Barbados Director Of Commission For Pan-African Affairs Confused About Religion, Culture and Sexual Perversion


Dr. Tafari Argues: Catholic Priest Molesting Little Boy Has Religious Equivalence With Rastifarian Smoking Marijuana

Doctor Ikael Tafari is a bit confused about the differences between religious practices that are legal in our society, religious practices that are illegal in our society – and what is sexual perversion by an individual that is sanctioned neither by religion nor society.

As near as I can figure from Dr. Tafari’s latest rambling missive in The Nation News, the dear doctor believes…

a/ If you are of African descent, you should not be Christian. Instead you should be a believer in one of the traditional African religions by virtue of your race. (While he doesn’t come right out and say this here, the theme runs through his entire works and is certainly lurking about this piece.)

b/ Barbados Media, Government and Bajans should not reject either Orisha because of it’s sacrifice of live animals or Rastafari because an illegal drug is at the heart of that religion.

c/ When Catholic priests sexually molest little boys, this is a widespread part of the Catholic religion that should be considered equivalent to the central religious beliefs of a Rastafarian smoking of marijuana or the Orisha practice of sacrificing live animals.

From Tafari’s latest vomitus in The Nation News (link here)…

“Did the illegal sacrament at the heart of the Rastafari faith disqualify it? Is it because the Orisha practise blood sacrifice that they were left out? But there is a widespread sexual practice of interfering with young boys among Roman Catholic priests – and they were at the head of the service…”

Our Catholic friends might want to read Tafari’s whole work and then let him know that they don’t consider the sexual molestation of children to be central to their religious beliefs.

I can’t believe that the Government Of Barbados still pays this Tafari guy and provides him with the credibility of an official position and title.


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22 responses to “Barbados Director Of Commission For Pan-African Affairs Confused About Religion, Culture and Sexual Perversion

  1. Tudor

    Its called “Politics of Inclusion”. Do not worry when Owen Seymour is ready for him, he will be dealt with, remember Comicsong?

  2. Velzo

    Maybe its government policy!

    What with the new morals debate, how does Owen defend it?

  3. Hants

    BFP which is worse, sacrificing a live animal or molesting little boys and young men.

    You may be unaware of the large number of Catholic and Anglican Priests in North America convicted for molesting and abusing little children.

    I was raised a Christain and they burn incense in church on occasion.
    That ritual and the rastafarian ritual of smoking ganja would probably be considered similar if ganja was not illegal.

    The Anglican and Catholic churches also serve a drug (Wine) though legal ) in their rituals.

    I am still a christain but I don’t accept that everything white is right.

    You should also be aware that there are many Rastas who are decent law abiding citizens except for their indulgence in smoking herb.

    I have more respect for some Rastas than I do for some of the morally bankrupt and corrupt persons you mention on this Blog.

  4. John

    At the consultation with Owen about morality, Trevor (Admiral Nelson) Marshall singled out 6 main characteristics of the shift from the social values of the day.
    He singled out the cult of Rastafarianism with its philosophical use of marijuana and its attraction for some intellectually gifted who were studying abroad, (and I heard him specify Mona) as one of the six characteristics.
    Who tell he say so!!
    Ikael went to Mona and Ikael is a Rastafarian.
    Ikael could only get his knickers in a twist.
    If I read Trevor (Admiral Nelson) Marshall right it sounds like he was saying that there are six reasons for the deviance in today’s society …. and Ikael is one!! (That’s the naughty interpretation)
    The Admiral even went so far as to include the white youth who went at Accra and became beach bums in Barbados.
    Ikael and the Admiral obviously have some feud going.
    What I saw on TV last night of some of the speeches at the consultation makes me think it was a bit of a farce.

  5. John

    Looks like Owen is now going back to the politics of exclusion …… starting with Rastafarianism … look out Ikael.

  6. BFP

    Hi Hants
    I hear you – the point is that “Dr.” Tafari has argued equivalancy between the molesting priest and the rastaman smoking herb: that both actions are central to the respective religions and for that reason, Rastamen should have been included in the ceremony with the Catholic priests.

    If you can’t see anything wrong with Tafari’s logic then certainly nothing I say will change your perspective.

  7. John


    You are missing the point.

    Molestation of children is a sexual perversion and is not a part of the Catholic religion like smoking marijuana is a part of the Rastafarian religion.

    I am not a Catholic but I know what some priests do is quite apart from what their religion stands for. They are human.

    There are probably more people who molest children in this world than there are priests in all religions. But the priest should know better as he/she represents the religion.

    Ikael is obviously under pressure from above and isn’t reading what he is writing.

    It will be interesting to watch how this morality thing is used by the politicians, … who really ain’t too moral themselves, … a bit like some priests!!

    I am beginning to think it has ulterior motives.

    Trevor Marshall’s utterances are to pointed.

  8. Hants

    BFP and John I agree with you that Tafari is wrong to equate a sexual pervision with a ritual.

    Note that I compared the rituals of “burning incense” and drinking Alcohol in the Catholic and Anglican churches to the Rastafari ritual of smoking ganja.

    The issue of the “perversion” of Priests is far more serious because of the death (suicides) and destruction (mental) of other innocent human beings.
    Priests are in a position of power and their abuse of it has destroyed many innocent children.

    I don’t know much about the Rastafarian religion
    have nuff respect for persons like Adonija and other.

  9. Jason

    How can a society that makes smoking marijuana illegal formally recognize a religion that has smoking marijuana as a central platform of the religion?

    Doesn’t make sense! Can’t do it.

    I have sometimes “inhaled” in another life but it would be insane to give government sanction to a religion that has marijuana as a ….


    I forgot wat I was gonna say….

    Oh.. never mind. Where did I put down that bong?

    mmmmmmmmm There. That is better.

    I’m hungry. Got any sweets?

  10. Hants

    Jason everything in Moderation.

    That is why one of the most dangerous and destructive drugs is legal. Alcohol.

  11. marijuana

    you would be confused too if you had fried your brain with constant use of marijuana.

  12. As a visitor I am totally bemused by the Government-sponsored Commission for Pan African Affairs and its present director. It is quite enlightened to have such a safety valve for “back to Africa” crazies. There is a lot to be proud of in Africa for those of African descent but I remain unsure whether the commission is serving its intended purpose.

    What gets me is the personalities involved. Dr. Ikeal Tafari (presumably not his born name) appears to be only marginally African. I always think of Osama ben Ladin playing in a Carnival band when I see the Dr. in his fancy dress. His predecessor, Mr Commissiong (a good Portugee name) might at least be mistaken for an African on a dark night. But he was and is clearly interested in promoting only one cause.

    For Dr. Tafari to issue an outrageous statement about Roman Catholic priests meddling with minors being a by-product of their religion is an unacceptable outrage. I cannot believe he seriously meant it, even under the influence of “smoking.” If he did, surely his suitability to continue as director must be questioned. Unless, of course, it suits Government to have a person of such low credibility in this figurehead role. If so- quite cunning!

  13. Rumplestilskin

    politics of inclusion, IS cunning, eliminate dissention, by including

    just keep them bridled

  14. Jason

    Darn… I never thought of it.

    Of Course!

    Tafari is always stoned when he writes!

    ha ha ha ha

  15. John

    Who really brought up the whole issue of child abuse at the consultation?

    Seems like it was the Right Honourable.

    Perhaps Ikael in responding to the exclusion of the Rastafarians used the child abuse card to hit back at Owen.

    Perhaps what he was saying to the PM in the heat of the moment (and got it wrong) was:

    “Look star, here you are pontificating on child abuse and one of the religions you are sitting with has priests who are known to have engaged in the practice.”

    ” …. and yet you exlude the Rastafarians from your consultation. When is the last time you heard about a Rastafarian molesting a child? OK, so we take a little ganja.”

    “… and by the way star, what you mean by setting up Snuffy Marshall to attack me and my bretren in a forum where we were not present to defend ourselves? I don’t mind the comment about the white people but I take exception to people messing with my brethren”

    It will be interesting to watch how the politicians use this whole consultation thing.

  16. Jerome Hinds

    Politics of inclusion was only meant to do so much – now that the perceived critics have been bridled (or is it bribed?) those included now realise the Master (Owen) there were summoned to serve no longer needs them in his midst. Watch the potential fall out. Bob Marley asked, How many more must suffer?

  17. John


    I’ll agree with you on the politics of inclusion that they were only a means to an end, but I look on the positive side.

    We know who stands where thanks to these politics.

    All the same, it has been said that Bajans have short memories.

  18. Yam P][e

    well besides the see-saw presented here on the issues raised by the master and the historian and how the rest of us feel- how many ppl are in a position to account for the purpose of the presence of personnel from the hindu religion, the bahi religion and the islamic religion? I dont see what those ppl served by sitting there idle, throughout the whole thing. Where is the inclusion in that?

    and another interesting point that was raised, is that central to the whole morality issue, or lack thereof in the barbadian society, fingers were being pointed at the youth- everything bad them doing, everything good that them trying to do for no reason- but where was the representation of the youth? and where was their recognition? a little birdie tell me, them has bout 5 young ppl in a room of 300 ppl in dere.

    ah gone.. haha

    somebody help me.

  19. John

    Yam P][e

    A farce and a concoction if ever there was one …… and yet we do have serious problems to solve which we all need to consider.

  20. Velzo

    Ikael Tafari is a great actor, comedian, comic and clown.

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  22. Michael Swann

    I have no idea who Ikeal Tafari is, but it is clear that the author of this piece has failed to understand what appears to be a rather clever jab at the Catholic church.
    Or, perhaps, they have deliberately failed to understand it for the purposes of political capital.

    Just an outsiders view……