Reuters Chief Apologizes For Faked News Photos – Credits Bloggers For Keeping News Media Accountable


Bloggers Forced Reuters To Pull Over 1000 Faked & Staged Photos

As Barbados Free Press reported in an earlier article (Reuters News Published Many… Faked Photos), Reuters News was been caught red-handed publishing obviously faked photos of the Middle East war. In fact, they published so many obvious fakes that despite what Reuters CEO Tom Glocer says about it being the work of “one man”, it cannot be seen as anything other than an organization-wide conspiracy to present false news to hundreds of millions of people.

Here’s what Reuters News says about all photos and news being approved by editorial groups prior to release…

“Our policy is to send news to our customers only after scrutiny by a group of production editors who ensure quality standards are maintained across all our news services. When we get something wrong, our policy is to be honest about errors and to correct them promptly and clearly.”

Groups of Reuters editors gave the OK to publish hundreds of faked photos like the one above that purports to show an Israeli jet launching missiles.

Just one problem – the “missiles” were pasted in via PhotoShop. It never happened, yet millions of people believe it did because Reuters published it!

Bloggers Revealed Reuters’ Techniques For Faking News

The list of Reuters techniques for faking news is incredible. And don’t forget folks, we’re just talking pictures here – what they do with words is even more astounding. And it is not just Reuters. Associated Press, BBC and a host of other “news” agencies have also been caught out.

Here’s some of what Reuters was caught doing…

– Adding missiles and missile smoke trails where none existed.

– Creating damage to buildings where there was no damage.

– Adding smoke to show damage to civilian homes where there was no damage.

– Using a “portable victim” – an actor – in photos showing an old lady crying in front of her bombed out home. A week later Reuters showed the same old lady in front of another bombed out home in another city – again describing how her home in that city was destroyed.

– Posing live people as dead and injured victims: complete with blood and bandages or rubble on their bodies as they are “pulled from the bombed out building”. (Oops! The same “dead victims” were spotted in another Reuters “news” photo taken later, but this time they were alive and carrying other “victims” from yet another staged scene.)

– Describing an explosion at a beach as being from an Israeli Navy artillery shell when it was known that the explosion resulted from a buried mine.

– Showing a bombed out building from different angles over a period of a few weeks – and stating each time that the damage was fresh from a new bombing.

– Carrying the body of a small child from one bomb scene to another miles away to show civilian casualties that never happened.

– Planting furniture and toys in rubble to show that the bombed out location was a civilian residence – when it had been a HQ for a military commander.

– Adding damaged buildings to photos (See below where a blogger found that the same building was “cloned” and then covered with fake “smoke” to show bomb damage over a far greater area of Beirut than actually happened.)


…. and on and on and on.

Our Conclusion: Reuters Faked News Is Widespread And Is The Work Of Groups Of Editors – Not Just “One Man”.

Nonetheless, the CEO of Reuters has been reluctantly forced to acknowledge that Reuters published faked news. He tries to lay it off as the work of “one man”, but my friends… that is just another Reuters lie.

Here’s what Reuters CEO Tom Glocer said in a recent speech (Thanks to Little Green Footballs blog – link here)

Excerpt from speech by Reuters CEO Tom Glocer – Concerning Publishing Fake News

So what does the Hajj incident tell us? There are three key lessons:

The first is accountability. The upside of the flourishing blogosphere is that beyond our own strict editorial standards, there is a new check and balance. I take my hat off to Charles Johnson, the editor of Little Green Footballs. Without his website, the Hajj photo may well have gone unnoticed.

The blogosphere provides accountability. They’re not always going to be right. Indeed, many of the accusations levelled at traditional media are partisan in nature – but some are not. We have to listen to the bloggers – we shouldn’t ignore them.

The second lesson is about the trust of our audience. We learned at Reuters that the action of one man – a man who wasn’t even a full-time staff member – could seriously hurt the trust in our news, built assiduously over 155 years. His stupid decision to clone smoke cost us.

We learned that your reputation is only as good as the last photograph you transmit, or the last story you file.

The final lesson we learned was this – more than ever the world needs a media company free from bias, independent, telling it as it really is, without the filter of national or political interest…

…Telling the story truthfully is more important than ever. Reporting it without spin and without editorializing is critical if history is to accurately record events.

Read more at Michelle Malkin (link here).


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  1. missinghome

    This is only what is known, what Reuters had to fess up on because it was made public. What else has Reuters been up to that hasn’t yet been revealed?

  2. Leigh Bourne

    Talk about revelations, and apologies for straying from the subject, but follow this link to a BBC Radio 4 prog about Stem Cells and the Barbados connection. It beggars belief.

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