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The Link Between Barbados Labour Party BLP And Threats To Murder

Keltruth Blog traces the links and, as far as we’re concerned, proves the headline.

Keltruth Blog: Yes, there is a link between the BLP and Threats of Violence


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United States Military Having Trouble Locating All Those Mischievous Nuclear Missiles! Should They Look On Barbados?


You know how it is… you think you know where all your nuclear weapons are and then WHAM! All of a sudden, there’s an empty space in the kitchen cupboard where your B-61 variable-yield thermonuclear device used to be.

Or, even more troubling – you think you have two W80 cruise missile warheads in the garage but when you count them there are four on the shelf. Wholoss! I know they are only 11 inches by 30 inches, but how could you have miscounted?

Well, you can take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. The United States Military has the same problem: they don’t always know how many nuclear weapons they have or where they are.

Last August a bunch of mischievous nuclear-tipped cruise missiles loaded themselves onto a B-52 and flew themselves from North Dakota to Louisiana. The pilots didn’t even know that they had six nuclear warheads on board! (CNN story here)

Only last week the Taiwan Air Force discovered that they had six nuclear missile fuses on their shelf that had been delivered to them in 2006. Just one problem: the Taiwan Air Force isn’t supposed to have this kind of weaponry. They thought the parts were helicopter batteries they had ordered! No kidding.

And they sat on the shelf for two years before someone noticed that they didn’t exactly fit the choppers. Did the US Air Force miss these ballistic missile fuses? Apparently not. (CNews story here)

Nuclear Weapons On Barbados During The Cold War?

We’ve come across information about some of the activities that used to take place on BIM during the Cold War – including at least two US Military projects that were secretly conducted on our island without the knowledge or permission of our government.

We’d like to include any information about nuclear weapons on Barbados in a yet-to-be-written Cold War story – so if you’ve heard any stories please either email BFP or leave a comment with your story.

Oh… and please check your closet. You never know if the Yanks might have left a few helicopter batteries lying around!


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