Barbados Government BLP Agent Plays Race Card. Calls Opposition Leader “White”, Equates With British Slave Owners

The Barbados Government insider who uses the name “Royalrumble” to post on Barbados Free Press has proven his credentials many times – occasionally coming up with or talking about confidential government documents in the middle of the night that have later appeared on the government BLP Blog. “Royalrumble” appears to be the real thing – a government insider who has access to Cabinet documents no matter what the day or time.

Today this government insider posted the following comment on Barbados Free Press …

“(Opposition Leader David) Thompson is a white man who believes that any success gained by a black man is by way of corruption and I would warn all blacks from both sides of the political fence not to follow him down this dark path to his own political demise. This is his last political mass let him pool his shit himself.

He feels that he has no expiry date and that the only person who has the right to receive campaign funds in their name is he. In others words the only person who has the right to be rich is he. The last group of people that had such a mindset was our slave masters from England, the birth place of this same Thompson.”

… read the full comment by government insider Royalrumble here

Our apologies for letting Royalrumble’s bad language stand, but we think it is important to realise the full vehemence of his thoughts.

Is Royalrumble a Cabinet Minister, an MP or a Barbados Labour Party strategist? We don’t know who this person is, but many times Royalrumble has proven their credentials publicly for all to see.

This person has also continually shown their racist attitude against lighter-skinned Bajans of African and Indian heritage and, of course, whites. (For an example see BLP Government Insider Says Tourism Official Distributing Info Package Calling Pundit Adrian Loveridge “The Embodiment Of Racist” !)

What is truly disturbing about Royalrumble and his racist comments is that he is a real government insider with access to Cabinet documents in the middle of the night.

We fear that his or her racist writings are indicative of a general racist attitude by more than just a few persons in the Barbados Government and the BLP.

In the past we have mentioned other racist comments and attitudes by members of the Barbados Government, including…

– Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s use of the racially charged term “negrocrat” as a derogatory slur against folks who disagree with him. (link here)

– Environment Minister Liz Thompson’s use of the word “Caucasian” as a racial slur against a Bajan with light skin (on television no less!)

– The website of the government Barbados Labour Party shows only Barbados citizens of one race – with dark skin. (link here)
– Barbados Government’s continued support of Ikael Tafari, it’s appointed Director of the Commission for Pan-African Affairs, who time and time again has spouted racist positions. (see here)

Non-blacks being expelled from government sponsored “anti-racism” conference.

Barbados Government Displays A Mugabe-Like Attitude Towards Racial Minorities

We have said many times that race and culture are always just below the surface in Barbados. That’s just a reality – but it doesn’t mean that we can’t progress or become colour-blind as we move forward as a society.

Friends of BFP know that like the reality of Barbados, the colours of our writers’ skins run from very dark to very light. Marcus and Shona are of entirely different races and their children are somewhere in between. Cliverton is dark. George is light. Robert is somewhere in the middle and obviously had some oriental ancestors somewhere in the mix.

Even the darkest of us are a mixed breed stew.

But we are BAJANS first and last. That is our decision for our children and for our country’s future.

The Government of Barbados under Prime Minister Owen Arthur displays one face when on the world stage of international relations – or when talking with foreign investors.

But when their guard is down or they believe they are talking to their chosen core audience in the racial majority, this government displays a disturbing Magabe-like attitude towards citizens who are not of the racial majority.

As we pointed out over a year ago with the Government party’s official website…

“(The Barbados Government BLP website has) a powerful feel-good message of progress – until you realize that the images only show Barbadians of African heritage who have darker skin tones. No lighter-skinned persons of African heritage are shown. No Barbadians of Indian heritage. No Oriental races. No Asians. No whites. No Barbadians of mixed race. No mixed race couples.

Only persons of African heritage who have dark skin tones.

My friends, that is a powerful, powerful message. It is also a disturbing message in light of past racially-charged comments by both Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Environment Minister Liz Thompson.

If the Barbados Labour Party truly believes that it wants to represent the interests of all Barbadians – no matter the colour of their skin or their racial heritage – then the BLP should change it’s website to reflect all our citizens.

But if the website fairly represents how the BLP views Barbados and their vision for this nation, then they should leave the website the way it is. Don’t change a thing BLP, unless you really mean it.”

Here we are over a year later and the Government BLP website remains the same.

We Get The Message


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98 responses to “Barbados Government BLP Agent Plays Race Card. Calls Opposition Leader “White”, Equates With British Slave Owners

  1. de gap

    “White Washed”

    With over 90% of the population of African decent and the overwhelming majority of those dark skinned, I’m not sure why David Thompson or anyone else would be offended to see dark skinned faces on a Barbados website. As much as the would be members of the coloured intelligentsia would like to whiten the face of Barbados, it aint going to happen. Anybody who wants to see white or half breed faces is free to go to England.

  2. Wishing in Vain

    Do you remember MM Lynch refusing to sit in the same room with Adrian Loveridge now had the shoe been on the other foot we would have heard how racist Loveridge was but this was done by Lynch and not a word about racism as surely it was nothing other than racism at its worst.

  3. reality check

    this country is very similar to the US deep south in the 1950’s—just as vile, only the racism is reversed and practised by many BLP yardfowl whenever they get some tough questions or are pandering for votes.

    The votes they seek are from those who are struggling, dispossessed and overtaxed. What citizens don’t realise is that their poverty is a result of incompetency and blatant “tiefing”.

    Zimbabwe use to be the breadbasket of Africa and is now one of the poorest countries based on an ignorant dictator who uses the race card to stay in power. Barbados is drifting not all that subtley in this direction.

  4. Oh ...... woe is me!

    Cuh dear audacious Mr Royal Grumble……….

    How low will you stoop?Back against the wall eh?
    Attack a messenger rather than defend the subject ?
    Having read ‘the blog’ over the last few months I am sad…. real sad…………..

    Do focus……………
    Discuss the issues and omit the personalities!

    Having known Mr Loveridge for many years there is absolutely no way he is colour/race prejudice!
    He goes ‘over the top’ to help fellow citizens whatever colour, creed, race……………. as long as it is right!!!!
    Both he and his wife conclude opinions on integrity, attitude, and honesty not on which shade of Black. purple or green.
    He believes in the truth… what is right is right and wrong is wrong. Such a pity more politicians do not follow suit! He is neither Labour or a dem but more of an in independent following his conscience and the truth. Criticize he may but more often than not can also offer an alternative or a solution. There would be no need for him to comment at all if everything was ‘transparent’ but sadly not. Utopia………
    As to dragging in his wife………… I remember Margaret Shaws comments as if they were yesterday! The statement was relative to Thompsons, Airtours, Unijets requests for lowering room rates. An almighty high of 25US per room per night for 4 people?
    Oh please………. Mr Rumble present all the facts!
    At that rate the only benefit would be cash flow in Summer and not even gross profit to maintain a property such as theirs. Of course Barbados should be more expensive – relevant to that!

    Listen to what he says not his creed, colour or race and just maybe you could learn something. He is for the tax paying people not the get rich quickies that topple eventually from the pyramids having made their retirement nest egg plantations ooops… sorry …. nest eggs I meant…….

    Shame on you who hasn’t the courage of his convictions to allow himself to be publicy named!
    At least you know the name of your written

    Falling on deaf ears I know…………. so sad to be such an insular being. Make a positive difference Mr Grumble (to the good that is and may you then R.I.P. boldly with your name in large proud letters above you.)

    Done wid dat!

  5. sick and fed up sylvan

    This BLP low-life has gone into the gutter with the rats. they fightened at the thought of losing the next election to Thompson. Seems the crooks are nervous because they got something to hide. their strange behaviour is exposing them. wunnah is a sick bunch. that is why bajans going to get the rid of wunnah.

  6. Adrian Loveridge

    Next year my wife and I celebrate 20 years living on Barbados.
    I am not too proud to admit that we have been helped along the way by kind unselfish Barbadians (and others) to achieve our own little dream without thought of benefit to themselves.
    We will be eternally grateful and will share our gratitude in a very special way next year, God willing.

    We have always tried to give back.
    Whether it was encouraging youngsters in tourism or journalism.
    Cleaning Gulleys, assisting other small hotels and tourism partners and serving on endless volunteer committees etc.

    I, especially have been very fortunate to have travelled extensively and I have tried to share the knowledge gained from working in 67 countries with just about anyone that has expressed an interest.

    In my nearly twenty years on Barbados, I have only experienced racism on three occassions.

    First, from a former Minister of Tourism who dismissed me as the unanimously elected Chairman of a Government convened Small Hotels Committee.

    Secondly, from the current Minister of Tourism who refused to sit in the same radio studio.

    And third, from someone that should know and demand a great deal more respect than was shown
    in an early morning telephone tirade.

    What do these three gentlemen have in common?

    I have just listened to the current Minister of Tourism in his hallmark style of ranting and raving in Parliament.
    This time trying to justify possibly spending further taxpayers monies on the so-called ‘Sapphire’ project which is linked to GEMS or Hotels and Resorts Ltd.

    Can you imagine, this is how arrogant they are, even before ‘we’ the tax creating population get a chance to see in total indebtedness of H&RL to date.

    That is WHY they are attacking us, because we dare to ask and demand answers to the many concerning issues.

    And I will ask this one AGAIN.

    WHY would the Government award a contract to a company (VECO) that has NO previous experience building prisons and that the Federal Bureau of Investigations had been investigating since as early as 1989 on possible corruption charges?

  7. Wishing in Vain

    My advice to Mr Thompson is to place cameras and security guards all around Gov’t headquarters to make sure these criminals do not remove valuable documents to destroy them as happened in Antigua last time, as these documents will be vital to being able to lock these crooks behind bars.

  8. Pride of Barbados

    Bimbro, What would make you say you ain’t talking to no lesbians? Where are the lesbians? I don’t understand.

  9. sick and fed up sylvan

    what can be said about thompson is that if he is rich, he worked for it and earned it. he did not teef it. what can also be said about thompson is that he is caring and kind. henderson bovell and sylvan greenidge have benefited from his kindness. when the blp attack thompson because he was born in england, they should attack henrietta liz thompson too. aunty lizzie was born in england. thompson’s parents are bajans. they are not from mars. thompson is a respectable family man. unlike a certain person who it appears has suddenly discovered fatherhood, thompson never hid the fact that he was father from barbadians. he always proudly walked around with his children. finally because thompson is not hand-to-mout. teefing from government would not appeal to him. he has nothing to gain. he has it made. he is a success. that is why the blp sickos are worried. sick wunnah hearts out. wunnah days coming to an end.

  10. ??

    Sick and fed up Sylvan you forgot the end of your story…..”and then I awoke and realised it was all a dream……..”

  11. BARRY

    David Thompson must be the most maligned person in Barbados. Racial slurs and insults thrown at him, personal slurs and insults thrown at him. On May 18, Ian Bourne wrote on this weblog that the current leader of the opposition is really the son of a former leader of the ruling party. Who was that insult aimed at? Go figure. David, keep your head high, walk with God and keep on doing what you’re doing.

  12. Wishing in Vain

    The really sad issue here is an idiot in Royal fool can write such nonsense and we give it a response.
    The man is sick and hurting badly and will lash out at any and everyone, what more can you expect after so many years on the altar.

  13. Bob

    De gap…… we have an old saying here in Barbados and it goes like this “It is better to shut your mouth and let people think you are a FOOL than to open your mouth and PROVE it”
    From your statement everyone can see that “You are a Racest” … long & short of it

  14. sick and fed up sylvan

    ?? that is the end of your story. you are like alice in wonderland.

  15. Plover

    I certainly unlike BFP and other experts on this blog find it extremely difficult to believe that Royal Rumble is a BLP “Operative” the popular term used by many on this blog, but I respect those who are far more knowledgeble about these things than I am. But let me give you two trends of thoughts of mine about the matter.

    All I have to say is that if he is so dumb to say what he did today about David Thompson and “white” Barbadians and I were the BLP hierarchy I would dismiss him forthwith.

    Not only was what he said blatantly “racist” but really dumb when considering the fair skinned color of Owen Arthur and implying he was “black”. If you are a BLP member and you could not see what you were doing was totally unacceptable, racist and irrelevant then I think none of us should be surprised why the Island of Barbados is in the crisis that it is in.

    My opinion is that this is only the tip of the iceberg of what the electorate should be expecting from the BLP in their quest for another term. But here is another concern of mine that should not be taken lightly could this have been a tactic to influence the black people in Barbados and which will have no impact on the white vote especially those who stand most to benefit if the BLP gets back in and I am speaking about mainly the “Foreign” element, but many wealthy Barbadians too.

    Maybe the opinion that the act was dumb and racist might be correct but also very clever when considering the numbers Royal Rumble was playing to that will be the important influence at the polls as to which party wins.


    BFP comments…

    Hi Plover:

    Royal Rumble has come up with Cabinet documents at 3am, spoken about them while commenting on this blog and then the BLP Blog posts them hours later.

    There is no doubt that he is a government insider and fairly high placed.

  16. de gap

    “improving the race”

    I’m in no way a “racest” or racist. As the Anglo Saxons have been here since 1627, I would not be aghast to see white bajans on a bajan website or on promotional media. More so as 90% of the population is black, it is beyond me why anyone would be offended that a bajan website would, god forbid, have the gall to display dark skinned negroes. Does David “two seat” Thompson have some sinister plan afoot to improve the race? Sisters have to bleach now to get a job? Are we going to have paper bag tests now? It’s a good thing I’ve got a little red leg scotch in me.

  17. Anonymous

    “And third, from someone that should know and demand a great deal more respect than was shown
    in an early morning telephone tirade.

    Now who could that have been?
    My goodness…if I didn’t know better,
    I woulda swear it was The Capt.Himself!

  18. BFP

    The problem with the BLP website is not that it displays “dark skinned negros” as de gap puts it.

    It displays ONLY citizens of one race with darker skin. No citizens African-heritage with lighter skins, and certainly no other races.

    We Bajans of all colours, and the entire world, get the message!

  19. Zulu

    I have been “priviledged” to hear certain BLP big up0s and I mean BIG UPS, saying that the BLP is going after Thompson with a vengence. Their idea is to attack Thompson. One person even said that “we don’t have any scandals on him, so we gine attack he left, right and centre”.
    They had the gall to say that they will attack his person. That is the nature of the beast in the BLP.
    That is a vote of credibility for Thompson fron no lesser persons than the BLP themselves. A pity the same can’t be said for anyone of the tiefing lot.

  20. Serious

    Thompy better get himself a bodyguard then. FBI, you checking out these blogs?

  21. Hants

    I hope BFP checked to make sure that it was really the PMs best defender writing under the name RoyalRumble.

    If it is the same fellow who used to curse me using the name Sylvan something. I now realise that he mussey find out that I almost as light as David Thompson…. especially in winter.

    I hope Owing remembers that some of his own family are light skinned.

    BFP make sure you send RoyalRumble’s tirade to the BLP website so Owing will see it.

    RoyalRumble seems to have forgotten that some BLP supporters are white. I think his racist attack on David Thompson is going to make a lot of Bajans very angry.

  22. passin thru

    Hants, don’t you know that Owen uses “negrocrat” all the time? Owing reads BFP. He knows. He is part of the problem of racial politics in Bim.

  23. Wishing in Vain

    The royal idiot should be be dismissed for what he is merely a stupid blp politician that is desperate to grasp at anything to keep their corruption living on, somehow they are coming to grips with ther fact that they have taken this stealing thing way to far and they are uncertain how to extract themselves from their self created mess.
    He needs not be heard because he is shallow in his mouthings anyway.
    On another note did I hear right today that there was a land transaction taking place in the house of assembly today for more lands to be vested in the Hotel and resorts project, now we cannot see balance sheets or anything but more lands are being vested in this project what madness is this?

  24. anon

    adrian l

    why do you think your location in a separate studio to that of minister lynch was an act of racism? I very much doubt it was. come again with another act!

  25. Wishing in Vain

    Yes anon there is such a thing as reverse racism and certainly Lynch showed himself to be behaving in that manner with his actions towards Mr Loveridge.
    I would assume the three calls to which Mr Loveridge refers and the one that he decribes as the person and I quote below.
    And third, from someone that should know and demand a great deal more respect than was shown
    in an early morning telephone tirade.
    Would I correct in assuming this call came from the short runt Owing Arthur???

  26. Tudor

    Hants, do not worry the PM has instructed that a printout of BFP is to be placed on his desk everyday as his busy schedule does not allow to check his computer every day, & this way he can at least read and see the comments.

  27. Yardbroom

    The dangers of manipulating racial issues for short term political gains.

    It was not surprising, but regretable, that one of the apparatchiks of the Barbados Labour Party, choose to introduce race in the imminent political campaign.

    Anyone who tries to manipulate emotions generated by race, for a short term increase in popularity at the polls, is despicable beyond belief. That the engineers of this malicious piece of spite, are the same people who shook the hands of “white” wealthy foreigners, then clasped them to their bosums, took their corruptly offered kickbacks of millions of dollars, to be secreted in bank accounts in far off places, shows their double dealing and unprincipled ways.

    To use race in Barbados given our history as a quick fix for extra votes, is the politics of despair.

    I have always felt the issue of race, and injustice that flows from it should be addressed in Barbados, but the Government is in a position to do something about it when they are in office.

    (a) Help to small businessmen.
    (b) Assistance to small farmers.
    (c) Start up schmes with training for entrepreneurs.
    (d) Proper housing for the poor and disadvantaged.

    The above are only a few that could help, but they have made no efforts in this direction, their concentration has been on large overpriced contracts with the euphemistically named corrupt “consultancy fees ” of millions of dollars spirited away to bulging, far away bank accounts.

    When you use race as an election tool the emotions raised do not go away after the election, consequently you have to govern an emotionally charged country. The experiences of Guyana and Trinidad, should have taught us something.

    To manipulate the emotions of a people to satisfy your lust for power, is malicious, spiteful and displays a selfishness beyond par.

    Barbados is a small island with about 280.000 souls crammed together, we have to find a way of living together in peace, that will not be found if short sighted scoundrels manipulate race for their own ends. The population should be aware of it, and treat these mouthings with the contempt they deserve.

    Are these politicians still contemptuous of the “white man” when they give them concessions to build golf courses, condos, large tracts of land laid waste to “concrete brutalism” apartments for the wealthy yes white wealthy, allow them to block off access to the beaches, to deny black Barbadians a little sea bath, they do not think of race then, they think only of greed and the millions of dollars they can accumulate, shame on you for this despicable act.

  28. Royalrumble

    Ladies and Gentlemen let me take this opportunity to inform you that I do not define one’s race by the colour of his skin but by the quality of his thoughts. I have not determined that Thompson is white from the colour of his skin but from the mindset he holds towards persons of black skin.

    This is a charge that has been leveled at Thompson for years from both inside and outside of the DLP. You listen to some of the comments made about Mascoll during Thompson’s quest to oust him and you will know what I am speaking of. Speak to those persons who were forced to leave the DLP under Thompson’s leadership and you will understand why I have determined his race.

    Not that I agree with him but is it not the Rt. Excellent Errol W. Barrow who, in the heat of an election campaign, said that he would ship out all of the white people to sea on the Lord Combermere.

    Was Barrow displaying political elements from Zimbabwe?


    BFP Comments…

    So there are black thoughts and white thoughts, Royalrumble? Thanks for further solidifying your image as a racist.

  29. Pride of Barbados

    Who you think we are on here – a bunch of idiots like you? Owing must have given you instructions to whitewash what you said yesterday, and that must be why he was looking so sour. But you’re too late, mate. Damage done.

  30. Plover

    Royal Bimbo you should cut your losses now instead of making yourself and the BLP look even worse.

    You sir clearly said “White people do not like seeing black people do well” no where in this statement do I see anything about a “mindset”. But were that intended it is still “racist”. Are you so ignorant not to know this?

    My suggestion to you is as I give to many others on this blog carry aroumd a piece of toilet paper to wipe your mouth after speaking.

    You sir are clearly a racist and you made that clear yesterday with your post.

  31. more

    RR, you should be put out to pasture by the BLP. You are a liability not an asset to the BLP.

  32. Getting Bye

    de gap…it is 2007! Did you really just call refer to people of mixed ancestry as “HALF BREED.” I wish you would keep your racial insecurities to yourself as I don’t want my children walking round and being called anything of the sort. Is race a breed now…u got me feeling to vomit this morning talking your crap.

    Royal Rumble: did you say you define someone’s race by the quality of their thoughts??? Surely you wrote that incorrectly? Surely?

    “Ladies and Gentlemen let me take this opportunity to inform you that I do not define one’s race by the colour of his skin but by the quality of his thoughts.”- As quoted from Royal Rumble.

    “I have not determined that Thompson is white from the colour of his skin but from the mindset he holds towards persons of black skin.”-Royal Rumble -June 27, 2007

    So Royal Rumble your underlying presumption is that anyone you classify as “white” has a certain negative attitude to blacks. You silly or what? Some whites racist (and treat blacks poorly), some blacks racist (and treat other blacks poorly) colour doesn’t matter. The label for this is “RACIST” not “WHITE.” What a dumb explanation.

  33. Andrew

    Royal pain in the butt

    If Mr Thompson is white, where does that place Mr Duguid??

    Both are light-skinned.

    In any case I think this is the wrong road to be taking politics in Barbados.
    (remember Guyana and Trinidad??)

  34. de gap

    Getting by,
    Mulatto it is. I’m not afflicted with “racial insecurities”. Unlike BFP, the presence of dark skinned bajans on websites and promotional media do not offend my sensibilities.


    BFP Comments on de gap’s deliberate distortion.

    Idiot. The point once again is that ONLY citizens of one skin colour are shown on the government’s website. You are well aware of that and are deliberately distorting our concern in order to deflect criticism of a racist government that serves only those bajans whose skin is dark enough to meet their standard.

  35. Chase

    For a racist,Thompson must be silly.Everywhere I see him there is a black man,a rastaman at that,next to him.

  36. DFX


    How are you going my friend?
    I have to agree with you on that, a few Tuesday nights back, Thompson was seated across from me at Players with not only a young black man, but also a very attractive young black woman, and he even paid the bill. He did not look like he was uncomfortable in anyway and as a matter of fact he and his guests were very friendly to all at the bar.

    Can’t for the life of me remember the last time I saw a member of the other party just sitting and relaxing with us “common folk”. I even had to joke with my wife not to get too close to Thompson as the 1st time she met him was the day he broke his leg in St. P, and I warned we need him healthy for the next (November??) elections.

    I need your help for something Chase. I see above that is said that Owen has a printout of everything posted here on his desk every morning. Do you think we could get Kiaro in here to post his opinions on the relationship between racism and religion? That should ensure that Owen is stuck at his desk reading for a long time. (Sorry Kiaro! I could not resist, while your posts are VERY educational, they are a whee bit long sometimes)

    Take care people, don’t let racism rule your life, if you are black or white, be proud of who YOU are and not what some idiot decides you are because of your skin colour.


  37. de gap

    Don’t try to backtrack now, and there is no need to get testy. You made this an issue not me. Your other examples were on point, but for whatever reason you deliberately dragged this into the mix. I see adds in print in the nation and on tv with ONLY bajan mulattos and or white bajan families even though they only make up 10% to 12% of population. I don’t take offense or assume that the companies who created the ads hate dark skinned bajans. That would be idiotic. So why do you take offense that a website would display ONLY dark skinned bajans and accuse them of being racist when dark skinned bajans make up over 85% of the population? It should be normal to see mostly or ONLY dark skinned bajans in ads or on websites.

    BFP replies…

    One would think that a legitimate government would make it a point to project an image that they represent ALL citizens – especially in light of the racist comments by the PM and various government ministers.

    But it is the policy of this government to pursue a strategy of representing themselves as the party of a certain race – which they are doing very effectively.

    That’s their choice.

    We get it, and no amount of backpedaling on your part will change the fact that the Barbados Labour Party has made that choice.

    Are you really arguing that the BLP wants to represent all citizens equally, no matter their race? That is an absurd position in light of all the above and their own website.

  38. Plover

    De Gap let me say this to you too with respect sir because YOU not BFP is wrong.

    When it comes to ads in a Newspaper unless there is a law that prevents it the advertiser can use whatever type of person (culture) he/she feels is appropriate as they are paying for the ad.

    Having said that sir were I a merchant or whatever asking people to buy my products or come to my store and given that the Black race in Barbados is the predominant one and I am as dependent on their patronage as the white and other races to make my business successful THEY SHOULD OUT OF RESPECT NOT FOCUS ADS ON ONE RACE ONLY. You are correct. However, by not doing so does not necessarily say they are racist they could be, but none of their executives, staff etc go on the public record as Royal Rumble did who is ACCORDING TO BFP AND OTHERS A BLP BIG UP and spout racist crap!

    In Canada most industries show in their ads our multi cultural make-up with pictures of persons from every or most ethnic cultures. Canada is extremely “Politically correct”.

    However BFP IS CORRECT when saying that any ad or public display that is put out by the Government of Barbados should automatically show as many of the various races that make up the cultural mosaic of Barbados. Why? Because Arthur preaches politics of “inclusion” AND the Government of Barbados is the Government of ALL of the people. That is the difference between Commercial ads and Government ads. Whether we support the BLP or not we all pay taxes! To worsen the situation what calls into question racism in the BLP is that when their ads only have black people and Royal Rumble who is a BLP Big Up spouts off his racial crap that adds fuel to the fire! THAT IS THE VALID POINT BFP IS MAKING

  39. Hants

    Since the PM reads this blog, I hope he will deal with Sylly RoyalRacist in a manner that will show that the BLP does not tolerate racist remarks from its members.

    The PM’s lightskinned relatives should show up at his office and demand justice.

    I was told that the majority of white Bajans support the BLP. I hope they read this blog.

  40. DFX

    With all this talk of colour in advertising I started to be critical of things today.

    Anybody look at the telephone directory lately? The closest thing to a “white” person on the front of that is a pig! Should I as a white person be offended? Cause I’m not LOL. Looked at the Digicel website? Could not find a white person there either, strange when you consider it’s an Irish company? Not at all, it’s marketing targeted to the enviroment they are operating in.

    We need to be careful. Because one idiot wants to show his ignorance does not mean we should all look for a race card in everything. I as a minority expect to see mostly “people of colour” in local advertising. As a business man I would target the 90% market share before I focus on the 10%.

    Hants, I’m sad to say that quite a few whites do support the BLP, but that number from what I have seen personally is changing, problem is that there are a few that even though they do read this site can’t see beyond the end of their noses (sad to say my sister is one of them) But I keep sending this blog to them daily and hope that instead of trying the hit the wall with a big hammer, if I keep pulling out a little mortar from between the bricks it will fall down sooner or later.

    Take care people


  41. de gap

    That’s mademoiselle to you. BFP would only have a valid point if 90% of the population was white and mulatto, and that is a fact that he can’t overcome. BFP was giving a litany of racist BLP transgressions and chose to include the BLP website because only dark skinned blacks were displayed. How does displaying pictures of only dark skinned bajans make you a racist or cause offense? As most bajans are dark skinned, that is an accurate representation. It sounds like they are some unresolved issues as it relates to “dark skinned” bajans under the surface or at least that’s how it came across to me.

  42. Rumplestilskin

    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today…

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    words of John Lennon.

    Our soul only resides here for a short time, make it worth it, material possessions mean nothing, joy and fulfillment of soul do, peace and love.

  43. Florence Nightengale

    Comment deleted by BFP… too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

  44. Straight talk

    Bon soir mesdames;
    Bienvenue a nos blog.
    Please keep to the thread you are joining, and no-one will give a damn about your gender.
    The importance is the message, not the messenger.
    The sexist comments you invite by identifying your feminine credentials are ignored and I dare say deplored by the majority of our members.
    Ignore the jibes of these ignorami, as you would say de gap ” they are foreigners to our shores and therefor can be discounted”.

    Prejudices are strange emotions, n’est ce pas.

  45. Florence Nightengale

    Merci, (Monsieur?)!

  46. Straight talk

    On a minor point Rumple,
    Estwick on Sunday night described Arthur as “Rumplestilskin with stilts on”.
    No I didn’t get it either but it may be actionable.

  47. RRRicky

    Add to all of the above when Noel Lynch was asked how he became a millionaire on a government salary, he started with the “poor little black boy” whining (thems his words). We are not allowed to ask a government minister how he got so much money or he screams “racism”.

    Cowardly thiefs

  48. Wishing in Vain

    You are correct he played the race card up front, he is a corrupt bastard.

  49. Plover

    Comment deleted by BFP… too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

  50. Plover


  51. de gap


    If the BLP was to follow your “logic” they would need to include my red leg scotch, irish, welsh, english, mulattos, 6 guyanese, 4 dominicans, 3 vincy’s, 2 portuguese, a couple of Pakistanis, a jew, 1 arab, and half a chinese to avoid being painted with the racist brush. That is asinine, and could only come from the mind of an intellectual “midget”.

  52. BARRY

    de gap …
    Say a prayer for that porno sicko, and take Straight Talk’s advice.

  53. Inkwell


    At the risk of being branded a BLP operative I ask you to reconsider your number 2 instance of racism against you, “The Present Minister of Tourism refusing to sit in the same radio studio.”

    You yourself can be accused of using the race card, I hope inadvertently, by accusing Mr Lynch of racism in this action, when in your subsequent statement you contradict yourself and quite accurately identify the reason you really think the Minister avoided direct contact with you. “That is WHY they are attacking us, because we dare to ask and demand answers to the many concerning issues.”

    The inconsistency is glaring. Do you really expect the minister to be favourably inclined to dialogue with you when you keep on making pejorative statements like “I have just listened to the current Minister of Tourism in his hallmark style of ranting and raving in Parliament.”

  54. Citizen First

    Comment deleted by BFP… too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

  55. Adrian Loveridge


    I am afraid I don’t agree. I wasn’t given a choice.
    It was the Minister’s express wish NOT to sit in the same studio.
    Just reverse the situation for moment.
    Imagine if I had refused to sit in the same studio as the Minister?

    ‘Hallmark style of ranting and raving’.
    Perhaps you are right on this one and I should not accurately describe his utterings.

    Help me with this one, please.
    How would you describe his style of presentation in Parliament last Tuesday?

    And I really think you should think about who threw the first stone?

    One early Sunday morning, a few February’s ago, a 12 minute telephone tirade of racist comments.

    Up until then, I was prepared to show respect for the gentleman.

  56. Plover

    Comment deleted by BFP… too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

  57. John


    Those phonecalls you speak about are probably from the same cowardly racist drunkard who phoned a friend of mine some time back in the morning with the standard racist rantings.

    My friend told the caller to go and finish his bottle of rum and go back to sleep.

    The first racist tirade was interrupted by the guy who made his simple, clear suggestion.

    The conversation ended within a few seconds ……. since then, no more phonecalls!!

    Another friend got such a phonecall and put the phone down in the cowardly racist drunkard’s ear whereupon the cowardly racist drunkard phoned the friend’s attorney at law to complain!! … definitely drunk.

    No more phonecalls.

    Twelve minutes is too much to give to a cowardly, racist drunkard, but at least the cowardly racist drunkard got the message as it has been some years since you have received no more such calls.

  58. Royalrumble

    To the DLP yard fowls including the BFP I have noticed the convenient manner in which you over looked the comments attributed to Barrow. That speaks volumes of your ability to be fair, balanced and non-partisan in your views. Sadly it seems that we still live in society that defines a man based on what he owns and the power he commands. Barrow can say that white people should be set adrift at sea and there is no condemnation. I say that some blacks think like our former white slave masters and I am accused of being a racist. Well to hell with what any of you think. I contend that there are blacks who behave and think very much like our slave masters and Thompson is one of them.
    RRRicky you have hit the nail right on the head. You see it is your type that I am referring to as white because it is the type like you that walk around with the chips and grudges on your shoulders. Your type is often ready to malign blacks when they appear to be succeeding, even though that success is coming with the heavy sacrifice of high interest rates on Bank loans and a non-existent social life. The nasty and malicious comments that you are making about Min. Lynch were made about me and countless other Barbadians when we barrowed the Bank’s money to build our homes. I heard all kinds of things that I was doing to get money except that I had put myself in debt.
    I have heard COW said that he sold his home to make his first investment in the now multi million empire he currently has. NONE OF YOU QUESTIONED THAT. None of you wondered how he could have accomplished that but a black man only builds a house, nothing more and he is maligned. He is called a crook. For you a black man cannot be a millionaire, so we have been taught during our 350 years of slavery by the English.
    It is for this reason that I keep making the point that I am not surprised that the DLP’s campaign is about corruption and charges all blacks of stealing because the current leader is an Englishman who has been socialize to think that way about black people. His mother is reported to have said that whites owe blacks nothing for enslaving them. What angers me is that some blacks follow him blindly with this nonsense.
    During the debate at St Catherine Sports Club, Mac Fingal made a comment to the effect that it is ok for blacks to be rich and that we must stop pulling down ourselves. Our success is a direct result of successive government’s investment in our human capital. State funded education from primary to tertiary and our health programme has made us better equip to achieve success and we must never apologize or be ashamed of it.
    Fellow bloggers you may want to reduce this issue to simply one of the skin but I am advancing a wider argument. I am submitting that we have spat on the work of our liberators, Bussa, Sir Grantley, Barrow and others when we continue to live in mental slavery. These fields and hills are our own but we must have the right mental attitude to keep them. If there are no black millionaires amongst us then to whom do we turn for continuing investment for development? In whose hands do we place our destiny if we feel that anyone who looks like us should have anything? Maybe now you will understand why so few blacks invest in their own country.


    BFP Marcus comments…

    Just curious, RR. How dark does my son’s skin have to be before he meets the BLP standard for party membership?

  59. Inkwell

    I am not taking sides here but what you claim AL said is mild by comparison to what others call and accuse Ministers and the PM of on this blog.

    But here is another thing any Minister of Class and Professional decorum would never have asked to be in a separate room and the fact that he did so with a “whiteman” certainly suggests contempt for him or was racially motivated. And either is unacceptable behavior for a MINISTER to display.

    Was it not this same Minister who when on brass Tacks walked out because his integrity was questioned. This could only happen in Barbados or some other banana republic or communist state.

    When a Minster or Politician in Big countries is invited to appear on a talk show he/she is fair game and unlike what the press in Bim said callers do not have to stick entirely to the subject the Minister/Politician agreed to discuss. Up here we have call in shows that Politicians, Ministers and even the Prime Minister and Premiers participate in and when they accept they have to do so unconditionally or we don’t want them.

  60. Plover

    Correction with my apolofies the last posting was mine to Inkwell

  61. Inkwell


    Surely a person’s motive for an action or a stance is important to one’s perception of that action or stance. If you had refused to sit in the same studio as the minister, observers would not be on good ground to attribute it to racism without any supporting evidence.

    You have introduced new evidence by implying that it was the minister who racially abused you in a telephone call and if that is the case, I can see why you would think his refusal to sit with you racist and I would tend to agree with you.

    I may also agree with you that “ranting and raving” might be used to describe the minister’s speaking style, but for someone in your position to say so is being unnecessarily antagonistic and perhaps sends a message it is not prudent to convey.

    However if in the relationship between you and the minister the gloves are off and no holds are barred, who can blame him for not wanting to sit with you in any discussion on tourism or attribute that refusal to racism.

  62. Adrian Loveridge

    Inkwell – good point!

    I will try and be less antagonistic and more objective.

    Hopefuly it will be reciprocated?

  63. Citizen First

    you wrote “Nightengale you should have your lamp re-lit with a BIG BAMBOO to straighten out you.”

    A woman does not agree with you and you suggest that she needs to be “straightened out” with …..! If you had said that publicly (i.e.not anonymously) in Canada you may well receive a visit from the police! It can be interpreted that you suggest rape as an appropriate response to those women who disagree with you.

    Just by the way, I am the father of two girls and have been happily married to a lovely lady (I know I’m being redundant) for the last twenty years.

  64. Plover

    And what about me being referred to as a “madman”. In Canada I could sue for libel and if you think the police would visit me for what I said you dont know Canada. “Straighten out” means a lot of things. I think all of ya better get a life or get better weed to smoke

  65. Plover

    Comment deleted by BFP… too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

  66. Yardbroom

    Gentlemen/Ladies I have followed this discussion and wanted to intercede but did not, alast things have now taken a downward spiral, perhaps it is time to step back from the brink, so many good friends tumbling on the crest of a wave.

  67. Plover

    You are right I apologize to all and sundry who I might have offended but we all have feelings so I suggest the focus be on that point.

  68. Plover

    Comment deleted by BFP… too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

  69. Yardbroom

    Plover the stamp of a man/woman is to be honest to oneself, and to be above the ordinary dictates of others. You have done the right thing, that my friend is beyond price, and shows the measure of a man/woman. The integrity we seek often comes firstly from ourselves.

  70. Plover

    Well put sir but I just wanted to make a point.

    I am but a poor humble human as defective as the other man or woman of Gods creation.

    But what I abhor are people that sit in judgement on me and others when knowing full well their agenda is evil and they do it exploiting the decencies that they have no respect for. I cant handle that!

    Aunty Moses and others on this blog have seen me, when called as I should have been on being out of order immediately and sincerely apologize for my indiscretions. Because with age the responsibility of being tolerant, civil and to forgive those who trespass against you becomes more of a responsibility than when you were young and could claim ignorance.

    But I wanted to show the true colors of these hypocrites who only seem to be silenced by verbiage unbecoming decent human beings!

  71. A REAL man


    I believe what YOU have shown is YOUR true colors:

    A sexist and a homophobe

    What would like to do with all these ‘misfits’ from society? Maybe put them in seperate camps along with gypsies and people who walk funny? And…where do you stop….

    Homophobia and sexism are every bit as deplorable prejudices as racism or religious intolerance etc…

    I believe Citizen First is right, that you ” doth protest too much” and maybe need to work through some personal issues.

    Lastly I am dissappointed that you have these opinions when a lot of your writings are so lucid and eloquent and for the most part well-balanced.

    Remember one statistic, that there are probably more gay people in Barbados than there are white people. Maybe the BLP should chase the gay vote?

  72. Plover

    If you are a “Real Man” the women in Barbados are in deep trouble.

    One need only read your letter to see that you are buller. And I think most in Barbados have said they reject your kind! But then Arthur might need all the help he can get even from bullers!

  73. Plover

    Comment deleted by BFP… too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

  74. A REAL man

    Sorry you are wrong!

    I am straight.

    I did not put that in the post as it is irrelevant.

    It is however interesting that you typecast everyone who is tolerant of homosexuals as gay.

    This is an indication of how deep your prejudice runs.

    I feel sorry for you.

    Get some gay friends!

  75. Comment deleted by BFP... too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

    Comment deleted by BFP… too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

  76. Plover

    Comment deleted by BFP… too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

  77. Dou-Dou

    Comment deleted by BFP… too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

  78. A REAL man

    Again wrong

    Not a foreigner

    AND your comments about HIV are ignorant.

    The majority of fresh infections if HIV are through heterosexual sex. FACT

    I was suggesting that you get some gay friends so that your bigotted ideas about real gay people (not the stereotypes you see on the TV) are challenged and possibly reversed.

    I have very few gay friends as it happens. I do not court gay friends nor do I shun them.

    You are entitled to your opinions, and yes we all have internal prejudices based on our life experiences. What this should NOT make us do, is treat people differently or negatively. All I am suggesting is that, if you were better informed then you would not hold these grudges.

    To enter into a debate about racism with such deeply ingrained hate of ‘misfits’ is somewhat ironic!?!

  79. A REAL man

    Comment deleted by BFP… too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

  80. Rumplestilskin

    Real Man says ” that there are probably more gay people in Barbados than there are white people”

    I stood back from this volatile discussion so far, but want to respond to that quote.

    You say probably? Probably? Probably? Lol!!!

    Listen man, if de percentage ain’t something like 20% – 30% I would be surprised.

    And if you think that’s exaggerating, think again.

    And as much women as men too, if not moreso.

    Just watch and listen.

  81. Bush Tea

    Comment deleted by BFP… too nasty for Auntie Moses so away it goes!

  82. Royalrumble

    Marcus, if your son’s skin is as dark as your mind he will never gain the approval for membership of any organization in Barbados.

  83. more

    RR, you are only making the situation worse.


    BFP comments

    RoyalRumble can stay and talk all the racist trash he wants. He has proven his credentials as a government insider with access to cabinet documents.

    By all means, we will let him stay to continue communicating the official government position.

  84. Plover

    Comment deleted by BFP for hijacking the comments thread.

  85. Hants

    RoyalRumble wrote… “Marcus, if your son’s skin is as dark as your mind he will never gain the approval for membership of any organization in Barbados.”

    BFP can you make sure that the above is posted by the “real “RoyalRumble?

  86. Straight talk

    It is interesting to witness the unmasking of Plover, (is Bimbro next?) and the “new improved” tactical submissions of RR and ??.
    BLP yardfowls still don’t get it, this nicey-nice Plan B is a loser.
    No amount of reasonable sounding argument is sufficient to dilute the fundamental Bajan demands for transparency and accountability from our public servants, which if you are to keep your jobs must be your last throw, Plan C.

    The hourglass is emptying rapidly, and we can see the panic must be setting in.

    BLP have had their chance of fooling the most of the people, most of the time, and have abused their privilege.

    BFP have tapped into this uncontrollable media, and allowed anyone to freely express their opinions.
    It’s called democracy.
    We know Mia and the BLP don’t like it, as it is too inconvenient and too overt for their preferred method of operation.
    They prefer intimidation to accountability for their selfish decisions.

    Ring that bell and quickly, I don’t know as yet who will get my support, but I’m pretty certain who will not.

  87. Plover

    Comment deleted by BFP for hijacking the comments thread.

  88. Plover

    Comment deleted by BFP for hijacking the comments thread.

  89. GIBBS

    And you all still haven’t tumbled the true identity of the Plover yet? He was unmasked on this very blog yesterday. Think back.

  90. Plover

    Comment deleted by BFP for hijacking the comments thread.

  91. Plover

    Comment deleted by BFP for hijacking the comments thread.

  92. Anonymous

    CALLING BFP ….Are you not around? This nonsense has started up all over again. We had a peaceful day with some clean, interesting comments and now here we go again. For heaven sake, do something about it once and for all, BFP. It is unbearable, and is obviously designed to run decent people off this site.


    Hi Anonymous

    george from bfp is here. Plover has totally hijacked the comment thread away from the subject. He is using it to promote his anti-gay agenda once again. Yes, I will dump his comments once again and put him on moderate 100% because he is just too much to take.

    Plover, your goose is cooked.

    goerge bfp

  93. Plover

    Typical response when no sensible answer is available from the usual purveyors of nonsense, negativity and BS. Are you advocating Censorship too and asking BFP to cut me off?

  94. Plover

    Was Royal Rumbles Racist comment against Marcus what you consider a intersting day of peace and constructive dialogue?

  95. Crusty

    Surely Plover can find a more suitable forum where
    the readers are interested in his comments.

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