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Adrian Loveridge Again Asks For Police, Cable And Wireless To Act In Death Threats

The following email has been sent to Donald Austin and faxed to Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin.

Personal attention of

Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin
Royal Barbados Police Force

Personal attention of

Donald Austin
President – Cable and Wireless (Barbados) Ltd

re: Continued death threats

Once again, death threats against me are appearing on Barbados Free Press and today the blog has clearly identified the IP sender details.

As you aware, I have made an official report to the Royal Barbados Police Force and I understand Superintendent Jedder is handling the case.

I am somewhat surprised that after the senders details have been supplied previously, and the fact that Cable and Wireless are able to trace the sender, that no action has been taken.

Could you please explain why?

Best Regards

Adrian Loveridge
22 March 2008


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Barbados Government Targets Citizens Who Ask Too Many Questions – Threats, Audits, Legal Actions In Corrupt Justice System

Any Bajan can tell you that the international perception of Barbados as (ahem) “Little Britain” with all the protections and rights afforded to citizens and an independent news media – is total nonsense. The elites have been very successful in marketing our little island as a oasis of integrity in sea of corrupt Caribbean and South American offshore banking centers, but the reality if something quite different especially for island citizens and foreign investors.

While there is much truth that Barbados is a stable and relatively peaceful country, it is also true that Bajan “democracy” is not the democracy that North American or European investors might imagine. As for “rule of law”, time and time again foreign investors are shocked at how our government and our courts ignore or re-write the laws overnight when convenient for the political and economic cabal who run Barbados.

It seems that no matter which party gains control, the lapdog Barbados news media immediately bends to the will of the new government. On a small island with fewer than 300,000 people, government advertising makes or breaks a newspaper or radio station. The change in editorial policies upon the swearing in of a new Prime Minister is hilarious.

As so many Barbados journalists and citizens have discovered, there is no place to hide in an island country of only 300,000 people. Lose your job for asking too many questions and you will never again work on the island. Professional journalists who take photos of an accident or crime scene without asking the “permission” of the police have been beaten, their cameras smashed and their photos deleted. And then the story quietly disappears from the news media.

How is that for “Little Britain”?

And if you own a business, your sole political activities had better be confined to writing campaign donations to both major political parties.

Because God help you if you take the government to court, criticize policy or demand justice in a court system where even the Chief Justice is a former Cabinet Minister who doesn’t give a damn about conflicts of interest – real or perceived by the public.

It is a justice system where witnesses and their lawyers are threatened. Where the police use pre-signed blank search warrants to harass tenants who are behind on their rent owed to the Director of Public Prosecutions. A justice system were criminal charges regularly disappear with no public explanation. In Barbados a woman can be dragged from her terrorized children in the middle of the night, taken to the police station where police search her vagina OVER BACK RENT OWED TO A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL!

Barbados is a country where the proof of all the above can be posted online for all to see and the damned lapdog news media is in such fear that it doesn’t dare mention the story. Can you imagine the same thing happening in Britain, the USA or Canada – a blank pre-signed search warrant being posted online and the news media not mentioning the story out of fear?

God help Barbados, my friends.

And that is under both the previous BLP government and the new DLP government.

Keltruth Blog Lists Barbados Government Oppression

Keltruth Blog promised their new story would be a hot one, and it is. A few days ago, they posted…

“Many Barbadians are afraid to speak out. Many are just plain afraid. All Barbadians know that there are consequences when you criticize the Government.

Non-Violent Methods of Persuasion

Our next article will examine how the tools of Governance can be “legally” used to discourage citizens from making waves.”

You owe it to yourself and your children to read the new article at Keltruth Blog. How many ways can the Barbados Government target citizens who ask too many questions?

A few samples of Government oppression from the Keltruth Blog website…

– Income tax audits of business and personal income.

– Denials of normal government permissions and permits.

– Mail being opened prior to delivery.

– Bank statements sent to the wrong address.

– “Lost” documents in the Land Registry that are only lost for you. Other folks can obtain them.

– Secret re-zoning of your property without notice.

– Drunken threatening phone calls from government ministers in the middle of the night. (Note… we believe a tape recording exists of former Prime Minister Owen Arthur on a prime drunken rant in the wee hours. We haven’t personally heard it but we are trying to obtain a copy.)

– If the government doesn’t like a court ruling, they disregard it and send in the army to seize investors’ property contrary to a court order.

No Rule Of Law In Barbados

Head on over to the Keltruth Blog and read their latest article. When you are finished that, look around a little at their website. Look at the proofs and legal documents that Keltruth Blog has posted online.

Things are not always what they seem on our little island nation… as more than one foreign investor has discovered.

Keltruth Blog: Barbados Government’s Treatment Of Those Who Dare To Complain


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“Chocolate Rain” Song About Racial Prejudice Wins YouTube Award


Original Song On YouTube – 16 Million Views – Guest Appearance On Jay Leno – Television Commercials

Tay Zonday is a 25 year-old Ph.D candidate in American Studies at the University of Minnesota. In his spare time he records original songs and posts them on YouTube. Last July his YouTube song about racial prejudice “Chocolate Rain” went viral. The video has just won the annual YouTube award for best music video.

Due to YouTube, Tay’s profile skyrocketed in a matter of weeks and he found himself a hot item on major television shows. Dr. Pepper had him re-write the song for a soft drink commercial and the offers keep pouring in. Tay is just a little guy, but you must hear his voice. Think James Earl Jones and Barry White singing a duet.

Further Reading..

Associated Press: YouTube Awards
Wikipedia: Tay Zonday
Tay Zonday – Personal Webpage

Do you hear that, Mia and David?

Once again we have a situation where a free and open content-driven internet has made it possible for one person to touch the world in a big way with ideas — from the comfort of a bedroom recording studio.

Ideas and information can no longer be controlled – and that includes by the political elites of the Barbados Government. What people say about you and your actions cannot be controlled any longer. The lapdog Barbados news media is no longer the gatekeeper for what the people know and discuss.

Mr. Prime Minister: Welcome to your Brave New World…

Now how about adopting that Ministerial Code like you promised?



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