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Your Daily Dose Of Stories That Would Cause Heads To Roll In Most Other Countries…


UPDATED: QEH Radioactive Iodine Shortage

Various apologists for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital have stated that the supply problems with radioactive iodine at the hospital are due to a world-wide shortage, however this is not what is being said by the hospital itself. Here is what the Nation News says..

One family told the SUNDAY SUN that they were told by their doctor that the QEH was unable to pay the suppliers and this had caused the delay. A doctor who spoke to this newspaper on condition of anonymity repeated this charge.

Short supply

In its statement, however, the QEH neither confirmed nor denied that this was the problem. It said “technical difficulties experienced at the institution recently resulted in a short supply of radioactive iodine from our suppliers. The QEH is pleased to inform that these technicalities have now been resolved”. 

In other words, the “short supply” from the suppliers was the RESULT of “technical difficulties” at the hospital. The newspaper article then goes into a typical convoluted explanation that boils down to this: THE SUPPLIER WASN’T PAID.

Further, the “worldwide shortage” of isotopes was a four week event back in November and December – and there was never a cessation of supply. In hindsight, the Canadian suppliers even dispute the word “shortage” as the South Africans immediately stepped in to fill the gap. (reference here and here)

Perhaps the Queen Elizabeth Hospital would care to address this in a more transparent manner instead of the usual double-speak.

Just remember this folks… This is Barbados, so no person is at fault for anything.

Original Article As Published… 

Those of us who have lived and worked abroad for even a short time return to this island with a sense of bewilderment at the nonsense that we Bajans put up with from the people who are supposed to be running our government and civil service.

We sit there and take it for years without really questioning the reasons that things are so fouled up – as if we expect things to be no other way.

Let’s take a trip through the news today and see what we can see…

1/ Cancer patients have been unable to receive radioactive treatment for months at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital because the place didn’t have the money to purchase the needed supplies. Or… because some airplane didn’t come because monkeys were playing with shotguns. Take your pick of the excuses offered by the QEH in the newspaper article here.

Fact: You can put a box on an airplane anywhere in the world and have it delivered the next day to anywhere else in the world. It is done millions of times a day.

So don’t give us some BULLSH*T that folks have been waiting four months for cancer treatment because of some problem with an airplane.

People will probably die needlessly because of this outrage, but the best Barbados can manage is a newspaper article four months after the nonsense started – saying in typical Bajan fashion that no one is really to blame.

Nobody to blame? BULLSH*T! Somebody should fired… and we should start with the Hospital Board of Directors…

But that brings us to our #2 most ridiculous story of the day…

2/ Owen Arthur Says Hospital Board Of Directors Should Not Be Fired!

Yes, folks, the former Prime Minister says that the government shouldn’t change how the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is run! Here’s the article here.

Sure, Owen… let’s leave things the way they are. After all, the QEH is just fine… Like Billie Miller said, “De place is so clean you can eat off de floors.”

3/ Former Attorney General Dale Marshall Says The Government Doesn’t Run Things ‘Bout Hey – And The Water Situation Was Fouled Up By The BWA Technical Officers

I am continually amused by members of the Opposition who have the foolishness to stand up and offer advice or criticism to the current DLP Government. A few weeks ago interim co-leader of the Opposition, Mia Mottley, actually criticized Prime Minister Thompson for taking a private jet ride as a gift. Ha! Mia didn’t say it too loudly though because she knows that she and her previous government can’t exactly boast about their integrity.

Today we have former Attorney General Dale Marshall informing the Government that the country has water supply problems – doan ya know? (newspaper article here)

This is the same Dale Marshall who forgot to pass a law declaring the new prison as an official prison… so the transfer of prisoners to the facility had to be put off for a month! (See BFP’s article: New Prison Can’t Be Used Yet – Because Government Didn’t Pass Required Law)

Further, Barbados still has water problems after 14 years of BLP Government because, according to Mr. Marshall… “…the bald truth is that even now the solutions that have been implemented by the technical officers at the BWA have not been entirely satisfactory.”

Gosh… why didn’t we hear about “the bald truth” when Dale Marshall was a Cabinet Minister in the last government? !!!

But then, Marshall goes on to say that the current government will rely upon the same technical people for engineering and strategies. Yup… the same folks who fouled things up under the BLP. And, according to Marshall, there’s nothing to be done!

Well Mr. Marshall… you know we had a HELL OF A CRICKET PARTY on this island. Tourism even dropped during the year!!! Nobody came, we had to give away thousands of free tickets and it probably cost the people of Barbados half a billion dollars or so… but the BLP Government gave a HELL OF A CRICKET PARTY!

What do you think we would have been able to do with a half a billion dollars directed to the vital infrastructure of Barbados, Mr. Marshall? Do you think that would have helped the hospital? The water situation? The cancer victims?

While you were cavorting with the corrupt VECO executives and blowing a hundred million dollars over budget on your prison, old ladies continue to haul water in buckets like their slave ancestors long before them.

Mr. Marshall, Ms. Mottley & Members of the Opposition: You have zero credibility and you know it. SO SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.


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Owen Arthur Falls On Sword – But His Easter Sacrifice Shouldn’t Save BLP Sinners

Former Barbados PM Chooses Easter For His “Mia Culpa”

“I today want without equivocation or without any reservation to accept full and utter responsibility for everything that was done by any officer, by any member of Cabinet, by any public official, during the three terms I was the leader of this country. I accept utter responsibility…”

… former Prime Minister Owen Seymour Arthur to Barbados Parliament, March 19, 2008. (Nation News story link here)

With a dry guffaw we note that after choosing to interrupt Christmas with an election call where he hoped to catch the DLP unprepared, our former Prime Minister has chosen Easter to offer himself as a dubious sacrifice to atone for the sins of his past government. In this way he hopes to cleanse the record of the Barbados Labour Party that his corrupt leadership rotted from the inside out.

No So Fast, Owen!

As we say ’bout hey, “de fish rot from de head” – and it is the same way with a political party and a government. Leadership means so much to any organisation and yes, Owen S. Arthur provided corrupt leadership to his government and his party.

It wasn’t always that way. When Owen first became Prime Minister, he had good intentions like most folks who go into politics. But after the first term citizens started noticing the changes: a spendthrift attitude and the sense of entitlement seemed to permeate the entire BLP government and civil service.

Million dollar government contracts were bestowed upon friends and relatives like the gifts they were – without public tender. Private lands were expropriated for “important government projects” that were never built… until a few years later the lands were transfered from government into “friendly” private hands again.

So the government corruptly used the power to expropriate land to steal land from one person and transfer it into the hands of another person. That was theft by government – corruption pure and simple.

It is true that all that and more was done under Owen’s “leadership”. It is also true that many in the BLP government were no doubt inspired by the examples he personally set: for instance corruptly depositing “campaign donations” into his private bank account.

Then there is the matter of Hallam Nichols and other friends of Owen Arthur who managed to put their hands into the taxpayers’ pockets by making a percentage of government purchases as “finders fees”. And despite promising to implement integrity legislation two decades ago, the BLP government under Owen S. Arthur made sure that no rules existed that would limit the ability to profit from government office.

Arthur even publicly celebrated his corruption when he donated US$150,000 in after-tax dollars to Cricket Legends of Barbados.

When the boss provides that kind of leadership, is it any wonder that the others follow the example?

At the end there was little that the BLP government purchased at any level that wasn’t inflated by bribes, kickbacks and “facilitation fees”. We’ll be paying for generations for the corruption that happened under Owen S. Arthur’s “leadership”.

So yes, Owen S. Arthur should be taking some of the blame for what went on under his leadership – but he is not the only guilty person in the BLP government.

Each BLP Government Minister Is Responsible For The Corruption Under Their Leadership

When BLP Minister of Housing Gline Clarke built a house for his mistress on land his government expropriated, it was Gline Clarke who was corrupt. When he withdrew “campaign donations” from his personal account at the Scotia Bank and then paid the construction crew in cash on Fridays, it was Gline Clarke who was corrupt.

When other Ministers issued government contracts to friends and relatives, it was the Ministers who were corrupt. When BLP Attorney General Dale Marshall “absolved” VECO Corporation – the corrupt builders of the new Barbados prison – in the face of FBI evidence and failed to act, it was Dale Marshall who was corrupt.

When former Attorney General David Simmons accepted the office of Chief Justice even though he knew that doing so would undermine the credibility of the Office of the Chief Justice and the entire judicial system, it was David Simmons who was corrupt.

When then Attorney-General Mia Mottley got her old friend Richild Springer a lucrative “consulting” position with the government and paid her four times the national yearly income in just two weeks, it was Mottley who was corrupt.

We could go on and on, but you get the point, folks… it wasn’t only Mr. Arthur who was corrupt, and it wasn’t only Mr. Arthur who corruptly profited from his public office. Each and every elected or appointed government official made their own decisions about corrupt activities: to participate, facilitate, to stand by and watch – or to say “NO”. (But not a single person publicly said “no”.)

The Opposition BLP Have No Credibility

The BLP is licking it’s wounds and dreaming of the day when they once again control the treasury, but they have a few problems…

The first problem for the BLP is that the party has a self-appointed, interim co-leader whose ability to be elected Prime Minister down the road is questionable. Mia Mottley has worked hard in her riding and has good local support, but many strong party supporters have doubts about her ability to carry an election as a national leader.

At the very least, the BLP will need a leadership convention soon to legitimize Mottley’s leadership… but that, my friends, might be a messy endeavour. Good for democracy and the party you understand, but very very messy!

The real problem for the BLP Opposition though is that they are the same people who ran what was arguably the most corrupt and wasteful government this country has ever seen.

Owen Arthur can offer himself as the Easter sacrifice to try and take the sins from his corrupt friends who shared the spoils with him in the past government, but I don’t think that the citizens of Barbados will buy into Arthur’s attempt at divinity or the sincerity of his offer.

After all, especially at Easter, we are reminded that before there can be true forgiveness, there must be true repentance.

For Arthur and the rest of his corrupt crones, true repentance must be accompanied by confessions of their secret offshore bank accounts.


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