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Barbados Bathsheba Surfing Beach, Soup Bowl – Devastated By Storm


We drove down to Bathsheba this Monday morning to check out any possible beach erosion after last week’s BIG North swell which pounded the coastline for three days.

Here’s what we found… All the white or white-ish rocks you see here were all covered by sand just a week ago. The exposed bedrock is white from lack of exposure to the sun and to various darkening marine organisms like moss, etc.

Below is directly at the famous Soup Bowl. As you can see, the beachings will be a bit rough until the sand returns!


Thanks to our roving reporter D.


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The Richard Goddard Story: More Tales Of Barbados Government Oppression


Bajan Chicken Farmer Is Not So Chicken…

It’s Monday morning. Inspectors turn up at Richard’s property asking for his dogs to be locked up, so that they may come into his yard. Richard responds: “I already put up the dogs. I was expecting you.”

One of the inspectors replies: “But our visit is a secret. How you know we were coming?”

Richard comes back with: “I knew you were coming because I filed suit against your minister at 3 p.m. Friday!”

Retribution is expected in the island…

Keltruth Blog continues their series on Barbados Government retribution against citizens who disagree with government policies. See their newest story: Richard Goddard – The Chicken Farmer who is not Chicken


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The More We Hear From Tourism Minister Sealy, The More We Like His Ideas


It is still a little early in the game for the new Minister of Tourism, but so far he is at least proving that his perspective is long term rather than the “BIG EVENT” shortsightedness of his predecessor, Noel “Instant Millionaire” Lynch.

Firstly, he is talking about Barbados tourism in a post-Castro world and is obviously considering the strategies that we will need as we face the greatest changes seen in Caribbean tourism and economies since the 1959 Cuban revolution. (Hey… maybe Minister Sealy even read our April 19, 2006 article Cuba After Castro – What Does It Mean For Barbados?)

Secondly, Minister Sealy seems to understand that we must look after our core clientèle before we try anything fancy. That’s a fundamental rule of business that was forgotten during the past BLP government’s tenure.

Remember the huge press conferences where Noel Lynch proclaimed that fleets of Boeing 747s would be arriving from India and other Asian markets? Man, that must of been some good herb that Noel was smoking!

In contrast, Minister Sealy has so far exhibited a firm grip on reality.

Here’s a little bit of what our new Tourism Minister has been saying lately…

“The morning that [Castro’s] eyes don’t open, and Cuba opens up in a big way, we can have some problems in this part of the world.

“(Cuba) is going to be largely untapped and will have a lot of potential as far as tourism development is concerned…”

“…what might concern me is our capacity to attract investors who would find themselves going into Cuba”.

… “My view, frankly, is that [Britain] should be treated separately and any foray into new markets cannot be at the expense of our traditional markets that have been good to us and continue to be good to us,”

… read Minister Sealy’s full comments in the Nation News story Cuba Might Be A Threat


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