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BLP Supporter Commits Arson Again At Adrian Loveridge’s Hotel – Help Needed

Police Continue To Do Nothing About Politically-Motivated Threats, Arson, Break-ins 

We received the following email from Adrian Loveridge earlier in the day…

Friends at Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground

At around 10pm last night someone set fire (again) to our top meadow and the resulting effect was that it burnt through about 30 feet of our 2 inch high pressure mains water pipe.

The Hotel is currently full and we are without any water.

We are desperately trying to locate 3 lengths of 2 inch high pressure plastic pipe, 1 bend, 1 ¼ to 2 inch reducer and 2 sockets.

Being Good Friday, everywhere we have tried is closed.

If anyone is reading this blog and can help us, please call us at Hotel Peach and Quiet T 428 5682!

Our thanks to the Inch Marlow villagers, two volunteer firemen and the Fire Service for helping put out the fire last night…..


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