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Leroy Parris, Clico, David Thompson and Mariano Browne – Valid Points By A Reader, Or Using BFP For An Agenda?

This letter was received from an anonymous reader. What do you think, folks?


The recent debacle surrounding the semmingly innocent appointment of Mariano Browne to Trinidad and Tobago’s Finance ministry hides many a skeleton.

Leroy Parris’ motives are clearer than most. He resents the fact that he was denied a seat on the board of CCB and blames Mariano for this. The fact that the Central Bank of Barbados did not consider him “Fit and Proper” to be involved will not wash with him or his kind. Something about a woman scorned I believe.

Why he would leave the smoking gun behind him that a two year old countersuit of no merit would be brought up the weekend after he visited Trinidad is even inconsequential.

What is worrying is that he used two One Caribbean Media newspapers, The Trinidad Express and The Nation of Barbados to be the sole recipients of this “amazing” story.

Both of theses papers are public companies and lo and behold their largest shareholders are CLICO! No other newspaper sought fit to run the story as it was clearly planted and very one sided. Now one can only speculate that Lawrence Duprey who has an extra “special relationship” with Leroy Parris had approved this action given the type of firepower employed.

This of course the same Duprey who finances the UNC and through Leroy Parris, David Thompson and the DLP. This of course is the same David Thompson who is Leroys lawyer and initiated the ridiculous “Forensic audit” done by PwC which is quite laughable and was correctly ignored by CCB’s auditors and board in passing the final accounts.

One might even think that Clico was waging a campaign to prevent Manning from employing Mariano because he would be privy to the inner workings of CL Financial, a comany frequently accused of insolvency.

Or one may also surmise that David Thompson has used this opportunity to try and link non connected events together to discredit Mariano even if it meant that he would be unable to work with the recently appointed Manning Government.

Either way you’d probably be correct.

Remember even if CCB did fund the BLP in some small way it was in order for Duprey to try and cover the fact that Leroy has been funding “His special Friend” for years and for this election.

Thompson, Duprey, Parris… all birds of a feather. Hopefully they’ll all flock off together and leave the Caribbean to develop without their ilk.


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Barbados Government Announces That Greenland Dump Observers Were Positioned Prior To The Earthquake!


My goodness, you have to hand it to our government!

According to a press announcement, the recent earthquake didn’t affect the Greenland Dump one bit. We know this because the Nation Newspaper says that the government had observers stationed at the dump prior to the earthquake. These pre-positioned observers noted every fissure that existed prior to the earthquake (and there were many at Greenland prior to the earthquake) and saw that no new fissures were created during the event. (Such lies by the government and the Nation News!)

The government says that there were enough of these anonymous, nameless observers pre-positioned to watch all the hills throughout the earthquake. Unlike the rest of us throughout the rest of the island, none of these supermen felt like running or throwing up dizzy during the quake. They kept their balance and their eyes steadily focused on their respective assigned observation zones.

This is fabulous!

Apparently the Barbados government anticipated the earthquake and pre-positioned observers at Greenland.

Thank God we have Owen Arthur as Prime Minister and not someone who lacks the mental telepathic predictive powers that were necessary for all this to happen.

Gosh… we may end up voting BLP if only for their ability to predict earthquakes and pre-position observers! (Editor’s note: If you don’t know what sarcasm is, look it up!)

Hmmm… this does contradict the information of our source who saw new fissures, but the government would never lie to citizens about something like this, would they? (See BFP’s article Barbados Earthquake Damages Greenland Dump Site – Cracks In Leachate Liner)

The Nation News: What A Pathetic Excuse For A Newspaper

After reading our story that the Greenland dump was showing new fissures, you’d think that a real newspaper would have sent a reporter and a photographer at first light to check out the damage. You’d think that the true status of such a controversial and expensive over-budget project after an earthquake might be newsworthy.

A real journalist would be wondering about unstable soil under the dump that previously caused 20 million dollars of work to be thrown out the window.

A real newspaper would have asked to interview the engineers and workers who were on site. A real reporter would want to print the engineers’ names and tour the facility with cameras clicking. Someone with the public interest in mind would have been at the gate of the Greenland dump at sun-up the very next morning so their couldn’t be any monkey business with the contractor filling in the fissures.

That would be a real newspaper run by real journalists.

Instead, we have The Nation News helping out with Government damage control three days after the earthquake. This rag of a paper simply printed the government’s press release without a single follow-up question.

The pathetic government lapdogs at The Nation News and the CBC should be ashamed of themselves.

from the Nation News…

Greenland intact after quake

THE GREENLAND LANDFILL has not been affected by the recent heavy rains or the tremors from the earthquake.

That’s the word from management of the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA).

In a statement issued yesterday, management said that personnel observed the slopes of the landfill during the tremor and again two hours later and “no fissures were created as a result of the 7.3 Richter-scale event. The slopes of the landfill . . . remain stable”.

The statement went on to say that further checks were made on Friday “and the leachate liner’s integrity remains intact as well as all roads and other works at the entire site”.

The SSA added: “Pizometers, which measure any form of movement at Greenland, recorded the tremor data and this was sent to Canada and although it recorded the quake, the landfill remains safe and in order – the earthquake had no effect on the landfill.”

… read the original article at The Nation News (link here)


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The Good Ship Barbados Sails Straight For The Constitutional Iceberg!


Constitutional Vote Called Off!

We have to ask… Can this government make a real plan, or is everything done by chicken entrails at the full moon?

The Monty Python crew in all their glory couldn’t have staged this any better!

Vote Off

THE REFERENDUM ON A REPUBLIC will not now take place at the same time as the next general election.

Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley said that while Government remained committed to having a referendum, a decision had been taken to postpone such a vote following concerns raised by the Electoral & Boundaries Commission (EBC).

“In light of a number of concerns raised by EBC chairman Philip Serrao and after more in-depth consultation over the past two days, Government has decided not to proceed at the time of the general election with a referendum on whether a Barbadian should be the country’s Head of State,” Mottley told the SUNDAY SUN.

Last Sunday on Starcom Network’s Brass Tacks On Sundays, she said Barbadians would get to vote yes, or no, on whether or not the country becomes a republic, whenever they voted in the next general election.

Yesterday, Serrao confirmed that the EBC had advised Government that the electoral process could be “compromised” by trying to undertake a joint vote at this time.

“I have indicated to Government that after careful consideration I am satisfied that the management of the entire electoral process could be seriously compromised by any attempt to hold simultaneously, a general election and referendum at this time,” he said in a statement…

… continue reading this hilarious bit of comedy at The Nation News (link here)

Our sincere thanks to BFP reader “TC” for this fabulous PhotoShop creation!


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Bermuda Government Doesn’t Like Critical Blogs

“You link to your intellectual opponents because you respect your readers’ right to make up their own minds, while remaining confident that your own arguments are the stronger ones. The Barbados Labour Party links to the Barbados Free Press, one of its fiercest critics. Why won’t Bermuda’s Labour Party do the same?” … from A Limey In Bermuda blog

A Limey in Bermuda blog asks why the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party blog won’t link to his blog and points out that the Barbados Labour Party links to our blog.

We’ll give the government BLP blog credit for initially linking to Barbados Free Press, but missing in the equation is the fact that the Barbados Labour Party wishes that they had never started their own blog!

Remember when Dr. Duguid would actually write and sign pieces on the internet?

Remember when Prime Minister Owen Arthur was scheduled to appear on the BLP blog for an open session with Bajans?

Yup… the BLP wishes that they had never heard of blogging.


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