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L.A. Times and New York Times Both Apologise For Publishing Fictional “News”

With our jaundiced “news” eyes, we and other media-literate bloggers are continually spotting the absurd lies that are published every day in the worlds so-called “legitimate” news media. (A cynic would point out that here on Barbados we have had much more practice than in some other countries in spotting horse-manure published as news!)

The two largest incidents that come to mind for us on the world stage are when Reuters knowingly published over a thousand faked and staged “news” photos (stories here and here) and the infamous story by Dan Rather where he knowingly used forged documents in a national news story. (“RatherGate” destroyed his career – story here. His critics pointed to many other suspect stories by Rather.)

Two Major U.S. Newspapers Caught In One Day!

Los Angeles Times Fake Story“Sean Diddy Combs Involved In Tupac Shakur Shooting”

MARCH 26–Last week’s bombshell Los Angeles Times report claiming that the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur in the lobby of a Manhattan recording studio was carried out by associates of Sean “Diddy” Combs and that the rap impresario knew of the plot beforehand was based largely on fabricated FBI reports… (Story links here and here)

New York Times Fake StoryReports Of Interrupted Basketball Game Were Based Upon Staged YouTube Video

SPOKANE, Wash. – A story by KHQ reporter Anthony Gomes, revealing that a popular internet video prank was a fake, has prompted the New York Times to run a correction to an article it published March 24th…

SPOKANE, Wash. – An aspiring filmmaker at Eastern Washington University says he never meant to prank the New York Times when he posted a video online March 16th… (Story links here and here)

Question Everything You Read, See & Hear In The News Media & Blogs

Question Why Stories Appear On The Blogs, But Not In Barbados News Media

The lapdog news media of Barbados routinely ignores stories that would cause a media feeding-frenzy in the North American or European news media. Can you imagine what would happen in Britain if a Minister of Government expropriated land and then ended up building a home for his mistress on the expropriated land? (BFP story here)

Or how about a story of police using a pre-signed blank search warrant (published online for anyone to see) to drag a woman from her home and children at 3am so they could search her vagina for back rent money owed to the Director of Public Prosecutions? (BFP story here)

Do you think if either of those stories had happened in New York City or London that the media wouldn’t have been all over? They would have been camped out in front of the Minister’s home and the Director of Public Prosecution’s office for sure!


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