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A Different Kind Of Fish Being Hauled In Off The South West – Barbados Drug Running

Some Folks Look To Make More Money Than Is Legally Possible With A Small Boat

Almost two years ago, I first wrote about going out fishing at night and a common technique that we use to catch more fish. On our family’s little boat we call it night tree fishing while some folks in Trinidad call it “table fishing” or “log fishing”. A good skipper and only one helper can make some relatively good money this way and many Bajans support their families with only a tiny boat.

You will never get rich fishing with a small boat, but you can survive if you work hard and get lucky occasionally. And yes, some of us are “luckier” than some others. Of course, some of us work harder too!

Luck, hard work, knowledge and good techniques are all fine – but the fisherfolk hate it when they have been out all night setting up a tree, and then those bad old charter fishing boats come out of Bridgetown and just drag by OUR tree to steal OUR fish. Some bad blood and words happen over that. Even talk of shots fired a few years ago although it was only talk.

Theft is what it is. Nothing but theft from charter boat people who already can make US$1000 in one day.

Whispers Around The Waterfront

Big money is nothing to the charter boats, but if you take a couple of large kingfish from folk in a small open boat you are stealing right from their children’s table.

But it happens all the time and folks get a little desperate. Never greedy, understand. More desperate. And then you hear whispers around that so-and-so who isn’t very lucky fishing has a new GPS given to him by a “friend”. And we look at each other and think “I doan want no friends like they friends.”

So it is no surprise that some people make a couple of “extra” trips a month way off shore. And sometimes when certain boats are offshore it is a funny thing that you will see the same fellows sitting out by Grantley Adams runway talking or maybe doing a little kissy kissy in the car with their girlfriends.

They might be kissy kissy but they have one eye on that certain hanger where those two shark-mouthed aircraft sit like hungry predators in their caves. If the predators come out, the kissy kissy stops and phone calls are made. Of course, there are also those who claim to know in advance when the shark-mouths will fly.

The police and the Coast Guard will never stop the coastal runners – there’s just too much money to be made and folks get desperate on this island so there are always those who are willing to take a chance once in a while.

But not me.

When I watch my son sleeping or see the smile on my woman’s face when I come home, I know that I could never put the ones I love at risk. I could never take a chance on making an “extra trip” no matter how bad things are.

But don’t think that I haven’t thought about it a few times.


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St. Lucia Getting Ahead Of Barbados – St. Lucia Tourism Minister

‘St. Lucia is going head to head with Barbados and I can see the island getting ahead’

These comments were made by Glen Beache, the Minister of Tourism for St. Vincent and the Grenadines in St. Lucia recently, whilst addressing the media with his St. Lucia counterpart, Senator Allen Chastenet.

Under a heading of ‘St. Vincent and St. Lucia team up for tourism promotion’ carried in the Wednesday 5th December 2007, edition of the Star newspaper, Minister Beache, went on to lament the continuing fall in intra Caribbean travel, citing rising airfares as a large contributor to the decline in regional travelers.

‘I agreed that airfares needed to go up’ he said. The extent to which they’ve gone up, I don’t agree with’.

Recently released long stay arrivals from the Barbados Statistical Service, show for the first ten months of 2007 a dramatic decline of 19 per cent visiting Barbados in terms of the regional islands combined.

The exception was Trinidad and Tobago which showed a drop of 12.2 per cent.

Tourism policymakers may have not as yet estimated the substantial negative economic effective this has had on the accommodation and ancillary sectors.

While most Caribbean destinations enjoy a fairly predictable busy winter season, the reality is that a bumper four month peak season does not pay the bills of operating 12 months a year.

Especially affected is the small hotel sector, which largely benefits from Caribbean people traveling in the eight long summer months.

But just about every other component element that makes up the overall tourism product suffers as well. Taxi drivers, car rental agencies, restaurants activities and attractions, shopping experiences and so on!

While, LIAT may be in a better financial state and once again enjoying a virtual monopoly, I really wonder if those political leaders guiding our destiny have added up the true overall cost to their nation’s economies in terms of lost tourism earnings.

Adrian Loveridge
5th December 2007


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Kate Middleton Spending Christmas In Barbados – Will Join Prince William In England For New Year’s Eve


Dearest Kate,

William is a nice man an I hope everyting work out fine for you two. He not wild like he brother.

Jus you remember that it ain’t be smart to be “the girlfriend” for too many years.

Time he bought you a diamond, girl!

Yours truly,


ExpoSay Article: Kate And Wills Go Separate Ways For Christmas


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Lawless Construction Continues At Vaucluse Barbados – Illegal Track Now Being Paved

From the desk of Ursula Goodenough

Dear Media

We regret we have had to return to you with more bad news. We hoped it was over.

The scheduled Independence car racing at Vaucluse did not come off as planned. Word has it, but this is unconfirmed, that the authorities found a way to prevent them from going ahead with it. The residents of Dukes and St. Thomas do sincerely wish that the regrettable incidents and the illegal activities at Vaucluse could have been prevented from happening in their community, and wish the Bushy Park meet success this coming next weekend as the alternate venue, the venue where it should have been scheduled in the first place.

Regrettably we have had to record and post 2 further YouTube videos of further illegal activity. The application that seems to have been ignored by the developers was to retain a dirt track. Unfortunately, the track is no longer going to be dirt, as they have been paving it as fast as they possibly can.

PAVING!!! WATCH THIS FROM TODAY!!! of unapproved site in contravention of Town Planning and the Prime Minister’s instructions. Barbados: Dec 4 2007

We have observed an October 30 2007 hearing with the owners/developers present, at Ministry of Finance, where selected objectors gave testimony, where the Prime Minister himself (though not present) was given time to receive opinion from his Permanent Secretary, and to make an informed decision on whether to retain a dirt track. However, with the situation as it now stands, in order to now consider a dirt track we will have to remove the top layer of approximately 2 feet of compacted-rolled marl, now paved with tar and marl, rolled with the heavy roller. Developers have gone straight through this procedure and engineered themselves a racetrack against all commands, instructions and laws.

Another sad day in Barbados, a beautiful island where neither the law nor respect for residents rights seem to have meaning… to people such as these.

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