AGAIN! New York Times, LA Times, Major News Media Worldwide Publish Faked Photos and Stories

Worldwide News Media Shows More Faked Photos

Once again the news media of the world is caught printing fake news and photographs. Last year alone, Reuters News was forced to admit that over a thousand of its news photos and stories in the last two years were false, faked or entirely staged to “create” news. (BFP articles about faked stories and photos in the major news media here, here, here and here)

This time it is faked photographs of Iranian missiles being launched. It turns out that some of the missiles didn’t launch at the test, but what the heck… no problem… a little PhotoShop and the missile test is successful!

At least with blogs the consumers of news have opportunities to discuss, research and correct the news, but if citizens disagree with CBC or The Nation – well, it is “letter to the editor time” and you know how far that gets you!

How did this latest fake photo get spotted?

oh… you know. Bloggers!

Here is photo showing the added missle and changes…

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16 responses to “AGAIN! New York Times, LA Times, Major News Media Worldwide Publish Faked Photos and Stories

  1. Duppy Lizard

    I think your story line is a bit missleading. On reading the text put out by the New York Times it would appear that the photo was deliberately altered by Iran’s state media – probably to instill more fear in the heart’s of the Israelies.

  2. BFP


    It doesn’t matter who faked it, the world’s news media broadcast it as genuine. Sometime the news media fakes it, and sometimes their reporters do, and sometimes other press agencies or organisations fake it.

    The point is… prior to the internet, everybody thought what came over the TV or appeared in print was pretty well true.

    Now we know that tens of thousands of “news” stories and photos in the last few years were fakes.

    At least with the blogs we can discuss it and provide counter-proof.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hants

    blogs make no claim to truth. We say what we like and it is up to the readers to believe.

    Mainstream Media make claims of truth,Journalistic professionalism ,integrity and accurate reporting.

  4. Justice

    Nonsense, BFP. Your headline, though strictly true, is misleading. It gives the impression that the faked photos were created by the NYT, LAT et al. They were as duped as well as everyone else, so they published photographs that were doctored by the Iranians….they did not fake photos.


    BFP says,

    Oh well… we shall just have to disagree then, won’t we?

    But the wonderful thing about the blogs is that you can disagree with us and others can either share your view or not… or talk about it and convince someone to see things differently.

    But true to form, Justice… you parse the details and find your daily victories in nitpicking while ignoring the larger issues.

    But, hey… it takes all kinds to make the world so we welcome your constant criticism.


  5. Justice

    And what, pray tell, BFP, is the larger issue? That technology allows us to lie more convincingly? Give me a break, do!

  6. Barbados the Beautiful

    Reply to Justice and BFP. You are both missing the larger issue. And so has our goverment.

    When Iranian or Barbados high ups make up the stories and give them to the supposedly legitimate press who then print them without checking the press have let us down.

    What we need is more information and more discussion. We have already gone past swallowing what our leaders and our papers tell us because they still think we are stupid. Thank goodness the blogs came along to give us a place to speak and listen and watch Justice and BFP debate with each other. That is the healthy way.

  7. Livinginbarbados

    Of course it makes a huge difference who does the faking. It also is important who discovers it, and also who tries to correct it, and who acknowledges it.

    Reports today indicate that Iran authorities faked the story (or a woman faked a photo of a tornado as a joke), to send more fear in Israel. Someone reputable printed it. Did they check? Could they check? What did the checks show before they published?

    BFP shows a picture of David Thompson with a gun. I think it’s a fake. Someone could pick it up and publicize it elsewhere….Fast forward, we have a story that Barbados PM is a gangster, and they show the photo as proof. BFP perpetrated that fake and those who know it’s a fake can laugh. Those who don’t know, or try to confirm and find no convincing evidence to the contrary may believe. The PM (or worse someone who looks like him) may find that next time he travels to the US, someone detains him as a potential criminal/gangster, despite his claims to the contrary. BFP has a duty to state that the picture is fake, to protect itself and those portrayed. Those who find the fake have a case against those who produced it, and a lesser case against those who published it unwittingly.

    In the case of Iran’s missiles they warned of the firing, then out came the pictures. This is hot news. To get the scoop it’s reasonable to publish plausible evidence. Time will allow corrections or contradictions, etc.

  8. Amused

    “At least with the blogs we can discuss it and provide counter-proof.”


    and so can the newspaper who published the original

  9. Straight talk

    Reuters is owned by Fox is owned by Murdoch is owned by Corporate Global Network.

    Get with the program, when Israel attacks Iran in Nov-Dec we are being prepared to feel, too right those guys firing off their rockets like that, and disturbing the peace of the Middle East.

    It may be this was a quite innocent testing of a sovereign country’s capability to legitimately defend itself from western terrorists intent on imposing an alien system on their lives and economy.

    Let us never forget that Israel possesses nuclear weapons and as we all know she has no expansive policies whatsoever,

    We here in Barbados are scratching our heads which alternative power source will best suit our needs with the end of cheap oil.

    We are lucky.

    We have the ability to choose.

    Iran has chosen Nuclear Power to fill her energy gap, but no the existing nuclear bullies say we can have cheap energy because we’re the good guys ( as shown in Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan ) but you Iran cannot.
    Why? because we say you can’t.
    Shut up lay down and be quiet.
    Somehow I get the feeling that this one will be different.

  10. crossroads

    “two wrongs don’t make a right”

  11. Technician

    LMAO……this reminds me of Colin Powell’s presentation to the UN. He had aerial photos of the WMD locations complete with the trucks too……guess we know where Iran got their tricks.

  12. Fool me once

    LivinginBarbados make the point that some might think Mr.Thompson is a gangster. Trouble is that he already caught in lies so what do we make of that?

    Gangster robs we wid gun.

    Politician don’t need one.

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