The Ugly Secret Of Barbados Revealed Worldwide: Rihanna “I Was Bullied At School For Being White”


“Now I’m in a much bigger world.”

The hidden secret of Barbados has just been splashed all over the world as the most popular music star on the planet says in a new media interview that she was bullied in school for being “white”. (ShowBiz Spy: Rihanna says she was bullied at school – for being ‘white’)

This might be the best thing that ever happened to those of us on this island who have shades of skin that are “not dark enough” – because it will focus world attention on that dirty little Bajan secret that we all live with: a virulent new strain of racism is alive and well in Barbados and it is being nurtured by our own government to serve a partisan agenda.

Racism raises its head in schools, when applying for a government job, when shopping for groceries. And especially in politics.

Racial division is encouraged by a Barbados political elite that regularly dismisses valid criticism on the basis that the opponent’s skin is not dark enough. Bajans with lighter skin colours are often given as a reason for failure – be it personal failure or failure of government projects – much like the Russian Communists would attribute production shortfalls to “wreckers”.

Oh yes, the “whites” and “asians” are the cause of all trouble on this island of mongrels.


But Who Is “White”?

Bajans who have never traveled abroad are almost always surprised that persons considered “white” on Barbados are considered “black” in North America or Europe!

Who among us is of “pure” racial stock? We are truly an island of mongrels.

Owen Arthur will be in Nigeria for Christmas to strengthen the ties with Africa – which I agree with. Yet… when the photos are published of a happy Owen and his hosts, look at the skin colours! Owen will be “white” beside the Nigerians. Not to mention our Director of the Commission for Pan African Affairs, Dr. Ikael Tafari, who is about as white a Rastafarian as you are likely to see – (but his heart longs for Africa and I will give him that. Who is to say where a man’s soul will take him?)

Regular readers of BFP know that Marcus and Shona are a mixed-race couple and that Cliverton is very dark. The others are all the shades of the rainbow and, like practically everyone on this island, the staff at BFP are of mixed heritage regardless of skin tone. Whatever our colour, no Bajan is “pure” – but you would never know it by listening to various members of government.

The Racial Slurs Of The Barbados Government: “Negrocrat”, “Caucasian”, “Oreo”, “Redman”, “White”

“… is a Negrocrat…” – said by Owen Arthur, Prime Minister of Barbados, of newspaper publisher Harold Hoyte. (BFP story here)

I take extreme offense at a Caucasian male telling me, as a Minister of Government in modern Barbados, that he is going to threaten to embarrass a national government in this way.” – said by Barbados Government Minister Elizabeth Thompson, of anti-Greenland dump activist Richard Goddard. (BFP story here)

“And – it apparently is not even enough to be of african heritage – one must have a darker skin tone to be shown on the BLP website. No lighter-skinned persons of african heritage or mixed race persons are shown on the website.” – from the BFP review of the BLP government website. (link here)

“That today, under Thompson, the DLP’s Afro (Black) support continues to fall while its Anglo (White) support spirals upwards is testimony of the extent to which the political make up of the DLP is changing.” – from the government’s BLP Blog article Thompson’s Sorry State – the message being that if whites are voting for Thompson, Thompson must be bad!

“indentured servant” – Prime Minister Owen Arthur talking about reporter Terry Ally. (link here)

“(Opposition Leader David) Thompson is a white man who believes that any success gained by a black man is by way of corruption and I would warn all blacks from both sides of the political fence not to follow him down this dark path to his own political demise…” – Barbados Labour Party insider RoyalRumble characterizes Opposition Leader David Thompson as “white”… HORRORS! (link here)

Rihanna, We Know Exactly What You Mean

I will leave our readers with something I wrote almost two years ago…

The Old Ways

My own grandfather was, in the vast majority of his ways, a good man – and I am sure that God loved him and loves him still in Heaven. But he was of the old ways, and he could not change. When I would walk a certain girl home from school, he would chide me that she was “too dark”.

For my grandfather, the ideal wife would always have lighter skin so the next generation could be lighter still.

I am sorry if the truth of my story of the old way hurts some people inside, but we must all simply be Bajans. It is time for us to lose the old ways, and it is shameful to hear our leaders throwing racial barbs at each other.

Is there not a Leader who will be colour blind and forever say, “We are all Bajan”?


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  1. Bimbro

    You know, inspite of being one of Rihanna’s biggest fans, I really wish that sometimes, she’d just keep that big, fat, mouth of hers shut, except for singing!

    I caan even bother to read the entire thing, yet, but the girl has to realise that at school you’re dealing with CHILDREN who don’t know their foot from their elbow and whose parents may not be the most educated or sophisticated people in the world to teach their children always the right way to behave.

    Has n’t she got enough fame. Does she have to ‘run-down’ Bim as well, for what purpose, in order to achieve, more?

    Look, it’s not satisfactory, but millions of children have been bullied at school, at one time or another, for one reason or another. Just shut-the-****-up Rihanna, and get on with your singing and be grateful that, through very little contribution from you, but a fortunate combination of genes have given you a real talent and enabled you to get as far as you have, and stop raking over old dirt!

    I suppose next she’ll be telling the world how she was ‘beaten’ by this person and that person!!!!

    Silly, girl!

  2. Yardbroom

    Some months ago I wrote:

    “Why do the BLP and its supporters resort to race? because in desperation they seek an emotional pull, with a latent inherent connection.

    The imprint of slavery, is etched on the consciousness of most Barbadians, Black and White, as if it never ended. We live in a world, in which just to mention it brings a rebuke, even if it is a silent one.

    Our existence seems to be in a clear glass jar, and we pretend no one can see us, but unfortunately it is us, who cannot see ourselves. We do a dance of pretense, that we have moved on, but we are running fast to stand still…”

    One “Anonymous” intellectual heavy weight responded to the above with a one word rebuttal “crap.”

    Any one with any commom sense, can see we are a country of mixed races. If one is in any doubt, stand on the top of Broad Street, in Bridgetown Barbados and watch the citizens pass and then do the same exercise in an African country from which we came, and note the skin colours, to suggest, we the majority are of pure African stock is nonsense.

    As for some of those who think they are white, if they travel to Europe and made such a claim, people would think they are mad.

    We must erase the colour dimension from our minds, in the mixed society we have, and then we can move forward as a society. If we fail to do that, we will constantly do a dance of pretending to be, what we are not and never have the freedom to move forward mentally.

  3. Rumplestilskin

    The truth is that many of us have come up directly against this malevolent virus.

    There are those who are plain ignorant and listen to the garbage spouted by others, those who are ignorant and scared of new things culturally, those who are bent on control and will stoop to any level for control, those who are jealous and find it an ‘easy attack’. It is in Barbados, its worldwide too.

    The secret is to walk away, ignore the fools, see and enjoy the beauty of life for yourself.


  4. please. spare. me.

    look kiss my ***. which part of rihanna white???!! furthermore she was bullied for reasons that i will not mention, but it didn’t have a thing to do with her complexion (or lack of…, girl was so poxxy she couldnt dream of being white). bfp as usual is being the asses we’ve come to tolerate for the last two years.

  5. john belle

    Rihanna’s mouth keeps geting bigger and bigger.
    With friends like her, who needs enemies.
    What other stories has she got to tell??????

  6. centipede

    Do you remember some years ago there was this ‘commission’ to look into racial integrity here? I dont remember the name of the commission.

    BUT WHATEVER HAPPENED WITH THE REPORT? Was it ever published or did it perush like all the others?

    At that time I wrote a letter in the Nation and suggested that we in the Caribbean were neither white nor black and the majority of the population were ‘mongrels’ (that was not the word I used, I use it here copying it from the article above.) I suggested we should declare a new racial name for ourselves … Caribbean … and stop referring to ourselves as ‘light brown’ and ‘red’ etc..

    I also wrote that suggestion in a letter to the Commission but of course nothing more was ever heard.

  7. Cortez Lewis

    Statement from ex-Hardwood CEO
    Published on: 12/19/07.

    Following is the text of a statement made by former CEO of Hardwood Housing Factory, Anthony Murrell, that was submitted to THE NATION last night.

    IN LIGHT of the national interest that has been generated about the Hardwood Housing Factory, and at the persistent request of my wife, I am persuaded to comment on the allegations levelled at me and others concerning Hardwood Housing Factory.

    A no-confidence motion was tabled in the House of Assembly against Minister Clyde Mascoll about wrongdoings at Hardwood Housing factory and that he condoned and promoted improper behaviour at that workplace.

    I think that one can really say that I am the man at the very heart of the matter and it is only fitting that I answer the charges made against me and some others at Hardwood Housing Factory.

    Many misconceptions and false allegations are being made by those who set out to slander and destroy the character of others. I am humbly asking that Barbadians take the politics out of the issue and be fair to all concerned.

    Let me say, as God has me to judge, and only God can determine the workings and deeds that come from a man’s heart or a woman’s heart, he alone sits in the seat of judgement. . . .

    But he has brought me through this whole affair and tested me. He has made me stronger and a better man than I was a few months ago.

    If this is my last breath, I would now take the opportunity to inform Barbados that Minister Clyde Mascoll has never been paid, or has ever received monies from, or on behalf of, Hardwood Housing Factory Inc.

    He has never sourced, received, or sold lumber on behalf of that company.

    Even when I sought his advice on certain matters, he would always speak on a personal level, but was quick to remind me that, as much as he would like to help, he could not do so because of his ministerial responsibility.

    That is the kind of man, Clyde Mascoll is. He is straightforward. He will listen to you and he will always advise you to do the right thing.

    I went to Guyana myself, even before I set up the factory. This was done to ensure that I got to meet the providers of lumber and to guarantee that I was getting the best quality lumber, and also to see what type of hardwood lumber was available to me.

    So when you hear someone say that Minister Mascoll sourced raw materials from Guyana, that is not true.

    Mr Mascoll never received compensation or monies when I discussed my idea with him whilst doing a project at Ashdeane Village, Black Rock. I thrashed it out with him and the only thing that concerned him was my ability to produce affordable housing for those at the lower end of society.

    His mission was to assist Government in getting houses quickly and cheaply. I have great respect for the man. You may have heard that before I knew him, I did not like him. I never trusted politicians and you will understand why I felt that way.

    But I have grown to love him and treasure him as a great person and the type of politician that Barbadians ought to embrace. Even when the company was operational and I spoke to him, he would gently motivate and encourage me with the goal that I should build at least one house a day.

    It was never about him, but about how many poor people I could help to get a house. There are those out there who would not wish Minister Mascoll to succeed, and that is quite unfortunate.

    Minister Mascoll has been done a great injustice by all the allegations thrown at him.

    My family, friends, and associates have been deeply hurt by the statements made about him and we are very sorry and regret that his name could be dragged through the mud to create a scandal.

    If there were shortcomings at Hardwood Housing Factory Inc. it would have been in the personalities that made up the management structure.

    As CEO, at the time, I take full responsibility for that. In the interest and the reputation of Hardwood Housing Factory Inc, I have submitted my resignation to the chairman of the company.

    If however the factory should require my technical support, I am available and willing to assist whenever I am called upon to do so. I wish the company great success and expect that it will continue to help the poor people who need houses in this country.

    As for me, that will also be my main intention.

    It is my commitment to continue to make affordable housing to all. It is from my humble workshop at home that I began to produce these houses and it is there I will return in the very near future to produce quality affordable homes.

    The familiar term being used of late is “going through the fire”. Well, that is exactly how it has been over the last 11 months, but, like steel,it has made me stronger.

    There is that caring nature in me that wants to give, and I wish to assure all that if there is a need, Anthony Murrell will be there to help.

    In closing, I encourage Barbadians, and especially the people whom Minister Mascoll represents, to understand that he is truly a man for helping them. He is simply a good person.

    Take away the politics and you will see a warm, genuine and caring individual. Do not let anyone blind you to this truth.

    I wish to publicly thank my wife and family, my friends and customers for their unswerving support and well wishes during this entire issue. To those who do not fully know the facts, I urge you to seek them out and judge for yourself.

    Barbados has always been blessed with good people and managed by good leaders. Do not let pettiness and maliciousness divide us. Thank you. – Sincerely, Mr F. A. Murrell

  8. Hants

    “Singer Rihanna says she was bullied at school – for being ‘white’.

    The raunchy star says she was taunted growing up on the Caribbean island of Barbados because she was FAIR-SKINNED.”

    What happened to Rihanna has been happening for the last 50 years and should be taken in context.

    At least in the USA and Canada she will only be defined as BLACK and hopefully that is her comfort zone.

  9. Adrian Hinds

    The dislike of clear skin people in Barbados is tied to the attitude of privilege and snobbery they have perpetrated on their darker skin brothers and sisters, for a long time. This is my view. If the GoB had seen it as important to have clear racial anti-discrimination laws i think that the hate and dislike that has festered as a result of the superior attitude of some, may not have gotten to this stage. National events like Peter Morgan publicly breaking the law, and being treated with Kid gloves, The English couple who where accuse of hurling racial epitets at black motorist, and not being held to account for it. The Greenidge and Son team beating a black boy about the face and not being held to account for it. Has served to exemplify what has festered for a very long time.
    …..Barbados continues to cry out for dialogue on race, recognition of past wrongs, but all we get is silence and attempts to silence. Just the other day on another forum, a poster attempted to get information on what he terms as the great white flight, of White Barbadians who left enmasse after either Barrow became premier or after Barbados became independent, and immediately after a known white poster thought it necessary to air his concern about the demise of that forum, becuase as he see it, it is beginning to focus on race. There cannot be any notion of REVERSE RACISM, if you and other clear sking Bajans cannot and will not discuss the “Original racism”.

  10. sorry if I don’t shed a tear for poor rihanna but darker skinned folk have been on the receiving end of endless taunts as children and adults as well. maybe we bajans just dont like anyone at all. dont make this a light skin or white thing cause we equal opportunity racists an will light ya tail up if ya too dark too.

    plus as one of the previous comments said kids will be kids. any perceived difference will be exploited to the max in that context. if rihanna wants to complain every one who has even been singled out for being darker, fatter, bony-ier, poxy-ier, shorter, less intelligent (or as we would say he/she retarded) than normal has an axe to grind.

    my mudda always used to say if ya aint got nuttin ta say ya might as well keep ya mout shut. rihanna need to follow similar advice.


    BFP Comments

    Hi Jdid,

    I agree with much of what you say but I also detect a “blacks took it for years now it is your turn” flavour… or am I wrong about that?

    When we have Government Ministers calling each other racial slurs and dismissing valid criticism because the speaker is “Caucasian”, we have a much greater problem than children calling names.

  11. plus to add to my other comments. race and skin color is a global issue dont make it seem like its unique to Barbados. Ask mixed race kids who grew up other places how they were treated.

  12. Such Stupid Comments

    Adrian wrote ..The dislike of clear skin people in Barbados is tied to the attitude of privilege and snobbery they have perpetrated on their darker skin brothers and sisters, for a long time.

    Adrian isn’t you hero TOM PEE fair-skin?

    Wasn’t PETER MORGAN a white DLP Minister of Government?

    The More the MONKEY CLIMB

  13. onlyheavencanhelp

    Rihanna, SHUT UP AND DRIVE!!!

  14. 4dr14n H1nd5

    Such Stupid Comments
    December 19, 2007 at 3:18 pm
    Adrian wrote ..The dislike of clear skin people in Barbados is tied to the attitude of privilege and snobbery they have perpetrated on their darker skin brothers and sisters, for a long time.

    Adrian isn’t you hero TOM PEE fair-skin?

    Wasn’t PETER MORGAN a white DLP Minister of Government?

    The More the MONKEY CLIMB

    creating a false position of my behalf does not make it mine, and highlighting Peter Morgan’s political affiliation does not change the fact that he broke the law, but i understand why you would make such comments and linkages, because the BLP has any number of corrupt persons with highly questionable wealth accumulation and you cannot bring yourself to side with the law and the need for transparency, fairness, and accountability. Such things are condition on account of who the person is for you.

  15. The “ugly” secret is no secret.
    What Rihanne said should make you think or read between the lines.
    If she is comfortable in the BIG world could it be that she is considered to be a performer and not black or white?
    Time to put that racism to rest!

  16. John


    What is original racism and who is qualified to discuss it?

    I have no idea what my ancestors (African, English, Scottish, Portuguese, Amerindian, Jewish, ….. and God only knows what else) did or did not do to contribute to the state of play as it is today.

    I agree that from what I hear and saw in my youth that it was possible for some persons of fairer skin or possessed of “good” hair to think themselves better than they actually were.

    Their way of thinking was reinforced by some persons of darker skin and not possessed of “good ” hair apparently agreeing with them.

    My view is that both sets were mentally deranged and indulged in some serious self injury.

    The fact is that it easy to think yourself better, … or worse, than someone else. That is part of being human. It may be to do with education or lack thereof, popularity or lack thereof or a host of other things …. even looks.

    I could see a girl at school being jealous of another with Rihanna’s looks and setting out to belittle her regardless of the colour of her skin because she felt herself to be not as good looking. That is part of being human.

    The secret is always to call a bully on his or her position and make him or her take a stand. If it is done right, the bully will blurt out some words without thinking and never bother you again.

    I could see that those words would relate to the colour of her skin.

    That is how Bajans insult one another because they are conditioned to think that skin colour matters from those at the top.

    My bet is that she never had any trouble from boys about the colour of her skin!!

    Here is an illustration of what comes out of the mouths of some of the persons who were at the top in my youth.

    I heard an old DLP hack, Sir Sleepy, being interviewed on TV and being asked about independence by two “young people” in a mock interview. He rarely if ever appears on TV now.

    He gave the story of 90 or so “white” people leaving Barbados after independence because they were supposedly afraid of a “black” government and alleged that one built a house in Australia called “NANIS” which he gloried in saying stood for “Not A N(word)… In Sight”.

    Thank God nobody took his rant in the paper on why he should become the next Governor General after Dame Nita died.

    In reality, many people who left in the 60’s left for economic reasons. Most were probably not “white”!!

    Some of the “white” ones read the racist words being uttered by the politicians of the time for what they were, targetted at dispossessing them of their assets ……. which were green.

    They also left for economic reasons.

  17. Chase

    For once I totally agree with Bimbro.

  18. Duppy Lizard

    We as children become a product of our environment. We listen to our parents, aunts and uncles and their friends – and we in turn adopt their opinions and prejudices. Rihanna discloses publicly that she was bullied as a child for being too “white”. Geez, I wonder where her school mates got this idea? Now we have all the yahoos coming out condemning her. What could be so wrong with her talking about it? Obviously it is etched in her memories and is still hurt by it.

    I think black barbadians are obsessed with the colour of one’s skin and the notion that lighter skinned people are somehow more privileged – and let’s not forget that if you come from “away” you’ve got lots of money.

    For a very small percentage of the population this was true but it certainly was not my experience. I grew up “white” or “fair skinned”, dirt poor, but my family was proud. I got it from all segments of the population, shunned and ignored by local whites with more money and attitude, looked on as an oddity by the colonial expatriates, and subjected to the slurs and taunts of blacks. Slapped across the face and head by hand and school book by a black teacher. Run down on my bicycle by a black boy on his bicycle, blood streaming from my mouth. Refused purchase of a newpaper – “she doan sell to no white man”. I could go on and on. My memories of life as a boy in Barbados are bitter sweet – but by the age of 19 I was gone, enough was enough.

    Two things I find rather ironic: 1. Blacks are just as racist as the whites, yet this is rarely acknowledged. 2. Barbados is totally dependent on tourism – I don’t see very many black tourists, yet the white tourists are merely tolerated.

    Way to go Barbadians!

  19. Pocohantes

    Bimbro you are not making any sense.

    1) Children SHOULD be learning at that age the skills of life, you expect to teach them when they are hardback?

    2) I watch my niece all the time and marvel at how much commonsense this girl has at her age. So children not knowing foot from mouth is a joke

    3) When will ppl learn that sophistication and education does not equate to common sense. in fact it’s quite the opposite. You can be educated to hate someone not like you. But commonsense will always bring you thru to the right way of thinking. That is you do not hurt people. And children understand this very well. But they too often take their cue from adults. You see? It’s really the adults that seem sometimes to doan know there head from their toe.

  20. Adrian Hinds


    What is original racism and who is qualified to discuss it?

    An attempt to play on the words “Reverse Racism” in that if something is now reverse there must have been an original. 😀

    This is not about your ancestors. I was born in 1965 through out the 70’s , 80’s were punctuated by a peculiar behaviour of persons who has as a common trait, a light hue, or straighter hair, or both. My god as recent as the Goodridge and son beating of a black boy in High-gate gardens demonstrate this unwillingness, even in this forum to discuss race in any form unless it is this nouveau concept of “reverse racism”

    Let us find the strenght to first deal with that which makes this new concept of racism, reverse.

    ……If i remember correctly John you also had some difficulty in discussin the facts of the Goodridge case.

  21. Ding Dong Merrily On High - B F P E Version

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    E’en so here below, below,
    Let steeple bells be swungen,
    And “Io, io, io!”
    Two Loveridge necks are wrungen,
    Glo, o-o-o-o-o-o, o-o-o-o-o-o, o-o-o-o-o-oria, Hosanna in excelsis!

    Pray you, dutifully Prime
    Minister crush those stinkers
    May you beautifully rime
    Your evetime song, ye singers.
    Glo, o-o-o-o-o-o, o-o-o-o-o-o, o-o-o-o-o-oria, Hosanna in excelsis!

  22. peltdownman

    I may be wrong, but does somebody have something against Adrian Loveridge?


    BFP Comments

    Please ignore the comments from the BLP government agents who are upset that Mr. Loveridge has been an effective voice of all the people in asking “difficult” questions of the government.

  23. Wishing in Vain

    I would suggest not with Adrian alone from what I am seeing the whole world, if this is the blp’s responses to criticism may the lord help them and help us.

  24. John


    Look back at the almost 300 comments (have not checked it recently) and you will find I said my piece in the Highgate Affair in this forum with no problem whatsoever!!

    My recollection is that we all had a problem discussing the facts because there were very few!!

    I believe there was only one real fact, a case had been brought against Mark Goodridge and his son!!

    I would have to look back at the newspaper or see the Police file to know what exactly the charge was.

    Anybody know what the factual outcome was?

    That did not stop anyone from saying his or her piece.

    I was born in 1956 so I lived through the crap talk of the politicians at Independence, The Right Excellent The Honourable Erroll Walton Barrow included. I was young, but I remember!

    …. not to say it was all crap talk, but there was certainly some!!

    I understand the political use to which skin colour has been put and recognise how it has been used, perhaps inadvertently, to undermine Barbados.

    I remember saying there were only two instances of racisim in Barbados which I witnessed in my life, but loads of racist talk which I heard and dismissed as crap.

    Those two instances were both related to modern day politicians!!

    Had I ever gone to a political meeting in my life I would almost certainly have other instances of racism which I could not dismiss.

    Suspect the newspapers dismiss much of what is said there as crap too so maybe I would too.

    I’ll see if I can find a newspaper article by Sanka Price from April 2006 which deals with integrity legislation to illustrate the crap talk the old party hacks used back in the heady days of the 1960’s.

    You saw something different 10 years later!! Not really, I hear what you say about light skin. That was going on for long. Used to hear people claim that the lighter skin children in a Bajan family were usually the favorites, especially if they had “good” hair.

    Fact is, many Bajans don’t have a clue who they really are and just repeat what they see without thinking!!

    Racism is racism. It is ugly and sticks out like a sore thumb. It cannot hide.

    A racist does not practise reverse racism or original racism, just racism, and that person becomes ugly too.

    Now you explain it, I understand your play on the word original, it was a nice touch and certainly makes one think. There is no such thing as reverse racism, just racism.

    Rihanna I suspect did not experience racism, she heard crap talk, and she dismissed it and got on with her life.

    Power to her!!

    …. but she still better watch out for Reverend Errington Massiah if she attends another wedding in Barbados, ….. star or no star!!

  25. John

    …….. I am talking to Adrian Hinds, not Adrian Loveridge!!

    I think that the comments against Adrian Loveridge are long past nuisance.

    I hope that the RBPF is investigating the malicious intent expressed against him and can do something.

  26. TOC (Tired of crap)

    “Owen Arthur will be in Nigeria for Christmas to strengthen the ties with Africa – which I agree with. Yet… when the photos are published of a happy Owen and his hosts, look at the skin colours! Owen will be “white” beside the Nigerians.”
    This has to be the quote of quotes, since my short foray into the world of blogs. The author falls prey to the very issue s/he rejects…I am to assume that all Nigerians are of one shade…How can the comments of this teenager be so misconstrued and used as a premise for these comments…my new year wish is for critical thinking Barbadians!!


    BFP Comments

    The author was making the point that Nigerians generally have much darker skin than Bajans, and having spent some time in Nigeria and other parts of Africa and the Middle East, the author is recounting his own observations.

  27. Pat

    Bimbro, I agree with you. You knock us on the other blog for speaking the truth about Rihanna, now you are seeing it for yourself. I think she does not put her brain in gear before opening her mouth to the press. This is the third interview in which she has put down Bajans. I think she is paving the way to disowning the island and any links to it.

    I was called “red n****r”, red fox, grey goose and many more. It never bothered me and I surely did not broadcast it when I emigrated to Canada. Those were school boy/girl taunts. I also called the taunters names like “tar baby”. Is Rihanna saying she did not do the same? She behaves as though people owe her something. Too big for her boots…..

  28. Lucywantstoknow?

    Why all the hatred? Isn’t it about dialogue, exchanging ideas, a little venting but not such blatant hatred towards humankind.
    Peace on Earth should start with Peace at home.
    Go back to the photo of the child with the smile, that is the future people, each one of us is responsible to ensure that there is one. Community & kindness goes a long way.

  29. centipede

    The ideas and opinion expressed in this column only go to reinforce what most know… that we Bajans live in a gold fish bowl…. slowly swimming round and around and around ad infinitum, not going anywhere and almost oblivious that there is a world over the horizon. We’ve been doing this for generations.

    That is why, with a ‘new world order’ others … like the Trinidadians, who are more emboldened, see us for what we are… and are happy to move in and take over. Other nationalities are coming too, stay tuned.

    But then, the Trinidadians are a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural lot … we Bajans are not. And this is largely, a part of our down fall.

  30. FamilyB

    boy the BLP sure is desperate … Adrian, keep on hammering away, the wall will soon fall. I commend you on the thoroughness of your analysis in the area which you are qualified to speak. I also highly admire the fact that you have stayed away from personal assaults.

    It is clear that they have become tired, and hence desperate. For an administration that has done so much locally, and has made it so far regionally and internationally, then to have to resort to this kind of behaviour to hold on to the power, clearly suggests that there’s a serious fear of losing ground.

    Keep hammering away Adrian, the people will see the truth for what it is.

    Spin, threats, assault and intimidation will only go so far, what these people have to remember is that when pushed into a corner, the people have one recourse, will they be prepared for that?

  31. Bajangirl

    I live in the USA. After learning about the existence of Rihanna, I tried to read as many articles as possible about her, so that I could learn about her. I quickly learned, much to my disappointment, that Rihanna harbours a great deal of disdain for Barbadians.

    She is doing serious damage to the reputation of Barbadians overseas. In various articles that I have read, Rihanna has stated that Barbadians hate to see other Barbadians get ahead. In an Atlanta, Georgia magazine, Rihanna said that her mother had to quit her job as an accountant in Barbados, because of the “cattiness” and jealousy of her Barbadian coworkers.

    She said many other things, but I know readers don’t like to read long replies, so I won’t mention everything I have read. I have been living in the USA for over 30 years. Before Rihanna, I had never seen a foreign born celebrity in the USA criticize their native country.

    I recently saw the Colombian singer Shakira on TV. She was publicizing a charity she founded in Colombia. She said she founded the charity because she loves Colombia. She said it is because of Colombia that she is where she is today. She said Colombia gave her the foundation that she needed to become the international star that she is. Barbadians gave Rihanna’s Guyanese mother and her relatives the opportunity to live in Barbados and take advantage of all of the opportunities available to Barbadians. Rihanna and her brothers and other family members were given free health care and education. It is because of the good education that she received in Barbados that she is able to present herself to the world with such poise. She does not seem to understand this.

    She seems to embrace everything American and foreign, while dismissing everything Barbadian. She will soon learn, just as Britney Spears has learned, that Americans and others only support you for a time. I hope, for her sake, that she does not totally burn the Bridge to Barbados. She will need someplace to call home when her 15 minutes of fame are up. Shakira will be able to go home, because she has not forgotten where she came from.

  32. Sister Baby

    I tell you, shades of Guyana in Barbados, now the ugly face of racism in the shinning star of the Caribbean. Well, I am African Guyanese, so I feel I must write here on behalf of Rihanna’s Mum. I am a bit in shock that Rihanna would say she experienced racism in the schools of Barbados. I would not have expected her to say that, because I always hearing such wonderful things about Barbados. I wonder if she is saying these things to get sympathy from the Americans because of all the things that have happened to her in recent days. In the old days in Guyana there were a lot of Euro-Afro mixed people and they were very racist, more racist than the people that invented racism, but these poeple left Guyana because of the policies of the late Leader of Guyana LFS Burnham for places like Barbados, US, UK, Canada, Trinidad among others, now I am hearing that these coloureds from Guyana are all very Afro-centric in their adopted homelands, like the man in charge of the Barbados Pan-African Group. Well so long from this Guyanese of body, soul, and African spirit. Merry Christmas, and I am predicting the next we will hear from our girl Rihanna, (her name even has a part of Guyana in it) is that she was molested as a child or she is expecting, for that is the way these stars operate in the country that Rihanna now calls home

  33. Sister Baby

    Please allow me to reply to Bajan Girl, Bajan Girl, you say that Barbados gave Rihanna’s Mum opportunity, and I agree with that, but in the 50’s and early 60’s a lot of Barbadians (Bajans) flocked to Guyana and we welcomed them with open arms, why an old batchlor form Barbados lived in my yard and as a teenager I cooked for him as he became ill in Guyana and had not one, excpet us in that yard. I collected money to get a Pan Am airline ticket to send him hom to Barbados. So please don’t bad talk Rihanna’s mother and Guyana. Rihanna’s loyalty is probably really with Guyana, as I have heard that from the overseas Guyanese people

  34. Sister Baby

    One more comment, You will have a lot of multi-culturalism in the Land of the Flying Fish when you all remove the Guyana bench from Grantley Adams International Airport at Seawell. I know a lot of different people from Guyana want to come to Barbados, and someday your PM will go by the name of Arthratt Owendeo.

  35. Sister Baby

    I think Rihanna might be reading these posts. Rhianna, we love you girl, and please try to promote Guyana also—your mother’s land. Girl when I hear you had a Guyanese connection I went online getting every article that say you are part Guyanese and sent it to all Guyanese via and E-Mail and Guyana Mail. Most people didn’t know you had a Guyanese connection, so the next thing we did is buy the record of you, CD. All the young Guyanese girls so happy you are Guyanese and we all say you are so beautiful. We love you and we want you to come to Guyana. Some of the Fenty’s are still here, such as Allan hosting the Morning Show on CSN TV Guyana. Come home girl. And please try to get a recording deal for our own Timeka Marshall, our country’s version of you. Love you my dear. The pepperpot simmering, the mauby brewing, the black cake baking, the cook-up boiling, so we have all our traditional foods so you see we have all our traditonal foods ready for you. We are 45 mintues from Barbados on Caribbean Airlines jet, so come to Guyana—The other Caribbean

  36. Sister Baby

    Old African Saying in Guyana. You do not have to be tall to see the moon. Rhianna harbours disdain for Barbados because of the way you all treat Guyanese. Bajan Girl, Guyana has free health care and education, and I think if Rihanna was Guyana born and schooled she would not have experienced the horrors of racism, for Guyana has all types of mixtures of people. Guyanese would not have singled her out for having light skin and green eyes, they would have seen her as special, and I mean all Guyanese, Africans, East Indians, Portuguese, Chinese, Amerindians, and the rest of the different kinds of people in Guyana. Guyanese would have called her white, but certainly not bully her. Well, on the other hand let us thank God she was born in Barbados, because I am quite confident she would not have made it to stardom from Guyana, because as you all know those big rich American types do not come to Guyana, at least not yet, but we trying this side to promote our country as the other Caribbean, where you will find nature in most pristine form. I read here that His Excellecy the PM consults with a Guyanese Obeah woman, jsut goes to show you all can not wlive with out us, you see we working in construction in Barbados, and doing maid works, but look whom His Excellecy consults in matters of state, we the Guyanese.

  37. Rumplestilskin

    Hey, looks like our pet troll has been hitting the rum himself.

    Down boy, now go and play in the forest.

  38. I think Bajan Girl has written sage words of wisdom.
    If what she is saying is true, that Rihanna constantly criticizes her native land, that really is sad.
    Rehanna, may be too young to realise, but in the entertainment world, careers are usually short. Only the “cream of the crop”, the very best make 10 years.
    Someone who is close to her, who she would be willing to listen to (If she is willing), should offer here some advice.

  39. centipede

    If you asked me… I’d like to suggest that Rihanna has had the opportunity to experience the wider world and from that perspective she suddenly(?) is able to see Bajans in another light.

    It’s like going to Cave Hill University. You go there and read the text books and get a ‘degree’ (HARDLY A STUDENT EVER FAILS) and you come out as a ‘scholar’ – yet your mind has not grown even a half-inch.

    This is the result of living in the gold fish bowl. This is why people like Errol Barrow and Tom Adams who had the opportunity of an ‘overseas’ education became the giants they were.

    Compare anyone who was educated abroad with those who are ‘educated’ here and you see a rock and a grain of sand.

  40. Hants

    Bajangirl you are being selective in what you are saying.

    I have heard and seen Rihanna on several North American TV shows and on every occasion she has been promoting Barbados and her Barbados roots.

    The attacks on Rihanna reflect a negative side of Barbadian society that some of us ignore.

    She along with Patrick Husbands are 2 Bajan stars who retain their accents and promote Barbados whenever they are interviewed on TV.

    Like her or not Rihanna is Rich and sucessful.

    I wish her continued sucess.

  41. Hants

    BFP…Thanks for giving me the opportunity to freely discuss and comment on issues affecting Barbados.

    Merry christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

  42. Pat

    Regardless of where Rihanna’s mother came from, she Rihanna is Bajan, born, bred and educated. She owes the island a lot and should be ashamed of herself for disparaging her own at every turn. Everything that goes up, must come down.

  43. Bajan Yankee

    I am glad the vile racial prejudice in Barbados has been exposed for all the world to see. Everything in Barbados is usually covered up. I am a black Bajan married to a white American woman and we came to live in the U.S. because of the nasty insults she used to get, like “stinking white bitch” and worse words. Barbados has gone to the dogs, but I have faith in that young man David Thompson to put Barbados right again. Go for it, Dave!

  44. Anonymous

    why should she be quiet… I find that many Barbadians try to keep things covered up.Rihanna WELL DONE.I can totally relate to this as i too was picked on for being of the lighter persuasion. One of my teachers once told me that I am a disgrace to my hair and my colour. I was often called “Mighty Whitey” at school and received no solace in teachers who were ignorant to the fact that this was also racism. I was always thought to be stuck when i really am down to earth and was forced into a certain mold because I was considered white despite my father is black. I can firmly say that my multi-racial status and my experiences as a child have made me more aware of being my brother’s keeper and not judging ppl. I am all for uniting the world and making a difference…I do not agree with any form of racism and i believe that black on white racism is allowed because people feel that descendent of slavery should be at least allowed this “privilege”…to anyone reading this I hope u consider that not all whites were responsible for slavery and therefore should not all be subject to racial abuse.

  45. “I agree with much of what you say but I also detect a “blacks took it for years now it is your turn” flavour… or am I wrong about that?”

    BFP I think you have misread my comment. I am not promoting an its your turn so accept it concept. I am simply saying bajans find fault with everybody. the white, the black and the in between.

  46. Starrr

    i think you all should be ashamed. Rihanna had done nothing wrong by speaking of her childhood. I too was unfaired for being of the lighter persuasion and received no solace in teachers who were ignorant to the fact that this too was racism. I was often called “Mighty Whitey” and was once told by a teacher that I am a disgrace to my hair and my colour. To this day people always judge me before they even know me because of my complexion. To the illiterate person who called Rihanna poxy…get over yourself, so many little children have blemished skin, so many grown ppl too..whats ur point, Rihanna still got clear skin now and making money..u are nothing but a jealous FREAK. I believe the uproar from u all is disgusting because black on white racism is soo underlooked and no consideration goes out to those half-caste or mixed children in public school who are taunted and teased like Rihanna and myself. This does not take away from the severity of white on black racism which I do not condone either BUT I urge the public to take this as a wake up call…If u don’t see this as a problem, you are SICK.

  47. Starrr

    Rihanna promotes the Caribbean but she is was born and raised in Barbados so she does not really have alot about Guyana except for the fact that he mom cooks a lot of Guyanese dishes and probably still has the twang…I plan to pursue my dreams overseas and i would hope that polish and british ppl dont expect me to promote them over BARBADOS…my mother does keep her polish culture alive with cooking, culture and language but that by no means wanes my affections for BARBADOS the land of my birth despite its imperfections…dont get it twisted.

  48. lilnubia

    Oh Lord, why are you people spending all this time talking about Ms. Rihanna. She makes those silly comments to get reaction from Barbadian people. Maybe if you ignore her comments, she will stop making them. You have an upcoming election, so save the discussions for that and for Heaven’s sake do the right thing. Get rid of you know who ppllleeeaaaasssseeee!!!!!!!

  49. Rebranded

    Since when is what Rihanna (God bless her) says of such import or consequence, because she can wiggle her ass and sing a bit and impress the pop music crazy crowd. Her sound-bites are part of the pop music culture and nothing more, some talk to give a little seeming substance to an otherwise very empty culture.
    As for the racial issue in Barbados, it is what it is. Racists exist, I have met them personally both white and black in Barbados. They are a mixed up bunch of folk and they exist all over the world.
    I personally don’t care what white people think of me, it is what my black brothers and sisters think that bothers me. The truth: our black folk and some of our white folk, have not been able to live down the atrocities of slavery and colonialism, and nobody really wants them to talk about it, it’s inflammatory. Fact is though, that people cannot disconnect from their heritage, so if my fore-parents were slaves, and ill-treated, and poor, and abused that is a legacy that I cannot erase, I accept it, but I also overcome, to the point where I love looking at any images of those black slaves, we ought to be damn proud of the fact they were so resilient. Which brings me to the present day, and shame on those black people who join with the white and black barbarians to decry nappy/knotty hair, broad noses, big backsides etc, the race may no longer be pure, but we know the score. So to the black folk, just make sure your press/straighten hair, your desire for a nose-job like some modeling-judge guy I recently saw on TV, your low waist pants that flatten your backsides, your gel heads, curls and waves, and your facial/bleaching creams etc, make sure these kinds of trends are on your head and not in your head, though I for one would totally avoid them.

  50. Bajan Yankee

    My comment is still awaiting moderation? Since early this morning??? I did not write anything offensive.

  51. Sister Baby

    Well Starr, Rihanna is the one telling the world her Mum is Guyanese, not I, so I am assuming that she feels a connection to us. You can’t tell me that Rihanna does not know anything about Guyana, especially when Barbados is a mere 45 minutes by jet from here, and especically having a Guyanese Mum, don’t beleive it. There are Fenty’s living here, and I beleive Allan Fenty is a relative, he is the host of Morning Guyana Show on CNS TV GUYANA. Ordinary Bajans, with no connections here know Guyana. Anyway, we have Eddy Grant, he was born and bred here, but I know he took up reisdence over there, but he has a beautiful home here in Northern Guyana on a majestic river. Happy Christmas, and if you were in Guyana I would invite you over for some nice Guyanese Christmas dishes.

  52. Starrr

    why do you all constantly assault Rihanna with your stupid accusations. She has done nothing wrong. Do you want he to sit tight lipped and not expose what troubles she has gone through? Life is not a fairy tale and everyone has a story to tell…should she not have this opportunity just because a bunch of chastizing critics in her homeland are too conservative and thin skinned to handle it…EMBRACE de damn girl and stop finding fault…yall make me SICK

  53. Sister Baby

    I would have never known Barbados had such a race problem, had I not stubble on this board. I think the reason Barbados might have this problem is because you are very Americanised, plus the great influx of foreigners to the country, so you have picked up on their problems.


    BFP Comments,

    Thanks for visiting, Sister…

    But you will find that Barbados had these problems long before the United States existed!

  54. Bajangirl

    Sister Baby and BFP

    Didn’t Blacks and Indians murder each other over race in Guyana? Aren’t they still bitterly divided over race? I think Bajans merely discussing race is a far cry from that.

  55. Anon

    Silly Comments by Silly Girl

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for the success of Rihanna but the last few times that she has chosen to open her mouth, I just think what silliness will she say next.
    I wonder if it some marketing ploy to show what a “bad hand” life dealt our Good Girl who as a result has now Gone Bad.

    Let’s be real…how many of us have not been taunted at school? Be it because of the colour of our skin…from the very dark to the very light complexions or because we wore spectacles or because our uniforms were not the newest or because we had African features, ‘picky’ hair, because we stuttered or were not too bright?

    Kids WILL be kids…it’s part of growing up, and to drag this to the level of “the political situation in Barbados” is absurd. Deal with everything on its own merit.

    If I remember correctly if anything lighter skin kids got more ‘special’ treatment because they looked more like the white dolls that were sold in town.

  56. Sister Baby

    Well there is an old African saying in Guyana that one does not have to be tall to see the moon. Rihanna looks like half white to me, and in Guyana it is said that her father is a white Barbadian, but here I see you all saying he is mixed, so I am assuming that her Dad is like Dr. Ikael Tafari or the oppostion leader Mr. Thompson. She is beautiful, and she is a star. Then I was checking on the food on the internet from Barbados, well you all have first class restaurants. The pictures were taken by an East Indian Barbadian, and they showed the food from Asian Palm, and Flindt in Holetown, oh my what lovely cakes and things there, Opa the Greek place I believe near the Bridgetown Airport, even the Greek food looked good to me, Zen the Asian place Wow, and Lucky Horseshoe, fabulous, no wonder Guyanese want to come over. Thanks BFP for welcoming me, and yes Barbados has a longer history than the USA. Well in Guyana we say, Bridgetown is Miami and Port-of-Spain is New York.

  57. Sister Baby

    Rihanna is not the first air Barbados’ race issue, for the BBC beat her as they did a documentary on race in the Caribbean, and Barbados was the first place visited by the BBC people. If my memory serves me well I believe it was a two part series, Barbados and Guyana was in part one, Trinidad and Suriname part 2. I remember little about the race issues in Barbados as I could hardly wait to see the second part which was on Guyana. But what I remembered on the Barbados segment was that they showed a beautiful supermarket that was well stocked in downtown Bridgetown that was owned by a white Bajan. He was indeed proud of the fact that his family had lived in Barbados for 250 years. He then took the BBC people to like a slum area of Bridgetown, where they showed some poor white Bajan people just standing around, the BBC said that those white Bajan are called “red foot” people. Then the wealthy white Bajan businessman took the BBC people to his poor old lady cousin’s home. She lived in the slum area I guess in Bridgetown, and he said, he brought her groceries once a week and that she did not want to move to the rich areas of Bridgetown. They showed the white old lady’s husband who was a black Bajan and they said they got along well. They painted a rosey picture, but then when they turned to Guyana they said, yes, this is Guyana and just like Barbados a former British colony but that is where the similarity ends. This documentary was shown in Guyana in 1999, about 12 years after it was made. But I am sure it was shown in Barbados right after it was made

  58. Starrr

    Little do you know Anon..that children with lighter skin tones are not as accepted into public school as well as darker children. Many ppl assume that when you have a light complexion, you have money. Thats just how Barbados is.

    To Sister Baby: I am not saying she knows nothing about Guyana or that she did not acknowledge her Guyanese heritage. What I am saying is she is more Bajan than Guyanese anyday. She lived here all her life. I think it is unfair to expect her to speak of a land of which she knows LITTLE. She does give credit to the food that her mom cooks but lets face it , she is a Bajan.

  59. Bajangirl

    Sister Baby

    I saw the documentary you are talking about. I remember that on the Guyanese portion of the documentary that a Guyanese Indian man said he thinks Black people are dogs.

    This is the last comment I will make under this Rihanna heading, because it is old news now.

    I am a proud Barbadian, but I teach and went to school in the USA. In schools where I have worked, and in schools that I attended growing up, I have seen dark skinned Black children ridiculed by other dark skinned Blacks and by light skinned Blacks. I have seen light skinned Black children ridiculed by dark skinned Blacks. I have seen Asians, Hispanics, Whites, you name it, ridiculed.

    On two separate occasions White boys in elementary schools I attended commented on my short “nappy” hair. One of them said to a Black boy in my class, “Would you like to have hair like hers?” The Black boy said, “No way” and laughed. Another White boy joked with another Black boy about my hair when a sewing teacher was talking about string. He said, “Her hair doesn’t even have a string on it,” meaning it was very short. The Black boy laughed. I was humiliated on numerous other occasions by Blacks and Whites.

    The point I am trying to make is that everyone at some point in life is bullied or made fun of. You do not have to take that into your adult life. Now that I am an adult, I do not run around telling everyone who will listen to me that I was ridiculed as a child because of my short “nappy” hair.

    In a recent article in Vibe Vixen Magazine, which is an African American magazine, Rihanna made the comment that when she was growing up in Barbados, she would have never considered dating anyone who is not Black, but that now she is noticing that all of the boys who turn her on are White. She is experiencing race issues herself. Everyone does. Rihanna needs to just sing, get over the past, and keep her personal business to herself. She would be the perfect star if she could just do that.

    Beyonce, who Rihanna is often compared to, has a policy that she does not discuss her personal life. In all of the years she has been in the business, I have never heard her utter a negative word about anyone or discuss personal family issues. She is highly respected for her grace and poise. Rihanna should learn from her.

    People around the world love Rihanna because of her beauty, talent, poise, and her fierce sense of style. She doesn’t need to keep telling everyone her father was a crack head, Bajans hate her, and about all of the taunts she received as a child. People will love her without being told and reminded about all of that.

  60. Sister Baby

    Hi Starr, You are right she is Bajan all the way, and she does acknowledge it. Just old Sister Baby trying to stir up the Barbados board. This is the best website in the world. Oh Gosh I went to the Livinguyana blogsite, oh mercy, horrible. I love coming here and reading all the things you all have to say even though I am not too well versed in the politics. Barbados has produced many fabulous singers besides Rihanna, such as Rupee, but he too look half white to me, Arturo Tappin, he too look half white and so does Allison Hinds. Happy Christmas Starr.

    BFP, Please show pictures of The Hon. PM and Dr. Ikael Tafari’s visit to Nigeria. I am wondering if Dr. Tafari will kiss the ground of the Mother Continent when he arrives in Lagos or Abuja. Happy Christmas to you all.

  61. Hants

    Just for the record. All human beings originated from Africa.

  62. lilnubia

    Sister Baby, just so you know Rupee is mixed, his father is Barbadian and his mother is German.

  63. John


    …. so the only human beings in existence and hence racists are African.

    Sorry, just being silly and stupid.

    But I agree, we all have African ancestors somewhere or the other in our past.

    It is thus illogical to be racist.

    Maybe it is just human to look to put down another human in any way.

    Hence the message we get through the miracle of Christmas which also permeates religions other than Christianity “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is not recognised as being human in origin.

    It is a tough ask of mere mortals and we never seem to implement it fully in our lives.

    Guess the reason it appears in other religions is that someone has to keep reminding us of the Golden Rule because we all (Africans, mankind, human beings) keep forgetting it.

  64. Warrior

    I agree with lilnubia’s first post. Rihanna is a pop tart living in a world that has been created by lights and cameras. She might be here today and we wake up tomorrow and she’s gone.

    The statements, lives and actions of these so called celebrities have become more outlandish and degenerate all in an effort to bring in more money.

    If she can make a stupid statement, that will clearly offend some and please some she knows that she will be in the news for at least the next couple months and when popularity wanes, then the PR machine will crank out some other ignernt statement to get us running again.

    We have bigger fish to fry. If Rihanna is truly a star then she will be around for a long time, if not by the time the sun sets not one fellow will remember her.

    Let’s get back to the issue at hand and stop killing one another over foolishness.

  65. Sister Baby

    Bajan Girl, I know every thing that you have said. Here is a story : My cousin attended Howard University in Washington USA in the 1950’s and on the first Sunday there in Washington she decided to venture out from the Howard U. campus to attend church. Well she went into this church that was designated a white church, she did not know that it was a white church, and just went in and took a seat, a few minutes later a white man came and tapped her on the shoulder and politely told her that she was in the wrong church and needed to go 10 blocks down the road to the church for coloured people. I did not experience anything like you Bajan Girl, because I went to an AME Church school, Fountain AME School in Georgetown and Allen AME High School in Georgetown, but my problem was they said I wore think spectales, and we were poor, so they laughed at me for being poor and livng in this big yard that was supposedly a former slave plantation. But I know what you mean.

    Lilnubia, thanks for the info on Rupee, and I looked up Rihanna’s family tree, on her mother’s side she is decended from the Braithwaite family, Monica is a former Braithwaite, and Monica’s Dad, I believe is part white, well he looks like an old Rupee to me, so I am assuming but not sure. Have a Happy Christmas, God Bless and stay well.

  66. Sister Baby

    Bajan Girl, Continued success to you. I am happy that you did not let those hurts hinder you in any form or fashion. Blessings to you!

  67. luv2hate

    this whole thing is stupid, anyone with common sense would know no male is going to hate on a girl for being fair skinned unless hes gay….which leaves females which would hate on another female just for the fact of it……conclusion, never try to make sense out of anything that comes outta her mouth, and especially ahhhh fack this, *goes to the beach*

  68. Maat

    Rihanna has an important role to play in our society and has been given a talent to develop and a world stage to express this talent upon.

    Our darling singer can do that which we all need to do and that is to sing some praises to our Creator. She can use her talent to promote wholesome values, to send out crucial messages to the youth and to do that which she has done from her days in the Power of the Blood Church; Glorify God.

    Gods beauty shines in her eyes, it is the grace of her Creator that has taken her through to where she is and she can and will give something tremendous back for this.

    Perhaps she will develop a range of powerful gospel albums that become a legacy of her spiritual development, perhaps she will lean towards conscious lyrics that will lend assistance to her sisters’ that are in need of greater self esteem

    Hold onto your humility sister, you are still a green mango and ‘green mango can edge teet,’ but you will ripen and then all will savor your sweetness.


  69. Anonymous

    Rihanna is still trying to bring attention to herself. She knows that no one in the international world will look at her and see her as white. All the white men she wants next to her will never make her white – so what does she do? She creates this little history of her school days (11-14 years) and begs the world to try seeing her the way she preceives we see her in Barbados. I am almost ashamed to read her infantile comments. She will NEVER be white to the world. She is fair and beautiful, like most Bajan girls her age but she should accept that in Hollywood, she’s still black and as black as any non-white to the world.

  70. Anonymous

    This headline is misleading, I’m not surprised since this is the same headline all the gossip blogs were using. If you read the article she never says she was white. She said she was picked on and kids in school called her white because she is light skinned.Why didn’t ya’ll put the quote?

    ”I was a little confused as a kid because I grew up with my mom, and my mom is black. So, I was cultured in a very ‘black’ way. But when I go to school, I’m getting called ‘white’. They would look at me, and they would curse me out. I didn’t understand. I just knew I saw people of all different shades, and I was light.”

  71. Hants

    Anonymous says…. I am almost ashamed to read her infantile comments.

    If Rihanna wants to be “white” why is she in Barbados hanging out with her dark black friends.

    Barbados can be a very nasty place for successful people.

    Rihanna does not deserve the ridicule by some of the Carp writing above.

  72. Rumplestilskin

    Oh, cut the rubbish.

    We knows that so many bajans judge the colour of skin, its a FACT. Some who HAPPEN TO BE black, some who Happen to be white and some who Happen to be in-between, all have jealousies and take it out in their limited way i.e. personal attack.

    Additionally we have the ‘class thing’. Class in Barbados means different than it should.

    ‘Class’ should mean behaviour. I would not mix with certain people persisting in behaviours that I dislike, my right.

    But in BIM it means sumting else. Ya know, de money ting. De political ting. De business-owner ting. De professional ting. An summa dem ‘upper class’ (per BIM) does behave stink, stink stink.

    The main weapon of a limited mind, personal attack and violence.

    Rihanna is just stating it like it is, don’t like that?


    Thankfully we are seeing some youngsters breaking the mold and mixing with all races both with friends AND now marriages because they see people as people, not as colors and ‘them’.

    These few youngsters are the ones who will make it in future, there is no place in the world for bigots.


  73. Yardbroom


    Amen to “that”

    Truth in a nut shell.

  74. SK

    Rihanna is a product of a publicist. Many of these stars are encouraged to tell the public some sob story so that people will know they are ‘real’ and connect with them.

    Furthermore, I noted that Evan Rogers, despite Rihanna doing Barbados commercials, etc, claims that Barbados isn’t using her enough. Does he care about Barbados or how much money he should be getting out of the country? At the end of the day, the managers and other behind-the-scenes people get a hefty pay day.

    On the other hand, I will admit that some of the feelings expressed on this board are foreign to me. I am well-aware of darker-skinned children and coarser-haired children being teased not the other way around. I am in my 30s, is this a generational thing? Have I been living under a rock rather than on The Rock?

    I sympathise with anyone who has felt the sting of racism whether light-skinned or dark-skinned… my problem with this whole thing is that too many Rihanna interviews have some negative slant on the Barbadian population. BFP, she should not be applauded but pitied. She is a young girl who is a puppet on the string of moneymakers who are using Barbados to give her that ‘exotic’ persona and nothing more.

  75. Hants

    SK…… You seem to be living a sheltered life.
    Racism in Barbados is a 2 way street and should not hidden.

    I used to be called yellow nannie, redboy etc.
    I have also been “given special treatment” because of the “redness” by both blacks and whites.

    Girls do not cope with insults as well as boys so prehaps Rihanna may have been hurt by the nastiness.

    Rihanna is a Star and Barbados does not deal with stardom very well. The BTA should have Rihanna in every commercial in the USA and Europe.
    Rihanna does not need Barbados but she would be great for Tourism advertising.

    Patrick Husbands just became Canada’s top jockey for the 5th time, in a country with 33million people.

    I hope the BTA sees some value in using him in their new Canadian Advertising thrust.

  76. Bimbro

    “It’s a silly way of Barbadians,” Rihanna sighs. “They always have to find fault, they’re waiting for you to fall. As much as they enjoy your success, and are like: ‘Keep it up’, they have so much pride, it’s easier for them to say, ‘Little whore, you slept with Jay-Z to get signed.’ Even when I go back there now, I’ll see girls in the street, walking and snubbing and saying stuff about me.”


    Dear Rihanna,

    In case you should read this; in spite of chastising you, a bit, above, I should like you to know that we nearly, ALL, love you really! Nevermind, the silly girls. Much of that is due to jealousy! I bet that, inspite of what they say, they’d jump at the chance of joining your entourage, if you offered them the opportunity!!!

    BTW, attended your concert at Wembley and thought you were FANTASTIC!!!! Have n’t stopped playing your ‘GGGB’ cd, since! Please keep singing and all the best to you.

    My suspicion is, that if you gave a concert there, the whole of Bim would attend it – who were capable of walking, running, crawling, etc., so just ‘rock-on’, babe!!!!

    A huge admirer!!!!

  77. Bajangirl

    I said I wasn’t going to comment under this heading anymore, but I feel I need to respond to Hants and others.

    you and others keep saying Rihanna has put Barbados on the map and that Rihanna does not need Barbados. Barbados was on the map for hundreds of years before Rihanna came along. We were not on the map for having a teenager exposing her breasts and winning music awards, but we were on the map for having produced the likes of Earl Graves, son of Barbadian immigrants and founder of Black Enterprise magazine, one of the largest Black owned businesses in the U.S. We were on the map for producing Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman to be elected to the United States Congress. We were on the map for producing Professor Velma Scantlebury-White, the first Black female transplant surgeon in the U.S. We were on the map for producing Eric Holder, Jr., son of Barbadian immigrants, who during President Bill Clinton’s administration, served as Deputy Attorney General of the United States and became the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the history of the United States. We were on the map for producing some of the best leaders in the Caribbean, and around the world, for that matter. The list goes on and on. Stop the foolishness about saying Barbados never produced a bigger star than Rihanna. Read up on the aforementioned people and other praiseworthy Barbadians.

    You said the BTA should use Rihanna in every ad all over the US and Europe. They should not. People who appear in ads need to look sincere. How can she look sincere in an ad promoting Barbados, when she has already told the world that Bajans hate her and that they essentially are not nice folks? People who bad mouth their native people to foreigners should not be put in ads promoting their country. That’s nuts.

    Hants, you asked why if Rihanna wants to be White she hangs out with dark Black friends. Just minutes ago I watched a show here in the U.S. called the Montel Williams show. On the show was a dark skinned Black woman who said she does not want to be Black. She plans to have cosmetic surgery and bleaching treatments to make herself look less Black. Sitting next to her was her best friend, who is a dark skinned Black woman. The fact that her best friend is Black does not stop the woman from wanting to be White. I know Rihanna does not want to be White. I just mentioned that story to show you that your logic does not hold up. If Rihanna has dark skinned Black friends, doesn’t that show that not all dark skinned Blacks bothered her? Why is she focusing on the taunts of a few?

    On the Montel Williams show, there was also an Asian woman who does not want to be Asian. She grew up in a mostly White environment and thinks her White girlfriends are prettier than she is. She had surgery to have her eyes look less Asian. The Asian doctor who performed the surgery said the surgery is not to take away the identity of Asians, but to make them prettier. He is as sick as she is. Also on the show was a light skinned biracial man (White/Black) who has passed for White, because he felt in the past that being White would be easier. It is not just Barbadians who have racial identity problems. It is a world wide problem.

  78. Rumplestilskin

    Hants. I understand from the news that there are also many other Barbadian jockeys doing Barbados proud in Canada.

    Funny, a cricketer gets a contract with a minor county team, and its major news, but a jockey does well and it is mentioned once and thats it.

    Maybe its because only a few West Indian cricketers are doing well enough and showing enough discipline right now to merit inclusion in county cricket.

    Up to last year, I thought it was because they were excluded by regulation, but since then a few performers have got contracts.

    So it looks like pure ‘qualification’ by success that merits inclusion.

    Chanderpaul, Bravo and a few other have got contracts. There you go.

    The fact that jockeys in Canada are flying our colors high is great and they should be congratulated.

    We see in the papers politicians spouting about horse racing and taxes unpaid, because the turf club cannot pay.

    But I understand from racing people that horseracing employs around a thousand people directly for the care of horses and the facilities and employs indirectly, via the support of feed companies like Roberts Manufacturing etc, a few thousand indirectly.

    I also understand that very few owners make any money from horses. It apparently costs about $4,000 a month for an owner to keep a horse racing, all of which goes to food (horses have to eat well) jockeys, grooms, vets and sundry expenses.

    Very few horses are regular winners and the payout for a win that the club can afford does not make up for the cost of keeping a horse running, unless it is an exception that wins regularly.

    Therefore, it appears to be a ‘hobby’ for owners and thats it.

    From this argument, only the country gains from horseracing.

    Maybe a journalist should do an analysis of the actual benefits and costs of racing and present it so that we can see how much is input to the economy from the industry.

    Remember too that when Lotto was supporting racing, the Government allowed Olympio to start up, which claimed to give money to atheletes, but was funded by private individuals who reaped returns as well.

    How much did they make from their ‘national’ lottery and how much went to athletes?

    The Turf Club Lotto was for a national industry, but Olympio, aside from their alleged input to athletes, also was for private returns.

    No where else in the world do private individuals make money from opeating a national lottery.

    Where are the reports showing how much money was made by these lotteries and how it was spent?

    Again, lack of transparency and accountability, this time by private entities that have significant national implications.

    Lotteries should also have to declare their income and expenditures yearly and WHO gets what money.


  79. Bajangirl

    In my last post, I should have typed Eric Holder, Jr. became the highest ranking “Black” law enforcement officer in the history of the U.S. I forgot to type the word Black.

  80. welcome to the time of true, rihanna should shut her mouth about barbados and all others also,i over heared some guyanese women talking about marrying bajans using them,taking their lands and then coming to amercia and if their get deported live back in barbados and not go back to guyana to live ,now with all these nasty things going on,would you not think racim would come,remember we was the most friendliest people in the caribbean

  81. with all these people from the caribbean and other place coming to barbados to live ,and start to treat bajans like second class citzens in their own country people like rihanna would get the short end of the stick and for the person who wrote the prime minster go to a guyanese obead woman for help no wonder the country is getting all those disters he needs to get rid of all witch crafts people out of barbados go on his knees and pray to gods owen remember barbados is only166 square feets

  82. i want to know if it true that cow williams is thiefing land in orange hill,st,james from peoplewho live,work and pay for the land,i understand these people not only was born there5 genrations was born there also and the goverment is not doing anything about it is someone in the goverment getting a cut.i saw on the web in new york waterhall tentary for sale .someone please let me known if it true

  83. frankology

    Hi Orisha, this is not a gossip corner. Stop with your speculation and innuendos.


    BFP Comments…

    Is what Orisha says “speculation and innuendos” ???

    We cannot dismiss her claims out of hand. After all, this is Barbados – a country where police are given pre-signed blank search warrants by judges, where the Director of Public Prosecutions can use the police as a collection agency to collect back rent from a tenant. A country where a woman is dragged off by police in the middle of the night to have her vagina searched for “back rent” to teach her a lesson… “pay your rent”.

    This is a country where all the court documents that prove the above are posted on the internet and the “professional” news media doesn’t dare mention such a major story of abuse by a government official. A country where the words “Ronja Juman” will never appear in the news media.

    Oh no… we don’t condemn Orisha. Where will she go for justice? To the police? To government? To the courts run by the former Attorney General?

    Welcome to Zimbabwe West, comrade Frankology!

  84. Hants

    Rumplestilskin…….yes other Bajan jockeys in Canada are doing very well but Patrick is competing at the no. 1 Racetrack in Canada.

    Husbands led all riders at Woodbine with 149 wins in 717 starts, with 147 seconds and 89 thirds, earning $9,171,168 for the year.

    This is an outstanding performance at least as far as Canadian Horse Racing is concerned.

  85. Pudding & Tain

    It was unfair for her peers to criticise Rihanna for being white. They should have gone for the size of her forehead instead. Something like “big head” would have sufficed.

    In any case why is criticism surounding Rihanna such a problem for Barbadians.
    Why can’t Rihanna criticise things about Barbados she hates without this being construed as meaning that she hates Barbados? And if she does hate Barbados, why is this a problem? I can think of many reasons to hate it myself.

    Further why can’t Barbadians criticise Rihanna if they don’t like her for whatever reason? Why are we required to like her just because she has made it onto the international stage.

    I for one hate Rihanna’s music, might even hate her? I think she is the worse of the airhead bubblegum set because on top of being absolutely vapid, she has absolutely no vocal ability (this seems to be a national characteristic) . Her producers must have their work cut out for them in those recording studios. I also hate her embarrassingly vapid interviews and her plastic baby-doll image.

    Luckily for her talent is no longer required in today’s music industry. Instead, a marketable “look” and willingness to take off one’s clothes and prance and gyrate like a whore, is far more commercially viable. Good for her for riding that wave to its inevitable end, should I be so lucky.

  86. Bimbro


    Thank you for telling us about Black Enterprise magazine and the other Bajan achievements. I don’t live in the US, so could you tell me if there are any other notable, black publications of which one should be aware, with an online presence, to do with business or otherwise! Obviously, I’m aware of Ebony and Jet!


    Rihanna is brown HAS been and will ALWAYS be. This brown skin girl acting like she grew up and looked like RUPEE….or RED RAT….or SEAN PAUL.

    That little black girl DESPERATELY wants to be white!!!!


    we as bajans know racism exists on our island, any one looking into their history will find plenty ”white” people ”hidden within. our older folks did and still to this day love the ”lightskinned people”, darkies are ”ugly”. sadly, rhianna seems to have gotten the ”message! this will never go away , we as bajans are a beautiful people, skin, eyes, hair,etc. we can be snobs and are very arrogant, but at the end of the day we want to go home. To BARBADOS!!!!!!!

  89. tuliptuesday

    Rihanna is dark skinned too look at – what is she worrying for she now has the money to determine her skin colour look at Michael Jackson, wasnt he black once upon a time……but I guess like he sings “it doesnt matter if your black or white”……it clearly does…..

  90. its funny that this still exist today, i remember my mom telling me couple years back she was also beaten at school because she was clear skin and her smaller sister who was darker had to fight for her.

    i have heard stories about black workers at brydens who could not get study leave but some white employees were allowed, well like i always say, because you dont know, does not mean it does not exist.

    reading and listening is power

  91. Pat

    Pudding & Tain:

    I got castigated for saying the same thing. I got some training in classical music and there is no way I would buy her music or go to her concerts. Her voice is grating and nasal. She has no musical range, maybe two octaves if that much.

    My son who is 26 and also a classical pianist and saxaphone player has not bought any of her music. I sent him to the Music Conservatory and he plays in a concert band as a hobby. People may say we envy her or are jealous. But we chose our own paths. I am an economist and my son an engineer. We are productive and our work benefits society. We can actually see the results, which are positive.

  92. Pat

    For anyone who wants to see some of the successful and famous Barbadians who helped “put Barbados on the map”, in meaningful and constructive ways, long before Rihanna was born, please visit the Nation Forum under the thread SUCCESSFUL BARBADIANS.

    There is a statue.monument in Vancouver, Canada dedicated to a black Barbadian, who gave kids free swimming lessons in the early 1900’s at English Bay. He was an icon and is mentioned in many Canadian books.

    When Rihanna gets a statue/monument in a public place and is recognized for her charitable deeds, maybe…….

  93. pat dont be dumb, statues and monuments in public places dont make one noble, have you ever wondered about people who made donations by the millions who were anonymous? if not try reading world news daily. its true you chose your path, good for you, but what rihanna does if she does is and should not be our concern, i happen to call people who donate with publicity hypocrites, do they donate for fame and recognition, or do they donate for giving sake? before you answer, ask yourself why did an anonymous person donate 10 million dollars to charities a few months back in the usa.

    i can name many bajans who became famous and i bet you int even know they were bajan, but they were just as big as rihanna

    remember doug e fresh? dj grandmaster flash? hmmm, every dog has his own day, and im sure each and every one of us hope for that day to come, who goes into music as a hobby and dont wish for a grammy or a successful walk into stardom?

  94. Bajangirl

    Bimbro, in response to your post asking if I know of any good Black websites,

    After sifting through all of the trash that is online, the only Black sites that I would recommend are listed below. You said you know about Ebony and Jet, but I did not know if you know they are online. I did not know until today that they are online. I have always read the paper versions. Those two magazines, as well as Essence magazine used to be required reading for me in the 1970s and 1980s, but in recent years, they have gone astray. I just flip through them occasionally in stores now.

    Today I discovered a new website. It is the site for a magazine called The Network Journal: Black Professionals and Small Business magazine. It is an American magazine, but it was founded by a man from West Africa.

    The paper version of Black Enterprise usually has good articles for Black people who want to improve their financial lot in life. The website is pretty good too. You should research Earl Graves, the founder of Black Enterprise magazine. He lived a fascinating life. He grew up in a humble Barbadian home in the Bedford -Stuyvesant area of New York. He once served as an Administrative Assistant to Senator Robert Kennedy, until Kennedy was assassinated. He owned various businesses throughout his life, including radio stations. He once owned the largest minority owned franchise in the United States with Magic Johnson, the former NBA player. It was a Pepsi distributorship. He wrote a book called How to Succeed in Business Without Being White. He is very wealthy. The list goes on and on. He occasionally visits Barbados.

    I have mentioned this info and the info in my last post, because certain people, who are not fully aware of the magnitude of contributions made by Barbadians around the world, believe that before Rihanna, Barbados never produced anyone “big.” I grew up knowing about many successful Barbadians. Apparently, many Barbadians are not studying their history these days. Contrary to what Rihanna has told the world, all of us Bajans don’t hate to see each other get ahead. I am immensely proud of Earl Graves and all other successful Bajans.

    View these websites

  95. Pat


    Go shake your head and reread what you posted. Charity does not only involve money!!!! The Bajan who is recognized by all Canadians did his charitable work without realizing that he would be rewarded posthumously. He was POOR, and lived in a shack on the beach. He had nothing to give but his TIME. Go figure. You young people have a lot to learn. YOU start reading something intellectual for a change.

    But you went to school in the States no?
    I hope it was not to a ghetto school.

  96. Pat


    Bimbro took part or was party to the listing of many successful Bajans who made a difference in people’s lives. There is a long list on the Nation Forum. It is just that Bimbro at the time did not see the importance of it.

  97. Hants

    Pat says …….”I am an economist and my son an engineer. We are productive and our work benefits society.” “My son is a classical pianist and saxaphone player has not bought any of her music. I sent him to the Music Conservatory.”

    Good for you.

    Rihanna contributes directly and indirectly to the employment of hundreds of people.Her work also benefits society.

    I don’t listen to Rihanna’s music either but that does not mean I can’t appreciate the fact that she is successful.

    She certainly does not need to sell a single cd to Barbadians. Millions around the world will buy her music and she will continue to be sucessful without the haters.

  98. Bimbro

    Bajangirl, thank you so much for your help. I was thinking, particularly, of black, US, business, publications and and the others, seem to fit the bill, just fine. Thank you very much!

    As for Rihanna, what can I say, I’m just intoxicated with her. Love her singing, dancing, what more can I say. She can move in here, any day of the week, as long as, voice willing, she sang at least one song for me, every day!!!! 🙂

    Thanks also, for telling me about Earl Graves. I’ll certainly, do some research into him. However, I have to disagree with you on the importance of Rihanna. Evidently, there were many successful, Barbadians, before Rihanna and hopefully, there will continue to be but, apart from the famous Garfield Sobers, I don’t think that any of them could claim anywhere near the fame of Rihanna and her publicity for Bim. In fact, it’s mostly, only, older people who have or had an interest in cricket who would know who Garfield, is. Whereas, EVERYBODY, in virtually every corner of the world, knows who Rihanna is and almost certainly, also, that she is from a country called Barbados, so let’s not even inadvertently, diminish the significance of this young lady and her contribution to Bim!!!

    Thanks again! Just play one of her records! I can’t hear enough of her, myself!!!!

  99. Bimbro

    Pat, please, cut the silly talk. Whether Rihanna ever gets a statue or not, and I hope that she will, she will always, be more famous than your unheard of little hero, up in Vancouver, and she will always have brought more publicity and financial benefit to Bim than your friend! Pat, babe, what r u on?!!!!

    ok, Pat, so you’re an ex-patriot from the Nation’s forum! Hello, again Pat and welcome to BFP, where it’s all happening, these days!!!!

    Happy election!!!!:)

  100. Pat, see how much u know about me, in case u dont know, i got my education at John Jay High School my lady, only some of my primary education was here in bim, like i always say, think b4 u post.

    go to my website and see who kadri really is and what he usta do, u think listening to classical music makes u intelligent? hmmm, its just a choice that one makes, you just make yourself sound more like a fool each day, if i happen to get sign by a labal, you fell my donations gonna be known, no because i help people because i want to, not for fame, i did things for people whom i know you wont, why i feel so? bcos that word ghetto dont exist in my vocabulary.
    that word ghetto seems to cause a diversion years ago between black people and white folks, oh yea, like the buildings in the usa, when black people live in a bundled set what are they called? PROJECTS lady….
    and when white people live in them what are they called? CONDOS

    you dont know anything bout me i dont about u either, so dont jump to conclusions.

    plus u have no idea what i read, its people like you whom i call fools and i wont regret it either, always putting down the young people, i just hope that you dont ever approach any young person ever, for any kinda service, whether its hairdo, new clothes or whatever, a woman with the intelligence you have should respect people for what job they do who they are.

    just think about it, if every one become your so called successful way of thinking, who will sell clothes in stores?
    who will fill your gas tank at the station, who will pack your groceries?

    i lived, went to school and worked in the usa and im proud for the experience

    age has nothing to do with intelligence, im sure yu can learn alot from me as i can from you, so have an open mind about life and see where you can be instead of having a one track mind.

  101. and what do you call a ghetto school pat?

    like what bim have like st george secondary or grantley adams?

    hmmm, i know a former us marine who schooled at grantley adams who provides secuurity now at the famous Wall Street, yea and a sargeant in the Her Majesty’s Prisons who schooled at st george sec, so what do you call a ghetto school lady?

    im waiting for your definition.

  102. Pat


    are Sir Grantley Adams or St. George Secondary in the States? Does Barbados have ghettoes? I, myself, instilled knowledge in student at Sir Grantley Adams. Yes, when it was West St. Joseph Secondary.
    Is Barbados importing US teachers to teach in its ghetto schools? It is one thing to read and another to analyse and understand.

    I am no longer teaching but you can start by googling ghetto.

  103. pat, im very sorry for you tho, up to now you have not stated what is a ghetto school, as far as i am concerned, a school is a school

    lets begin
    bushwick high school is a ghetto school as you may say, maybe because of its location or the type of students who attend
    hmmm, no deaths, just drugs and guns, ok

    edward murrow high school, known as a top performing arts high school in brooklyn, i do recall gangs and a murder, oh yea and guns and drugs too

    should i continue,

    this ghetto term was created to class black neighbourhoods in the gutter, but i got some news for you lady

    look around and see who take guns to school and murder innocent people, are these from the ghetto?

    i can ague my points with you very strong, which schools did you attend in the usa since u wanna talk about ghetto schools.

    i am sorry to say but using the term ghetto school, im sure who ever read your post will call you a fool, i certainly would, what the hell is a ghetto school

    you were a teacher? wow, so was i, and i never came across a ghetto school in brooklyn before, and people do call parts of brooklyn the ghetto, just like bushwick where i grew up.

    just explain to me what is the ghetto, cause i am kinda lost.

    have you ever heard about a white ghetto, hell no. why? because thats how blacks were classed and its time for people to stop the diversity among blacks and whites.

    just remember in this life, no one is good or bad, its the deeds we do that are either good or bad

  104. pat, you still make no sense to me whatsoever, there is no such thing as the ghetto

    if an area in your opinion has black people who trying to make ends meet smokin dope you call it the ghetto, but if a white area with the biggest houses and high classes sniffin coke and committin suicide murders, mass killings and so on, yea and white collar crime too, you call it the heights and terraces, what a world.

  105. Pingback: What the Hell is Ghetto? | My Blog Stop - kadriwalco††online

  106. Bimbro

    Kadri, here’s a well-meaning and gratuitious tip from me; if you want the maximum number of people to read your website/blog, then remove as much of the black as possible and substitute for a white background! I visited and bro, there’s no way I’d strain my eyesight to make out what’s there!!! Hope you can accept this advice in the benign spirit in which it’s intended!!!!

  107. thnx for the feedback

  108. no one who basket is fill cares what happens to the other person who is half or empty,if it don’t concern or affects them who cares,but one day the same thing can happens to you or someone who you care about. never say never remember ,what go around come around

  109. dear frankology as a pure barbadian by birth no mix blood,thank you i have the right to ask anything i for my speculation and innuendos is well founded because i am one ofthose people who was born there so kiss my— now we see why people like youis coming or getting pay to live in barbados pardise found pardise lost and to hell with people who born live pay for what belong to them and their genations after,but i want you know every dog day must come and lions do come home not the lions that you can kill easily look up the name orisha and know barbados do have people who have powerwith god and all others and it happens i am one of them ask mr c. williams same lodge masters i am i am

  110. i wrote back an reply to frankology about land grabing in waterhall tentary st.james are you one of those people getting pay toshut the the people of barbados from asking questions, advocate press i am still waitng for youto print my statement from january2, 2008 awaiting moderation


    BFP replies

    Yes we held that back Orisha because, frankly, it didn’t make much sense to us. But ok… we will approve it, but….

  111. thank you for the reply, the question was is it true the land in waterhall tentary,st.james that i saw on the barbados real estate web in new york true.and that the reason i wrote asking in the first when frankology wrote back about this is not an gossip corner i wrote back a number ofreplys as a bajanby brith never given up mycountry i thought that was my right to ask but you never know

  112. AJC

    Sister baby if guyana is sooo great then why don’t guyanese people stay there and stop overpopulating barbados and committing so much crime here. Rihanna can say what ever she feels like doesn’t mean its true maybe she’s the one being catty here. seems like no matter how successsful she is she will neverbe happy with herself.

  113. Ashamed Bajan

    We were really happy to call Rhianna “one of own,” but I hope when she falls flat on her face she is not looking for a Bajan to pick her up. All that glitz and glamour is for a time; then it’s gone. Keep talking Rhianna, you’ll just fall faster than we expect you to!!!

  114. Anonymous

    Which part of Rhianna is white? Top or bottom, back or front?When ya mix ya ain’t white sweetie.

  115. steven

    Hey, i came across this site while checking out some holidays to barbados.

    Im from England and white, also a fan of Rihanna and can tell you she would be classed as black in England also the same as in the U.S.A.

    So why would she be classed as white in barbados?

    Also why all the hate for her?

    To be honest i think you should be proud of her as she has been very succesfull in europe and around the world, is it just jealousy?

    also on another note can some one tell me some cool places to stay in barbados for my holiday? also i july a good or bad month to come weather wise.


  116. lol

    who is hating on rihanna?
    i agree — Rihanna should keep her mouth shut if she has nothing to say…And Rihanna ? U’re not white …and im happy ure not cause u would be a ‘Dumb Blonde’ at it…..So sing ure little lolipop songs and be satisfied.

  117. Good_Colour

    I am now getting the picture thanks to the comments above.
    The strange mouthings of Rihanna has a hidden side. It is obvious that she is has a colour problem. But what I am seeing is something I have witnessed over the passed twenty years as I associated with young people from across the Caribbean.
    It is customary for the same young people who like to enjoy bajan hospitality and other benefits, to make all kinds of ugly statements about Barbadians. I have never been able to pinpoint the real reason for this.
    I have experienced this both here in Barbados and in the various islands where in my work I had to associate with many such people. There is always someone in the group who would try to tear Barbados down without any visible reason.
    Rihanna seems to be following the same line.
    Like the others, I want to advise her to shut up until she has something sensible to say. I hate to see people make fools of themselves and embarrass others around them at the same time.

  118. Anisha87

    First of all I wanna say, I love Rihanna, her music and as a West Indian I am proud of her success. About her comment to the press about being teased because of her skin colour, this is something I identify with 1000%. I am also a person of Rihanna’s complexion, and I go through the same rubbish everyday; person’s who are darker giving me attitude talking about me being stuck up, racist, and just plain being nasty to me for something as TRIVIAL as one’s COMPLEXION. My mother is dark skinned and contrary to what my dark skinned counterparts may wish to think I am not ashamed of having a dark mother. My cousin and I actually got into a fight in New York when I went there to meet her for the first time, all because I am lighter and she “hates light-skinned $%^&#*@.” I am saying all this to say that people of African decent must stop with all this intra-racism and move on. Emancipation was over a 100 yrs ago and we need as a people to observe it, and move away from the slave mentality that our fore fathers possessed due to the brain-washings of the white massas they worked for. This self-hate that persons of African decent participate in is what keeps us behind as a race. It is true that other races possess the same hatred for each other (Indians, Asians whomever) but I am concerned with my own, because contrary to how many people of the Black Race treat me because I am biracial I still consider myself Black and would like to see our people move forward. All this being said, my advice to Rihanna is, do not let these issues affect your career, your personality, or even your patriotism. Do not date anyone just because you have written off another race or whatever, just focus on who you are: your personality, your career, your identity as a human being and just move on.

  119. Mathilde

    poor Rihanna, but hey, she certainly showed the ignorant idiots. Reverse racism is alive and well in any country that has racism, its a natural reaction I suppose. And its not just a kid thing, where do you think the kids learn it from? Im Hispanic, I wasn’t seen as white by the whites or black by the blacks and got it from both ends. I got called a “white bitch” when I didn’t want to give a strange man a ride in my car.
    Do you think I could charge someone for a racial slur like “white bitch”? ha! and I love how when I go shopping in Swan street, if I go with one of my black girl friends the clothes cheap.. but go alone and suddenly they gone up by $20 at least. Yes this little rock is a very funny place, but, its slowly changing.. I see so many mixed race families now, it makes me happy, future generations will hopefully know the best of both worlds and not the worst of each. and hey, us mixed up people look HOT! 😀

  120. 33

    Sadly, that’s Barbados for you, pick a side, white or black. I’m Barbadian. My mother is a mixed Trinidadian lady with a “red” complexion, green eyes and naturally curly light brown hair with a little blonde. She’s of European, African and Carib descent I would guess. My father’s born in Trinidad and grew up in Barbados. His background is European, African, Chinese and Hispanic. So what do I look like? To describe myself, I have a fair complexion, dark, curly hair, brown eyes, and full lips. I am apparently “white” when with white people and “red” or “clear-skin” when with a more diverse group.

    Well, unfortunately my parents never made themselves part of the Yacht Club set, so I was never “white” enough for the white people and black Barbadians would seem wary of me. So unfamiliar are Barbadians with the concept of racial mixtures that they would refer to my brother as the “Chinaman” at school.

    To be honest with you, I hate that part of Barbados, and after having spent much time in Trinidad and actually having lived there for 2 years, I much prefer it. It’s none of this pick-a-side-and-stay-on-it type nonsense. If I am referred to as the “red girl”, cool. If they say “white girl”, it somehow doesn’t have that nasty sting to it that it does in Barbados, it’s just simply a description. Admittedly, Barbados has become slightly better in recent years, but I think the day where we are all just Bajan first and then whatever after is a while off.

    And interestingly enough, I would like to add, that while I was “white” most of the time in Barbados, now that I’m in Canada I’m “black”. Go figure.

  121. hey! I’m a descendant of the Braithwaites also by way of my great grandma Isabelle Hutchinson DeSett. Her mom-whom they called Gallie Miss- was a Braithwaite and they lived in St. Phillip/Christ Church area. I was born in Akron, OH and raised in Chicago. I meet Rihanna…I KNEW she was related!!I knew it!! I did an Oprah Show in May 1987 on Intrarracial Prejudice. Oprah’s only show. It’s alive and well. I won’t date ANY man who makes reference to preferring light over brown skin. It’s is soo stupid. growing up light in Chicago still got your “behind whupped” -as the bottom line was-You’re Black. Be proud!
    Someone forgot the 1st Black newspaper publisher in the US Robert Maynard was also from the island. Bajan’s rule! (do I have any cousins here on this list??–always checking!)

  122. omgg

    dang y cant we all except eachother? we all came from the same place, we all livin in the same place, and when we die we are all gonna still be from that same place, from this earth. we should all love eachother and not dicsriminate someone because they look different or from a different place. Polish, Filipino, French, African, West Indian, Japanese, East Indian, Polynesian, Turkish, European?!?!.. who cares? we are all together in this world we call our home and it will not be a better place until people learn to accept people are different and we can’t all be the same. think outside the box.
    i am dark and have loads of friends that are white and i dont care just becauce they arent dark does that make them a bad person? just because they are white does that mean they they PERSONALLY contributed to slavery??? we can’t all keep dwelling on the past… if we did… all Germans would probably be dead now lets face it….
    you don’t see orange tigers and white tigers being aggressive to each other because they are a different colour, yet it is EXACTLY the same thing!!!
    live and let live. be proud of who you are.

  123. Barbadisn

    I don’t get it… she’s not even white is she talking about in pre school or something? because I can’t imagine that happening to someone of her color especially…

  124. anna

    Rihana Fenty my advice to you is to seek God because judgement day is coming soon. It is not about colour, money but it is about having a passport to get to heaven.

  125. annab

    .Rihana can I ask you a question? what is it to have the whole world and do not have God as a part of your world. You need to get back to your first love and that is Jesus Christ and forget about all the secular world. You honestly needs a relationship with God, please stop defiling your body just for fame it sure would not get you near to heaven. Can you imagine on that sad day you hear Rihana depart from me I know you not. I do not care as a matter of fact how many contributions you make to charity, help the poor if you do not have and accept God as your personal Saviour you are still no where.
    Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things would be added unto you.

    You must repent and let God into your heart

  126. nicky

    she was dark before she bleaches her skin
    look a before and after pic. this chick started getting lighter when she came here and started bleaching…its quite obvious she’s insecure, cocky, and flash ms robyn rihanna fenty
    your not a godess your just a singer whose career isn’t as big the only way you get publicty is when your with chris brown..and we all no your going broke man that’s another reason why you with chris so you can use him for his money as well…you poor thing ima pray for you cause you need it, it must be karma thats all ima say GOD BLESS YOU GIRL.. and will you stop sleeping around and being so trashy your makin a bad name for us carribean when you first came out i was one of your biggest fans and i looked up to cause you were prettier when you were darker and no you look sick but yea…you lost one

  127. Hants

    nicky the DA says

    “she was dark before she bleaches her skin”.

    The USA has 4 seasons Barbados has 1.

    Time spent in cold weather lightens your skin.

    just a thought.

  128. stuu

    Rihanna is not white.

  129. MiVidaLoca

    Helloooooooooooooo. Am I the only person on here that can see that this little girl is not white. How stupid could she be to let that come out of her mouth?! And I did not know that intraracism was so prevalent in Barbados. Black people everywhere need to seriously get over the fascination w/ skin complexion. Its so pathetic. Pale, yellow, red, brown, black, we’re all still BLACK!! This just gives White people (Caucasians) something to laugh at. Do you think they go around saying, “Oh i’m whiter than you.” Or “I’m pinker than you”. Hell no! I always knew that race was the most important topic for Americans, Canadians, and the British, but I’m really disappointed in my West Indian peeps. Rihanna is young and stupid and just wants to fit in w/ American society, but we real people need to get over this stupid color/complexion thing. Believe me, she’ll know what color she truly is when an American puts her in her “place”.

  130. 189

    MiVidaLoca you sound pretty stupid yourself, even though I agree w/ you about how people need to get over this skin color/complexion thing.

    If you actaully read Rihanna’s REAL quote she never says she was bullied for being white.

    This is what she really said:”I was a little confused as a kid because I grew up with my mum, and my mum is black,” she says.

    “So I was cultured in a very ‘black’ way. But when I go to school, I’m getting called ‘white’.

    “They would look at me and would curse me out. I didn’t understand. I just knew I saw people of all different shades and I was light.

    “Now I’m in a much bigger world.”

    Mediatakeout is the one who made up her quote, you must not be fond of them.

  131. MiVidaLoca


    How do I sound stupid when she’s the one who made the ignorant comment? No, I’m not fond of Mediatakeout, but they are not the only source who claim that Rihanna said that. There are plenty of dumb Black people (like Rihanna) that think they are white just because they have fair skin. Or who claim that they were teased because of their skin color. It happens everyday in the black community. Light skinned people teasing dark-skinned people and vice versa (the only ones saved from that teasing happens to be everyone in between—lol). The point is, no one makes a big deal about it (like she did) to gain sympathy from Hollywood and cast unwanted attention on Barbados. Everything I said in my previous comment was just, so the only one who sounds stupid is you for taking up for someone who doesn’t have a clue.

  132. 189

    Trust me, I know. I’m a regular on mediatakeout, other sites, unfortunatly get their sources from them.I actaully have that article where HER quote was said.Since your not fond of them, ill let you know that mediatakeout miscontrueds their headlines on purpose to make celebs look bad.

    If you actaully click on the link, you will see her real qoute.

  133. joseph willombe mitchell

    dear rihanna . anyone who calls u black is sick anyone who calls u white is sick but anyone who calls u coulerd is ok or mixed race. its best to egnore all the mentally disturbed people that are out there.

  134. joseph willombe mitchell

    i am also from two backgrounds a white and black and have been considerd as white in africa and as black in europe when im coulerd/ mixed race. so if rihanna is white then the whole of africa is white.when she is realy half mixed race and half black.p.s very big fan of rihannas music

  135. I have lived in Barbados most of my life. I came here in 1967 from Trinidad where I had lived for 6 years. I was born in Grenada. I have seen over the years how brown white has become or how dirty white has become. Black Bajans do not like to be called black…they say they are brown not black. It seemed that most black Bajans do not think that they are of African descent, but can tell you how much white they have in their family. The white Bajans do not like to admit that they have black ancestors or that they are mixed. I believe many black Bajans do not like themselves, their hair, their skin shade and god help them if they want to marry a person darker than them. I t seems that the light skinned Bajans believe that they are better than the darker skinned ones and often it is the darker skinned ones who also think that way also. It is time to see and accept ourselves for who we are and love ourselves. I grew up in a household where my mother told me that if wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have the hair and skin colour I have. I am black but she thought that she had given me something better than what my father had given me. He on the other hand thought that he had to marry a light skinned mixed woman to be accepted. The marriage was filled with hatred of each others for being too black and one for thinking that they were white. What a shameful way to bring children up. Colour of skin is something the black West Indian have to come to terms with. We come in many shades and we are all made up of African, Indo, European and Chinese descent depending on where we live. Bajans have to accept that they are black first to move on.

  136. joseph willombe mitchell

    islandgal. can u tell me what a bajan is i have never heard of this befor i am very interested in learning more. most people of different heritages have a great difficulty in accepting people who are not pure like themselfs even if one comes from the same racial or semi racial make up as themselfs. for example like barack obama who is half white and half black just like myself but is constantly called black both races black and white but more by whites that is a clear result of non acceptence.

  137. I’m actually a light skinned black girl. Many black girls at my school who are dark don’t like me because I’m light. They just don’t. I get dirty looks from dark black girls in the hallway and they would talk about me behind my back saying “Look at that ugly light skinned black girl, Oh she think she’s better than us”. I don’t think I’m better than them. I’m actually just minding my own business. I actually have a few light skinned black friends and not many dark ones. Everytime, I try to be friends with the dark skinned black girls, they would just cuss me out and say “Go away you light skinned black girl, this club is for darks only”. I said “What club? The color of your skin does not have to do with the friends that you hang out. We are all equal. I learned that from the best”. Now from me standing up and being brave, I now have dark skinned black friends and light skinned black friends. I’m happy with the way I a now.

  138. joseph willombe mitchell

    some people are realy sick to say such things like that..hallooo we are al from the african continent wether your light skined black dark skined black or mixed race colored. its sick ..i have half brothers and sisters who are very dark skined black and i except them and they except me the way it should be. i would feel the same about them if they were my half white brothers and sister no different.

  139. RAMIIE

    Get a grip of yourself you Bajan Rhianna haters –especially the over thirties who should know better. Rhianna is still a kid and all kids are arrogant, miserable and self obsessed to a degree. Teenagers are miserable because they are hormonal, hate their bodies and yearn to be more perfect. Rhianna is/was all of this and moreso because she had the extra burden of being something of a performing genius. I say genius because few ppl go from nothing to global success and superstardom after such a short time in the music of the toughest industries there is.I can believe that Rhianna was snobbish and arrogant, but that’s a result of her being a prodigy undiscovered. She knew she was special but no one else would believe her. She was also probably deling with some mega personal and social issues..her father’s problems, her inability to communicate nicely with people, her feeling of low self esteem because kids called her white and she felt that she couldn’t really fit it..all this is enuf to make anyone cranky and unpleasant.Hopefuly she will grow out of the rage, self hate and come to terms with her Bajaness, which I am sure she loves. In the meantime she has to deal with lots of HATE from white and black Americans who cant deal with a very successful Caribbean person taking on R&B and doing something new with it.

  140. victor

    I want to know why a person with a parents one of each wants to be known as back? Why not white? Spirits are mixed but is it just about skin? Some time ago there was a big drama on TV BBC where a teacher of primary kids decided to arrange the kids for their annua photo by shades of skin. Yes, good idea but mad. He thought it was picturesque. He was of mixed race, by the way. Shit hits TV fan! one kid’s parent got furious and decided this was a Prime Time race issue. Headed breakfast news next day. on the scene, BBC interviewer turns to gir aged 7 and asks her, in the spirit of not being racist, “what coour do you see her as? ie, the kid whos parent had objected. She answered “red”. How that TV presenter cheered, “You see, kids don’t see skin shades! It might be red, green, anything!” He had no idea what “red” means, the idiot. But then, who needs to share that crap? Here was a kid in the UK aged 7 who is an expert on shades of darkness or ightness, the entire disgusting spectrum of predjudice. That kid must be from the Caribbean, eh?

  141. joseph wolliombe mitchell

    victor i will tell u why most mixed race people choose to consider themselfs as black.. its because society has brain washed them into believing such bullcrap and tries to make peolpe like me forget our white side its pretty sick but thats life..its basicly the same as a full white person closing there eyes and calling themselfs black because thats all your sight can see when your eyes are closed..its called steriotyping its been around since the ice ages….the magority the world can not except a colour mixed race person as what they realy are . so its not biracial that choose to be black thats the way we are raised by society well not me anyway i dont put one race above the other and neather does barack obama

  142. joseph wolliombe mitchell

    and sometimes i feel like im the only person in the world who has a brain when it comes to crap like this when people call me black i correct them and tell them sence.. i believe every cloured person should tell them that black and cloured is very different…colourds share ancestry lines with blacks and whites wereas blacks only share within other blacks same for whites…i personal think some people get a certain joy from calling mixed race people black or maby just to piss them off

  143. Sir V

    I know Rihanna is definately at least nearly half (caucasian) white Caribbean white cause she is family to me who am Caribbean White ! Her mother was a Fenty and they are almost 100% white going back to the First White slaves of Barbados and they are family to my Mother’s side CRONEY and KING from Cliffton Hall / New Castle St John …. But ya rite Doe we is all Bajans !

  144. joseph willombe mitchell

    rihanna is not half white..she is half—halfcast and half black she is semi black…her father is mixed race from black and white..but yes she does have white ancesters threw her father witch means one of her grandperents is white…therfore she is. 80% percent black and 20% percent white but her lightness comes from her white ancesters????.
    basicaly she is still mixed race..cause her ancesters are mixed..but the world will call her black egnoring the truths of god

  145. J. Payne

    I don’t know how different Rihanna think the United States is from anywhere else?? Barbados certainly isn’t any worse.

    I wont even tell yuh the type of insults I used to hear about here in school… I remember one day when I was in 2nd grade and a Caucasian kid tell me that “I so dark that if I went to night school the teacher would have mark me absent.” In those days I was always one to stick up for myself and I remember when started fighting there on the spot … I forgive but I don’t forget. Even more recently just a mere 2-3 years ago people were protesting all about the U.S. about nooses being hung up in trees all across the country…

    Just because Obama is President now I’ve certainly not become complacent ’bout hay’ he won by a slim majority and there are plenty that still have problems with race here in the U.S.

    I my case I know all dem same people I went school with a mere 2 decades ago are still walking ’bout this place. Probably just as ignorant as ever…

    But in terms of Barbados, all the island can do is try to keep relations cordial and be careful of elements that have a hidden agenda of stirring up discontent among Barbadians. Racism is always going to be here on Earth because people always naturally like to categorize themselves and others.

    @ Adrian Hinds
    Don’t forget one of those boys from Cable and Wireless when they say that Bajan women were like “big, Black and African snails” I ent forget that either.

  146. Facts - And inferiority complexes

    J. Payne,
    Not meaning to knock you, but your starting a fight because someone tells you that you are black shows a problem that we Blacks have – being ashamed of our colour. Another explanation could be that we are smitten with an “inferiority complex!”

    I understand that you were young then; I do hope that you have matured now.

    We should feel proud of our Blackness!

    I think a way for us to engender self esteem is for us to look for positive past and present role models (Not the BET types).
    Examples abound. We just have to do the research.

  147. Facts

    Rihanna is a fair skinned Black.

  148. The Scout

    I was once in London, a white guy was about to park by a parking meter and a black guy scooped into the spot with his little mini before the white guy. the white guy got out of his car fuming and said ” that’s what is the problem with coloured people, they don’t wait their turn.” the black guy told him” look man, I’m not coloured, I’m BLACK. It is you who’s coloured because when you’re mad you’re RED, when you’re frighten you’re YELLOW, when you’re sick you’re BLUE.I’m always BLACK so who the hell you calling coloured.” I stood up in the road and had a goog bajan black man laugh.

  149. joseph willombe mitchell

    come on now scout thats been copied so many times..and JWMcome on after reading all of this u still call rihanna blak oh shes just light skined black no she isent if she is then tell me why she has white blood..a black has no white blood…..some people are just afraid of the truth about peoples ethnicity??????? just like bob marley said me dont dip on no bodys side me dont dip on the black mans side nore the white mans side me dip on gods side the one who creats all man kind….a mixed race legend…But the thing i find hard to understand if anyone can tell me is why most blacks and whites are very racist to each other when they constantly breed with each other all over the world they realy are making a laugh of themself its like refusing your own children abandoing your kids no different..its like saying i have red hair but i hate red and then u pull your hair out its kinda sick stuff..

  150. joseph willombe mitchell

    Americans are stupid i am mixed race and im telling u to your face we are not blaaaaaaack we are not whiiiiite we are colored mixed race we never will be black only to mankind not to god or science or to people are sick ill need help need counseling ..its like the only way for people to uderstand would be for god to come down from the heavens and corect our sillyness..why is every one calling obama a black president thats racism hes biracial his mom is white..

  151. reluctant nonbeliever

    scout man

    that lame story just doesn’t ring true; sounds like it’s something you read/heard about – as did I, years and years ago…it’s a little stale, no offence.


    you sound kinda dunce, so let me spell it out for you:

    obama is described as black in the USA(although of course he is biologically mixed-race) because he will be PERCEIVED by the vast majority as black.

    It’s as simple as that.

  152. joseph willombe mitchell

    no thers nothing simple about that and thers nothing simple about bieng a moron .. i make sence its people such as this that sads the world. im not afraid to speec the thruth i have more rights than any black or white fool about this conversation ..your not a colourd like me your probably a negro or a caucasion..the same story is ment to be about a person walks into a caffea not a car parking space just another copycat..dont waist my time

  153. The Scout

    Funny thing, I witnessed an interview with Rihanna on an American station.The interviewer told Rihanna, she’s eternally grateful to Jay-Z for bringing her out of this improverished country in the caribbean, Barbados. Rihanna, like the true diplomat chastised that girl so badly for that comment that the girl with watery eyes apologised to her on air. These positive stories of a young lady promoting this country and defending it should be highlighted instead of the negative. It all borders on jealousy and envy but many of you Rihanna haters just because it is not you. Go GIRL, continue to make the MOST of us bajans both here and abroad PROUD of you. Keep the flags of Charles F. Broome, Combermere and Barbados flying high.

  154. j-pain

    this all goes back since slavery times..when black female slaves were inpreganated by the white slave owners. In order for the slave owners family and wifes not to find out about this they would quikly sell the black woman with the mixed race baby unborn at this time to another owner then when the baby was born it automaticly became a slave aswell. so therfore the baby was none as black aloneside the mother and ever since that time mixed race people have been none as black because this knowlege has been past on from generation to generation its crazy ??????

  155. J. Payne

    “Facts – And inferiority complexes”

    Way back then (in school) it was not about lashing out because I was ashamed of my ethnicity in fact it was more about thinking how dare this so-and-so come and disrespect me and try to put down my race. But I see your point though it could be taken a number of ways.

  156. j-pain

    true very true…it is most best to be proud of once ethnicity and to accept anothers ethnicity if one cannot accept anothers colour or race then there is no question to there humanity for self jugement…

  157. Facts

    J. Payne,

    Glad you understood.

  158. Facts

    J. Payne,

    Glad you understood.

    Reluctant Non Believer
    I agree with you on the Obama/Colour perception point.
    In the First World countries, a mulatto is seen as Black. To be frank, as long as there is an ounce of black blood, you are Black, no matter how clear you are.

    In the West Indies, it appears to differ. Fair skinned mulattoes seem to be accepted as Whites.Indeed, half cast persons appear to regard themselves as White.

    As an aside, a few years ago I had a conversation with a gentleman on the telephone. I asked him if he was White (he had a Bajan White accent). He said “yes”.
    When I saw him in person, i had to make sure that my eyes wern’t deceiving me, as this man was Brown skinned. (His grandmother or grandfather would probably been White or mulatto- talking about inferiority complexes!

  159. Hants

    search for this on youtube and hear

    “Lord kitchener if you aint white yuh black”

  160. J-Pain

    well, that guy was just sick..he has morerall problems with himself how can a person choose a different race for himself the only person who i know who has done this is micheal jackson…by changing himself white not even changing to mixed but to pure white its realy a mixed race myself it realy confuses me. I could never imagine chaging my complextion to black or white.and every black person i know dosent like micheal jackson for this my point is that its not just colourd people who claim to be white its also blacks..and some whites prefare to be black such as wiggers black wannabies it is erelevent all over the world its one big turning circle..

  161. J-Pain

    And then when u look at rapper ice T/ who is pure halfcast mixed race..but claims to be black because of the one blood drop rule whitch goes way back to the trading days…and he would be more pailer than the average mixed person.if u look at countries such as /..brazil..
    /moroco../.mexico../..portarico…/.madrid../spain../and other such countries people like us would never be considerd as black or white we would fit in like camaflage with these people and countries..america is so advanced but so behind in many ways aswell

  162. Chicharron

    It behooves Rihanna to stay away from journalists, writer, reporters. I think that she should really take the saying “if you dont have anything good to say, say nothing” to heart. Her lack of inteligence and tact really shows when she speaks. Everytime she opens her mouth, she always seems to be saying something STUPID and negative about Barbados.

    I would like her to tell me who teased and cursed her at school for being white. Is she refering to primary school or secondary school?

    I would have agreed with her if she had said that Barbadians are colour conscious and that the fairer one’s complexion, the better. I agree that in Barbados, the sick, twisted, demented mentality exists that the lighter the complexion the better. Therefore bearing that in mind, I assume that if the young star was teased, she was probably teased about being a teacher’s pet or a favourite. I find it difficult to believe that she was teased and cursed for being “white”. Maybe when she offended people, the bajan cussin that ensued mentioned her color. All the same, if she was blue, brown, purple or green, her color would have been mentioned. Everybody knows that Bajans love to tell to you to carry your black/white/red/fat/bony so and so; that is normal.

    I really want to hope that she said something that was misinterpreted. Anyway, in the event that it was not misinterpreted, she should stick to singing and telling sad stories about her family and leave Barbados out of her ridiculous, negative stories.

  163. J-Pain

    Chicharron- Ah well thats what happens when idiots mought off bullcrap.

  164. golliwog

    this is truly strange to me, im a 28 year old darkskin male, when i was young (primary school) it was tough hearing the tar baby jokes and the blackie name calling, i heard this from both from the brown skin girls and boys as well as the light skinned ones. but for some reason as an adult i never considered it “racist” i wouldnt go about telling ppl that in bim i was bullied for being dark. thats water under de bridge.

    further more at secondary school the girls were color struck, the red fellas and high brown used to get all de girls, also de red girls used to get all de attention. it really was stupid, dark wasnt considered beautiful at all. but as i got older i realise dat it was just immaturity at its best, nuttin worth talking bout since it was so stupid.

    also i guess we lived in different eras but i have never seen a lightskin girl being bullied for being lightskined by lightskinned kids

    imagine my horror when i got dissed and being called blackie or tarboy by ppl jus a few shades lighter dan my dark skin.

  165. Monique

    Am i the only personn that has noticed that rihanna is getting lighter and lighter everyday

  166. The Scout

    She’s in a cold country most of the time. At this time of the year even darker people get much clearer. I have some friends with similar complexion to Rihanna and if I’m in the U.S in winter, I rag them by telling them that I’m hanging out with a bunch of white boys.

  167. J-Pain

    thats very true ..the cold weather lighthens the skin of colourds.i live in dublin and im mixed race zambian and irish and when i visit family in zambia africa after being there for over two weeks my skin does be almost black very dark brown not black but there is a major difference its like im a different person..and when i return to ireland the dark tan rubs off like makeup and my skin does be almost white kinda yellowy looking..but when i first arrive off the plain to zambia the blacks think im white because off were im coming from but then after sometime they see the difference when the sun hits me..ireland is almost like iceland its so cold…rihanna lived in hot countries most of her live so she apeard to look black but i believe the cold weather brings out the truth in a persons orignal skin tone im not saying rihanna is white thats just sick but im saying she is origanaly light brown mixed race..blacks dont realy go light from the cold only maby t tad bit but its not realy noticesable

  168. vincent

    Hey is it just Me or is Rihanna,s Hands in the Photograph at the top of the page White. If she looks like that in person then its normal for barbadians to call her white..Look at her hands.????????????????????????????

  169. rsgs

    170 comments :O

  170. I like Rihanna and even thought I ran across this discussion extremely late I have to disagree with you………….Rihanna no longer has brown skin in her most recent videos she is just as white as the white singers(justin timberlake and maroon five) Her first CD that i purchased showed a brown skin Rihanna now she is almost white I dont understand………something looks fishy

  171. Carrie

    I cant say that I agree with you, I believe that there has been some skin lightening done. I live in a very cold climit now, but Im originally from Brazil and when I travel to the states i get tanned during the summer………….. I can understand where the arguement can be made, because she no longer is on the island but it appears as thought she is or has done some bleaching, Im in school for Dermatology and even thought Im not a Doctor yet………. I believe that she has undergone some lightening treatments. When she first came out she was brown not dark but brown. You see her in videos with Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake she is as light as them. You tend to get darker as you age, I have seen pictures of her as a teen and as a child, you dont get lighter as you grow up. She is a beautiful girl but she is still growing up and with time I hope that she learns to love herself inside and out

  172. Chicharron

    I disagree totally. To me that girl has gotten darker. She was very very fair skinnned with green eyes and brown hair. She is not as pale as she was back then.

  173. J_PAIN


  174. truth.hurts.

    You say that Rihanna would not have had this problem if she was schooled in Guyana… utter nonsense. Guyanese people love to ignore Guyana’s problems and speak of Guyana as if it were a paradise. Guyana is the most RACIST “Caribbean”/South American country ever! I am a black and i am married to an Indo-Guyanese man. Afro-Guyanese experience much discrimination and derrogation in Guyana……. Anyone willing to accept the truth will know what I mean… enough said..

  175. mixed girl

    this is what i have observed… you are “white” aka “beautiful”, when.. :

    1) You are pinkish-white skin + sharp nose (caucasian features) OR
    2) You are pinkish-white/light skin/light brown + medium nose to flat nose (not truly caucasian features) [eg. Rihanna, Beyonce, Tyra Banks] OR
    3) You are brown to black + sharp nose (caucasian features) [eg. Alicia Keys]

    The ones in the 3) category can get away with any shade of colour. She can let herself be in her own colour or get tanned in the sun, she would still look “white” and “beautiful”.

    But the ones in the 2) category depends alot on their skin colour. They have to stay away from sun or use lots of sunblock. Once they start to get a bit dark or tan as Americans would say, they start to loose their “whiteness” or “beauty”. If Tyra Banks is dark skinned, people will not look at her twice.

    But the likes of Alicia Keys can get as tan as she likes, she would still be considered “white” and “beautiful”.

    Now… to the africans/blacks… they look at the likes of Riri and Tyra Banks as “white” because of the skin colour. But to the rest of the world, Riri and Tyra are blacks simply because they have black features.

    Just to give example, you would view a chinese/asian as chinese/asian doesn’t matter if she’s yellow-toned, light-toned, fair-white, tanned brown, etc. Because as far as your eyes is concerned, the chinese is still chinese even if she is fair white or tan brown. To call a fair-white chinese as “white” is ridiculous unless she has a truly “caucasian features”. Likewise, to call a tan-brown chinese as “black” is ridiculous unless she has a truly “african features”.

    So people…. look at it in the non-african/black point of view……. a light-skinned black is still black no matter how white-skinned she gets. Likewise, a white Jessica Simpson or Tom Cruise is still white no matter how tan or brown or dark skinned they get. It’s all about the FEATURES people.

    In sum, to call a light-skinned african/black as white is as absurd as calling a tanned-skinned caucasian/white as black.

    So to those in the 2) category, before you label yourself as white, please think twice. And to the rest of blacks, too, please accept the 2) category as from your ownselves because as far as looks is concerned, the rest of the world thinks they are blacks…….. not white/caucasian (Just as you wouldnt think a tanned caucasian as black).

  176. Kelly

    I do believe that she was teased because she was lighter than some of her classmates and friends, but not because she’s white. Bajans know the difference between being black and white and Rihanna knows that she’s not white. She’s probably refering to one of her childhood experiences. Maybe people use to say that she is trying to act white. Now that she’s a star, people would ask her if she’s mixed and she could easily say WHITE instead of fair skin or brown skin. Yes she has a really light complexsion, but we all can tell that she’s black. Her hair texture and facial features gives her away. Why do black people easily embrace being complimented on looking like another race other than black? Why is it such a disgrace and embarrassment to blacks being black?
    I have a friend and she went on a cruise, she had long extentions in her hair. She CLEARLY looks black, from her complexsion to her facial features, she can’t hide it. Someone on the ship asked her if she was spanish and she came back bragging how everyone thought that she was spanish. She doesn’t look no where near spanish or any other race besides black, but she only felt beautiful from that one compliment. Since then, she’s always wearing those extentions in the USA where we live, because she wants to be told that she looks hispanic, but no one tells her that here. She’s so stupid that she doesn’t realize that there are black hispanics too (blacks that speak spanish). She doesn’t seem to believe that she’s beautiful unless she has those extentions on her head.
    Rihanna you are a beautiful black woman, don’t bring up something from when you were about 6 years old, so the whole world can believe that you are white. I know that your father is mixed, because of your grandmother and your mother is clearly a beautiful black woman. You are black, it’s ok to be black. IT’S OK!!

  177. Wright B.Astard

    Willie Lynch said it all.


    People of the world, you have all been brainwashed, mislead, bambooseled, frigged up,miseducated,need i say more.It is sad to see that noboby knows who or what they really are.
    There is only one race in this world and that is the HUMAN(some behave and act otherwise) race.
    Every person on this planet is a derivetive of the black people of AFRICA.[Mutation][watered down
    over the years, go figure]
    The ancient Egyptians posted this statement over
    the doorways to their great lodges.

  179. PiedPiper

    mmmmm….did Rihanna actually say she was bullied for “being white” or did she say she was bullied for “looking too white”? There is a big difference.

  180. Rihanna is WHITE end of story she doesnt have Black brown skin and she has White blood shes basicly full White ..Full Stop.

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  182. Faith

    You allow that derogatory term on here, BFP? So, how about Honky?

  183. BFP

    Hello Faith

    You must understand that we are not here 24/7/365. We purge the bad stuff when we come online and we actually rely upon readers like yourself to alert us.

    The N word comment is gone. If you were a regular you’d know that we don’t allow racism at BFP.

    Thanks for your concern. We share common values.


  184. Gloria

    What poppycock!

    Why does every celebrity have to present a hard luck story even if it absolutely implausible and inane? Do they think that it will make them more like-able?

    Rih Rih stop lying. No one ever took you for being white or even “looking white.”

  185. Rhianna Tickets

    I don’t get it. She is dark?? People can be so cruel.

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  187. bajan to de bone

    Who ever bullied her for being white needs a solid slap.was this before or after the lights cos de only white i see her as in when she is under those big lights.

  188. Cyrus Brewster

    I am a born BLACK Bajan and proud to be black, what this stupid girl forgot is how people of her kind treated black people many years ago. RIHANNA goes around, comes around, What I have learn throughout my life is that white people and those of your colour for generations thinks you all are human and the black man woman and child are sub-human. Therefore in response to your comments about your treatment as a child,;lease keep your big mouth shut. Your kind had your day, now it’s the black man day.

  189. BFP

    Hello Cyrus

    That’s an interesting attitude and one that is guaranteed to keep all Bajans of every colour down down down.

  190. Cyrus Brewster

    I would like to reply to the person or organization who responded to my statement by saying my attitude is one that is guatanteed to keep all Bajans of every colour DOWN DOWN DOWN. I am therefore making this request to you, I assumed this is the BFP Website please confirm. After I have confirmation, a more detail response will be given on this subject.

  191. BFP

    Hey, Mr. Brewster, it’s Cliverton you’re after.

    Let ‘er rip!

  192. Looking at the person instead of the colour of the skin would do away with the colour issues. Let’s move forward instead of looking backwards.

  193. Cyrus Brewster

    Hi Mr Cliverton thank you for your response, I would like to go at full length and discuss Black History to you which I am sure black people of my your age was never tought anything about our History, only the White man History and I am equally sure the same applied to black men and women of your age, but due time will not allow me to do so. If you have SKYPE installed on your computer will of great help, this is a free service. May I assure you, I have to find the time to dicuss this subject with you. I like to debate this issue which I do regularly. Thank you again.

  194. Cyrus Brewster

    Dear Mr Cliverton, I recall you said in response to my comment on this subject that you are the one I am after and to LET ER RIP. I am not surprise to see after I have stated that young people of your age do not know nothing about your ROOTS, you failed to respond.
    I also said I am willing to debate this subject with you , saddly you failed to respond, and I am fully aware why.
    I will be long in my grave when some other race come into Barbados and take it over making all Black people second class citizen. I am not advocating racism, just stating the facts. If I come home and ask young people of your age and younger what they know about Malcolm X Marcus Garvey Frederick Douglass or have they read their Autobiography I think the response will not be surprising to me, also Miss Parks who refused to give up her seat in the bus for a white man and go to the back of the bus, who was jail for failing to do so, due to her action caused a riot in America. Mr Cliverton, its due to the suffering of the few I mention that we the black race have our freedom. It hurts to hear our race say it has nothing to do with them, it’s before my time. In conclusion I feel sorry for people of my race.
    I am fully aware why you will not respond due to the fact you are ashamed, it is more likely to speak out, you will be dismiss from you employment. Prove me wrong Mr Cliverton.

  195. Rihanna needs to shut her mouth and stop putting down her country for money i expected better from her hope you made a lot of money on framing your country .You were never white and you will never be unless you do a plastic sergury and you really need one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha

  196. gilly

    Rihanna has shared her personal experience … so why should she shut up? Like so many darker skin people that has heard that they were too dark or too black can surely understand what Rihanna was trying to say.

    On our island we make alot of racist remarks without even being aware that it is racist. It was always you are red, dark brown, clear skin etc

    Light light skin blacks experience it from darker skin blacks and bajan white. Bajan whites and non bajan whites experience it from blacks and dark skin blacks recieve it from all around.

    Let’s keep it real … it is there but I am not sure that we even know that it is racism.

  197. gilly ur right we should leave her alone and mind our own business

  198. naysaywat

    Hello BFP. You will tek care of that above comment when you wake up, right so?

    BFP editor say: done. Terrible to say those things. the comment is now gone – consigned to the dust bin of blog history where it belongs.

  199. stickzzz

    ahh to bad no one said anything about u looking like an alien with ur big forehead HELLO IM FROM OUTTA WHORE LAND CHAINS N WHIPS EXCITE ME lol gurl u try to hard ugly grimlineee u r a smashed up creature
    what happened to u why r u a whore now cover upp n take off all that make upp n show ur true ugly self lol

  200. I really feel sorry for Rihanna, She seems so desperate to stay in the limelight she would say or do anything, I was hoping her musical career would have done that for her. But as we all know, Once you have reached a certain stage in life it’s hard to go back, So you have to do whatever is necessary to maintain it, even talk shit.

  201. Mark L. Fenty Sr.

    Kelly, I can’t agree with you more, because I refused to accept the view that Barbadians can’t distinguish between white and black.

    I think that it is important that we first understand the chronological historicity of race within the Barbadian context, before we advance unfounded perspective based on speculation.

    Racism is and ideology that has been perpetuated by Europeans in an attempt to undermine the positive images of people of Afro-centric origin.
    This ideology which is based on half- truths, found it way within the Caribbean context during slavery. During this period literature started emerging about people of color portraying them in an inferior light, and the haft- white woman in a more positive light than the black woman. So this in essence empowered the woman of part African and European blood to develop a disdain for the African side of her heritage; and a love for the European side because she was thought to believed that it was better.

  202. Mark L. Fenty Sr.

    To further validate my point as to the historical conditioning of some black people, especially in Barbados.
    You often hear some Barbadians articulating the phrase, “that I have white in me”; this phrase denotes this importance of the Eurocentric aspect of their physical make up.
    This Eurocentric historical indoctrinate of people of African origin in the Caribbean, still continues to be psychological shackles that imprison us.

  203. 61

    Gilly, that is the reality of life unfortunately, race is a phenomena that has define almost everything we do; take for example if two teams are playing a particular sport, we as human being sometimes have a tendency to consciously or unsciously support the one that look like us.Thus for this very reason, race consciousness has been implanted deep within the human psyche since the people of “(African origin )”has been subjectived to its evil treatment. I believe that until we learn to love ourselves, and come to appreciate the value that lies within our race, the negative perspective that some of us who call our selves Afro- Caribbean will remain.

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  205. ryty

    @Bimbro: Little kids are supposed to have the home training not to make rude comments like that, so “they’re little kids” is no excuse. Also, if nobody talks about bullying, how are we going to be able to solve the problem of it?

    As for this “fortunate combination of genes” of which you speak, listen to my story. I am a light-skinned woman, but I have what my classmates termed “black features.” This means that not only was I bullied and harassed for my wide nose and kinky hair, I was mistreated for my light skin. The other kids would find any excuse to call me “stuck-up,” because I was shy and afraid of saying something uncool, so I didn’t talk much. They would hit me, pull my hair, and sexually molest me and justify it by saying, “That’s what light-skinned women are for.”

    So don’t you dare say that light-skinned women have it easier until you meet every single light-skinned woman on planet earth and hear their stories. You are just as bad as a white racist. This post makes you sound very ignorant, and if this is what you really think, clearly you are lacking in empathy.

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  208. 197

    For a small country with approximately 270,000 people we have it fairly wrong. That much is obvious. Barbadians are not smiling anymore and its a shame. History is not being tackled with advancement of the people or country. 5 Buses to work? 1st World… Dont think so. Cant afford a car? Not modern living. Food not on the table and wooden houses?…really come on… Too many people are miserable and Bajans are becoming known as miserable rude people…We need changes!

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  210. Ok, Somebody please tell me……….IN WHAT WORLD DOES RIHANNA LOOK WHITE!!??? I THINK SHE WISHES SHE LOOKED WHITE, BUT ANYONE FROM 100 MILES AWAY CAN SEE THAT SHE IS A BLACK WOMAN! Nothing About her looks a bit white at all.

  211. Ana

    Oh Please. Even as Rihanna “pretends” to have suffered for having light skin she clearly reeks of desperation to project herself as “white” even now. She knows damn well that nobody thought she was “white” because she is hardly above caramel and caribbean people are not blind. Everyone knows light skinned people are favored in black countries and if ever in the RARE case they are made fun of for light skin it is in the same manner that a rich kid is made fun of for being rich. It’s a weird thing where the person feels a twisted sense of superiority nonetheless because they now it’s only happening because they are “better”. Regardless of her lies, she was no doubt praised for her light eyes and skin hence all the confidence she had to enter beauty contests and sing on stage, etc prior to being famous. Dark girls don’t do that because their discrimination is real and damaging to the point of damaging killing any confidence whatsoever. That’s why they don’t enter anything or try to be pop stars etc. Whatever the hell Rihanna went through obviously wasn’t that bad, because she would have NEVER been where she is today if it was (she would not have had the confidence to even try). And don’t even say it’s b/c she’s a strong person because the idiot constantly sells her body like dollar store candy plus went back to a guy who kicked her ass. No strength there.

  212. zorro

    …nowhere in Barbados is any white or fair skinned person bullied or ridiculed for their complexion, if so then someone needs to bring some factual info/ proof and not publicise mindless propaganda from an entertainer who wishes to entertain their public by any means necessary. Furthermore, it is known in Barbados that she was teased for having extreme scaring on the skin left by mosquito bites or sever skin problems.

  213. russ (aka zorro)

    …nowhere in Barbados is any white or fair skinned person bullied or ridiculed for their complexion, if so then someone needs to bring some factual info/ proof and not publicise mindless propaganda from an entertainer who wishes to entertain their public by any means necessary. Furthermore, it is known in Barbados that she was teased for having extreme scaring on the skin left by mosquito bites or sever skin problems.

  214. Paris

    I amazed by the article and the discussion. I’m an African and I would have in the past suspected that with this claim a lot of Bajans hearing it would then turn off.
    I’m ignorant of Barbadoes ways and history other than second hand experience of the country and my direct interactions with Bajans abroad.
    This little experience always led me to believe that light skinned Bajans are considered white and superior in their country. This superiority has been established through the agreement and support of those of any racial background on the island by those established racist mechanisms that leave some feeling inferior but happy to maintain it.
    A Caribbean friend with dark chocolate skin tells the story of waiting for ages in a Bajans bank during the late 1980s while light skin bankers would walk in behind her and be called straight to the counter. She then noticed that few of the staff in the bank were any darker than Janet Jackson and proceeded to raise merry hell about the apartheid going down. Not one person in that bank told her she was wrong, mistaken or to get out because she was mad. She was served with little banter or friendliness while all the staff would look up to condemn her with their eyes.
    Maybe things changed drastically by the time Rihanna went to school. Up until stumbling upon this article I would have believed that Rihanna wasn’t treated as anything other than a princess – perhaps justly I’m a huge fan- and worshipped in Barbadoes and other places because of her beauty and particularly her light skin.

  215. MG Martin

    RHIANNA Girl chile I gine pray fuh yuh . I never heard so much crap in my 70 years. In my Family My aunt Elaine was “PASSING” in Canada .Every one called my father and my grandmother COBSKIN my cousin Barbara was RED and my brothers and I were curly hair BROWNSKIN my mother was BLACK. No one called any one white nor bullied anyone we were well aware that the plantation owners dipped into the black paint and gave us colour .My great great grandfather is Scottish I am dark brown closest to like my mother My great grandmother was from Aruba. Stop saying negatives about a great little Island and try to keep your …covered up. We don’t need role models we have JESUS

  216. The eastern caribbean is a place where brainwash people originate, barbadoes is number one , peopleiving on that island seem like a drug addict in hybernation, barbadoes a little outpost of the white people,barbadian 90 percent of then decent from africa but when they talk they claim that they are from europe, they even call england the mother counyry ,most barbadian say that england is the nearest country to barbadoes, you talking about fools,barbadoes tal bad about jamaica but barbadoes never produce anything good jaaica g
    ive the world marcus garvey, bob marley, usain bolt doctor j gordon stewart, lowell hawthorn and many more, what did barbadoes give the world rhinna a whore/ drug addict who sing american music.

  217. TamyeMarie

    Alls that I know is we are all mixed in some way,, my granddaughter is also mixed and like Rihanna/Ariyanna is unbelievably beautiful, ,also like Rihanna/Ariyanna is a gift from the heavens,, we should ALL be blessed that we even got the honor to be a part of their lives, blessed with the gifts they share with us.
    We are naive in this day and age to be ANY-TYPE of racist..Racism simply means ignorance,, I feel beyond blessed to have my beautiful granddaughter, wood NEVER wish she wasnt here,, Wood in ANY moment give my life for her, if somethin EVER
    Arised of that nature. .pretty much feel the same about Rihanna,,
    WIthout a shadow of a doubt racism should be dead,, the ONLY race we have, is the ONLY ONE THERE is,,”The Human race….ty aka-NaNa sincerity

  218. Anonymous

    What type of BS is this?

  219. Ngozi

    Look in the dictionary and see what black means, dirty, evil, dirt, grotesque, satanic a host of negative words. Even the blackest Asian don’t even subscribe to being called black. My background is missed part Scottish and African. I prefer to be called African or coloured I do not subscribe to the derogatory term black.

  220. Jim

    You only support Barbados if you’ve never been off the Island. Anybody who has ever lived anywhere else for any meaningful length of time knows it makes no sense.

  221. It is a well known fact that the majority of Trinidad and Guyanese Indians think that they are superior to blacks,even though some of them are darker than many blacks. I think to them it becomes a wide awakening when they immigrate to the U.K. ,U.S.A. or Canada and find out that they are also black and are treated as such by white societies.
    May be they should teach children in primary schools that”All a we is One”.

  222. When Chris Brown beat the crap out of Ri Ri anyone that saw the pictures of her face couldn’t tell whether she was black , black and blue, brown ,white ,or Indian; Yet she talking now about how she was bullied in School for being white? Maybe Christ Brown thought she was white that is why he beat the crap outta her.
    Rhianna had no reason to start a controversy at this time ,she gets enough attentsion as it is . She seem to want to make headlines by getting somewhat involve with any and everyone she meets that is anybody .Maybe she end up like some others that travelled the same High Way a bit ahead of her.