We Publish All The Documents: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions, Police Sgt Paul Vaughan And The Blank Search Warrant Scandal

UPDATED: November 5, 2011

Four years ago today Barbados Free Press published the outrageous Ronja Juman story – telling of an unholy alliance between our Director of Public Prosecutions and a corrupt police officer named Paul Vaughan..

The story is worth a re-visit because nothing has changed.

Worth your time…

UPDATED: June 6, 2010 – Landlords vs Tenants by Stephen Alleyne

Lawyer and newspaper columnist Stephen Alleyne chimes in on the law of landlords and tenants in his recent Barbados Advocate offering. Here’s how Mr. Alleyne starts out…

“The last time landlord and tenant issues came under scrutiny in this column, I took quite a bit of stick from a number of people who clearly were landlords who had had bad experiences with tenants. Most of them for some reason felt it was the landlord who needed protection against the tenant, and not the tenant against the landlord.

However, if those people were to examine closely the laws of Barbados relating to landlords and tenants, they would find that, except for the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act, which has given security of tenure to qualified tenants of house spots and established a mechanism for increasing their rent, the laws have not been kind to tenants.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind Mr. Alleyne that laws don’t matter a damn in Barbados when a corrupt Director of Public Prosecutions can use a corrupt police officer to break and misuse the law to collect a private debt from the DPP’s tenant… and the Barbados news media ignores the whole episode even though all the documentation is posted online.

If you want to write about landlord and tenant issues with any credibility Mr. Alleyne, you cannot ignore Ms. Juman’s case when the documents are posted online.

So go ahead, Mr. Alleyne. Read the documents and then make your decision to write about the case or to remain silent.

There is no middle ground…


Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock

In the early hours Tuesday, December 19, 2006 – a few days before Christmas – officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force descended like a gang of wild thugs upon the sleeping family of Mrs. Ronja Juman. * (Mrs. Juman’s first name is spelled two ways in various court documents “Ronya” and “Ronja”)

Her offense was not having paid back-rent to her landlord – who happens to be Charles Leacock, Queens Counsel, and the Director of Public Prosecutions for the sovereign nation of Barbados. One of the most powerful men on the island, Mr. Leacock arranged to have officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force collect his back rent from Mrs. Juman – in particular a corrupt police officer named Sgt. Paul Vaughan.


Sgt. Paul Vaughan ignored his oath of office and befouled himself, his fellow officers and the Royal Barbados Police Force by allowing his authority to be corruptly used to collect a private debt for the Director of Public Prosecutions, Charles Leacock.

When Sgt. Vaughan and his police officers entered Ronja Juman’s home, terrorised her sleeping family and dragged her off half-naked to the police station for a vaginal search and interrogation over Mr. Leacock’s unpaid rent, they used a blank, pre-signed search warrant – a highly illegal act.

Justice-B-Mine Blog Didn’t Last Very Long

Barbados learned about all this and more when an unknown person created JusticeBMine blog and posted Ronja Juman’s statement online along with most of the case documents.

Justice B Mine blog didn’t last too long before Mrs. Juman’s statement and all of the documents were taken off line. The blog still exists in cyberspace, but it is nothing but a gutted shell. Here is what it looks like now. You can click on the picture to go to the Justice-B-Mine blog to see for yourself…


Here is what it looked like before it was gutted. Click on each thumbnail to see full size…


BFP Copied All The Case Documents Before Justice-B-Mine Blog Was Destroyed!

Fortunately, Barbados Free Press made copies of all the case documents and the entire website before somebody deleted it, so we are now going to repost all the documents online in this article.

For background and to aid in studying the documents, readers can refer to these earlier BFP stories of the Ronja Juman case…

Sept 24, 2007 New Blog Alleges: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock – Ordered Police Thuggery Over His Tenant’s Unpaid Rent – Night Raid, Woman Strip Searched Over Unpaid Rent! (NOTE: This story has Ronja Juman’s full statement of the events.)

Oct 12, 2007 Barbados Police Given Blank, Pre-Signed Search Warrants By Corrupt, Lazy Judiciary

Sept 25, 2007 Demand Justice For Ronja Juman!

Sept 26, 2007 Barbados Government’s Propaganda Response For Director Of Public Prosecutions – “Ronja Juman Is A Thief, A Whore, A Druggie – She Deserved It”

The Documents That Damn The Director Of Public Prosecutions, The Police, The Judiciary & Chief Justice David Simmons Himself…

Click on each thumbnail to view the full sized document…

Statement of Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock QC (page 1, 2 & 3)


Court Informations Dated Jan 2, 2007, Witnesses: Sgt. Vaughan & Charles Leacock

Two Different Date Ranges Shown…


Summons Dated Jan 2, 2007 To Ronja Juman For Court Jan 4, 2007 – 2 Different Copies


Blank Search Warrant Pre-Signed By Corrupt Justice of the Peace Douglas N. Burgess



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68 responses to “We Publish All The Documents: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions, Police Sgt Paul Vaughan And The Blank Search Warrant Scandal

  1. akabozik

    That is some story BFP.

    1. Director of Public Prosecutions tells police to collect his rent.

    2. Chief Justice interferes with an ongoing court case.

    3. Woman gives jewellery to Director of Public Prosecutions to cover part of rent.

    4. Police visit son’s school to intimidate the mother.

    5. Blank search warrant issued to police to let them do what they want.

    6. Woman taken from home by police in middle of the night using blank search warrant. Woman’s private parts are searched by police. (Were they looking for the rent money?)

    7. Woman charged later with theft when she couldn’t pay the rest of the rent to the DPP.

    8. Trial was held even though the woman didn’t have a lawyer.

    9. Director of Public Prosecutions acted as a private witness AND as the Director of Public Prosecutions at that trial. (No conflict of interest there, is there!!!)

    10. Some body published all the documents on the internet including the signed blank search warrant.

    11. Barbados newspapers ignore the story.

    Have I left anything out?

  2. Out with the thugs

    More importantly though is why was the justicebmine blog dismantled and who dunnit?

  3. Hants

    “I am going to win St Michael North-West,” he said to roaring applause. “It has to do with strategising. Why has it been so easy for Clyde Mascoll to make a transition from being a Dee to a Bee? [It is] because if you practise politics of truth, you don’t have to worry about what you said before.
    I hope he strategising GEMS and JAWS.

    I Hants said before that it is traitorous for the Leader of an Opposition party to cross over to the Ruling party and thats the truth.

  4. Wishing in Vain

    Actually my opinion is any member crossing the floor should have to return to the electorate and seek their confirmation that they want you as a member of the other party.

  5. Lady Anon

    Hants…I think your TV volume was up too loud. The applause didn’t sound too roaring to me! It seemed quite polite.

  6. Hugh

    Lady anon the first part was from Nationnews.com and was Mascoll speaking not me.


  7. John


    .. and Harold Hoyte says David Thompson needs to rebrand himself.

    Maybe David Thompson should listen to Clyde and strategise!!!!!

    What is strategise????

    Sounds like Clyde simply got rebranded, with a red hot brand marked BLP.

    Wonder how much rebranding a politician can take?

  8. I am interested to see that the blank search warrant is to find “an article”. How can unpaid rent be a concealed article?

    Also that the search is specified for DAYTIME yet they broke in, in the middle of the night.

    Can some lawyer tell me how unpaid rent, which is a contract to pay, can possibly be construed as “Theft”? I would have thought one would have to sue for breach of contract to obtain rent payments. A debt is not a theft, surely?

    Also one would think that if jewelry were accepted as a security for a debt, the acceptance of it would give the person who pledged it some protection under the law. Or can laws be blithely disregarded by those employed to enforce them?

  9. Roger Rabbitt

    Another rent-a-crowd BLP meeting. That is strategy for yuh.
    Anybody can say that he will win any seat. We the ppl in NW will decide and we are patiently waiting on turncoat Clydie.
    What is this truth that Mascoll is talking about? Already he has two sides to the Gems issue. Which one is the truth, Clyde? The DLP’s version when you were Opposition Leader or the other one that Gem now has a glow? Both can’t be true at the same time, can they?
    How is that for lying? We the jury have found you to be lying in one aspect so we have to discard all other evidence coming from you.
    In law and you are found to be lying once it is clear that all other statements coming from you will be considered tainted.
    GUILTY, Clyde.

  10. Roger Rabbitt

    If one decides to rent some place and the agreement is that the rent will be paid at the end of each month and there is no up-front fee, should the renter decides to vacate the premises at the end of the first month without paying that is considered a criminal offence. Any of the lawyers may shed some light on this.
    However, in Mrs. Juman’s case the DPP knows that the line he took was illegal. He should have brought a civil suit against the woman.
    But let’s start from the begining. It was clearly a conflict of interest and there should never be a situation where the DPP employed the services of any member of the RBPF to undertake his illegal and may I say greedy activities.

  11. reality check

    “Or can laws be blithely disregarded by those employed to enforce them?”

    There is no Rule of Law in Barbados. It is a complete fiction or charade.

    It is the Law of the Jungle perpetrated by those in power —first by the BLP and then confirmed or rubber stamped by the judiciary.

  12. Anonymous

    mascoll appears utterly pathetic onstage these days. he is toast and he knows it.
    did u see the pm on tv last night? he’s simply TOO BUSY to mind us small people and our twiddling affairs.
    please please cbc, please air more of that grand-standing. please,for the love of god please air more of the pm’s pontificating arrogance. benn for st.peter all the way
    can owing lose st.peter??
    mascoll done lose his seat unles his ballots get stuffed – nothing is impossible in todays wickedly corrupt barbados

  13. Wishing in Vain

    mascoll done lose his seat unles his ballots get stuffed – nothing is impossible in todays wickedly corrupt barbados
    You may have said this in a light hearted manner but the reality is that there is a very real chance of election corruption taking place here in Barbados for the need of the blp to win has never been greater because of their need to conceal their corruption and their stealing.
    Doing this election fraud could take the form of non nationals being allowed to vote and I seriously worry about this aspect of the contamination of our election system or it could take the more sinister approach of ballot stuffing or just pure voter fustration remember they have made changes to voting locations.

  14. Royalrumble

    I just thought that I would jump in here to enlighten you fellows that your blog is fast becoming irrelevant as the big day gets closer. Unfortunately you have not been able to sell your story of corruption to the electorate, according to the recent polls in which only 1% of the electorate sees corruption as an issue.

    So when will thompson get around to dealing with the real issue? The issue of ECONOMICS. There is not much time left for him to learn something about the subject. The rebranding that Hoyte spoke about is the inability to get thompson to start showing us the he can handle the single most important issue in this election.

    Noticed what happened in Trinidad and Tobago? The “winds of change” have stopped blowing because that Prime Minister and his Government, like Barbados, reduced unemployment and managed the ECONOMY well. Portia Simpson failed in Jamaica because she failed to convince the electorate that she could handle the thorny issues of the ECONOMY. In all the other Caribbean counties where a change occurred the unemployment figures were extremely high.

    The DLP will lose the next election in Barbados on three accounts. (1) Its leader is a pathological liar and people don’t trust him. (2) he presided over the highest rate of unemployment this country has ever had and he boasted about it. (3) he is absolutely at sea on ECONOMIC matters. he does not have a clue about the subject.

    So victory again for Owen and the BLP.


    BFP Comments…

    … ahhhhhhh, on second thought it is not worth our time to comment on this.


  15. Wishing in Vain

    You seem to be speaking from both sides of your mouth.
    The Bajan population is more than ready for change especially after Owing has made it clear that he intends to hold power for 15 more years we may end up with a dictatorship run by strongman Owing then it would be perfect world for he and his cronies to rape and pillage the masses with!!!


    BFP comments,

    Wishing In Vain… unless you are trying to get yourself banned for a week, stop posting the same comment on multiple threads.

    Your comments are turning into excuses to post pro-DLP or anti-BLP rants that often have nothing to do with the topic of the thread.

    This is the last time you will be warned.


  16. Wishing in Vain

    Portia Simpson failed because she was simple and uneducated simple as that that does not apply in Barbados’s case.
    The “winds of change” have stopped blowing I am so happy for you to believe that it has stopped blowing, because the COP and ANC split the vote and did nonsense the total votes collected by these two parties far exceed those given to the PNM whats your point ?

  17. The election will be won on perceptions, that’s the real unfortunate truth. The average “soap” watching bajan isn’t going to take the time to log every article and speech given by what ever mouth-piece the Bees or the Dees roll up to the podium. If you can give the successful impression that things are good, the majority will believe it. Its not so much being good at economics, its being good at giving the impression of it. Thats why they work so hard at flipping the stories and thats why others fall. The Irony is the corrupt succeed, and the honest get the boot.

  18. Andrew

    The circus came to town on Sunday evening at Ellerslie school hall.

    We all saw with our own two eyes the puppet show that was performed before a rent-a-crowd audience.

    There was the puppeteer, all decked out in his red shirt, stumbling all over the stage, barely managing to keep himself from falling flat on his face. (I was there, but couldn’t say what he imbibed before he entered left stage).

    Then in the next corner was the puppet (aka Malik-wid-teet). He was also bedecked in a red shirt similar to his master’s. He was prancing around, (no doubt to to the pulling of the strings), and saying that North West is his. (I wonder who died and bequeathed that to him?).

    Already the Arrogance of the BLP is creeping in.
    We heard evidence of it from the puppeteer’s speech and then it was parroted by the puppet. (he has to sing for his supper).

    According to their own Gabby “One day coming soon……”

  19. Wishing in Vain

    BFP I posted under the most likely heading but then the royal clown commented here and I responded, however your threat of banning is not really a threat I would gladly save you the bother!!

  20. Adrian Hinds

    Andrew you said: There was the puppeteer, all decked out in his red shirt, stumbling all over the stage, barely managing to keep himself from falling flat on his face. (I was there, but couldn’t say what he imbibed before he entered left stage).

    I conclude the same after listening to this.


    Owen couldn’t bring himself to speak on Behalf of Mascoll with a sober mind.

  21. Wishing in Vain

    We got a drunkard and a thief running the affairs of this island, well,well,well.

  22. Velzo

    Is the public aware of the involvement of Charles Leacock in the Hardwood issue by working for a private vendor of land? Check it out…

  23. Justice

    Seems Leacock’s dirty hands and undermining is just everywhere these days eh? Maybe we should get a petition going for a judicial review on him.

  24. Puncha Kuba

    hear hear Roger Rabbit … the NW ppl are simply biding their time for election day to deliver Mascoll’s verdict to him.

    On the question of non-nationals being used by the government, which of you will see this happening and not get on your cell immediately and contact your rep or potential rep to report these underhand things. Don’t wait until elections are over to complain…report it as you see it happening so corrective measures can be taken. And cellphones have cameras too to capture any evidence of any illegal goings-on.

    The only power this group of thugs have is what you give to them.

  25. OMG

    Be very wary of Sgt Paul Vaughns.

  26. Roger Rabbitt

    Already the Arrogance of the BLP is creeping in.
    We heard evidence of it from the puppeteer’s speech and then it was parroted by the puppet. (he has to sing for his supper).

    According to their own Gabby “One day coming soon……”
    It is not creeping anywhere. It HAS crept in and we are paying for not being viligent.
    Mascoll is a spent force. He knows it and pride is what is keeping him going.
    Did I say pride? NO, it has to be something else as Mascoll clearly has no pride.
    If he is saying that NW is his, what does he think about all those people who voted for him in 2003? Does he think that ALL of those ppl PLUS the hard-core bees will vote for him? He has to be drinking piss and think that it is brown rum. He is so pathetic that it is almost unbelievable.
    We are waiting for the date to be announced and Mascoll will know what god he serving. Just wait and see. Not even teefin’ Arffa will save ‘e.

  27. Roger Rabbitt

    Are we the electorate comfortable with OUR prime minister not reporting to parliament to give an account of his stewardship? What is he trying to groom Turn-coat Clydie for?
    He is the minister of finance and he has a lot to answer for. Why is the prime minister not reporting for duty?
    I knew of absentee landlords, but I never heard of absentee prime ministers.
    We got to like it so or we wudda say sumting bout it befo. Aint we foolish, nuh!

  28. Roger Rabbitt

    “Comments are wide open”. Why am I being moderated? Nothing offensive in that post.


    BFP Replies

    Hi Roger Rabbitt

    We’re happy you’re here and we try to give everyone as much freedom as we can.

    If you read “What is Comment Moderation” at the top you will see that although we have set the system up to allow readers to post without first having their comments looked at by a real person, we have a computer in place to try to sort the real from the spam. Sometimes it will take even our comments!

    Here is a partial explanation from the “What is Comment Moderation” section at the top, but you might want to read it all…

    “2/ Why do some of my comments get held and some don’t?

    We use an automatic spam filter to try and sort legitimate comments from the spam. Mostly it works, but sometimes it grabs your comment and holds it until we read it. Other times it lets spam through onto the blog, which is why you sometimes see advertisements for everything from drugs to naked women posted in the comments section. We clean it out when we find it, but sometimes we miss it for days or even weeks if it is on an old post.

    The spam filters have their own minds, and also have a list of suspicious words, triggers and IP addresses. For instance, anything coming from Russia gets held for moderation (Russia is the spam king of the world), as will common spam words or phrases such as “viagra”, “drugs”, “hot sex”, “cars for sale”, “blackjack”, “incest”, “loan” and hundreds of other words from the lists.

    If you use one of those words in your comment, or you include more than two linked URLs, your comment is held until we get to it. So some of your comments will make it straight to the blog, and some will not.

    We don’t like it either, but that’s reality.

    3/ Why are comments sometimes held for hours or even overnight?

    There are only five of us, and we’re not always here. This is a part time blog staffed by volunteers who have children, real jobs and bills to pay. We get sick. We get tired. We travel. One of us works steady nights. Sometimes we even get fed up and cranky for a day.

    You will see the character of the blog changing depending upon who is looking after spam that day, or who is away for a week and not posting articles.

    So if your comment doesn’t get approved for 12 hours or a day, or we don’t answer your email or act on your tip, you’ll just have to understand. We are doing the best that we can, and we sure don’t deserve the abuse and innuendo that some folks toss our way when they don’t get service right away.”

  29. Roger Rabbitt

    Thanks, BFP.

  30. Leviticus

    Mr. Murrell the CEO of Hardwood was charged last week with rape of another employee. Nothing in the media at all. But Hoyos – Chairman of Hardwood – is on CBC’s Board in case the public did not know.

    I wonder how the DPP will handle that one in view of his close working relationship with Mr. Murrell as the private Attorney (while being DPP) of one of the parties involved in selling land to Hardwood.

    I will watch that one carefully!!

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  32. anon

    Deb thomas asked:

    “Can some lawyer tell me how unpaid rent, which is a contract to pay, can possibly be construed as “Theft”? I would have thought one would have to sue for breach of contract to obtain rent payments. A debt is not a theft, surely?”


    Actually, according to the court documents that BFP has posted she is not being charged with theft.
    Theft is a specific offence under the theft act, but there are many offences outlined in the theft act. Ms juman is being charged with evading liability by deception (sec 13(1)(b) of the theft act).

    To be honest, from what i can see from the documents themselves (except for the search warrant), The DPP himself acted within the letter of the law. However i would have thought it better for him to sue for the outstanding sums rather than take criminal action agasint the lady.


    BFP Comments


    The DPP acted within the law?

    Hogwash! He used his position to have the police thugs act as a collection agency. He acted as both a private witness and in his official position.

    Once he knew a blank search warrant was used (and you can bet he knew in advance, but give him the benefit and say he only knew later) he was duty-bound to investigate and report this incident. He conspired with the trial judge to fraudulently modify court records.

    The DPP is a corrupt unethical man who should resign.

  33. Wishing in Vain

    What planet do you reside on?
    The man is as corrupt as Owing is and he is real bad!!!!

  34. anon

    BFP said:

    Hogwash! He used his position to have the police thugs act as a collection agency. He acted as both a private witness and in his official position.

    Well i am looking at the documents this website has posted. And according to those documents Ms. Juman was being charged with an arrestable offence.

    I dont know about him using his position to have “police thugs” act as a collection agency. But from what i see from the documents it seems that he (on behalf of himself and his company) made complaints to the police and they arrested the young lady based on those complaints (and as a complainant he can act as a witness).

    That is within the law.

    I can’t tell you about the modification of court records and use of blank search warrants and all that stuff. Those are allegations that i can’t verify. I am just telling you about the documents that this website has posted.


    BFP Comments

    PLEASE GIVE IT A BREAK! The fact that one of the most powerful men on the island used this kind of clout to deal with back rent owed to him is disgusting. Vaginal search for back rent! Midnight raid on sleeping family.

    IT WAS ALL DONE FOR A REASON>>> to terrify.

    Then we have the “pay and I won’t charge you criminally” situation.

    And what happened to the trial? To the charges? Why no lawyer allowed?

    Anyone can see this is not justice… except YOU.

  35. anon

    Relax and read what I have posted.

    I have merely commented on the documents your website has posted. I have already stated that I dont think that the DPP should have brought criminal charges (briniging a civil action to recover the debt is more appropriate).

    I have no clue about any other allegations you have made against DPP. I can not verify them.


    BFP Comments…

    Of course you can read the documents and verify that a blank, pre-signed search warrant was used as it is displayed online.

  36. Anonymous

    the warrant is not blank


    BFP Comments,

    You are correct… the copy on the web bears the original signature of the Justice who signed it… proving that he signed it when it was blank.

  37. Anonymous

    You are correct, Anon, the warrant is not blank.

    The reason for the dawn raid was apparently an unspecified stolen article by an unspecified complainant.

    The JP, Douglas Burgess, obviously adheres to a strict unsustainable allegation equals unqualified guilt mindset.

    Is this justice, Douglas?

    Or are you pawning your good name for aggrandisement?

    Think hard about it, I sincerely hope that neither you nor your family and loved ones fall foul of a future unsubstantiated allegation.


    BFP Comments

    What a lie. The last copy of the warrant as given to Ronja Juman by a stupid police office – is blank save for the signature of the justice and some light carbonless bleed through… PROVING that the warrant was blank when signed by the Justice and was LATER filled in by the corrupt police officer.

    You Lie!

    and it still doesn’t answer the other unethical conduct of the DPP, police, Chief Justice Simmons and the trial judge.

    spin spin spin…. but the truth is plain to see for all.

  38. Anonymous

    sorry not proof

    very common to sign both the original and the carbon copy

    the scenario you describe is possible, even plausible but you have not proved your case that the warrant was signed while blank.

    Besides if the DPP can order the police to violate her rights, he could have easily obtained a signed warrant. Why risk a blank one?


    BFP says,

    It IS proof – and your position is indefensible.

    But let’s just have a public inquiry of the whole circumstances by outsiders, OK? Let’s get in the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Transparency International, and a panel of independent judges from other countries to look into the actions of our police, Chief Justice Simmons, the DPP, the trial judge and the justice, OK?

    Let’s confine their investigations into this one case and have it out in a public forum.

    And, oh yes… let’s have the Barbados media stop hiding the case.

    You say “Why risk a blank one?”

    Fool… it is done all the time for reasons that we have already explained in our series of articles on the Ronja Juman scandal.

  39. Anonymous

    find me a signed warrant that actually IS blank and then you have proof

    By the way since you have these documents (which you claim constitutes proof and only a fool like me does not understand), please send them on to Transparency International or even to the highest and most trusted persons in the new Government. I believe they would welcome such proof.


    BFP Says,

    Here you go… blank and signed by Justice Douglas N. Burgess.


  40. The warrant is not blank

    Do think Mr Burgess should have the the right to challenge your claims?


    BFP Says,

    Yes, Mr. Burgess should have the right to challenge our claims… before a court of law. There is enough evidence to say that there is a prima facie case against Burgess, the DPP, and the police on a number of charges.

    And merely saying over and over again that “the warrant is not blank” doesn’t cut it when the carbonless copy is online – blank except for the original signature of Justice Burgess.

    There is also the issue of Chief Justice Simmons unethically interfering with an ongoing case by talking with a witness/accused in the middle of the case!

    We also want to know what happened to the absurd criminal charge against Ms. Juman. Is it still alive? Or was it withdrawn after her details and court documents were published online? Who withdrew the charges? The DPP?


    PLUS… who would judge a case against the DPP, and Burgess? Ha ha… the same court system administered by Chief Justice Simmons! WHAT A CORRUPT JOKE!

  41. The warrant is not blank

    so lets see,

    the DPP
    the police
    the chief justice
    JP Burgess

    All working in collusion against Mrs Juman


    seems incredible.

    All of these people willing to compromise their own integrity over back rent


    BFP says,

    Nope… its not incredible that the elites protect the elites with zero regard for the rule of law. Been that way for the last 14 years anyway and probably a lot longer!

    And you forgot the news media – who stand charged with numerous counts of hiding the news from the citizens of this country…

    Think 3S for a start. The news media covered up the fact that the President of the company building the flyovers was accused of and had admitted to, kickbacks with his last bridge project…. tens of millions in bribes to government officials throughout the Caribbean.

    The blogs published the story for almost 2 weeks before the Nation News and others were shamed into it.

    Oh yes, my friend…. the cabal’s operations are well known to the public even if the news media remains silent like the cowardly dogs they are.

    Please refer to the “mea culpas” that are now surfacing in the Barbados news media upon the change of the government.

  42. Anonymous

    you dont like any challenges on ronja juman,


  43. Anonymous

    “Yes, Mr. Burgess should have the right to challenge our claims… before a court of law.”

    At least we have some modicum of agreement. Of course he will never have his opportunity for justice (why you fight the cause of mrs juman but equally deny justice to someone else ? of course you do because you KNOW he is guilty, right?)

    I suppose your will offer your favourite refrain; the courts are corrupt blah blah

    You now say the warrant online is blank. Before, you admitted it was not blank but claimed it was signed when blank. Which is it?

    I have looked at it and unless I am seeing things, it is not blank and there no proof that it was signed when blank.

    I suggest before your charge Mr Burgess with such a crime you have better evidence, or rather so make claim that you posted proof online. You have not.

    “its not incredible that the elites protect the elites with zero regard for the rule of law. ”


    But what exactly are the elites protecting here? The DPP is after money. You claim all of these people are working together to get the DPP some money? Its not like this case started out with the DPP needing protection(maybe he does now) but it didnt start that way.

    Sorry your claims of widesread corruption and collusion (in this particular case) just dont make sense.

    Still its good you actually allowed some of my posts through and not just deleted them as a cop out. I dont know the DPP or Mr Burgess (nor Mrs Juman, do you know her?), but if you will subject them to severe charges, dont be so shocked 9and apparently offended) if someone asks for a little more proof.

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  52. J

    Dear BFP:

    Why don’t you stop glogging the Ronja or Ronya Juman story?

    If she owed back rent she should have paid it. If she was having financial difficulties she should have made arrangements with her landlord to pay off the arrears in installments.

    I don’t see her alledged difficlties as human rights issue.

    I see it as a landlord/tenant issue.

    As someone who has worked as a landlord in both the public and private sectors both here and abroad I can tell you tht scoflaw tenants are a pain in the a**

    Remind me NEVER to rent to Ms. Juman.


    BFP says,

    Yes of course every landlord should have the option of having the police use a phony search warrant to drag women tenants off in the middle of the night. To have their vaginas searched for, I guess, the back rent. To lay criminal charges and then to have the trial conducted without the benefit of a defense lawyer.

    Then to threaten jail unless the woman hands over jewellery.

    Yes, of course. Every man landlord should have that power over all women tenants – especially those on their own without a husband.

    Yes. Of course. That is what makes Barbados justice what it is.

  53. J

    Dear BFP:

    Whether or not Ms. Juman has a husband has nothing to do with her responsibility to pay her rent.

    Do you think that I can tell First Caribbean/Royal Bank/Scotia Bank/Butterfield that I have no husband therefore I cannot pay my mortgage? Do you think that they want to hear about whether I have a husband or not?

    If you can’t pay your rent or mortgage the thing to do is to move back home with ma (which is why you should never curse your mother) or to find a room mate or if desperate enough find somebody else’s huband to keep as a “friend” to help you out. But moving back home with ma and pa should be the first and best option.

    A tenant should not to play “poor me” games even while occupying the landlord’s place, and denying the landlord the opportunity to rent to place to someone else.

    I’ve evicted my own neices and cousins because they won’t pay their rent. But I am tough enough to do it without resorting to the police and I certainly don’t want to go searching up in anybody’s vagina.

    For goodness sake can Ronja Juman explain why she didn’t move out of the man’s place before he had to get scruffy with her?


    BFP says,

    Why yes, let’s all forget about the corrupt activities of the DPP, the justice who signed the blank search warrant and the police! Any woman who can’t pay her rent on Barbados should be strip searched for the rent. That will learn them!

  54. Waterboy


    God help us all if the financial instutions you referred to and landlords etc start getting “scruffy”
    with loan or rent defaulters.

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  61. bad man saying nothin

    Do we know the reason why the accepting bribes and corruption charges were withdrawn against Police Sergeant Paul Vaughan?

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  66. Clunk

    The story of Ronja Juman should be known by every Barbadian because it is a disgrace. Where is the outrage from human rights groups? Where is the outrage from women?

    This is a dirty story of corruption and nothing better illustrates the way things are in Barbados.

  67. Tony Webster

    With Trinny money having snapped-up anything worth-while in Bim, it is clear for anyone with eyes and ears (and a touch of brains) to realise that we have also adopted the Trinny philosophy which they use every day to defend the indefensible: WE LIKE IT SO!

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