? You’ve just proven to the world that our breach of trust standards are so low as to be absolutely no deterrent.

A clear case of a lawyer involved in a $150K fraud – and the Barbados Bar Association thinks a simple “reprimand” is appropriate.

Again we ask the members of the Barbados Bar Association: Why should anyone trust a Barbados lawyer?

Tell Us Your Lawyer Stories!

The greedy, dishonest lawyers and the Barbados Bar Association have destroyed the credibility of the island’s lawyers, but we know that the current story is just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve all heard the tales of estates handled by Barbados lawyers… still not settled after 15 years.

We’ve heard about the parents’ estate where the lawyer ended up living in the parents’ home!

And who could forget about the famous signature move practiced by many Barbados lawyers, called “Handling both ends of the deal without telling the client”.

Tell us your stories, folks! Let it all out. Tell it true…

… and maybe, just maybe, those Barbados lawyers who are honest and care about their profession will cry “ENOUGH!”

Until then, our Barbados Bar Association will be looked upon by the rest of the world as what they are…

Monkees in a barrel. Or perhaps, Crabs in a barrel – destroying their own legal profession, forgetting honour and the law in their quest for filthy money.

Read the article from the Nation News and spit on the ground next time a Barbados lawyer talks of honour or duty… Continue reading


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Which Barbados Journalists Have Received Gifts and Trips From Communist China?

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Barbadian Journalists Should Declare Their Junkets And Gifts Whenever They Write An Article About China Or Taiwan

There was a scandal in automotive journalism a few years back when it was discovered that supposedly independent reviewers of automobiles had long been receiving gifts and benefits from automotive manufacturers. While there were at the time no hard rules about where the lines should be drawn, it was a certainty that when an automotive reviewer was found to be “test driving” a new Ford for two years straight that he had stepped over the line. As I recall, his wife was permanently “test driving” a new Mustang too!

Similarly, when Chevrolet flew New York City journalists and their wives and children to Hawaii for a two week “test drive” of a new model in the middle of a brutal NYC winter, one could naturally assume that it would be difficult for the journalists to pan the product. Years later, journalistic integrity by auto reviewers is still a hot topic. (one story here)

Similarly, legitimate travel journalists are not allowed to accept free junkets and any editor who wants to retain their job in the industry had better be asking for the receipts that should accompany a travel review. Any exceptions are declared.

As the end-users of the news media become more savvy, the oldstream Barbados media will be called upon to pay more attention to issues of journalistic transparency, accountability and ethical reporting…

… and the oldstream media had better respond or they will make a mockery of themselves.

Barbadian Journalists On A Free Junket To China

According to the Barbados Advocate, “a delegation of Barbadian journalists who are on a familiarisation tour in China ahead of an official visit of the Prime Minister, David Thompson next month…”

Leading the delegation of journalists, again according to the Barbados Advocate, is “Principal Political Advisor to the Prime Minister, Hartley Henry…” (Barbados Advocate story here)

I am not foolish enough to believe that Barbadian journalists or their organisations are paying for this trip to China. Nor do I believe that the government of Barbados paid for our journalists to go to China – although even if they did it should be declared to readers.

Nope, I believe that the government of Communist China paid for the trip and that it is all part of their massive effort to purchase the loyalty of smaller governments and media organisations. To buy silence and blindness about China’s human rights violations.

It was no coincidence that each year on the June 4th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre the Barbados newspapers are always full of positive stories about China. As we said in our article Barbados Media Forgets Anniversary – China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre

“The (June 4th) Barbados Advocate article fairly gushes with celebration over the ongoing Communist Chinese “grants”, construction funds, scholarships and training programmes that Barbados has received over the years. This time, the Communists are giving us another 2 million dollars for some unspecified purpose…. all for purely altruistic, unselfish reasons, of course.

So we find it convenient to not mention the anniversary of the Chinese Communist massacre of teenagers on the same weekend as we grovel for another big cheque and some other handouts.

Probably just a coincidence that the Chinese arrived with a cheque on the anniversary.”

Barbados Citizens Deserve To Know Which Journalists Received Chinese Gifts & Travel

It is all about transparency. When a financial journalist reports on a company in which he owns stock, he declares his holdings so the public can judge for themselves.

When a Barbados journalist writes about China or Taiwan, the readers should be made aware of any potential conflicts of interest by the journalist and that includes free travel and gifts from the People’s Republic of China. Travel and gifts should be declared up front and printed with the journalist’s article in the news media.

Let us hear what journalists Carl Moore, David Ellis, Ricky Singh, CBC’s Head of News Richard Cox, Nation News associate editor Eric Smith and Barbados Advocate journalist Nicholas Cox have to say about free junkets to China and whether the oldstream media should be making their readers and viewers aware of the gifts and benefits that they and their comrades receive from the Communist Chinese.


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Will Barbados Prime Minister Thompson Tour Any Chinese Slave Labour Camps?

A Barbados Prime Minister Would Never Have Visited Apartheid South Africa – But These Are Chinese Slaves, Not Black, So This Visit Is OK!

Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson is off to Communist China next month for his first state visit to a country that has an active slave labour camp system.

Paving the way for him right now are, according to the Barbados Advocate, “a delegation of Barbadian journalists who are on a familiarisation tour in China ahead of an official visit of the Prime Minister, David Thompson next month…”

Leading the delegation of journalists, again according to the Barbados Advocate, is “Principal Political Advisor to the Prime Minister, Hartley Henry…”

Any thoughts on who is picking up the tab for the Barbadian journalists?

As a guess, I’d have to say that there is NO WAY the Barbados Advocate, the Nation News or the CBC are paying for their journalists to spend three weeks in China. So is the Barbados government paying for the journalists and Mr. Henry?

Guess again, folks.

When all those positive stories about our Chinese Communist friends start to appear in the Barbados media, do you think they will be accompanied by a disclaimer that says “Oh, bye the way, our editor accepted an all expenses paid trip from the Chinese government that we are praising in this article” ?

And… what do you think the chances will be that the Barbados media will be running a story about the Tiananmen Square massacre on the upcoming June 4th anniversary?

“Should we be taking gifts from a Chinese Communist government that relies upon slavery as a vital part of the economy?”

Slave Labour “Vital part of the Chinese economy”

China has a vast ‘laogai’ network of some 1100 ‘reform through labour’ prison camps. They were set up in the 1950s by Chairman Mao with Russian assistance, following the Russian gulag model. Mao had been executing intellectuals and dissidents by the hundreds of thousands until he realised condemning them to slave labour would be just as effective and certainly more productive. That continues to this day and forms a vital part of the Chinese economy.

Chinese Pastor Made A Slave For Handing Out Bibles

China Aid Association has learned that jailed Beijing Pastor Cai Zhuohua, a Protestant pastor who was given a three-year sentence for distributing Bibles (see RLP 353), has been forced to work more than 10 hours a day producing commercial ‘Made in China’ handbags since his transfer to Tianhe Prison in January 2006.

…from Christian Monitor News (link here)

Further Reading…

The Barbados Advocate celebrates our country’s relationship with nation that holds slaves (link here)


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Keltruth Blog Publishing Whole Box Of Juicy Court Documents – Kingsland Case Involves Many Barbados Rich And Powerful

Barbados Land Worth US$ One Billion Dollars Inspires Threats To Murder Witnesses, Lawyers, Family Members


Chief Justice David Simmons And His Brother, Diplomat Peter Simmons, Involved Up To Their Eyeballs In As Messy A Case As Barbados Has Ever Seen!

The battle is over Barbados land that is worth a cool ONE BILLION US$ dollars. We’d usually say something like “That’s no chicken feed” except that chickens figure prominently in the life of one of the involved parties.

On one side of this court case we have a little old lady named Marjorie Knox, who raises yard chickens and lives in a converted livestock shelter. According to the information published on Keltruth Blog, her father left Mrs. Knox 17% of Kingsland Estates – which has vast holdings of land on Barbados worth over US$ one billion dollars on a bad day.

So the little old lady is worth seventeen percent of a billion dollars… That is ahhhh, oh ya… One Hundred and Seventy Million US$ Dollars.

But she lives in a converted livestock shelter on a tiny postage stamp, and feeds her yard chickens.

She is afraid, and rightly so. Because a billion dollars is at stake and she and her family members are in the way.

Threats have been made. Serious threats. Some even made by the brother of the Chief Justice of Barbados, who was (much to his embarrassment) tape-recorded while making the threat.

One billion dollars is a lot of money.

“How did it happen?” you say…

Even if I hadn’t read the story on Keltruth Blog, I could answer your question. Any Bajan can answer that question.

The little old lady doesn’t have her land worth US$170 million dollars because greedy, hungry and powerful entities on this island have long made it their business to do whatever it takes to gain riches – and a little old lady usually doesn’t stand a chance once these folks fix their desires on a fine piece of property.

Let alone a billion dollars worth of Barbados lands.

How did these evil men accomplish their purpose?

Easy enough, according to what I’ve read at the Keltruth Blog and what anyone on this island can tell you. Easy because of a broken land titles system, crooked lawyers, and no rule of law. Companies were formed that have not produced audited statements according to law… but the courts ignore the law and rule in favour of the “old boys”. Land sales and secret sweetheart deals were hidden from shareholders, Some of the lands were expropriated by people in government for “official government purposes”… and then many years later are strangely owned by the people in government!

What of justice before the Courts of Barbados, you say?

What of justice? One of the people who was or is involved with Kingsland Estates land is none other than the Chief Justice of Barbados, Sir David Simmons! He is one of the defendants and is also is in charge of the court system and judges that pretend to administer justice in any matters involving Kingsland that appear in Barbados courts.

That makes perfect sense on Barbados where Prime Minister Owen Arthur appointed his own Attorney General to be Chief Justice. That made David Simmons in charge of judging any lawsuits against the government run by his old political buddies. Very tidy, don’t you think?

Everything Was Under Control, But Then Came A Lawsuit In Canada…

The “old boys” have had everything under control in Barbados: the courts, land titles, the legal system – even the media. As journalist Ricky Singh admitted on Brasstacks radio last week, the Barbados media gives the government a “free ride.”

But then a company called Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. launched a legal proceeding in Canada against a group of individuals and companies connected to the Kingsland Estates Ltd. matter, alleging that the actions of these individuals and companies have caused financial loss to the plaintiff. (background stories here, here and here)

With the filing of a lawsuit in Canada came a loss of control for those who own the system, the courts and the media in Barbados.

It must be very traumatic for those so used to having their own way without question. Traumatic enough that an experienced international diplomat like Peter Simmons made threats against a witness and was tape-recorded doing so! One has to wonder whether or not he was put up to it by his brother, Chief Justice Sir David Simmons.

Whatever the real story is, we’ll all be able to know it soon enough because the folks at Keltruth Blog have obtained a whole box-full of legal documents filed in the Canadian court and they intend to post every one of the documents on the internet!

Ohhhhhh! This should be interesting.

Further Reading…

Keltruth Blog

April 17, 2008 – Peter Simmons’ Phone Call – Part 1 – Dr. Sharon S. Smith

Barbados Free Press

December 27, 2007 – Brother Of Barbados Chief Justice Tape-Recorded Making Threats Of Violence In Land Fraud Lawsuit

May 29, 2007 – Barbados Lawsuit Names Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons And Many Prominent Citizens And Businesses


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Barbados Prime Minister’s Latest Jet Charter – No Transparency, Potential Conflict of Interest

UPDATED AGAIN – Now Someone Claims PM Did Not Take A Private Jet

What is the real story about this trip to New York, the last trip to New York (which was on a bizjet) and the trip to Trinidad (again on a bizjet)? Without transparency the citizens of Barbados will never really know.

Despite Thompson’s promise to adopt a Ministerial Code from day one, his government continues to operate in exactly the same closed manner as the previous BLP government. There are no rules. There is no transparency and no accountability. Ministers are still able to accept gifts from persons who do business with the government.

In terms of integrity rules, transparency and accountability, nothing has changed from the last BLP administration.


Here is the latest rumour, this time by “Inkwell”.

Once again folks, without ITAL – citizens are still being fed dribs and drabs of information from the high and mighty.

  • Inkwell
    April 22, 2008 at 5:19 pm GMT

    Prime Minister David Thompson and a team from the Central Bank flew to New York on Sunday 2oth April on American Airlines Flight 1384, which departs Barbados at 8.55 p.m and not on anybody’s private jet.

    If BFP had done a little basic investigation, this fact would have been revealed, but the writer chose to grab the opportunity to jump on his self righteous soap box in his eagerness to pursue his crusade.

    I am embarrassed for him and can only hope that he will attempt to redeem himself by offering the Prime Minister and readers of this blog an unreserved apology prior to banning himself from blogging for a minimum of two years

    If Wishing in Vain does not know that his PM traveled on a commercial airline on this occasion, he can’t be much of a government insider, only a pathetic yardfowl trying to make himself look important.

    I guess also this is the last we will hear from Time will Tell, so he won’t be able to put egg all over the BFP face again.



    BFP says,

    If that is so… that the PM took American Airlines – then we are much happier than the times he took the private jets.

    Perhaps he is learning that appearances count.

    NOW… if we could have all the details on his previous trip to New York using a private jet, that would show that he is also transparent and accountable.

    Can we have someone official make a statement please?

UPDATED: Scroll to bottom for details of PM’s Private New York Meeting

According to BFP Reader “Time Will Tell”, Prime Minister David Thompson is off to New York on a chartered jet – owned by a person who does business with the Government of Barbados. Here is what Time Will Tell wrote…


Board of Directors and Senior Officers

Marion V. Williams, Ph.D., F.C.I.B., C.M.A., G.C.M., Chairman
Ms. Onika Stewart LL. B (UWI) LL. M (Lond) L.E.C.
Justin Robinson Ph. D, (Manc) Msc, Bsc (UWI)
Mr. Ashley Toppin FCCA, JP
Mr. Cecil McCarthy LL. B, (UWI) L.E.C.
Grantley W. Smith, Esq., B.A. (Hons.), D.P.A., B. C. H.
Sir Kyffin Simpson KA, CBE, Hon. LL. D (UWI)
Mr. Elson A. Gaskin, LLB. (UWI) L.E.C. Legal Counsel / Secretary to the Board


DLP Thompson Government vs. BLP Arthur/Mottley Government – Can You Tell The Difference?

There must be rules, standards and transparency about the use of corporate jets by members of our government. There must be rules, standards and transparency about government members receiving gifts and benefits from individuals and businesses.

Corporations and individuals do not loan biz jets to governments or government members out of the goodness of their hearts. When the details of such arrangements are kept secret from the citizens, there is opportunity for abuse and corruption.

If David Thompson and the DLP are to retain achieve the image of being ethical, transparent and accountable that they cultivated and promised during the election, they must now reveal to the citizens of Barbados…

1/ The owner of the corporate jet(s) used for the New York and Trinidad & Tobago trips.

2/ The overall costs of the trips no matter who is paying for them. Such costs are to include not only the fixed costs but also the flight hours costs including crewing, fuel, insurance, depreciation and maintenance.

3/ The details on who paid which costs.

Mr. Prime Minister, you said that you and your government were going to be transparent and accountable.

We are waiting for the details about your recent use of corporate aircraft.

“Trust us” is not good enough.

Further Reading…

Feb 21, 2008 – Barbados PM David Thompson’s “Private Jet” – Chartered, Owned or Loaned?

March 8, 2008 – Barbados Government Ministers Free To Accept “Gifts” From Persons Wanting Government Approvals Or Contracts

March 19, 2008 – Prime Minister Thompson’s Plan For Integrity In Barbados Government: Group Studies, Talk and More Talk – That’s It!

April 17, 2008 – Barbados Prime Minister Thompson’s Weasel Words On Integrity Legislation – No Guts. No Leadership. No Personal Transparency From Our Jet-Setter PM

UPDATED: Time Will Tell Says…

The PM will hold a private meeting today at 7:00 PM at
Fleur De Lis
870 Cypress Ave, Ridgewood NY 718 366 6700

I will be there…… Stay tune….

What the hell….

Send me your questions……

No one tells it like Time..Sic

(Comment from BFP – The veracity of TWT’s information is unconfirmed. If he is wrong, it will be the last time he/she will be allowed to post under this name and IP)


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