Quotes From Barbados Prime Minister Make For Some Amusing Reading

“Clearly, on a philosophical level, Arthur loves to engage reporters and relishes any question or exchange that can provoke his trademark devilish smirk and boyish smile, just prior to thrusting his dagger…”… Roy Morris in The Nation News Brief Arthur’s Sharp Tongue

What a great statement by Roy Morris in his latest at The Nation News, as he quotes some of Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s name-calling and statements over the years…

“indentured servant” (Arthur talking about reporter Terry Ally)

“negrocrat” (Arthur talking about editor Harold Hoyte)

“… I ain’t come from nowhere” (Arthur talking about himself)

“If you trouble David Simmons, you trouble me.” (Arthur talking about outgoing MP Simmons)

“There is something juvenile about a person purporting to be a leader of a great political party whose occupation is to put letters together… Somebody, please, from the Labour Party, tomorrow buy a box of Scrabble. Give Mr Mascoll a box of Scrabble, because his politics is about putting names and letters together.” (Arthur talking about Clyde Mascoll before he bolted from the DLP to the BLP.)

“I have adopted a personal policy that in my limited time, [for] any events at night, I only do things that give me intense pleasure.” (Arthur talking tongue in cheek about himself)


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36 responses to “Quotes From Barbados Prime Minister Make For Some Amusing Reading

  1. honey bee

    The pictures which accompany this article in the printed Nation newspaper of last Friday March 2nd are also very amusing.

  2. foreigner

    arthur is a cunning, street cynical politico. He knows what tugs bajan heart strings and he tugs often. Arthur ignores criticisms by opposition and social commantators but engages the bajan people. That devilish I love rum face, morbid obsession of cricket and I am the victim are big crowd pullers. He is large in charge of a morally discredited cabinet therefore has no challengers. He is de facto a dictator. Any man whose popularity rises in face of diabolical leap in food prices and col and of gross misuse of public funds bostic, barrack, gems , greenland , udc, nhc to name a few must know something other politicos dont. Children are dying in A+E at QEH for Gods sake.
    Shocking to read the things he said about mascoll and mascoll still betrayed his party and joined Mister “I really do”

  3. Hants

    This is off topic but I have never seen this at any event anywhere. Uniformed Policemen searched by Security. “Only bout hey.”


  4. Wishing in Vain

    Maybe the most corrupt leader this island has had, one who plays with the minds of the poor and less privileged and beyond any shadow of doubt the most vindictive leader since Tom Adams from whom he learnt his ways and excelled over and above Tom’s vindictiveness.

  5. John

    The amusing thing about the verbal tirades of O$A is that they only work when he uses them against people who can’t or won’t strike back.

    One time he went thrusting his dagger over the phone only to find that the man he chose had a collins.

    The man with the collins last response was “little man, go and finish your bottle of rum and go back to sleep”.

    I don’t think he has been thrusting any daggers that way since then.

  6. I have no idea why any of this is important. What Owen has said could have been said by anyone, and Often times with much more clarity. 😀 is there brillience in these comments? for whom?

  7. disgusted

    Your PM sounds like he is a hog.

  8. disgusted
    March 6th, 2007 at 9:42 pm
    Your PM sounds like he is a hog.
    Just because Roy Morris used his access to the media this portray this big up image of Owen doesn’t mean um is true or worth my attention. I think John got it right, I know for a fact that Owen Arthur can’t put down people better than me. 😀

  9. John


    Since Winston Churchill passed away you may very well be right.

    A lady once accused him of being drunk. To which he replied, “Madam, you are ugly, but tomorrow I will be sober.”

    Notice the difference between Owen’s comments and WC’s. The dagger is thrust towards WC by the lady. WC parries, then strikes with a collins.

    Owen always thrusts, he never responds.

    The true mettle of a man is measured by his response to an attack.

    Someone who attacks just because he can is often referred to as a bully, ….. at least when I went to school.

  10. No - Name

    It is absolutely amazing how bajans seemingly do not view the P.M in a negative way even though they are aware of his inappropriate mouthings. Apparently he can do no wrong for the majority. They love him to death. Sandiford was not that lucky.

  11. Royalrumble

    Yet the electorate of Barbados says “we going with Owen”. Rae the results of the poll wrong? When are you all going to wake up and spell the coffee. Stop critizing the man and try to match his intellect. Find out what it is that makes the public loves him and get some for that shit head Thompson.

  12. Wishing in Vain

    Match his intellect??? What in masterminding schemes to filter taxpayers funds to his inner circle of friends? I cannot start to guess how much his dishonesty has costed the average taxpayer in this island.
    I beg you do not recommend that anyone follow his example in doing so you will be advertising wholesale stealing.

  13. RoyalRumble, I feel so sory for you, David Thompson does not even take you on. Please stop robbing the taxpayers out of their money, when the Dems win the government at the next general elections who better take th first flight out to Haiti.

  14. Andrew

    Hi Royalrumble.

    Up to election eve in St Lucia, the polls were saying that Anthony was the man….. clearly the people were lying to the pollsters……………. there must be a lesson there somewhere.

    I also believe that elections are won or lost on the day of the national poll so I don’t bother about opinion polls; I keep my ears to the ground.

  15. Wishing in Vain

    You are very right Andrew, Despite their best efforts to discredit Mr Thompson there is absolutely nothing wrong with supporting him this reminds me very much of the early 80’s when the then PM Adams chose to carry out a sustained attack on Dr Richie Haynes whom he perceived as his real competition he did all in his power to fool the electorate that he was the most evil person around and he was a communist he was everything terrible, this worked well with the voters of the day they actually repeated those empty lines, it is my determined wish that this ploy does not work any longer and people see this chatter for what it really is political mouthings with little substance.
    Discredit Mr Thompson and it will weaken the party it will not work this time around you have robbed us to badly for to long now, you and your group of criminals should face the courts as my first agenda item.
    ps re Adams death can anyone explain to me why as the PM of the day that Adams’s corpse was never subjected to a post mortem as he died suddenly while in office? Does it not seem strange to others that a PM can die while holding office and no post mortem is sought? only in Barbados I guess, what if he was poisioned or killed by those unknown????
    I need a reply

  16. Rumplestilskin

    Wishing In Vain>>Does it not seem strange to others that a PM can die while holding office and no post mortem is sought.

    I thought so too, particularly if as some allege there were a few fellas in dark suits lloitering the island around that time.

    Also, supposing, just supposing, he was not actually dead?

  17. Rumplestilskin

    And further if, as some allege, the first cardiologist refused to sign the death certificate, thus another MD had to be sought to do it.

    So some allege, who knows?

  18. Wishing in Vain

    once again the BLP there are more questions than anwsers coming forward

  19. Wishing in Vain

    Could you mean Owen is Tom reincarnated lord help us all the same traits a womaniser of the highest order that is common ground, Owen has held fast to Tom’s vindictiveness maybe there is something strange going on here.

  20. John

    Boy, I smell a movie. Guess if one guy can disappear, another one can too!!


  21. Royalrumble

    To all DLP bloggers

    I understand how you fellas feel. The results of the poll must be a hard pill to swallow. I read your comments and it is absolutely appalling how you all have to strugle to come up with all these feebles excuses to satisfy yourselves that some how things are not as bad as there appear. The truth is that things are in fact a lot worse than there appear because when you take into account that the sample survey was carried out in the BLP’s worse boxes in the constituencies then you know that the DLP’s overall results are worse than there appear.

    I am on record as having told the Dems that they should not let the large crowds at their public meetings fool them. When the public wants a free clown show or little amusment they will go to DLP meetings. At those meetings you can hear who had who, who tek way who from who and other comical things to make you laugh. But when they want serious intellectual food they attend our meetings.

    That the DLP is so badly rated in the poll is frightening and this is in spite of the fact that:

    1. Mascoll’s blood was shed so that “red English boy” can regain the leadership.

    2. The Nation introduced a policy never to feature the Prime Minister on it’s front page again – in a positive light.

    3. A large crowd was paid and imported to the reopenning of the Independence Square to shout and bawl every time the politically impotent Thompson’s name was mentioned.

    4. That a well know Insurance Company has for the last couple of years been paying as much as $250 .00 per week to fourteen persons to call the call-in programmes daily and castigate the Government.

    5. A smear campiagn launched to malign the characters of the Members of Parliament.

    6. Charges of corruption leveled at every project carried out by Government.

    7. Inspite of the promise to spend $3 million in the upcoming election to buy votes.

    8. The employing moderators at VOB to frustrate callers supporting the BLP and to give the full leverage to DLP callers to attack Government.

    9. The launch of the Barbados Free Press to attack Government programmes and sully the name of Barbados on the World Wide Web.

    10. The planting of reporters and strategic points throughout the country to find and report on the negatives in the society by the Nation.

    11. The promise to kill the fatted calf for the DLP pimps and many more.

    After all these things only to have the politically naked Thompson fall further down the politcal dungeon is a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SAD SAD SAD SAD SAD SAD SAD state of affair.


    Comment by Clive

    Sounds like Hillary Clinton’s “vast conspiracy” theory!

    Royal Rumble just can’t accept that many Bajans have had it up to here with the corruption of the BLP AND DLP elites. They are all piggies at the trough!


  22. Royalrumble

    Clive and where did you arive at this conclusion of the Barbadian electorate? Certainly not from the recent poll conducted. I sure hope that you have included yourself in this corruption scam because those who like to point a finger at others often forget the other four fingers are pointing back at them.

  23. akabozik

    Royal rumble makes it sound like the poll was some sort of victory for the BLP.

    I thought that half the people did not support the BLP in one way or another. There is a huge “undecided” group in Barbados and that is hardly a victory for either BLP or DLP.

  24. Wishing in Vain

    Royalrumble I speak to you as one who voted for the BLP last time we went to the polls but trust me this party will not see my vote at the next election and I can assure you that there many more like me, the polls are useless the vote is what will count, rather than bury your head in the sand and continue to live on historical data of a bygone era take it out of the sand and shake it off.
    What we are seeing in these times is gross mismanagement of taxpayers funds blowing an excessive $ 100 Mill over and above other local quotes for a jail, our disaster for a new airport, a health system that is ill and needs urgent attention something that your minister seems incapable of coming to terms with, a minister of tourism who opts to donate $ 18 mill to the Carnival Cruise lines for what real purpose? meanwhile our long stay arrivals continue to struggle, A public transport service that is the poorest run in the region. A party that is viod of any morals at all and permotes homosexuality and a Deputy Prime Minister that goes around beating women because of her sexual appetite.
    Lets deal with the corruption within your much beloved party, do you know these guys Bannister, Nicholls, Hobson Cox, Storey and Arthur what do you believe this grouping has stolen from us taxpayers over the last 12 years I want a honest reply now, failing that I will carefully list all the projects that they have been involved in with the blessings of the PM and what each of these have costed the taxpayers of Barbados.
    Maybe you are one beneficiaries of this corruption hence your desire to keep them in power but unlike you I vote for who is worthy and who I feel will do the best job if given a chance and on this occassion the vote will go to Mr Thopmson and the DLP lord help us if the BLP are handed another term can you guess what the level of stealing will escalate to?

  25. Wishing in Vain

    Royal thief guess you must be conferring with one of the members of your cabinet to ask if these are true trust me they are, while asking them also find out now much of a fee Nicholls and Arthur are collecting from the deal with Johnson and Washington with regards to letting them in to operate the 1000 new slot machines now imported more than doubling the numbers that were in operation before Arthur and Nicholls got hungry for more money.

  26. Rumplestilskin

    I make it clear that I am not a ‘supporter’ of either party.

    Now that is done:

    Royalrumble stated >>”That the DLP is so badly rated in the poll is frightening and this is in spite of the fact that:

    1. Mascoll’s blood was shed so that “red English boy” can regain the leadership”

    Your racist view is well in that with some of those whom you support.

    Further, you obviously do not understand that Mascoll has no credibility left. After castigating the BLP administration he turns and joins them a few months later?

    His seat is very uncertain.

  27. Rumplestilskin

    By the way Royalrumble also noted ”The launch of the Barbados Free Press to attack Government programmes and sully the name of Barbados on the World Wide Web”

    The worldwide web IS about freedom of speech, despite such as yourselves who would just love to censor such.

    Does the BLP not have its own webpage?

    Or should views only be oneway?

    Sounds like dictatorship to me.

  28. Rumplestilskin

    Maybe Royalrumble just cannot fathom persons who issue their viewpoints for the good of Barbados, rather than just themselves.

    Foreign concept?

  29. Wishing in Vain

    maybe my comments struck to close to home for him well so be it

  30. Rumplestilskin

    By the way, I have said before and will say again, take the polls with a teaspoon of salt.

    When a bajan is polled, due to various reasons, including possibly fear of reprisal, whether justifiable or not, will respond in support of the current administration, whichever it is.

    But, when poll time comes, only one person seeing that ‘x’.

    Even if the pollsters think they have that covered in their statistical analysis, I suspect the actual result will be quite surprising.

    June going be fun.

  31. Wishing in Vain

    It appears as if he has gone into hiding, I wonder if he would rather if I posted on his BLP site for all his fellow crooks to see what the general public think of them and their corruption.
    This is the year 2007 we are no longer waiting for the tin of corned beef the biscuits and if you are in the choosen few to receive a $ 100.00 note we are about stamping out the level of corruption and getting this country back on an even keel and getting it out of the hands of power brokers of this party the likes of the Bannisters, Nicholls, Wilkinsons, Coxs, Shoreys, Hobsons and the Arthurs if we do not step forward and move into action now our country will continue to be raped and pillaged daily by these same ones.
    How do you believe that Nicholls reached the point where he is openly saying that he will never have to work again after this party is retired strictly because of his close connection to Arthur and his involvement with nearly every project that has taken place in this island like the new jail, the Slot machines and many others.
    I am not a poltician neither do I want to be but more importantly I want to see radical changes to how things are done in this country with the need for polticians to report their assets prior to holding office and for them to realise that we the taxpayers are paying their wages and we expect and honest days work for a days pay, and most important of all honesty in office.(maybe a pipe dream to find such a thing as an honest poltician but it is worth a dream)

  32. Embassy

    Something has to be done about the mouthings of that Tourism – nonexpert one called Noel.He has the ability according to some to bury his head in the sand amist falling numbers and shrinking profits…Could someone in St Lucia please rescue us from him

  33. Embassy

    According to the old man in the shop the jury is still out on How Arthur can get two children in 6 months and there are not twins …with some medical advice could some one please ask Bev .. how could such happen in a hot small country like ours

  34. Embassy

    Could someone please ask Glyne Clarke to resuce the good people in St George N. It is a thing that is known of his unknown whereabouts. The Minister cannot be taken serious when he heads off to Parliament and attempts to hookwink the good people of Barbados by the silly suggestion that an incoming party would stop a road project …HOW DEEP WE SINK……Poor Glyne do come again

  35. Ronin

    Rumples, regarding Mascoll, the recruitment of him by the BLP is not that much of a political anomaly. Abraham Lincoln did the same thing as Owen by recruiting many of his adversaries in the 1850’s when he was running for President at a time when America was in a conflict with itself over many issues, including the abolition of slavery. Is a sensible man not to jump ship when he can clearly see the rest of the crew setting fire to the sails and scuttling? Can a man of intellegence not realise he has sided with a lost cause and adjust his position to benefit himself AND his constituents? Balance please. Embassy, your moral high ground, in the context of Barbados, is irrelevent.

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