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Does The Barbados Government Falsely Show Operational Expenses As “Capital Expenditures” ?

Bahamas Government Admits Bookkeeping Deceit!

Bahamas Prime Minister Ingraham has apparently just admitted that his government has been doing that for some time…

“Fundamental decisions must be made about loss-making public sector enterprises such as Bahamasair, Water and Sewerage Corporation and the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas. At least 20 per cent of the monies borrowed by the Bahamas government under the disguise of capital expenditure will continue to be transferred and pumped into these entities to pay operational expenses, such as salaries, office supplies and gasoline, diesel and whatever other recurrent expenses.”

“And then we burden the taxpayers of the Bahamas for 20-30 years to pay that money back. In respect of these items that can’t be seen, can’t be felt, anything. Just consumed, it disappears. Generations after generations have to pay it back. Fundamental decisions have to be made…”

…Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham

Can We Please Have The Same Honesty From Our Barbados Government?

Will we in Barbados ever know the full truth about GEMS Hotels, the Warrens office complex, the new jail, the flyovers and so much much more?

Prime Minister Thompson has just about another 30 days to show that he is not going to let the misdeeds of the past government slide before he loses our support. We have no doubt that VECO’s bribes, kickbacks and “offshore consultancy fees” benefited members of the last government and their families.

If the current Barbados government is willing to look the other way on all the unethical activities of the BLP government as we and our children continue to pay for the next generation, it will show that nothing really changed at the last election. The old boys club is still well entrenched no matter which party the individual old boys support.

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Who Is This “perfect specimen of the island’s idle rich” ???


Weekly Cocktails At The Hilton – Why Aren’t We Invited?

“From the long, cool, brunchtime cocktail she was elegantly sipping through a straw, I guessed I’d stumbled upon a perfect specimen of the island’s idle rich.”

“After I agreed to join her in a banana daiquiri and an hour of harmless flirting, I finally secured directions back to my hotel. It only remained for me to accept the elegant stranger’s kind invitation to a weekly cocktail party that the local dilettantes all attended, at the top of the Bridgetown Hilton.”

There must be another life on this island that I’m constantly missing. Cocktails on the roof garden at the Hilton. Lear jets for a special dinner on St. Lucia. Caviar and exquisite little salmon creations. Ahhhh…. now that’s the life!

Perhaps I shall join them at the Hilton cocktail gathering next week.

… After I make that long-overdue oil change and clean and re-gap the spark plugs to try and get just a little more time out of them. Not to mention that the roof is leaking again…

Times Online: Cocktails At The Hilton, Silk Jackets & The Idle Rich Of Barbados


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The Arts In Barbados – Corrie Scott Plans Your Month


Every month Corrie Scott puts together a list of Arts Happenings and posts it on her blog called (what else?) Arts Happenings In Barbados.

Whether you are into small artist showings, live theatre, studio tours or traveling exhibits from Africa and around the world, Corrie probably has it listed.

She also lists the current month’s happenings on her personal website CorrieScott.net and, being a talented artist herself, Corrie is happy to sell you a painting or three. That’s her work at the top


Not only does Corrie Scott paint and sketch, she wields a mean shutter too. You can see an excellent sampling of her photography right here.

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