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Greenland Dump Undermined By Springs But The Lies Continue

As of February 21, 2008 at the Greenland garbage dump site, the underground springs had been breached and attempts to pump dry had failed. During digging of the cell, the mechanical digger broke the underground spring which flows downhill from the 800 foot escarpment overlooking Greenland valley. There are five springs which run from the escarpment through the valley.

Labourers working on Greenland Plantation recall the springs broke the surface at several points and they could drink water from these springs.

A large diesel pump (in the Williams’ Construction blue and gold colours) with a six inch intake hose attempted to pump the water off into the Greenland river system but it kept flowing. After days of pumping, failing to get rid of the water, the engineers of J.R. Burnside of Toronto, Canada who did the retrofit study of the first attempt to build the dump site, (which had been designed and supervised by Stanley Engineering of Edmonton Alberta Canada – now trading as Stantec) ordered a large quantity of granite boulders brought to Barbados from Dominica at considerable expense.

(One can see the large pile of volcanic boulders by the flour mill near the shallow draft of the Bridgetown port next to the pile of white sand which is covered by black plastic with tyres which was imported for the beach reclamation along the south coast.)

We are told that this retrofit of Greenland had come in on time and under budget. THIS IS A LIE.

No contract for the building of a leachate tank or system for treating leachate has been awarded to date. The estimated cost is $25 million. No civil engineer will design and sign the plans for the foundation for the leachate system as this area has a long history of landslip and storm washout. This leachate will then drain downhill into the Greenland River and enter the sea at Green Pond on Morgan Lewis Beach: destroying marine life. It will also endanger the people and livestock living in or near Shorey Village.

I recommend that Ricardo Marshal and Stanton Alleyne of the Solid Waste Department, Ministry of Health, Government of Barbados – be frank and fair with the Hon. Prime Minister David Thompson and his Cabinet advising in writing the dangers of siting a garbage dump at Greenland.

Professor Robert Speed, geologist who worked on the geology of Barbados and is acknowledged worldwide as the authority on Barbados’ geology, has stated both verbally and in writing that he cannot tell the Barbados Government where to site a garbage dump but Greenland is the worst location in Barbados due to its long history of landslip and storm washout.

Professor Hans Machel, Geologist of the University of Alberta, Canada, with seventeen years experience of fieldwork in Barbados has also spoken and lectured on the dangers of siting a garbage dump at Greenland. Records show that there were storm rainfalls of over 20 inches in 24 hours in the years 1900 to 2000 and that massive landslides followed.

Prime Minister Thompson, please demand that the full scientific truth of the hazards of siting a garbage dump at Greenland be revealed to you so that you and your cabinet can stop the garbage dump at Greenland. To date $80 million has already been spent or committed. The government should adopt the recommendation of the Landis Report of 1984 which said that Barbados was too small a land area with a tourist economy and too large a population to site a landfill anywhere on the island.

Incineration which converts waste to energy, along with sorting, composting, recycling and incineration of 40% of the 1100 tonnes of solid waste produced in Barbados daily is the recommended system. Unless you take this fundamental decision, Barbados will suffer financial and environmental disaster.

Richard Goddard


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