Reuters News Published Many, Possibly Hundreds, Of Faked Photos – Bloggers Uncovered The Fakes


A Thousand Photos Withdrawn By Reuters

Reuters News has been caught red-handed publishing obviously faked photos of the Middle East war… and not just one or two photos either. Reuters has been forced to withdraw almost a thousand news photos from circulation.

PhotoShop Tricks Widely Used

PhotoShop tricks were apparently widely used to “enhance” photos – for instance, modifying a photo of an Israeli warplane to show it launching missiles when none were launched. Photos of “bomb damage” had bombed-out buildings pasted in from old photos. Smoke was thickened and pasted to “prove” attacks on buildings that never happened.

In another series of photos over a few weeks, an old lady was shown lamenting the destruction of her home in a certain village one day, and a week later the same old lady was shown in another village lamenting the destruction of “her home” – which was pasted in.

Another photo showed the apparent destruction of a bridge with a certain auto wrecked in the photo – but a week later the same “wrecked auto” appears in another picture… with the bridge intact!

“Victim” Dead One Minute – But Alive The Next

A Reuters photographer took photos of a dead “victim” being recovered from the rubble of a bombed out building – but an hour later the same photographer takes a photo of the “victim” who is now a “rescue worker”.


US News Fakes A Cover Shot

An “attack” by warplanes? Nope… a tire dump deliberately set on fire for a media photo-op – and AP & Reuters photographers knew the truth!

…and on and on and on.

Blogging Accountability

One of the constant mantras heard about blogs is that they are somehow too uncontrolled – operating without oversight or accountability – routinely publishing known lies to further political and social agendas. The Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, recently called for the regulation of blogs. (Link here)

Those of us who attempt to write serious blogs, and who garner a wide following know the truth: Our readers hold us accountable in a way that is simply not done with the “old mainstream media”.

If we publish something that is inaccurate, a reader will publish a public comment and hold our feet to the fire. If a blogger drops a “clanger” or puts up a misleading title by accident or (heaven forbid) by design – readers hold the blog accountable, and their comments and research remain online for all to see.

So how did Reuters – one of the largest news services in the world – get found out?

Bloggers. Bloggers noted the fakes and began to post, research and publish their findings.

So now, once again, another truth is revealed for all to see: the old media has been faking stories and serving their own political and social agendas for a hundred years – but now they can’t do so with the same impunity.

A word to Reuters, Dan Rather, CBS News and the rest of the old, tired media…

Welcome to the new media. You will be held accountable… and that goes for you politicians too.

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25 responses to “Reuters News Published Many, Possibly Hundreds, Of Faked Photos – Bloggers Uncovered The Fakes

  1. I am a difficult person to convince, and you are continuing to make it difficult for me to ramain unconvince. 😀 people need to see these so called gaurdians of the truth for what they have become.

  2. Disposable Arts

    That’s just amazing, but isn’t fooling the public into seeing what they want them to see a norm for all news media agencies? ……which reminds me of an article the BFP did sometime back, where they had this tourist in a PICTURE who didn’t know she was sitting in a pool of sewage hahaha….anyone see where I’m going with this?

  3. Crusty

    Re: feet to the fire

    From time to time, I’ll bring some kindling and I’m sure
    others will bring the matches or fan the flames.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. West Side Davie

    disposable arts said “\

    “which reminds me of an article the BFP did sometime back, where they had this tourist in a PICTURE who didn’t know she was sitting in a pool of sewage hahaha….anyone see where I’m going with this?”

    Where are you going with this, DA? Are you suggesting that BFP faked a photo?

    Do you have any proof, indications? Or are you just throwing some mud? If you have some sort of indications of photo-doctoring on BFP, please let us know!

  5. Disposable Arts

    No. I’m not saying what BFP posted was fake. I’m just being realistic while putting what I just read to action. Especially the parts were the photographers got people to stage scenes, which got my mind really going.

    Which brings me to an article the BFP did a while ago

    The picture there with the tourist unaware she was sitting in sewage. Wait, she didn’t know she was sitting in sewage? How can anyone not know they’re in sewage? Why aren’t there closers shots? Her attire isn’t for swimming, so why should she sit in anything that’s wet and stay there? Could this be some sort of scene staging!!!

    Thanks for opening my eyes BFP hahah…

  6. Hants

    Read the entire article which includes “One tourist did not even realize she was sitting in SEWAGE-WET SAND”.

    From my point of view there was no attempt to mislead the readers.

  7. b

    but this is all so shameful…and I thought Geraldo and the old New Orleans lady affair was bad.

  8. Disposable Arts

    Hants, do you know what sarcasim is? Did you even read my post? More importantly, did you understand any of it? Did your mind even try to process the concept of comparing the issue on the Reuters to the artical i picked out?

  9. Hindssight

    Hant: I don’t see where DA is going with his comments, and I don’t care to look either, if DA has a point to make, he may want to make it as clearly as possible. I am a busy person and honestly don’t care to invest the time deciphering his thoughts. I read the article and came to the same conclusion as you.

  10. Linda

    How interesting that we both are blogging about “Bloggers”. I dropped in to see what’s happening in Barbados, and there’s the blogging issue again.
    Bloggers around the world have a wonderful opportunity to educate and inform. According to the media here in the U.S., Bloggers are unfairly influencing elections, along with holding news organizations and politicians feet to the fire. I got so mad last night listening to all the news media blasting Bloggers about a State election, that I just had to respond in my blog.

    Of course in Barbados, you guys are way out in front, and hopefully an example for others to follow.

  11. Disposable Arts

    The stupidity of these guys astounds me. Dude, no one cares if you’re busy or not. This whole post was started from picture trickery and people who had manipluate them for their own benifit. I used a picture from this site as an example of how one can actually manipulate a picture to show what he/she wants it to. Why would you two guys go an read the article when emphasis is continued pointed towards the pictures? Seriously pay more attention.

    Point is, there is no clear visual evidance that the woman is sitting in sewage or on “SEWAGE-WET SAND”. All i see, is a woman sitting on the beach.


    This makes no sense to me , at the least the supposedly obvious conclusion that Reuters is somehow in cohoots with Hezbollah to get world opinion in their favour . I think most people people will have to admit Israel being highly favoured by the USA and probably big business in general . I find it hard to believe (big business or the main stream media ) will allow pictures or images illuminating Israel in a negative light to be published ( especially since i am sure they know that they would not stand up to heavy scrutiny , i mean its not a back yard newspaper we are dealing with here) .

    I think what will happen now is that any atrocities that are committed by Israel and happen to make the news will now be dismissed as likely Hezbollah propaganda and brushed off . I think that is more the desired effect of this issue than the at first obvious one . I means lets be frank , this most recent conflict started over the kidnapping of two IRAELI SOLDIERS . While Israel has thousands of Palestinians and other Arabs imprisoned without trial , the whole thing is a bit hypocritical to be honest . I guess 1 Arab does not equal 1 Israeli .

  13. West Side Davie

    Illuminator said This makes no sense to me , at the least the supposedly obvious conclusion that Reuters is somehow in cohoots with Hezbollah to get world opinion in their favour …

    Illuminator is leaving out of the equation the fact that so many people hate the Jews – and that the Koran (for instance) codifies hatred of Jews first… then Christians and other infidels.

    On US Public Radio a few weeks ago, the announcer started talking about the wrongs of Israel… and then halfway through started talking about the “Jooos”…

    He kinda forgot himself and exposed his true thoughts to the world.

    As to the USA standing behind Israel, well… the USA is generally still a Christian-based society (I know, I know… many will argue against that, but I’m talking about the base.. the foundation)

    … and, as they say “My boss is a Jewish carpenter”

  14. Adrian

    DA says: Dude, no one cares if you’re busy or not.

    Very good point and equally no one cared to play your game of guess what i am thinking.

    Next time you may want to make your point with your first response to an article. 😀

  15. Disposable Arts

    I did make my point. I mean, how much clearer can a point be made? In fact, I didn’t even had to make anything clear. After reading the original post on the Reuters, a little thing called common sense should have kicked in, and link the post to what I was saying…..c,mon guys, I trust none of your are plain stupid, so stop asking to be spoon fed.

  16. When one is making a point it is best to think of themselves as wise and their audiance as unwise to that point. Failure to follow this simple approach while inviting persons “see where there are going with it?”
    MAY lead one to reach for “invectives” to describe their audiance unwillingness to reach into one’s mind to determine one’s thoughts. 😀

    Did this just happen? 😀

    Yes you did eventually make your point. A very good point at that whew! 😀

    Anyway they are other BFP depictions that can fit into the “Rueters scenario. The Mia Mottley, Castro, Chavez pic was doctored, I supported it knowing full well the intent, indeed BFP made it known that those pics were altered.

  17. BFP

    Disposable is getting all bent out of shape, saying…

    “Point is, there is no clear visual evidance that the woman is sitting in sewage or on “SEWAGE-WET SAND”. All i see, is a woman sitting on the beach. ”

    Well Disposable, have a look at the top photo… close up of sewage and yellow tape.

    Got it?

    Now look at the third photo…. yellow tape, overflowing cesspit, beach in background. See the rock?

    Now look at the bottom two photos with the woman… see the rock, see the trees, see the red arrow pointing to the yellow tape?

    Got it now?

    If you have any doubts, then go and sit there yourself…

    … and, oh yes…. I personally spoke to the woman and told her what was going on… She, like so many other people, didn’t connect the yellow tape with overflowing sewage.. only as a construction barrier.

    Got all that now?

    If not… there’s nothing can be done for you. 😉


    Let us not forget here that Judaism encourages prejudice in general and even Christians are treated as second class citizens in Israel .Also the original Israelis or Jews have nothing to do with the majority of ‘Jews ‘ now found in the modern ‘Israel ‘ or Zion (most of them have come from eastern Europe and are not the same ethnicity ). The original Jews and the Arabs are really form the same group of people . So not lets not our religious fervor cloud our judgement here.

    How would any of you feel if an outside group (the British ) took up your land ( which you have occupied for thousands of years ) and gave it to another group that has very questionable rights to it ( the ‘modern jews ‘) . I am sure sitting down and taking it would not be high on your list , simply because said group claims religious right to it .

    We all need to a much closer look to events happening in that part of the world . Including the ‘real ‘ history to the area .

  19. West Side Davie

    We do need a closer look at what happens in that part of the world.

    Let’s start with the arab slave trade which is still going strong…

    No…. that is too negative.

    Let’s start with the only country where Arabs live in a democracy with individual voting rights, . Where they are not pressed into military service, and are free to worship as they see fit. Where women are not considered in law to be property of their husband or father…

    You know… that country.


    In case you are not aware , men of military age and not of the elite set are also forced to join the army in another country . In that country you must state your official religion as Judaism also in that country you cannot marry cross religion or marry to an Arab if thats the person you love . did i mention that Christians are second citizens . That lovely ‘free ‘ country is called Israel . A country whose first leaders were patted on the back and glorified as ‘Freedom’ fighters for the most bloody of acts back when they were first taking over the Palestinians land ( oops i mean establishing their homeland ) .

    Lets not forget that there are many christians living in Lebanon , Syria and many other Arab lands too who are being killed so lets not paint all those populations as Muslim . I do not condone the cultures of the Muslims treatment of women among other things either but does not give anyone the right to blow them to smithereens because of it .

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