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How Greenland Dump Will Destroy The WEST Coast of Barbados


Keltruth Blog Makes Disturbing Allegations About Government Extortion

Our friends over at Keltruth Blog have put up an excellent article about how the tides will carry pollution from Greenland Dump to the West coast of Barbados – but that isn’t what caught my attention.

It looks like Keltruth Blog is getting set to rattle some chains again. Here is the section of their article that I’m talking about…

“Many Barbadians are afraid to speak out. Many are just plain afraid. All Barbadians know that there are consequences when you criticize the Government.

Non-Violent Methods of Persuasion

Our next article will examine how the tools of Governance can be “legally” used to discourage citizens from making waves.”

“Non-Violent Methods of Persuasion” By The Barbados Government !!!

We can’t wait to see the next article at Keltruth Blog.

Further Reading…

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Robot Dog Is The Scariest Thing I’ve Seen Since Mia Mottley!


(click on photo to watch YouTube)

You Must Watch This Video!

Ok, ok… we stuck Mia’s head on the robot dog for a laugh, but we had to do something because you won’t believe this technology.

Funded by (who else?) the United States military, this Boston Dynamics project is truly unsettling.

I have seen the future, and I don’t like it one bit!

(But darn, I wish I had the software and knowledge to put Mia’s head on the real video and have the thing walk around with her talking. Oh baby, that would be too funny!)


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President Barack Obama Would Destroy Barbados Offshore Banking Industry – He Said So!


Barbados Can’t Afford To Have Obama As U.S. President

As the Democratic Party campaign heats up to a sizzle with no one knowing whether Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama will represent the party in this year’s US Presidential Election we are reminded that the outcome of that race will mean a lot to us here in Barbados. It seems to have been overlooked that we can’t afford to have Mr. Obama winning the upcoming election.

It wasn’t too long ago that Mr. Obama launched a tirade that promised that if elected he intends to ‘do something’ about those nasty Caribbean money laundering havens and he included Barbados.

In February 2007 he and his fellow senator Carl Levin were hot and heavy on our case when he introduced the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act in the Senate.

Obama and Levin identified us here in Barbados as an “Offshore Secrecy Jurisdiction.” And they were adamant that their law will shut down our international business program. Obama wants all that business done in the United States where he can collect taxes.

Mr. Obama’s called us an oasis for abusive tax havens and tax shelters and the emphasis of his bill was to shut down the services, banking and businesses that we provide to offshore investors. He wants to declare these activities illegal and put a stop to them.

And he won’t finish there. Just two weeks ago Mr. Obama did the same thing when he promised that he would reopen NAFTA which is the open market arrangement that the United States has with Canada which is also an important trading partner with our country. His agenda is clear and on the record this two pronged approach will happen if he becomes president, just like he promised, and our island is going to suffer.

And what about Canada, another major benefactor to Barbados?

In the same vein Canadian Minister of Finance, Mr. James Flaherty has promised that Canada is going to crack down on the financial and banking services our country offers in much the same way as Mr. Obama: declare them illegal and offside to all Canadians.

And the unfortunate story truth, the real story here, is that we deserve it.

It is one thing to try to tell the world you are a democracy and open for business and will be fair and uphold commercial standards of high integrity. But you know what? We as a country don’t have high standards of commercial and political integrity and we have been found out. We deserve all of this attention from the United States and Canada because we have allowed our standards to slip for all the world to see and if we don’t clean up our act soon we are going to suffer in a big way when the world turns on us.

These developed countries don’t have to deal with us and it sure looks like they are going to be taking a hard look at us. Certainly Mr. Obama, if he becomes president, is going to inflict some serious damage, just like he has promised.

The first thing we have to do is address the embarrassing absence of any kind of conflict of interest and insider dealing type legislation. Do we really think, when this is such a big issue in the world, that foreigners don’t get it? We are seeing it manifest in what is being said about us. This BFP blog which has become a barometer of these things is seeing its readership grow by leaps and bounds because the everyone is getting worried. And Mr. Obama and Mr. Flaherty know it too.

The second thing we have to do is review our laws and court system. They are antiquated, self-serving and demonstrably corrupt if only because we tolerate all sorts of slips and omissions that favor the home team or the powerful in our country. Do we think foreigner don’t notice?

The third thing we have to do is have a government that shows the way. We just tolerated 14 years of increasing cronyism and wastage with the embarrassing spectacle of cabinet ministers becoming wealthy while corrupt public projects crumbled around them incurring debt that, given the state of the world economy that is entering into a recession, we will never be able to repay. We have mortgaged our best assets to Cricket and other dubious projects which fill undeserving pockets and we are in now in trouble. Do we think the foreigners don’t notice?

And how do we treat foreigners who bring their money, their talents, their goodwill to our island?

Do we abuse them or honour them? Worrisome stories are multiplying that show that the we disrespect them.. Do we think foreigners don’t notice?

But there is hope. We have a new government that has promised to be more transparent and ethical than the last, to show that when we tell the world we are open for business we mean that if they come here we will be fair, honest, and straight with them.

If we don’t do that then all we are doing is justifying the types of treatment that Mr. Obama, Mr. Flaherty, and others in the world have promised to inflict on us.

Unfortunately for Mr. Thompson and his crew there is not much time. The first few months of the new reign are gone and it is make it or break it time because if we don’t show the world a new face real soon we can be sure Mr. Obama will be all over us come November, just like he has promised. He is coming, to be sure, and what will we have to show him to talk him out of his plan?


BFP Reader “Almost Grape Hall”


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Barbados Booksale At The Hope Sanctuary – March 28th

hope-sanctuary-barbados.jpg click photo for full size

Without those good folks at The Hope Sanctuary, life would be a whole lot rougher for abandoned and abused animals on Barbados. It is difficult to believe many of the horror stories that come to them every day, some of which are reported on The Hope Sanctuary website.

The group also does excellent work in the prevention of animal cruelty by educating the public. Even Simon Cowell of American Idol fame stops by once in a while to lend a hand when he’s on the island.

For details on the upcoming book sale, click on the poster photo above or head over to Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter for the phone numbers of folks who will pick up your used books for the sale.

Now… go to your bookshelf and load up all those old paperbacks that you haven’t read in years. Throw in a couple of hardbacks too! You know you’re not going to read those old Harlequin softcovers again… are you Shona? 😉

A special thanks to Bajan Reporter for reminding us of The Hope Sanctuary every once in a while.


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