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What Happened To The Police Investigation Of Death Threats Against Adrian Loveridge?

Readers of Barbados Free Press will recall that as the election approached during the last half of 2007 and into 2008, numerous death threats were posted on the internet against various persons including local hotelier and citizen journalist Adrian Loveridge.

Also, within one 24-hour period, there were suspicious happenings at Loveridge’s home and business – a nighttime break-in, a fire and most chilling: a ladder left up against Adrian’s bedroom window in the small hours of the night as a none-to-subtle message.

Barbados Free Press and other blogs supplied Adrian Loveridge with the IP numbers of the person(s) who had posted the threats against Loveridge, his family and his business.

These IP numbers would allow the police and Cable & Wireless to immediately identify the physical address and internet account from which the threats were made – and if they really were interested in knowing the identity of the criminal – to monitor the criminal’s internet activities to catch them in the act as the threats were ongoing for months.

On December 29, 2007, Mr. Loveridge wrote a letter to then Prime Minister Owen Arthur that we published on December 31, 2007 in our article Barbados Death Threats: Copy Of Letter From Adrian Loveridge To Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

On January 2, 2008, Adrian Loveridge faxed a letter of complaint to Commissioner of Police Dottin – which included enough information for the police and Cable and Wireless to know the identity of the person making the death threats.

We have no doubt that Cable and Wireless and the Royal Barbados Police Force are now fully aware of the identity of the criminal(s).

So… what happened?

Nothing at all. That’s what.

Then Mr. Loveridge received a fax from the police, but only after we published criticism of the police in our January 9, 2008 article Barbados Police Ignore Death Threats Against Hotel Owner – How Will Other Offshore Investors React?

Here is what the letter from the police said as contained in a comment posted by Mr. Loveridge on January 11, 2008…

Yesterday (10th January 2008) I received a faxed letter dated 9th January 2008 from the Office of The Commissioner stating,

‘Subject Death Threats – I wish to inform you that the matter is being investigated and you will be informed of the progress in due course’.

Your faithfully

Jedder Robinson Supt.
Head of Special Branch
for Commission of Police.

I am grateful for the response and sincerely hope that with the assistance of Cable and Wireless, the Police will be able to identify and prosecute the sender (s) of the various threats.

Comment by Adrian Loveridge (original here)

Tell Us What Happened, Mr. Loveridge

Did the police go to Cable & Wireless with a warrant or some legal document to compel C&W to reveal the identity of the criminal? Were charges laid? Did the police explain their actions to you and keep you informed of the progress of their enquiries? When do you testify in court?

Tell us, Adrian…

What happens when an investor and business person on Barbados is threatened by a criminal whose identity can be known in five minutes with the records from Cable & Wireless? What happened, Adrian? 


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“World’s Most Powerful Journalist” – Matt Drudge


According to the Telegraph UK, the most powerful journalist in the world is Matt Drudge: a 41 year-old school drop-out who runs a news and blog website out of his Florida condo.

Yesterday he told the world that Prince Harry is fighting in Afghanistan and today His Royal Highness is packing to fly home. Last week he published a photo of Barack Obama in a Muslim elder outfit and caused a media firestorm when he revealed that the photo had come from Hillary’s campaign team. In January 2007, Drudge published the US President’s State of the Union speech some 40 minutes before it was given before the joint house.

The world has changed, but some folks in media and government still don’t get it.

They will.

Further Reading

Telegraph UK – Matt Drudge: World’s Most Powerful Journalist

Matt Drudge’s Website – Drudge Report


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Light Bulbs Scandal: Former Jamaican Government Minister Charged With Corruption and Money Laundering Breaches


Former State Minister For Energy Kern Spencer Spent Two Nights In Jail

A September 2007 photo of former junior minister for energy, Kern Spencer, and Coleen Wright, during the official opening of the new parliament following the general elections. The two, along with Rodney Chin, who was named as the sole director of both Universal Management and Development Company and Caribbean Communications and Media Network, were arrested and charged Tuesday evening with several counts of conspiracy to defraud, money laundering and corruption in connection with the Cuban light bulb scandal in which $267 million was spent to distribute four million energy-saving light bulbs that were donated to Jamaica by the Cuban Government.

… from the Jamaica Observer article Kern Offered Bail – Former Junior Minister, Two Co-accused Spend Another Night In Lock-up

Lesson For Barbados: Private Companies Are Used To Facilitate Government Corruption

Citizens of Barbados should pay close attention to this latest Jamaican government scandal because the techniques that were used to steal Jamaican tax dollars were regularly practiced by our own corrupt Barbados government officials.

With the previous BLP Government, contracts were regularly issued without an open bidding process to private companies owned by friends and relatives of government officials. This can be a simple as the government paying a certain supplier three times the normal price for shipment of copier paper (hey, nice Christmas bonus for a relative!) to the sophisticated scams practiced by VECO Corporation – the builders of our new way-over-budget jail.

Recent trials in Alaska revealed that VECO corruptly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in “consulting fees” to the relatives of US politicians who awarded government contracts to the company.

You would have to be totally stupid to think that VECO never gave any consulting fees out in relation Barbados projects like the new jail or the oil terminal.

Will The New DLP Government Let The Previous Administration Get Away With Keeping The Proceeds Of Their Corrupt Activities?

Doing nothing about the past BLP corruption is not an option if the new DLP Government wants to retain credibility with the voters.

Also see BFP’s How Corrupt Politicians Operate: Government Minister Awards A Contract To His Lover’s Company – Without Tender


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Prince Harry Has Been In Combat In Afghanistan Since December


Story Broken By Drudge Report – The Same US Website That Broke The Monica Lewinski Scandal

“The deployment had been cloaked in secrecy under a news blackout deal agreed across the UK media to prevent details reaching the Taliban and endangering Harry and his comrades.

But the arrangement broke down today after news was leaked out on the US website the Drudge Report…”

… read the entire story at The Telegraph: Prince Harry Has Been Fighting In Afghanistan


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Planned Parenthood Accepting Donations From Racist Whites For The Purpose Of Aborting Only Black Babies

UPDATED: February 19, 2013

BLP drops abortion promoter George Griffith as candidate for St. Philip North

Klanned Parenthood and Black Babies…

Recently in the Bajan news media we saw a small article on Planned Parenthood of Barbados (Barbados Family Planning Association) that Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of. The story highlighted everything except the BFPA’s role in abortion and how personal choices have societal consequences. The story was effectively an advertisement for abortion…

And nevermind the scientific and medical evidence that the babies in the womb – even at 2 and 3 months gestation – feel pain as they are killed. That’s an inconvenient truth that the BLP hides.

So let’s once again remind ourselves that people bearing gifts are sometimes promoting philosophies that they don’t advertise directly. Remind me: why does Planned Parenthood base their operations primarily in minority neighbourhoods?

Original article…


Recorded Conversations Prove Everything

Will The Barbados Family Planning Association Now Refute The Award From Planned Parenthood And Return The US$25,000 Donation?

Last year the Barbados Family Planning Association and abortions manager George Griffith proudly received an award from Planned Parenthood for “safe” abortions.

Accompanying the award was a US$25,000 cash prize.

It has now been proven that the US$25,000 cash prize probably contained Planned Parenthood donations slated to be used only to abort black race babies.  Continue reading


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Best Of Barbados Tourism Promotions: Using Your Tax Dollars To Harm Small Businesses


The Barbados Tourism Authority has brought back the Best of Barbados programme for summer 2008, which will run from 1st May until 15th July and then again from 1st September until 30th November.

Head on over to Barbados Underground and read The Economics of the Best of Barbados Programme by Adrian Loveridge and then decide whether you think that the new government should continue the BLP government’s policy of subsidizing substandard government hotels that can’t make it on their own.

Barbados can never compete with Cuba and other bargain destinations for the bottom-feeding “price is everything” tourist trade, so why do we continue to spend our tax dollars trying to attract this type of tourist?

Barbados Underground: The Economics of the Best of Barbados Programme


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Nation News Prints Damning Condemnation Of Barbados Justice System

The editors at the country’s largest paper-circulation newspaper have published an article that totally rips the Barbados civil justice and court system to pieces.

The article Massive Payout is so simply devastating at showing the world how bad our justice system is that, for a moment, it almost made me think that there was hope for The Nation News.

Until I realized that the Nation News didn’t even know what the true headline should have been…

The editors think that the size of the award is the meat of the story. It is not. The real heart of the story is that our judicial system is so antiquated and ineffective that civil cases often take over a decade.

What did the Nation News say in the article that was so radical?

Answer… The paper merely printed the simple truth: that in the Barbados civil courts, an injured British tourist named Christine Steele-Sandiford had to wait for justice for eleven long years.

And eleven years is nothing… there are cases before the Barbados courts that are approaching two decades!

You want justice in the Barbados courts? Set aside at least ten years and pray really hard.

The Nation News: Massive Payout


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Archie Cameron – Born May 25, 1863 “At Barbados”

UPDATED: August 1, 2011

That photo is of my great grandfather. I stumbled upon this article when trying to find the obituary of my grandfather. Archiebald Eugene Hay Cameron. Archie in the photo ended up moving back to England. His son became a Commander in the Royal Navy and his grandson my father a Lt-Col in the Scots Guards. Myself and my sisters are now based in London. One is a fashion photographer and the other is aptly named Julia Margaret Cameron.

Best regards,
Jamie Archie Douglas Cameron

Original BFP article first published February 27, 2008…


Where Are Archie’s Descendants Now?

Say hello to a cute little Archie Cameron at 2 years, 3 months old in 1865. Archie is long passed away but I stumbled onto his photo on the web the other day and was once again reminded of how one never knows where life will take us. They say that wherever you travel in this world, you will find connections to Barbados and little Archie is just one more proof that the saying is true.

The photo was taken by Archie’s grandmother, Julia Margaret Cameron, who was a rather famous photographer in her time. Some of her famous subjects include Charles Darwin, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Robert Browning, John Everett Millais, William Michael Rossetti, Edward Burne-Jones, Ellen Terry and George Frederic Watts. Her works can be found in collections throughout the world and even today her style is still imitated by many art photographers.

Once again – what a strange world it was that saw little Archie born in Barbados. His grandmother was born Julia Margaret Pattle to English parents in Calcutta, India. She ended up marrying a judge named Charles Hay Cameron and they had a son named Eugene. Eugene and his wife ended up in Barbados where little Archie in the photo was born in 1863.

God willing, where will my grandson be born?

In today’s changing world I wouldn’t be surprised if a grandson of mine ended up being born in China. One never knows what life has in store.

Further Reading

Wikipedia – Julia Margaret Cameron

George Eastman Photography Collection – Home page, Image of Archie Cameron


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UPDATED: New Shooting At Warrens Complex – U.S. Embassy In Barbados Issues “Crime In Barbados” Alert To American Citizens

Revisiting A Tourist Crime Of 2008

One of our readers commented on this story from a year ago and brought it again to our attention. Almost a year to the day before the February 2009 Long Beach attacks, tourists on group eco-tours were held up at gunpoint. We can’t remember whether the culprits were ever arrested or what promises the police and politicians made to implement more security for the very foundation of our economy: foreign tourists.

Perhaps someone from the RBPF or Commissioner Dottin himself can re-read this story and bring us up-to-date…

Original story as published by BFP on February 26, 2008…

UPDATED: Bank Customer Shot & Tourists Held Up In New Separate Incidents

The US Department of State Travel Alert below was issued before yesterday’s new incidents of a tour group robbed at gunpoint at the Springvale Eco-heritage Museum and then a bank customer shot… Continue reading


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Hillary Clinton Fading Away – Get Ready For President Obama

hillary-clinton-loser.jpg“Help! Help!”

Clinton Campaign Falling Apart

Just a short note to mention that Hillary! is fading fast so it looks like a McCain – Obama contest for the Presidency of the United States of America is all but assured.

We’re going to call the US election right now…

Barbados Free Press predicts that the next President of the United States of America will be a man of colour named Barack Obama.


How Will Barack Obama As US President Impact Barbados?

We’ll leave our opinions on that subject for another day, but as always our readers are welcome to have their say.

Further Reading…

CBS News: Obama Surges Ahead Nationally

Washington Post: Team Clinton – Down, and Out of Touch


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“Transparency and Accountability Are The Main Antidotes For Corruption”


“The building sector in Anguilla is essentially lawless and unregulated. The Building Code is a long-standing joke. It exists only in the minds of shameless members of the Building Board. There are no published standards or regulations. As with Barbados, the Code is applied depending on the whim of whichever functionary you are dealing with. My fear is that it might come to be so, also, with public procurement.” … Don Mitchell at Corruption-Free Anguilla blog.

“Building Sector Lawless And Unregulated” – That Sounds Like Barbados!

On February 15th past, the Chairman of T&T’s Transparency International, Victor Hart, gave a speech to the Institute of Structural Engineers where he spoke about corruption in the procurement process of public construction projects.

It is about time that Barbados had a Transparency International chapter, but I don’t know where we would find the leaders who would stand up in public as does Mr. Hart.

Our friend Don Michell of Corruption-Free Anguilla blog has written an excellent piece on Mr. Hart’s speech and government procurement. Well worth reading.

Here are some excerpts from Corruption-Free Anguilla’s article Procurement

(Mr. Hart) reminded us that corruption damages our country by causing the undertaking of projects which are unnecessary, unreliable, dangerous and over-priced. This can lead to loss of life, misuse of funds, and resultant poverty, economic damage, and underdevelopment.

Corruption damages companies. It results in uncertainty and wasted tendering expenses. It increases project costs. It reduces project opportunities. It causes extortion and blackmail. It contributes to money laundering. It can result in criminal prosecutions, fines, blacklisting, reputation risk, and resultant job losses.

It damages individuals. It causes reduced morale, induces a sense of hopelessness in industry professionals…

Transparency and accountability are the main antidotes for corruption. It takes our architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, building, plumbing and electrical contractors, and related professionals becoming conscious of the problem. We need them to come together to join the fight against corruption. As Mr Hart points out, the advantage for them is that they will not spend time dealing with the consequences of a playing field that is not level because of corruption in the procurement process. The result will be increased peace of mind, job satisfaction, and levels of productivity and profitability.


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Report Of Armed Robbery Of Tourists At Barbados Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum

Masked Gunman Had Snub-Nosed Revolver – Fled To Waiting Car

Can anyone confirm the following report by BFP reader Haras?

We hesitate to give instant credibility to reports from anonymous readers – so can anyone confirm what Haras wrote in our comments section here?

There was another one this afternoon at Springvale Eco-heritage Museum in St. Andrew. I heard about it from an eyewitness.

A fellow in a ski mask and jogging clothes came out of a waiting car and held up two cars of tourists (German and Russian) who had just arrived at this Scotland district site, plus the proprietor of the museum. The robber had a snub-nosed revolver of some sort. Having taken the people’s money and whatever passports were available, he ran to his accomplice in the waiting car and they fled the scene.

Their modus operandi and their car also fits the description of robberies that occurred earlier this month. They seem to like remote places.

These incidents do seem to be occurring more frequently. An email that arrived just moments ago contained a first-person account of being tailed at night while driving on a dark stretch of Highway 2A, from Bakers on south. From the description of events, it was not paranoia but definitely someone (actually two cars) following her.


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Chief Justice Simmons Slays Audience As He Sings “Mack The Knife”


Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons blew down the house at a recent charity function when he sang “Mack The Knife”. According to Ian Bourne, the CJ’s rendition of the famous song was the highlight of the evening. (See Bajan Reporter’s story here)

We didn’t know the Chief Justice had it in him. Sorry we weren’t aware of the function in advance as we would have given it some publicity and tried to make it ourselves. The event was held for Ian Bourne’s mother who was terribly ill and spent some four months in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Good for the Chief Justice! For this act of charity we promise not to print our favourite photo of him for a whole month. (Call it not until April 1st for good measure… you know: THAT photo.)

But we do have to comment on the Chief Justice’s choice of song… Mack The Knife.

How appropriate. Surely his brother Peter Simmons would have approved! (See our story: Brother Of Barbados Chief Justice Tape-Recorded Making Threats Of Violence In Land Fraud Lawsuit)

Excerpt of Mack The Knife Lyrics

Now on the sidewalk, huh, huh,
whoo sunny morning, un huh
Lies a body just oozin’ life, eek
And someone’s sneakin’ ’round the corner
Could that someone be Mack the Knife?

There’s a tugboat, huh, huh, down by the river dontcha know
Where a cement bag’s just a’drooppin’ on down
Oh, that cement is just, it’s there for the weight, dear
Five’ll get ya ten old Macky’s back in town
Now d’ja hear ’bout Louie Miller? He disappeared, babe
After drawin’ out all his hard-earned cash
And now MacHeath spends just like a sailor
Could it be our boy’s done somethin’ rash?

1 Comment

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How Much Armed Robbery Goes Unreported In Barbados?


Keltruth Blog posted the following this morning, but so far I haven’t heard anything on the radio or TV about gunmen doing a robbery on Saturday afternoon…

Gunmen Strike Belle Warehouse!

Two men robbed employees of one of the warehouses in the Belle Estate Yard. They took the day’s takings from these employees at gunpoint. This happened around 3p.m. 2/23/08.

… from Keltruth Blog article Armed Robbery In Barbados – Saturday Afternoon

That got me thinking about a number of gun incidents that I’ve heard about while talking with friends and at work – but that have never been reported in the news media. A few weeks back when those folks from the cruise ship were held up by an armed gang while on Safari Tours, there was practically nothing in the media. Even to this day the Nation News never mentioned it.

This type of censored reporting in the Barbados media is nothing more or less than an attempt to sanitize the news so the tourists aren’t frightened off. While that makes sense from a short-term perspective, the danger is that the true extent of the problem also becomes hidden from the citizens and their elected representatives.

David over at Barbados Underground has coincidentally posted an article today Caribbean & Crime: Prosperity Under Threat. The title nails the issue.

Let’s get something straight folks: Unless tourists and foreign business people feel safe on Barbados, you can kiss goodbye not only tourism, but also offshore banking.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister

We know that the treasury was left bare, and that there is much to be done with our run-down hospital and water supply infrastructure, but if this government does not put public safety, policing and justice right up there as priorities – our foreign cashflow will soon tank.

Barbados needs many more better trained, better equipped police officers on the street NOW.


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Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 Flying On Palm and Coconut Oil – Jet Fuel Mixture


Richard Branson Tosses A Coconut For News Photographers

A Virgin Atlantic Airways Boeing 747 is flying from Heathrow to Amsterdam to test the feasibility of biofuel in airline service. While this is more of a publicity flight than a necessary technical test, one can’t fault Sir Richard Branson at all for leading the charge.

And… if by coincidence, the flight happily coincides with Virgin Fuel’s recently-announced joint venture into the American ethanol biofuels market with NTR plc – well, such are life’s coincidences. 😉

In The News…

The – Virgin Makes Biofuel Flight – Virgin Flies 747 on Babassu, Coconut-Derived Biofuel


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Shattering The Racial Stereotypes

Ingrid Persaud’s latest post at Notes From A Small Rock provides a delightful read on a Sunday morning. She went looking for a Mr. King who sells salt fish and discovered Martin’s Bay where some of Bim’s poor white families appear to be hiding from the rest of the world.

Here’s a sample…

The significance of this small community of poor whites on the rock might seem absurd until you remember that this is a society largely made up of the descendents of white masters and black slaves. The stereotype each must bear is the equation that white equals wealth and privilege and black the opposite…

We found Mr. King conveniently taking the sea air on his porch in the company of a gentleman who looks a lot like him, and a woman who turns out to be his wife, and who also looks a lot like him. The gene pool is shrinking. It is clear their peaceful afternoons are not usually shattered by strangers. I do my best not to fixate on the almost translucent paleness of their skins, their ruddy checks and the slightly wild eyed look common to all three. Leigh did the talking.

“Morning. We looking for Mr. King who sells salt fish pon ah Tuesday down here.”

Read the entire article at Notes From A Small Rock: The Last Kings Of Bim


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A Must-Read Article For Barbados Minister Of Housing Michael Lashley


“If there is a single builder in Barbados building structurally safe houses, then please contact me and I would happily publish the construction photos and promote your business free of cost.”

… Structural Engineer & Blogger Grenville Phillips II on Weighed In The Balance blog (link here)

Structural Engineer Grenville Phillips II Sounds The Alarm…

I have come to the unfortunate realization that we are doomed to experience the misery and economic setback that other Caribbean islands experienced after being examined by major hurricanes. These countries only paid attention to building standards after their buildings were weighed in the balance and found wanting.

I have given up hope that the Town Planning department will accept their responsibility to ensure that houses are both designed and built properly, until they actually see the devastation that they could have prevented. I have also given up hope that the Ministry of Housing will accept its responsibility to ensure that their proposed 2,500 “units” will be anything but sub-standard.

During the past 12 years, I have rarely seen a house built that confirms to the minimum structural requirements of our national building standard. It is very distressing to report that every one of those sub-standard houses could have been built properly at no additional cost. There seems to be a strange belief among builders and homeowners that they can somehow realize good quality construction by simply wishing it to be so.

I will use this final article on substandard building to inform home owners of what to look for and what to do if they find it. Most of the photos were taken within the past week…

… continue reading this article at Weighed In The Balance blog (link here)


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UPDATED: Stranded Passengers Working Illegally In Barbados – Ghana International Airlines Strands Passengers For Weeks

Comment from BFP reader “Hants”…

This has made me think about the situation. This could be an immigration scam.

…One would expect that the type of people flying from so far away for a vacation would be middle to upper class with jobs and commitments requiring them to get back home asap.

Instead they are working in construction.

On BFP…sooner or later…the truth will out.


UPDATED: Stranded Passengers Working Illegally In Barbados – Want To Remain (Surprise, surprise!)

The Nation News finally published a story on the plight of 149 Ghana International Airlines passengers who were stranded in Barbados for weeks when their return flight did not arrive. (See The Nation News: Stranded)

It turns out that some are now working at a construction site while others have moved on. Unsurprisingly, some stranded passengers have announced that they would like to stay in Barbados.

Really? Gosh… what was our first clue that not every passenger arriving from Africa would intend to return? Any idiot could have predicted that – especially with the many Nigerians who took the flight to Barbados “for a vacation”.

Yup, this embracing of Africa will result in refugee claims and other uncontrolled immigration to Barbados, so our government and immigration authorities had better be on it.

But our Chief Immigration Officer Marva Farmer doesn’t seem to be answering the phone for the Nation News.

Has anyone seen Marva Farmer around? Please relay the message that folks would like to know what is going on!


Original BFP Story below…

Passengers From Ghana & Nigeria Can’t Get Home

Well… this really makes me want to take Ghana International Airlines back to Africa to connect with my historical roots.

Ahhh… on second thought even though it will drive Ikael Tafari to smoke more than he should… maybe I’ll take British Airways through London…

According to one African website, the holdup is with the Barbados Ministry of Transport… but I don’t buy that at all. Here’s what is said…

According to the statement, over the last week or so, the Charterer has been trying to procure another permit from the Ministry of Transport, Works and International Transport in Barbados to enable it transport a second batch of tourists to Barbados.

However, the Ministry insists it would not allow the Charterer to bring in additional tourists unless the first batch is repatriated to Accra, thus the Ministry would only permit the Charterer to bring an aircraft without passengers.

The Ministry of Transport, Works and International Transport in Barbados on February 1, 2008 granted a permit to GIA on behalf of the Charterer to operate one rotation- Ghana/Barbados/Ghana- but the ongoing dissimilarity in position between the Charterer and the authorities in Barbados prevented the repatriation of the tourists to Ghana.

… from Daily Guide Ghana

Barbados Media Fails To Report Story

Now, maybe we’re wrong here, folks. Maybe it was on the news and we didn’t hear it. Maybe the newspapers printed a huge article on this human interest story of Africans being put up in private homes all around the island. Please correct us if we’re wrong…

Yup, there’s nothing like the PROFESSIONAL Barbados news media: always so quick to make a major story out of government press announcement that a meeting will be held next week – but when it comes to anything but retyping a press release, they are lost.

… and the story from Young Bajan Lion

What a big disgrace!


I started this month bursting with pride and happiness when news broke on 1 February that Ghana International Airlines had created history in Barbados by making the first direct flight from Africa to Barbados. So proud was I of the achievement that I rose in solid defense of GIA which came under attack from many skeptical Ghanaians here who cast slurs against the airline’s effort.

But tonight I hang my head in shame.

Two weeks after that first inaugural charter flight, GIA on Friday 15 February failed to show up on the planned second flight to Barbados and back, leaving 149 African passengers stranded in Barbados for ANOTHER TWO WEEKS until the next scheduled flight which is supposed to arrive on 29 February. The only solace I could find in the news story was that many of the Africans had deserted the guesthouse where some of them had been staying, and had taken up lodging with various Bajans whom they had met after arriving here.

A delay of a day or two is understandable, but to be stranded in a foreign country for TWO WHOLE WEEKS is outrageous. Surely some of those passengers have jobs and other responsibilities waiting for them in West Africa. They paid for TWO WEEKS in the Caribbean and now because of GIA’s atrocious bungling they have ended up spending TWO MORE WEEKS in a foreign country with money running low while food and accommodation still have to be found every day. GIA should be SUED for this, and I am sure that some Bajan lawyers would do it for free. There is no way that people should be treated like this.

I strongly commend my Bajan people for reaching out and accepting these Ghanaian and Nigerian strangers (who are our African brothers and sisters) into their homes. But I am very angry with GIA for ruining what should have been a historic and enjoyable visit to our country, because the whole idea of coming to Barbados is to make all visitors feel comfortable and welcome.


They started well and finished badly.

Nuff Respect, Young Bajan.


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