Barbados Political Party Websites Reviewed – A Choice Between BLP Racism and Nothing Else


"It doesn't matter what you say your values are. It is what you do that shows what you truly believe in."

Shona's Auntie Moses (paraphrased)

The official website of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) – the party that has formed the Government of Barbados for 12 years as led by Prime Minister Owen Arthur – displays photos of Barbados citizens who are only of one specific race. Despite the fact that Barbados citizens hail from virtually every race and cultural heritage, only citizens of the majority race are shown on the BLP website.

And – it apparently is not even enough to be of african heritage – one must have a darker skin tone to be shown on the BLP website. No lighter-skinned persons of african heritage or mixed race persons are shown on the website. And certainly no mixed-race couples like some of the folks who bring you the Barbados Free Press.

That pretty well sums up our tour and review of all available Political Party websites in Barbados. But for those who want a more in-depth report, read on…

Reviewing Political Party Websites In Barbados

Political parties and activists all over the world have long embraced the internet as the most effective and cost-effective means of delivering their message directly to listeners – without having the meaning mangled or misrepresented by the traditional media.

It is therefore surprising to learn that of Barbados' three political parties, only the BLP has an operating website and/or blog. Here is our look at the individual party efforts and the effective message communicated by each website (or non-website)…

PEP – People's Empowerment Party of Barbados

Message Displayed: No website – no message

Effective Website Message: "We Don't Exist"

The PEP has no party website. For those wanting to know about PEP online, has one sentence…

"People's Empowerment Party (PEP) is a leftist political party in Barbados, founded in 2006. It is led by David Comissiong and is the electoral wing of the Clement Payne Movement. PEP, an opposition party, advocates public ownership of the means of production."

DLP – Democratic Labour Party

DLP Website3.jpg

Message Displayed: "A Brighter Future For All" – "Under Construction"

Effective Website Message: "We Are In Chaos – And Don't Know Where We Are Going"

The DLP – Democratic Labour Party of Barbados – website has been "Under Construction" for longer than anyone can remember. As we mentioned in our January 20, 2006 article, "Where is the Barbados DLP Website?"

What happened to the Barbados Democratic Labour Party – DLP – website? It has been “under construction” for so long that it seems obvious that the DLP leadership has no concept of the power of the internet. Perhaps with a little work, they can bring the party into the mid-1990’s!

“Under Construction”… just like the DLP itself.

If the DLP cannot get itself together enough to even put up a website, how on earth are the people of Barbados supposed to view them at a viable government-in-waiting?

BLP – Barbados Labour Party


Message Displayed: "A better life for our people"

Effective Website Message: We Are The Government, What Race Are You?

The BLP Barbados Labour Party website is well done technically. Both the programming and visual design are top drawer, and a visitor can't help but receive the impression from the website that the BLP is a sophisticated, professionally-run and well-funded organization. Such professionalism should be expected from any political party anywhere that has been in power for 12 years…

… But it is the fact that the BLP is politically sophisticated that causes concern about the party's official website and the overall message that it presents to Barbadians and to the world.

BLP_FM1.jpg BLP_Child.jpg BLP_2Ladies.jpg BLP_man.jpg

The photos, images and graphics on the website have all been carefully selected to convey a positive image of real progress happening in Barbados under the BLP Government – and to reinforce the party slogan of "A Better Life For Our People". The presentation is sophisticated, smooth and deliberately understated – showing new housing, successful businesses, clean newly-constructed public developments and happy, optimistic Barbadians with family and friends.

It is a powerful feel-good message of progress – until you realize that the images only show Barbadians of African heritage who have darker skin tones. No lighter-skinned persons of African heritage are shown. No Barbadians of Indian heritage. No Oriental races. No Asians. No whites. No Barbadians of mixed race. No mixed race couples.

Only persons of African heritage who have dark skin tones.

My friends, that is a powerful, powerful message. It is also a disturbing message in light of past racially-charged comments by both Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Environment Minister Liz Thompson.

If the Barbados Labour Party truly believes that it wants to represent the interests of all Barbadians – no matter the colour of their skin or their racial heritage – then the BLP should change it's website to reflect all our citizens.

But if the website fairly represents how the BLP views Barbados and their vision for this nation, then they should leave the website the way it is. Don't change a thing BLP, unless you really mean it.

post by Clive with Marcus

Tomorrow: A Review of the Barbados Labour Party blog 


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59 responses to “Barbados Political Party Websites Reviewed – A Choice Between BLP Racism and Nothing Else

  1. william duguid

    First let me say that I am sorry that you feel the website is racially charged as that was certainly not the intent of the site which I was responsible for putting together. As you well know I am of mixed race and the people who helped me put the site together and chose the pictures are of Indian and Caucasian decent. If they subconsciously chose those pictures I will have to investigate further and they are a professional firm not party activists or supporters who chose the pictures.

    However my picture also appears on the site and it would be unfair to suggest that no other race appears on the site.

    In addition we also have a wordpress blog and again no other party I believe has one as we are trying to communicate with the people in every medium available to us.

    However I do take the constructive criticism and I will forward it to the designer.

  2. BFP

    Hello William

    The website plus the comments of the Prime Minister, Environment Minister and others paint a picture. If it is not what is intended, then the BLP needs to project a clear message that a Bajan is a Bajan.

    The old ways have to go.

    We appreciate your personal feelings, but you are not the party. Let’s see what you can do.

    All the best,

  3. BFP

    … and, is that you looking into the sky and laughing?

    Just curious. Looks a little young…


  4. Islandgirl

    William D say “First let me say that I am sorry that you feel the website is racially charged”

    Dis post d’not say de BLP website be “racially charged”. It say de PM an de Enviroment Minister make de talk dat is “racially charged”. An de did on de internet say Liz call de white man a “caucasion”.

    keep de fact de fact an truth de truth mr. d.!

  5. This is pointless. No matter how many multicultural faces you place on that site, the friendly folk at BFP will always find a problem. Next they will be bitching about the count of black faces against the amount of *insert random race here* faces. Weird question ,are any of the folk at BFP female?

  6. BFP

    shoutin at you visionz

    if you read more than one thing you know I am “female”


  7. On The Beach

    Visionz, you say this discussion is pointless, but you totally ignore the truth of what the BLP website has for photos and the truth about what the PM and Minister Thompson said on the public record.

    It is not a defense or explanation to simply attack the messenger. You and the BLP must address the issues raised by the free press.

    To have the government totally focus their website on just the majority race is at the very least a big mistake. In conjunction with the racist public comments by various Government Ministers, the BLP website does give the message that other races are not important to the government.

    But who am I to even mention it? As the Minister of the Environment says – how dare some “caucasian” tell her what to do!

  8. Comment Maker

    You know, this whole discussion is interesting given that one of the charges leveled against the BLP is that it is too “Pro business” (read too pro white people)!

    BFP while I agree with you on the comments of the persons being inappropriate, I think you are REALLY reaching with this one.

  9. FBoogie

    I think it is really insane to hear someone (I think you said you were of mixed race) complaining about the situation in Barbados. The BLP, as everyone knows-and don’t pretend you don’t-is the ‘party for white people’ as even William Hoad in the Nation, who happens to be white, said.
    The Barbadian people are not concerned about what color people the random pictures on a website have on them. If you look at the Republican party website, a party that is not very friendly towards minorities, and have opposed affirmative action, etc, there are conspicous numbers of ‘diverse’ images. Time to face up to the truth and not nitpick over superficial nonsense like this. You will never hear a black, mixed race, indian or other Bajan discriminating against their fellow white Bajans. I believe the Barbados I know is one with citizens who are committed to a country where people don’t have to put up with that.
    Any interpretation of what government ministers say is for you to twist however you feel it’s right. As a TOLERANT Bajan I will allow you to have your opinion. I take umbrage, though, when a person who lives in Barbados will lie and so paint us all with the same brush. This isn’t Zimbabwe, until you see the government start throwing you out of your house and nationalising former slave plantations, i don’t think you have cause to worry.

  10. On The Beach


    It is only “superficial nonsense” if you ignore the racist comments of two powerful government Ministers. Suppose all the photos on the BLP website were only of white folks? Would you still have the same opinion that this discussion is “nonsense”?

    MIxed race couples holding hands and walking down the street in Bridgetown still get “the look” and don’t say it doesn’t happen!

    For the BLP to put up a website and put only one race on it is a big mistake. If it was by accident, it is a little better than if it was by design. but either way, the website should be changed.

    and the Environment Minister should make an apology for calling someone a “caucasian” as a derogatory racial slur.

  11. FBoogie

    I do believe I read a post (the first one above) apologizing and saying that the matter would be looked into. ‘Caucasian’ is not a racial slur. If I saw a BLP website where the pics were ‘only of white folks’ I would probably be slightly suprised, because it does not reflect the reality. I would suggest you walk around the island, you will see that in fact the VAST majority of ppl you see look like those on the website. It is simply a numerical reality. I know that there are various races in Barbados-we have a (and I’m sure I will offend someone with this) poor white population, an Asian man from Guyana actually owns one of our most successful businesses-Chefette, and there are an increasing number of people, mostly white, who emigrate here and are quite well-off and still consider themselves as citizens of their home countries, not Bajans. Maybe it is silly of me, but unity and tolerance seem to be what we should be focusing on. I would suggest you take a look around at the average Bajan and ask them what they think.
    I for one am a big fan of ‘mixing’ as if I wasn’t, most of my family I couldn’t even speak to.

  12. BFP

    Hi FBoogie

    Regarding “Caucasian” not being a racial slur, here is a video of the Environment Minister totally unnecessarily injecting the matter of race into a discussion on television – and using the word “Caucasian” much as the “N” word was used in the old days.

    Have a look and then please let us know what you think about it.

    (Also you can click on the highlighted words “Environment Minister Liz Thompson” in the 3rd last paragraph of the above story.



  13. Jane

    FBoogie, are you living in Barbados?
    Unity and tolerance, yes. What about transparency and accountability? There is nothing racist about any of these. They are good.
    But do they exist in Barbados? If not, what are we doing about it?
    And you mentioned Zimbabwe……

  14. Pat

    Jesu jumping Jehesophat! How far does political correctness has to go? Should Dr. Duguid put up a picture of every race on the webside? Plus some mixed race couples? No, it would be too busy!

    His father was half Indian from Guyana and his mother is half white of Bajan stock, and he is there. Pleaseeeeeeee

  15. BFP

    Well, once again Pat, we ask, suppose the website showed all whites? Would that be OK? In a modern liberal democracy, certain polite gestures have to be taken – because symbolism is important. The message is not just in the words or the individual photos, it is communicated through the whole package. Dr. Duguid recognized the error in the message that the homepage of the BLP website is delivering, and no doubt will be talking with others about it.

    Living in Montreal as you do Pat, you would be well aware that being a minority in any society can be a challenge. Once again we make our point…for the government in power to only display one race of citizen on a website is simply unacceptable.

    And nobody who is so offended by our “political correctness” seems to want to touch the racist comments by both the PM and especially by the Environment Minister.

    Anybody who watched the video of Liz Thompson care to comment?


  16. *shouts back atshona*

    Hi Shona. I’m assuming the number of males to the number of females that make up the BFP are in favor to the males? So would it be right for me to jump to the conclusion that BFP are biased towards the feminine gender?

  17. ross

    Woo! Touchy, touchy!

  18. william duguid

    The Barbados Labour Party has been leading the way in embracing modern technology to reach the people of Barbados. Use of the technology including but not limited to Blogs and Websites is part of that focus. Sadly however this is largely left to very small teams working in harmony to then produce the necessary systems. I sincerely believe that all involved are trying their best with no other agenda hidden or otherwise and certainly no malice or otherwise destructive intent. The Barbados Free Press blog published a very critical article about our website and I have thus asked the producer of the site to respond. This is his response.

    It has always amased me how people get caught up in minor details while avoiding the big picture. As Dr. Dugid noted, the site was not designed by the BLP, and while the pictures of Barbados were supplied by the party, the images in question in the banner were not. I am the individual who selected those photos, and I did it in keeping with the aims and objectives of the site and standard advertising practice. If there is someone out there who wishes to find someone to blame, then I am your target, not the BLP. There was no mandate or presure in any way from the BLP that influenced my selection, just the overriding fact that Barbados is a country whose inhabitants are primarily of African descent. The original poster notes that there are four images. The implication is that they are not just dark sknnied, but very dark skinned. I beg to differ. The lady on the right of the shot of the two women sitting at the bus stop is certainly lighter, as are the mother and daughter. Irrespective, there are four images. The same way that the poster has taken the time to find fault with the fact that there are no Asians, Caucasians or Indians, someone with a different set of perspectives would have objected had I chosen differently. To explain, if there were three photos of people of African descent, and one of Caucasian, then it is quite likely that someone would have accused the site, and by extension the party, of being pro-Caucasian, given that 25% of the images were devoted to a group that represents 5% of the population. Any further reduction of number of the original images would only exacerbate this argument. Likewise, one could, if one was so inclined, deduce from the images that the BLP is pro-dread, as I’m fairly sure 25% of the population is neither Rastafarian nor wear dreadlocks. In advertising (and the company I work for does quite a bit) much more thought goes in to the selection of skin tones than went into this site. Those decisions are based on the number of talent, the target islands and the type of product. If I was to apply the same cold methodology (which I did not intentionally, although one could argue that I did subconsciously), I think I would have arrived at a very similar selection of images. The client is a political party, and political parties are by their very nature designed to appeal to the majority. While this is in no way saying that there should be alienation of any minority, only those who choose to try and read between the lines to find such subterfuge would arrive at that conclusion, although the poster wishes to justify this by inference.People read what they want to read, and while I have no knowledge of the person making the original post, they certainly bring to their evaluation their own personal biases. If I am asked to change the images, I certainly will, but as previously noted, such a change could easily have the opposite effect. As noted by Dr. Duguid, I am of mixed descent although most assume that I am Caucasian, and the other individual who worked on the site is of Indian descent. Neither of us had any issues with the banner although my counterpart should feel more slighted than I. We were too busy looking at the big picture.

  19. BFP

    Hello Dr. Duguid and BLP Web Designer…

    Thanks for your most detailed and considered reply. While we appreciate that you took the time to respond to our criticism of the BLP website, we are disappointed by your response (and to be truthful, we are very surprised by your response – shocked, actually).

    As we understand the BLP position, the web designer selected the photos for the BLP website, and he (or she) chose only photos showing Bajans of one race – the majority race.

    We presume that someone in the BLP executive would have signed off on the website prior to it being posted, and, in any event, the website has been in place for long enough that had anyone from the BLP expressed a concern, it could have been modified.

    So, we assume that like the website designer, no one in the BLP saw anything wrong or had any problem with the BLP website showing only Bajans of one race. In fact, even now after consideration, it is the position of the web designer and Dr. Duguid (General Secretary of the BLP) that there is nothing wrong with the BLP site showing Barbados citizens of only one race.

    A few points…

    While the website designer highlights that there are four photos in the flash introduction – it is true that there could have been any number of photos included in this flash presentation. Had the designer wanted to include 6, 8 or 10 photos or more it could certainly have been done. Hey, it’s only a flash presentation. It isn’t limited to only four photos and the flash program doesn’t automatically reject photos of Bajans who are of Caucasian, Asian or Chinese heritage.

    – Had the web designer or the BLP thought to include photos of Bajans who were not of the majority race, it would have been a simple task to include a few photos of minority races.

    – We accept the explanation that neither the web designer, Dr. Duguid nor anyone else from the BLP who was involved in the approval found anything unusual, improper or immoral about just including one race of citizens on the BLP website.

    All of that is regrettable – as it just shows a certain state of mind.

    But what is shocking is that now that this has been pointed out, we have a defense of the status quo – and worse, an explanation which clearly states that the BLP website is “designed to appeal to the majority…” (Race)


    WE GET IT.

    The BLP website will not be changed. No Barbados citizens of any other race will be shown.


    WE GET IT.

    And we like that just fine… it is the end of pretense. We appreciate your honesty, if nothing else.

    My wife and son will not be shown on the BLP website because they are not of the majority race.


    I GET IT.

  20. Anonymous

    This is pure nonsense. I am surprise the Duguid would find the time to respond to this crap with a straight face. Wait Duguid you dicriminated against yourself being of Indian decent, and Phillip Goddard former Minister of Health and lifelong BLP member must be sheathing after endorcing the BLP blog and not finding any “white” faces on it. Uh wanted to say “caucasian” but BFP has deemed the use of that word to be racist. πŸ˜€

    BFP: I will expect you to demonstrate the victimization, and non-acceptance of your relationship by forming the BAAIC. Barbados Association for the Advancement of Interacial Couples πŸ˜€ It is a civil rights issue. πŸ˜€

  21. Anonymous

    Following BFP logic, well not logic, I think that DLP and the PEP are discriminating against everybody they refuse to show a single picture of anyone. πŸ˜€

  22. Anonymous

    Following BFP logic, I think the DLP and the PEP are discriminating against everybody, they have refuse to show a single picture of anyone. πŸ˜€

  23. Adrian

    Sorry about that Anon: Was in a rush to post

  24. BFP

    No problem Adrian, it is a topic that gets people in a rush.

    Insofar as the BLP or its supporters now holding up the mention of a few, or even many, members who are not of the majority race… that still does not change the fact that the government of Barbados continues to choose to show only one race of citizens on its party’s website.

    I just can’t think of another liberal democracy in the western hemisphere where the government in power would do this – especially after it has been pointed out, and especially when a senior government minister has already made racially charged comments (on video) concerning a racial minority.

    But if the BLP has decided to market itself on the basis that it is the party of the racial majority, then that is their choice. If they have decided that their policies should favour one race, that is their choice also.

    Once again, what an organization says is not so important as compared with what they do.

  25. Barbados being a LIBERAL DEMOCRACY is the problem. An entertainer once remarked that Liberalism is a mental disorder, and everyday as i troll the internet I find it hard to say otherwise.

    Your last statement demonstrates this. What the BLP says regards to race, equality is not represented or quite captured by the display of a few pics, but you think that it does.

  26. BFP

    Hello Adrian

    We were, of course, talking small “l” liberal democracy – meaning “concerned with human rights and the rights of the individual”, which if I remember my PolySci 101, is as good a definition of “liberal democracy” as any.

    Perhaps you are correct Adrian… that the Government of Barbados does not meet the test for a “small l liberal democracy”.

    Once again, the fact that a sitting government would not think to include photos of minority citizens on its website is an indication of a certain attitude and mindset. We never said it was a deliberate act, and if you read everything you will see that we accept Dr. Duguid’s and the web creator’s position that it just never occurred to them that only showing one race of Barbados citizen was a problem.

    But it is that blindness towards minority races that is a concern… especially if we don’t view the website in isolation and include the already-discussed racial comments by government ministers.

    Now, if the BLP website remains the same and continues to only show one race of Barbadians…. well, that’s a whole new issue.

  27. Anonymous

    ….and you never question anything in PolySci? were you a mindless student who coward in obedience to the dictates of your presumebly liberal professor for fear of not recieving a required passing grade to qualify for your paper throphy?

    …Not suggesting that the GoB or that Barbados does not practice and sees itself as a liberal democracy, if fact i am suggesting that you are right and as such I AM SUGGESTING that was we see in the country is a result of being a liberal democracy, and i am further suggesting that those of us who have a preference for the tried and true demonstrated best practices of lifestyles, governance, and social development over and above the “virtual” thought process of the liberal progressive crowd.

    Your opinion : the attitude and mindset of the GoB is indicated by the omission of pictures on a website. This is not a fact, it is not a fact that any rational, reasoning person can adopt, or attached any sense of reality too. How you can continue to ignore the very real policy, the very real believe, and the agruments of this GoB in relation to Indo Guyanese (a policy i don’t agree with) and hold fast to this silly believe is a matter for you. I will not buy into your “reverse racism” arguments, the minorities in Barbados are only so by their fewer numbers, but the real occurance on the ground is that these minorities by their wealth, by their practice of promoting from within, (cow williams companies) by their non-participation in general society that they practice isolationism, and the kind of conservatism that practise a fearfull wearniness and mistrust of the majority race in this country, you cannot with this feeble attemp make me forget the day to day existance in Barbados that sees young whites and Indian given a pass to higher wages, and jobs and young black Barbadians having their work attitudes being question day in and day out for pittance.

    …What Blindness? For generations the only race that was use to market Barbados as a tourist destination was “white” or fair skin bajans, it is only a recent occurance that say Bartel telephone directory displaying person from the majority race.

    When are you going to make demands to Cow William to have the Directorship of his company reflect the society? When are you going to deal with the many occurance of cronism, and whites helping whites with the mutual affair, and several other “white” companies in Barbados.

    It should remain as long as Cow companies continues to be a WHITE MANAGE COMPANY.

  28. BFP

    Hello Anonymous

    Mindless student and a coward? Me? Too funny…

    But let us not become too vitriolic ok?

    Your points about the white or Indian races having a perceived “ticket” to success sounds alot like my old grandfather who found fault with my choice of girlfriend – as her skin was too dark for his liking. Grandfather always wanted us to marry lighter so each successive generation would be lighter skinned.

    He thought that success was a product of skin colour rather than of education, drive, values and family encouragement.

    You sound a lot like grandfather.

    While I do not suggest that there should be laws implemented to force private companies and government structures to reflect all Barbadians of every colour, I do think that public opinon has a role in shaping the actions of both Government and corporations.

    And that is what this article is all about… pointing to the BLP’s one-race website in the hope that they will realize how morally wrong this is, and that they will then change their website from a one-race presentation.

  29. If my argument sounds a lot like your grandfather, did he lie? Do you want to deny my argument about the hiring practices of the major companies in Barbados? What your grandfather thought was a result of the reality that he saw then, in full bloom and full colour, today it is less apparent, less practice, but still with us. Do you want to deny this?

    It still remains that what you claim to have perceived from the pics on the BLP website is contrived, and malicious, and thats why it is silly.

  30. BFP

    Hi Adrian

    You say our pointing out that the BLP website only shows photos of one specific race of Barbadians is “contrived, and malicious… silly”.

    I guess we shall just have to continue to disagree, then.

    We are still waiting for you or anyone to address the “caucasian” comments by Environment Minister Thompson though….

  31. ….and i told you that i want to go further. I want to examine why Liz Thompson or any other Black Barbadian would have view Mr.Goddard’s or any other white Barbadian statement as a threat reminiscent of our historical past, and i don’t want to go that far back to an era where ones skin tone had economic value gauranteed by law, but to a time that we can relate too, as many of the players are still with us. Let us reflect on the Mutual affair, a corporate scandal in Barbados. You would wish that this stigma base on past actions are no longer with us, you can ignore it, But i will not. You can continue to play this game of reversing the real arguments, and statements and concerns against a real and past oppression, by pretending that the decendants of the oppress are now themselves the oppressors. I am awake and reality does not lend an iota of credibility to your attempts.

  32. BFP

    Adrian said…

    “You can continue to play this game of reversing the real arguments, and statements and concerns against a real and past oppression, by pretending that the decendants of the oppress(ed) are now themselves the oppressors.”

    Adrian, old friend…

    We never said “the decendants of the oppress(ed) are now themselves the oppressors.” That is entirely created by you out of thin air in an attempt to support whatever your position is.

    We merely pointed out that the Government party’s website only shows Bajans of one race. We find this to be unacceptable.

    We also found certain comments by both the PM and the Environment Minister to be unacceptable.

    That is hardly raising the call of “oppression” old friend.

    You, however, put forward a position that Liz Thompson’s “caucasian” comments are acceptable in light of slavery and oppression of blacks by whites in “our historical past”.

    We see that Liz Thompson’s comments reveal a certain mind set on her part, and that the BLP website showing photos of only the majority race reveals a certain mindset.

    Understandable in some contexts? Yes.

    Acceptable behaviour from the Government of Barbados?


  33. It’s a fact…..what you contend to be unacceptable, and before this to be racist, wasn’t so defined in a vacuum. They are events, very real events that gave shape to this practice, and the perpatrators for the most part always look like Mr.Goddard, and i think the context in which Mr. Goddard made known his intentions, were base on his perceived station in life, I don’t fault the Minister for her approach, for i came away with the same feelings as her. I would have however asked myself “who does Richard Goddard think he is” and allow that to be the basis of my retort to him to futher solidify my understanding of what makes him think that his approach would have been successful. I would have enquired of Mr. Goddard, on what basis does he think that these international agencies and individuals would side with him in his attempt to embarrass the GoB?

    Was it acceptable for the Mr. Goddard to threathen the reputation of Barbados as he suggested? I say 3 cheers for Minister Liz for speaking up on the behalf of all Barbadians

  34. ….Why is there no topic on White run business and corporations in Barbados? Why is there no topic on the high wholesale and retail prices in Barbados, why can’t we look at the wholesale merchants in Barbados, the R.L Seales, the Stokes & Bynoes, F.B. Armstrong, A.S. Brydens, M.E.R Bourne etc. what are we afraid to find?

    I will make good on my promise to start a wordpress blog to discuss Dr. Hillary Beckles book and open a window into the lives of todays Bajan whites and privalge individuals in Barbados, becuase this crap about racism towards Barbados wealthy elites, who just happens to be the minority is misguided.

  35. BFP

    Well Adrian,

    You seem to be quite clear in your position that any criticism of the Government of Barbados by a Barbados citizen on the world stage can only come from someone of the majority race – and that Mr. Goddard’s criticism was unacceptable because of his lighter skin and racial heritage.


    We understand your position… but do not agree with it.

    As to your starting your own blog, that might be a good idea for you. For years you have been part of the Barbados Forum and have certainly written thousands of words on hundreds of subjects.

    You can go to today and have your own blog started in just a few minutes – as Dr. Duguid did and as we did back in January.

    We obviously have a different vision of where we would like to see this country in the next 50 years.

    Our vision is to be found here…

  36. …no my position is that, what you contend to be racist words “Negrocrats” and “Caucasian” and that the two persons who used these words are racist and that political party website that does not include members of the minority “ELITES” is making a mockery of what is a serious issue. If Mr.Goddard is within his right in seeking to globally embarrass the GoB because they have taken a policy view that is at odds to his position then i maintain that the Minister was within her rights to take exception to his threats.

    …What Mr.Goddard sought to extract is to my mind no different than what Peter Morgan sought to accomplish by damaging property of the crown up at the bussa round about, and if i can remember correctly the the hue and cry from all and sundry concluded that he did it because he understand what it means to be white and privalage in Barbados and he proved it by getting a slap on his wrist.

    What you would like to see in the next 50 years is up to folks that look like you. For years black Barbadians have been doing all sorts of things to be like you, and to look like you much to the chagrin of many a pan Africanist. Todate there is still a need to see reciprocity coming from Whites in Barbados, they cannot be found in main stream Barbados, and they wish to silence their most recent past. I will not give you or anyone a past on this while at the same time you are using legitimate civil rights arguments to cloud and oppress the discussion that is needed to change views and bring about healing so that we can truly be on our way.

    The Picture :

    …..where is the indian in that picture? don’t they count in the Barbados you would like to see in 50 years? See there is no real ultruistic motive on your part with your rants this is about elevating or protecting the status of a few. Dr. Duguid are you offended that your race was left out of the Barbados that BFP would like to see in 50 years? Maybe Rihanna should be offended since her mother is of indian decent.

    too illustrate the silliness of your BLP blog analysis

  37. BFP

    Hi Adrian

    You make an assumption about my race.

    You are wrong.

    You also once again start declaring statements and positions that were never said or taken by me or anyone else at Barbados Free Press.

    And once again, you justify the Minister’s behaviour with a position that she was correct to reject Mr. Goddard’s threats on the basis of his race and skin colour.

    That is the old way, and once again, we will just have to agree to disagree on this point.

    Insofar as this thread goes, we’ll let you have the last word… but I think it is time for you to get your own blog and see if your ideas about race can compete in a free marketplace of ideas on Barbados….

    …. which means, Can you gather enough of a like-minded audience to attract your own daily readership, without having to continually piggy-back on the readership of Barbados Free Press?

  38. …..well i do not feel as if i have achieve my mark unless i get kicked of an online forum. It is the mark of the beast that i proudly wear. πŸ˜€

    What ideas about race???? I don’t have any, and i don’t see the need to run around the internet accusing person of all manner pc crap. What you are accusing persons of goes both ways, is all i contend.

    question since you like to brag about your readership and no. of hits Why does the BLP blog have “Stat” count and yours does not? would it not back up your claim to unpresidented readership and hits by displaying the “Stat” count?

  39. william duguid

    Well well,

    Alot of talk about race. First let me say that I am like Bob Marley on this one and the colour of someone’s skin to me is as important as the colour of their eyes. I accept and respect people based primarily on their character.

    Secondly It would be nice to see a stat counter for BFP i know the other blogs can not compete but it would be proof of the increasing number of hits.

  40. Good for you Doc. I don’t have a position either, my family all mixed up, and i love duh bad. πŸ˜€ What BFP doesn’t seem to realize is that calling people racist does not get you any respect, does not get people to sit down and reach a common approach to achieve his/her 50 year goal. Ask Luis Farakhan how succesfull he has been with his race baiting? ask Harry Belafonte and countless others who thought that their righteous indignation at person who they call racist, and other demeaning names,if such translated into meaningful dialog.

    But Doc.

  41. william duguid

    You have left me hanging on the but Doc.

  42. Adrian

    Duguid yuh doing good πŸ˜€

    So i left yuh hanging?…..Some would say just like how your party has left the populace hanging with our many questions and concerns. πŸ˜€

    But Doc is there any truth to Titilayo suggestion that the BLP started their blogs as a result of the BFP reporting?

    If not what has occasion this watershed event in the political landscape of Barbados?

    Quite frankly i think BFP is right at this time not to divulge the “stats” cause i am not yet sure that there is real concern within your party that Barbadians are angry enought to pervert the democratic process and vote againts your party, and that this luke warm concern has led to you trying to determine the extent of this anger, not to genuinely combat the cause, but to stem it sufficiently via less than candid and truthful engagement of the people so as to perserve your hide. I find it difficult to understand your strategy of silence against an overwhelming ground swell of emotional debate on all manner of things that you are being held to account for.

  43. william duguid

    Thought I responded to this over on our blog check it out.

  44. John


    If you check out the ownership of Stokes and Bynoe and A.S Bryden it might surprise you.

    The hand from the south !!!

    While we idiots are arguing constructs of race put forward by old hack politicians from the 60’s we have ignored the realities of economics and the HAND has whisked away our assets ……. aided and abetted by the same idiot politicians who created the racial divide in the first place!!

    These public spirited guys and gals have nothing to offer Barbados, except themselves, and for that they extract a heck of a price!!

    Perhaps the BLP site might be just more of the same division crap.

    If we are of mixed race why are we BSing each other about black and white?

    ….. and heaven forbid we ever realise we are all Barbadians

    Then we would actually have to work together to make our country into something.

  45. John


    Now M.E.R Bourne changed hands recently too. Can’t remember the details.

    Wasn’t it swallowed up by BS&T ?

    What’s your view on BS&T?

    I notice you excluded it from your list of white run businesses and wholesale merchants.

    It might surprise you if you spent some time looking at the facts of today and didn’t rely on the verbiage of our old hack politicians from the past!!

  46. BFP

    Well said, John

  47. John why the hell are you addressing your comments to me? and why have you not yet seek to inform BFP of what you are directing at me? Who the hell started all this race crap? How all of a sudden when it has been demonstrated to BFP that their continual harping about race racism and racist is counter productive crap that you are attempting to include me, and yourself? You can’t lay it straight the BFP where it rightfully belong? It certainly took you a very long time to come to your conclusions.

    As for what term to be the 60’s and the work of old politicians, you can’t persuade me with that, i have the full 411 on all the dirty work that Bajan whites have done and continue to do, and as BFP continue to belittle racist activity by “bandying” bout this serious activity willy nilly I will continue to demonstrate such activity amongst those that seem to be protected from the prying eyes of this Blog.

  48. John I don’t care what you say, White people did a lot of wrong things in Barbados, and while i am willing to let sleeping dogs alone, i will wake them up with two big rocks whenever there is this stupid silly accusations of reverse racist intent.

  49. william duguid Says:
    William Duguid says:
    May 30th, 2006 at 9:22 pm
    Well well,

    Alot of talk about race. First let me say that I am like Bob Marley on this one and the colour of someone’s skin to me is as important as the colour of their eyes. I accept and respect people based primarily on their character.

    Something also cause Bob Marley to penned the following

    “White boy stare thy self
    Oh evil man
    Playing smart, and not being clever
    If you are a big tree
    We are the small axe.


  50. BFP

    Hi Folks

    Getting a little hot in this room, so it would be good to open the windows and let the cool ocean breeze in.

    Adrian old friend (for we are old friends), you simply must ratchet down a tad with your language if you intend to stay for a beer. Will that be Banks or Carib?

  51. Um bound to be summer is here. Well i can do that, and i will do that, for “hell” has no more fury than forum/blog owner’s censure. πŸ˜€

    You keep calling me friend and old friend, and unless my very short memory is short changing me as usuall I have had very few friends all my life, so whom you be, um is a mystery to me, in that, you know of me and I not of you, and this is not a good scenario in which to make the claim of friendship. πŸ˜€ But why is it that people allways seem to know me and I don’t know of them? and i am not even popular or a politician. πŸ˜€

  52. John


    You are confusing doing wrong things with skin colour.

    Skin colour does not make a human do wrong things.

    Any human is capable of this on his or her own.

    Basic concept!!

  53. John: I am amaze that you would think that i believe that there is something inherent in the pigmentation of a person skin or lack thereof that can have some inate affect on their thought process without any input or cultural, or beliefs and norms. It is what they inpute to be important that in many case makes their skintone a big factor in their behaviour, Human history is replete with instantes of severe wrong doings base on associations, traditions, and those associations, and traditions were in many case built on ethnicity, and many other unifying concepts like race, class which is held together by “perceptions” etc. and certainly the wrong doers that i reference did so as a result of theirs.

    …and don’t tell me that people have not use the most frivolous of things to partition themselves from others. Wuh de people in Bagatelle Terrace don’t speak or associate with the folks from Bagatelle gardens, both areas share opposite sides of a section of Highway 2a, the difference on which they rest is the development of the two one being a former tenement, and the other being a middle class urban development, although and arial view of the two cannot distinguish the difference that is deeply held and feverishly protected.

  54. John


    Don’t spend time being amazed at my sentiments. Spend it reading what you write.


    “John I don’t care what you say, White people did a lot of wrong things in Barbados,……………….”

    “i have the full 411 on all the dirty work that Bajan whites have done and continue to do ………….”

    What whites may or may not have done was not done because they were white!! Similarly, the implication that all whites did and do wrong is pretty clear from your statements!!

    It may have been a simple case of greed. This is failing is not restricted to any colour.

    BTW. Some of my ancestors came on a slave boat, below the deck ……. and also for that matter, one of the first boats, above the deck!! It took alot of people to make me, ………. and you!!

    So when are you going to figure out that being Barbadian is more important than being black or white?

    Also, wasn’t there a shoot out close to Bagatelle where three young men died and their gruesome picture was portrayed in the press? Maybe I have the wrong area. But wouldn’t such an incident tend to cast a shadow over how a particular area is viewed?

    Yes, class is a dividing line. So too is ability, association etc. But because of instances of wrong doing, it is not correct to say that because a scientist developed the atom bomb then scientists are evil.

    Isolate the evil, narrow it down, shine light on it. Then watch as it shrivels and dies.

  55. It really pains me too read that huemanbeenz in barbados are not allowed too present themselves as they see fit.Everytime we as a people engage in anything that shows us in a progressive light…..Massa overseer always has to maintain discourse and division among the huemanbeenz of Barbados…….The word caucasian is nothing like the word Ni**er….In theChambers Dictionary of Etymology…..”The Origins and Developement of over 25000 words”…………….. Caucasion n 1807,after New Latin”Caucasianus,from Caucasus name of mountains between the Caspian and Black seas.The connection with “white race”came from the first Anthropological division of Mankind by Physical Features and the belief that these people came originally from this Region..The word NI**ER cannot be found in chambers as it is a word taht came about through slavery in America…Hence you will find it in”The New International WEBSTERS ComprehensiveDictionary of the English Language….WHICH of course is an American Publication..NIGGER n a Black person;usually taken as an offense term of contempt or RACIL SLUR.2…a member of any dark skinned people;usuallytaken as an offensive term of contempt or Racial slur.3 a member of any socially disadvantaged group of people[Earlier neger

  56. The fact of the matter is that the DLP’s site was down due to the great work done under the watch of the BLP’s great catch.

    The DLP has regrouped and is moving to save Barbados. You can sense it – take a look –

  57. karma_1

    I have read this segment of the BFP for the first time and I am truly amazed at ADRIAN and some others comments on the issue of using terms to connote racial slur. Let me seek to explain this matter slowly as it relates to words. Words never stand in isolation. They are linked by tone, expression, intent, context, cultural and historical relevance, among others. Therefore, the terms Indentured Servant, Caucasian and Red-man can be used explosively to suggest racial overtones. In examining the three words as they were used by Owen Arthur, Liz Thompson and Clyde Mascoll respectively, were set to cause harm to the person as a result of his colour.

    Firstly, all in reference to someone of a different complexion than themselves.

    Secondly, all statements were said by the individuals concerned during bouts of intense pressure.

    Thirdly, the use of the terms was to highlight some characteristic of the individual that the wider society within a cultural historical context can associate with some negativity.

    The use of the term “Indentured Servant” by Owen Arthur in 1996 as he referred to the Journalist Terry Ally was meant to be pejorative and to demean that particular individual. It was meant to make him the victim of public ridicule, since he comes from a racial group with which many Barbadians are uncomfortable. This of course backfired on Owen, but he had already set the agenda for Minister or members of his party to ignite a discussion or debate with the use of racially charged terminology.

    Fast forward to Liz Thompson. There was no need within the context of the discussion for her to resort to the pigmentation of the other person involved in the discussion. It was used to detract from the telling commentary of Richard Goddard and the weak position of the government on the issue of Greenland’s Landfill. Liz Thompson reverted to the infamous tactic of using colour as a defense mechanism to obscure the argument.

    Fast forward even further to Clyde Mascoll use of the term Red_Boy in reference to the Leader of the Opposition David Thompson. It was obviously not a term of endearment. It has been used by several Barbadians in the past to put slight their anger and frustration with someone of a different complexion. His comments are not meant in a purely descriptive, but essentially to inflame racial bias and hatred. When ones couples this with Mascoll’s obvious dislike of David Thompson, then the use of the term Red-man becomes clearer.

    What is unfortunate about all of this, not withstanding the historical atrocities which permeated the plantation and slave economy of Barbados, is that there are segments in our country who still carry the shame and anger of their ancestors. It cannot be made better if leading policy makers resort to racially charged terminology.

    Barbados cannot build a first world society with racial prejudice and preference for any one group of our various peoples. The country must erect systems and put in place policies to ensure that all of its people are treated fairly and justly within the society. We must put down all forms of racial language and overtones. ADRIAN ET AL needs to take a less one sided and more sensible approach to this matter.

  58. Yardbroom

    ” Barbados cannot build a first world society with racial prejudice and preference for any one group of our various peoples”

    Very true indeed.

    However we see before our very eyes, those who previously embraced the views you are against, enjoying benefits today as the fruits of those views.

    Some people have given up the rehetoric but they have held on to the land and wealth, it is this Barbadians find distasteful.

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