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Author Drew Curtis’ FARK.com Links To BFP – Ten Thousand New Visitors Just This Morning!


“It’s Not News It’s Fark: How Mass Media Tries to Pass Off Crap as News”

FARK.com publishes “interesting, bizarre and amusing news stories” and is visited by over 2 million people every day. They have picked up on one of our stories and it looks like Barbados Free Press is going to hit the stratosphere today and for the rest of the week with – I don’t know – maybe a hundred thousand extra visitors from around the world in the next few days.

And we notice that a few other internet sites have picked up on BFP too, probably from the FARK piece.

The BFP article in question is from July of 2006… New US Ambassador To Barbados Mary Ourisman “Cute, Blonde” …and Hot but has for some reason just been discovered by FARK.com.

What a strange world this is when an old article on a tiny blog from Barbados can result in tens of thousands of folks reading about our country, our life and our government. And these visitors are staying to look around for a bit at BFP. (Our new visitors must be intrigued with the header photo of Health Minister Estwick giving his views on disclosure of assets.)

The articles that seem to interest our new visitors most are the Greenland Dump pieces (here and here), the photo of former PM Owen Arthur as a drunken Don Quixote (here) and the article about Barbados Government Ministers Free To Accept “Gifts” From Persons Wanting Government Approvals Or Contracts. (This one is getting a huge number of hits from America.)

Barbados Chief Justice Again Subject Of World Attention  

Also receiving big interest is our story on Barbados Prime Minister, Chief Justice – Charged With Fraud In Canadian Court. I couldn’t figure it out until I saw that Source: Chief Justice Simmons Hiding Witness, Deliberately Obstructing Court Case! is still the top story on our “Hot Issues” page. We really must update that…. (Cliverton, you said you would do that, what, three months ago?)

“Does Barbados even have a culture anymore, or did we kill it dead with resort hotels?” … reader comment at FARK.com

FARK readers are also talking about Barbados in their forum. Here’s an exchange that I found to be quite insightful. Adrian Loveridge… do you sense a GEM of an idea here? 😉

Fark Reader Gosling: “Does Barbados even have a culture anymore, or did we kill it dead with resort hotels? In the Caribbean it’s kind of a coin flip if you’re not Jamaica or Cuba.”

Fark Reader Wuphon’s Dream: “Each island in the Caribbean is quite distinct, all you have to do is get your lazy ass out of the all-inclusive hotel.”

You can read all the Fark comments at this link.


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UPDATED: Out For A Walk In Barbados – Where Did We Go?



We Went To Morgan Lewis Windmill!

Shona’s photo is of the tailtree roller at Morgan-Lewis Windmill. It allows the tailtree to roll along a path to turn the millhouse into and out of the wind. That’s the tailtree that we’ve put the red arrow on in the bottom photo. The wheel is down at the ground level.

Thanks to Gemini House Bed & Breakfast for the bottom old time photo of the windmill that we stole from their website. Where they got it from, who knows!

Original Article…

Who can stand a diet of straight politics? Shona came up with a new game for the little ones and we need a bit of a break from politics on the blog, so we thought we’d see if our readers enjoy the game as much as our family does.

Here’s how it works: Shona takes one of her photos and crops it right down so you can only see a bit of it. Then the children have to guess where the photo was taken. She calls it “Where did we go for a walk?”

Its not a bad game when a few friends are over too! Here’s one that George got right away, but the kids and Robert were stumped. Clive wasn’t there that night so he can play now with everyone else.

No prize except the glory of providing the first correct answer in the comments section.

Let’s hear your answers, friends… Where did we go for a walk?

Winner to be announced March 19th, so if you agree with one of the previous answers, say so! 🙂


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