Fox News Television Deliberately Alters Photos In News Segment

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“Professional” News Media Has A History Of Lies And Manipulation

Once again critics of blogging like Mia Mottley and Ezra Alleyne are reminded that the so-called “professional media” often distorts, lies and manipulates the news to suit corporate, political, religious and individual agendas.

That is reality, folks. Reporters and editors are people like all the rest of us – and sometimes people forget their duty to the truth and to the public. So we end up with media corporations like Reuters News publishing hundreds of faked news photos. We have supposedly-ethical television journalists like Dan Rather who knowingly published forged documents in support of a story even though experts informed Rather that the documents were fakes before his story went to air. Not to mention that both the New York Times and the L.A. Times have been caught publishing fake news stories.

Barbados News Media Can’t Be Trusted Either!

Closer to home in Barbados, we have reporters and editors at The Nation News ignoring important stories like Ronja Juman and how a Barbados Government Minister built a house on land that he expropriated! We have a radio station vowing to never again ask how a Government Minister became a millionaire in a short time on his government salary.

In Barbados we have cowardly news media that still won’t mention the story of how a flyover contractor admitted to paying huge bribes on other government projects. The Barbados news media wouldn’t print the original story for weeks until they were shamed into it by citizen bloggers like BFP and Barbados Underground.

We also have our famous “disappearing Barbados news stories” where the cowardly and corrupt news media simply never mention a major story again and even remove news stories from their archives to make it like it never even happened.

At least with the blogs we now have a chance to hold the news media accountable and to expose their wrong-doing… the same as our readers do with us when they disagree with something we’ve said or find any errors.

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Disgusting Deceit By Fox News Television

The latest proof that the public needs to look at “professional news media” with a questioning mind comes from Fox News Television – who aired a supposedly “fair and balanced” story on two New York Times journalists and altered their photos to lower their images in the eyes of the viewers. Fox News used software like PhotoShop to alter the facial features of the two including yellowing their teeth and making their ears stick out. Noses and foreheads were enlarged and dark circles were placed under their eyes.

Will Fox News admit to the deceit and publish an apology?

Guess again…

There is as much chance of Fox News apologising as there is of the Nation News apologising for covering up the Ronja Juman story or confirming if they hired a plagiarist to be their newest columnist. And don’t expect the Nation News to publish a story questioning what Owen Arthur did with that $75,000 “campaign donation” cheque he corruptly deposited into his personal bank account.

The next time that someone says that blogs aren’t reliable like the “professional” news media is…

Let your friends know that each of us must look with an inquisitive mind at everything that is presented everywhere – but at least on the blogs an individual has a chance to set the record straight and present contrary facts and opinions.

Further reading – click on the photos and various links within our story.


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16 responses to “Fox News Television Deliberately Alters Photos In News Segment

  1. IMHO…

    *Everyone* lies. Get [over|used] to it…

    It is, sadly, where we find ourselves… Manage.

  2. Tony Hall

    This happens everyday. It is not going to change anytime soon.

  3. Amused

    lies on Fox Noise? surely not

  4. Anonymous

    Did the ” victims” complain about this?


    BFP says,

    Who cares if the “victims” complained about this? Surely it is about truth in news – whether or not the “victims” realise it has been done or not?

  5. Rohan

    And yet BFP still proudly displays this link in their blogroll to the right:

    Michele Malking-FOX NEWS

    This incident is pales in comparison to some of the vile things Michele has said and done. Oh well…


    BFP says,

    OK… we’ll bite, Rohan. Has gorgeous Michelle ever altered photos? What has she done or do you just disagree with her politics or race?

    Be specific please.

  6. Hants

    Some people do not understand the responsibility of Mainstream Media.

    Mainstream Media claims to report News truthfully.That is what they promised the public and that is why Carl Moore talks about “Professional Journalists”.

    When I read a newspaper I expect Truth.
    When I read a Blog I search for the truth.

  7. Hants… but honestly, when you read a newspaper, or watch (most) broadcast news, do you really feel that you’re receiving *the whole* truth?

    Omission can be as misleading as lies.

  8. J. Payne

    Nobody here in the USA really takes Faux News seriously…. They are the mouthpiece for the Republican Party…

  9. Adobe P.

    Fox would NEVER do dat!

    They are ‘Fair and Balanced’,remember?

    un-check the little box in the ‘Image Size’ window (Adobe Photoshop)
    that says ‘Constrain Proportions’
    and you get effect illustrated above.
    Easy to do.
    Don’t forget to check back the lil box when yuh done,doah,
    or all yuh piktcherz gyne look like dat!

  10. Adobe P. not true.

    The above image delta is not simply an x-axis compression. The image of Reddicliffe appears to have been (badly) manipulated to suggest a seriously receding hairline.

    And take a close look at Steinberg — if this was simply a compression, then why is his nose and ears wider?

  11. Rohan

    BFP says,

    OK… we’ll bite, Rohan. Has gorgeous Michelle ever altered photos? What has she done or do you just disagree with her politics or race?

    Be specific please.
    What a strangely worded question. What does her being gorgeous have to do with anything? And what do you mean “do I disagree with her race?” It’s like you managed to expose your sexism and accuse me of racism in three weirdly worded lines. I’ll just assume it was late at night when you typed that.

    Now for the specifics of her being on your blogroll:

    When the BLP website included “Barbados Free Press Exposed” in their blogroll you highlighted this link and agreed with the argument that this showed a relationship between BLP and the death threats from BFPE. Seen here:

    What if we applied that same standard to your inclusion of Michelle Malkin in your blog role:

    Death Threats –
    A group of students at UC Santa Cruz, protested military recruiters, and Michelle Malkin got hold of their personal contact info and published it on her site knowing full well that her ring wing crazies were going to issue death threats. They did, by the hundreds. When the students frantically called on Malkin to remove their numbers, she posted their contact information again…as clear as an endorsement of death threats that one can ask for.

    She is closely aligned with the Hate Group “VDARE”-A group that says that the average IQ of Africans is below mental retardation and that intelligence is reversely proportionate to penis size. VDARE prints her columns AND she employs one of VDARE’s writers “Juan Mann” as the writer of her immigration blog. She also lists VDARE in her own blogroll. <—There’s that blogroll again.

    Those are two specific examples: One highlighting her thuggery and the other one her association with a known Hate Group.

    I can post more with actual quotes and such when I get off work.



    BFP says,

    Please show me her quotes, URLs… whatever evidence you have and we’d sure like to have a look. VDARE? Never heard of it. I went to their website and could not find any article saying that blacks or any other race is less intelligent or whatever. Maybe I missed the article? VDARE links to Malkin’s website and have copied some of her articles on terrorism and immigration controls. I went to Malkin’s website and could not find any article about race and intelligence.

    What am I missing?


  12. IMHO…

    I’ve just now had a chance to come back to this thread, and to drill down a bit further on the above.

    I’m afraid. Truly, I’m very, very afraid…

    Full disclosure: I’m relying solely on the images above which BFP have provided. If they prove to be inaccurate, I release my below conclusions…

    I downloaded the image of Steinberg, above, which for some reason bothered me the most. I brought this into my image manipulation program of choice (the Gnu Image Manipulation Program (the GIMP) (read: Unix)), and zoomed in…

    The above mentioned overall compression upon the X-axis, with the strange expansion of Mr. Steinberg’s nose and ears, is obvious.

    What is not immediately obvious, however, is the addition of hair…

    It is impossible to produce the image on the right, from that of the left, without copying (and, thusly, duplicating) a section of hair immediately above Mr. Steinberg’s hair-line. Look closely — the hair above Mr. Steinberg’s face on the on the right-most image has a strangely matching pattern.

    Look *closely* between the left and right images above, and it should become quite clear.

    I submit, again, that we cannot trust anyone. Everyone lies; some more than others…

    Perhaps not so surprisingly, this has already been predicted. Read Gibson, Stephenson, Simmons et al to understand just how far this can go…

    To put it on the table: “Hollywood” et al can now produce “photorealistic imagery” which the average consumer cannot tell from “real”. With enough time, energy and money, *no* *one* can tell, other that the single individual who is being faked…

    The fact we were able to analyse the above is simply because those behind the above didn’t bother to invest enough…

    Please… *Think* about this…

    Kindest regards to all.

  13. Rohan

    1) First here is VDare’s designation as an active Hate Group by the preeminent Hate Group Research organization in the U.S, The Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Note the intro: The groups below range from those that use racial slurs and issue calls for violence to others that present themselves as serious, non-violent organizations and employ the language of academia. VDARE falls into the 2nd category

    2) Here’s a damning article on Michelle’s close ties to VDARE and how she hired a VDARE writer to write on her site and also exchanges articles with them, and more…

    3) Check out her book: “In Defense of Internment: The Case for ‘Racial Profiling’ in World War II and the War on Terror”, in which she defends America’s racist policy of Japanese internment.

    4) Here she is describing Asians as “smellier than stinky tofu”

    5) Here she is on Fox news race baiting with a caption calling Michelle Obama, “Obama’s baby mama”

    Seriously, this is still the tip of the iceberg. But hey, it’s your blog and you’re free to link to whomever you like. BFP just forfeits its moral high ground on certain issues.

    BFP says

    Hi Rohan…

    I was unaware of this whole VDare thing until you pointed it out. While a number of your sources are murky and third hand (ie: Malkin knows someone who knows someone who is a racist), there is enough smoke there that there might be some fire. For that reason our link to Malkin will be removed about 30 seconds after we post this. Thanks for informing us of this controversial side of Malkin and for helping us keep Barbados Free Press a Bajan institution that we can all be proud of.


  14. Rohan

    Kudos BFP, good to see you guys not only talk the talk, you also walk the walk.

    Just to clear up one misconception:
    From the initial question that got this discussion going it seems that one of the BFP guys thought that I’m a white American. (My assumption at least)

    I’m Bajan, born and bred. See my website here:

    Anyhow, we won’t always agree on the issues but I can’t help but respect what you’re doing for the country.


    BFP says,

    Thanks Rohan,

    How boring life would be if we always agreed about everything!

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