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Yachtsman In Critical Condition In Barbados After Accident Offshore – A Case For Coast Guard Rescue Helicopters


Another Boom Accident On A Sailboat

Northern Ireland attorney and yacht racer John Thompson is in Barbados is critical – some say grave – condition after being hit in the head with the boom on his sailboat Avocet. Thompson was participating in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers from the Canary Islands to St. Lucia when the accident happened last Friday. He was transferred to the cruise ship Costa Mediterranea and brought ashore in Barbados where he remains.

One newspaper article has a family member describing the prognosis as “bleak” while another report states that the Barbados specialists “are not hopeful that Dad’s injuries are operable.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Thompson family.

The Barbados Coast Guard lacks a rescue and patrol helicopter division and it seems to me that as a nation of the sea, we should have this capability. Yes, we only have so much money – but again I have to ask how many societal needs we could satisfy for the price of the unnecessary renovations to Kensington Oval and the flyover project (not to mention the bribes and the waste!)

Perhaps BFP’s aviation expert Robert could do up an article about helicopters when he returns? (Thanks in advance, Robert!)

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BBC Series On Media Freedom – Barbados And Ronja Juman Should Be Mentioned…

Hello Folks,

We will be blogging only for a few minutes each day for the next two days as travel, family, work and car problems (again!) are conspiring to keep Clive and Marcus from their keyboards. Robert is off traveling but will be checking in with news about a weird guitar he saw “somewhere in the USA” on Saturday.

Comment approval will remain fairly fast though as George will be online as usual. (Thanks for filling in, George)

Meanwhile, one of our regular readers directs the spotlight to a BBC Series on media freedoms – with a large section on blogging.

I haven’t read many of the articles, but it seems to me that BBC should be most interested in the Ronja Juman * story and also how Barbados blogs have broken many stories way before the “regular” media. * (Mrs. Juman’s first name is spelled two ways in various court documents “Ronya” and “Ronja”)

Hmmmmm…. I wonder if anyone will be writing the BBC with the details? We will see! 😉

From BBC online…

Free To Speak Series Article: New Media Dodge Mid-East Censors

By Robin Lustig
BBC radio presenter

It’s never easy writing about media freedom.

Even in countries where there is no official censorship, all reporters know there will always be some restraints on what they can say – editors need to be persuaded, owners need to be kept happy, the law has to be obeyed.

Where there is official censorship – where, for example, it is a crime to “bring the government into disrepute” or to publish material which “insults the dignity of the head of state” – the problems are all the greater.

No freedom is absolute, yet some media are a great deal freer than others…

… continue reading this article at the BBC (link here)


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