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Barbados Government Insider Threatens Richard Goddard Over Greenland Dump – Fears Establishment Of A New Political Party

Government Insider Was On Greenland Tour With Health Minister

Says Health Minister Estwick Hadn’t Consulted Solid Waste Unit Prior To Originally Announcing Greenland Cancellation!

Defends BLP & DLP Parties – Fears Establishment Of A New Political Party By Citizens

A Government insider who was on the Greenland tour with the Minister of Health last Friday posted a comment on Barbados Free Press that threatens government action against environmental activist Richard Goddard.

Richard Goddard had been under attack for years by the past BLP government. He experienced harassment from government Ministers and officials that ranged from racial slurs and surveillance to business audits by tax and health departments. His crops burned so many times that he gave up planting.

Now it appears that government officials intend to continue the attacks against Richard Goddard under the newly-elected DLP Government of Prime Minister David Thompson. The commenter also makes it clear that elitist government workers believe that the Minister of Health should do as he is told by the civil servants.

Let’s look at the comment left by “Mapother” to confirm that he/she is a government insider and to understand both their message and motivations. You can look at the comment as it was originally posted here, (opens in a new window) or you can find it at the bottom of this article.

How Do We Know The Comment Was Written By A Government Insider Who Was At Greenland?

The comment was posted on our article What Were Barbados Health Minister’s Assets Before And After His Decision To Go Ahead With Greenland Dump? and also makes reference to the previous article Barbados Betrayed – New Government’s Stunning Reversal On Greenland Dump.

In our “Barbados Betrayed” article, we mocked an assistant of Health Minister Estwick who never strayed from his side and tried to control the Minister’s movements. The commenter took offense with this and started naming people who were there – asking us which one we were talking about.

The commenter also mentions, in context, that Richard Goddard showed up at Greenland Dump and went onto the property when the Minister was there on tour. We had not revealed this fact in our stories or that Richard Goddard was one of our two sources for the stories.

But the commenter “Mapother” knew that Goddard had gained entry at Greenland Dump to speak with the Minister.

Reading the comment, it is obvious that the author was on the tour with the Health Minister and has government insider knowledge.

The final piece of insider knowledge that makes me think the commenter is a Barbados Government Civil Servant is their contemptuous statement that Minister Estwick had not consulted with any solid waste people before his original announcement that the Greenland project would be stopped.

Government Insider says that Minister of Health Estwick was “forced to recant” his statements on Greenland Dump!!!

Interesting turn of a phrase.

I don’t think that a member of the Minister’s political staff would have made such an admission that “the boss” shot his mouth off without knowledge of the situation. Nope, that sounds to us like a government civil servant whose career is riding on this dump. Someone who worked under the BLP government for years and intends to manipulate the new Minister of Health to continue the Greenland dump agenda.

So now that we have established the credentials of the commenter, lets take a closer look at their message…

Civil Service Contempt For Voters And Their Elected Representatives, Threats Against Citizen Richard Goddard, Fear Of A New Political Party

Richard Goddard arrived at Greenland Dump shortly after noon last Friday, politely spoke with Minister of Health and asked if he could be included in the tour of Greenland. Richard explained that he had information and a perspective to contribute to the Minister’s knowledge that might be different from what some others might be telling him.

Minister Estwick politely and respectfully explained that this was a Ministry briefing, but that he was receptive to Mr. Goddard’s offer and promised to meet with him at a later date. (Truly, we have to give praise to the Minister for making himself available to ordinary folks. This seems very ordinary, but it is a new thing ’bout hey. This never happened with the previous BLP government’s cloistered mentality.)

Our elitist civil servant commenter appears horrified that a citizen would actually walk onto public property through an open gate and actually speak to HIS HOLINESS, the Minister of Health! Then the commenter threatens Goddard…

“if he tries to go on Greenland again sans permission, he may have a very rude awakening – as no Admin will be taking any more crap from the St Andrew pig-farmer who stinks out his neighbours in the pursuit of methane electricity – let him look to his own mote, beware!”

This civil servant would have been right at home in the Royal Court of Louis XVI just before the French Revolution! Pompous idiot.

But then we come to an interesting little tidbit. Our career civil servant seems to fear the establishment of a new political party…

“I feel the real BFP agenda is to discredit both parties and set up one of their own to take over, God knows what would happen then!”

We’ve got news for our little career bureaucrat – citizens have a right to define their own politics and views on this island and that doesn’t mean voting between BLP and DLP from now until eternity just because it suits the political and government elites!

To the civil servant who wrote the comment, voters and their elected representatives are an inconvenience. No wonder the commenter fears the establishment of a new party that would have integrity, that would take a fresh look at the workings of government.

Our message to this pompous ass is this…

If the current DLP Government fails to live up to its promised integrity initiatives – every one of them – Barbados will be ripe for the establishment of a new centrist political party that has integrity issues as its foundation.

No, they probably couldn’t form a government first time out – but they would be a force to be reckoned with and might determine who forms the next government. Yup, if Thompy fails to show the integrity, leadership and results he promised (and soon), Bajan politics are bound to get even more interesting in the next few years.

Here is the original comment as posted by the Barbados Government insider…

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United States Must Stop Taking The Caribbean For Granted


The following was written in February of 2006, but I just came across it. Some of our readers were recently talking about the invasion of Grenada, and I thought this might be of interest.

Here’s a sample of the article. You can find the full piece at National Review Online (link here)

What should we do to counter China’s moves in the Caribbean? First, we must stop taking the region for granted, reacting only after the fact, as we did after a communist coup in Grenada in 1983. That crisis, it is well to recall, would have been much worse if other Caribbean nations had not taken a firm stand against the Russian and Cuban-supported coup, and voted in favor of U.S. intervention. Would the new crop of politicians, so assiduously courted by China, come down on our side in the event of a similar problem?

To put it another way, can we allow China, an up-and-coming superpower, to replace the U.S. as the predominant political influence in the region? Opening embassies in each of these states, so that we are in a position to make America’s case directly to local government officials, is essential. Thwarting China’s efforts to buy friends and influence governments requires not just foreign aid — although this should be increased — but private investment as well. Increasingly, foreign investment is coming from everywhere but the United States. A Free Trade Zone for the West Indies would be a good first step toward fixing this.

China has a long history of establishing tributary relationships between it and lesser states, supporting local tyrants in return for their allegiance. While we work to bring transparency and openness to China, we don’t want China to bring corruption and deception to existing democracies and international organizations. The Caribbean can’t wait.

From NRO’s Red China On The March


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Florida USA Builds $70 Million Dollar CRICKET Stadium!

Civilised Sporting Activities In The USA…

“But this $70 million park wasn’t built for baseball, football or even soccer — it’s the first in the U.S. built for cricket.”

Full story at Keltruth Blog – Cricket In America?


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