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Bush Tea Says “Leave Barbados Credit Unions Alone!”

“We now have the ridiculous situation where government ministers who oversaw projects like Greenland, The Prison contract, The VECO oil terminal and the ABC Flyover scams are now ‘helping the Credit Unions to introduce proper controls’ – and worse yet, the Credit Union Leaders are so lacking in self-confidence that they cannot see the irony.”


It would be so much better for some people in authority to keep their mouths shut an let the general public continue to assume that they are indeed experts – rather than to continue to confirm over and over, by their ranting, that they know no more than the rest of us do about anything.

Like me, Mrs. Marion Williams is clearly no Credit Union expert. Why then does she feel obliged to offer advice to this sector? Every time she speaks about Credit Unions, it becomes clearer to me that she does not know what she is talking about – and it leads me to wonder what she knows even about banking….

What mergers what ?!?

Credit Unions are NOT banks and they are NOT intended to be ‘like banks’ or other capital-driven financial institutions. Co-operatives are ‘PEOPLE ORIENTED organisations. They are intended to facilitate the overall development of their members. And there is no better human organization in existence that can facilitate such development.

True! Credit Unions allow members to pool resources so that reasonable financial needs can be met, but even more importantly, they provide a platform for the development of community LEADERSHIP, community relationships, skill development, mutual understanding and for community service.

A proper look at the Barbadian movement would demonstrate that beyond the accumulation of $1 billion in savings, has been the creation of a HONEST, DEVELOPMENTAL, structure of LOCAL leaders at all levels who have served their various unions for YEARS without thievery, excessive scandals (except where ‘politicians’ became involved for their selfish reasons). It is indeed a movement of which an independent Barbados can be proud.

Any talk about merging Credit Unions is misguided, insulting, unnecessary and lame. Shamrock, one of the smaller credit unions, which presumably Mrs. Williams would like to ‘merge’ with Public workers, is an example of community effectiveness. The number of community leaders, the level of community assistance and support could NEVER be replicated in a mass-based organization.

Community Spirit

The community spirit, which is generated in credit unions like Cable &Wireless and Light & Power credit unions, is different – but just as unique. Nothing would destroy these great assets like having one large union with large assets and lots of power hungry vultures vying for control and introducing their dirty tactics and tricks like we tend to see in politics and in the bigger richer units.

The reason that central bank in now interested in control of Credit Unions is the very success that this movement has demonstrated over the years through sound management SYSTEMS, people involvement, and community focus.

We now have the ridiculous situation where government ministers who oversaw projects like Greenland, The Prison contract, The VECO oil terminal and the ABC Flyover scams are now ‘helping the Credit Unions to introduce proper controls’ – and worse yet, the Credit Union Leaders are so lacking in self-confidence that they cannot see the irony.

The Sweet Fruit Of Credit Unions vs Rotten Apple Big Banks 

Jesus always made things look so simple…. He suggested that we should judge a tree by its fruit. I will take the Credit Union sweet fruit any time rather that the Government/Central Bank/ Big Business ‘monkey dumplings’..

May be what we should really be doing now, based on the results seen in the Credit Union, is decentralizing Government, going back to Community based Councils with LOTS more people-involvement at all levels – and many more opportunities for leadership development, talent identification etc….. this approach also ensures that lots more people are looking on when millions of dollars of public money is being committed to shady deals.

As I said previously, the day that Credit Unions recognize that they should also serve members by getting involved in food production and distribution there will be a major revolution in this country… trust me.

In other words based on all the facts before us, we should adopt a Co-operative approach to running Government.

(Our thanks to BFP regular Bush Tea for this thought provoking and well-written article) 


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Prime Minister Warns Barbados Largest Newspaper… You Better Stop Talking About Hardwood Or Else!

Government Suppression Of Barbados News Media Continues

(Prime Minister Owen Arthur) also called for balance in the media, especially THE NATION newspaper which he urged to avoid manipulation by the DLP.

“There is a deliberate attempt to manipulate public opinion in this country and it is being led by certain persons who have the leadership of THE NATION newspaper … the Labour Party is nearly 70 years old and we have gone through the hottest fires and have come out our finest stage.”

… Nation News report on PM’s speech at Mia Mottley’s nomination (link here)

Irony And Much Truth In Owen Arthur’s Statement

The very day that the Nation News dared to print a citizens’ group advertisement that asks damning questions about the Hardwood Housing scandal, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to show his displeasure with the paper’s management for being so disloyal to the government.

Oh, the message was couched in somewhat innocuous language, but make no mistake friends – the Nation News has just been warned by the Prime Minister to behave itself and continue to act as a government mouthpiece.

The irony of the situation comes from the truth of Arthur’s statement that “There is a deliberate attempt to manipulate public opinion in this country and it is being led by certain persons who have the leadership of THE NATION newspaper”

For years the Nation Newspaper has protected the government by withholding facts and news from the Barbados public. Major news stories are often ignored or only partially reported weeks after the fact if they embarrass the government. The Nation News has been the government’s lapdog for years, and so far remains a good little doggy except for this one doo-doo.

This latest citizens’ advertisement was not hard-hitting investigative journalism by The Nation News – it was a paid advert that the senior management didn’t want to run but had to out of shear embarrassment. (See BFP’s Source: Nation News Printed Controversial Hardwood Advert Because Of Barbados Blogs)

Nation News Deliberately Ignores The Ronja Juman Story

Charles Leacock QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions for Barbados, misused his power to have the police harass his former tenant to collect back rent. He had a corrupt police officer named Sgt. Paul Vaughan use an illegal, blank pre-signed search warrant to raid the home of Mrs. Ronja Juman in the middle of the night. Her family was terrorized and she was dragged off to the police station and subjected to a vaginal search to humiliate and further terrorize her.

Over back rent.

During a kangaroo court trial the judge fraudulently changed the court records and the Director of Public Prosecutions acted as both a private complainant and in his official capacity. The “accused” Ronja Juman * was not allowed a lawyer at her trial.

The court documents that prove all this are posted online for all to see right here.

But the Nation News will not cover the story.

The Prime Minister shouldn’t be too worried. His faithful media lapdog made a small doo-doo in publishing the Hardwood Housing advertisement, but it is a mistake that the cowardly dog of a newspaper probably won’t make again.

* * (Mrs. Juman’s first name is spelled two ways in various court documents “Ronya” and “Ronja”)


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Civil Rights Icon Andrew Young Says Obama “Too Young” To Be President – Perhaps Young Never Heard Of Jack Kennedy?


Associate Of Martin Luther King, Jr., Says “No” To A Black President Until 2016

With friends like Andrew Young, modern blacks in America don’t need enemies.

My statement will surprise and outrage many of our black American readers because Andrew Young was, and is, a major civil rights icon who is owed a great debt by every American: no matter their race.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s Young marched, protested, organized and went to jail for his efforts. He registered black voters and was in Selma, Alabama when the police turned the dogs and fire hoses on women and children. In Birmingham he played a key role as a moderator and peacemaker between the black and white communities.

Young was with Martin Luther King Jr. on that fatal day in 1968 when King was called home in Memphis, Tennessee. He was elected to Congress in 1972 at the age of 40 and five years later became the first black to serve as the American ambassador to the United Nations.

But as much as he has done, Young has also been found offside more than a few times. His rambling mouth has been the source of some very outrageous and ill-considered statements over the years and he has paid the price more than once for his spontaneous lack of judgment.

His latest “Did I say that?” is a big one, and shows that it is time for Andrew Young to fade into the sunset… quickly please, before he does any more damage.


Andrew Young: “Bill Clinton Has Slept With More Black Women Than Barack Obama” !!!

According to Andrew Young…

1/ Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is “too young” to be President. In 2016 he can be President, but not now, says Young.

2/ “Bill (Clinton) is every bit as black as Barack… He’s probably gone with more black women than Barack,”

… taken from a video of Andrew Young, so there’s no doubt about what was said. Here is a written AP news report (link here)

Barack Obama Has A Good Shot At Being The First Black American President

First a disclaimer: If I still lived in the United States and was eligible to vote in the USA (I am not eligible to vote in the USA – never was), I would probably be voting for Barack Obama. The system needs a shakeup and he had the courage to vote against making war on Iraq. I don’t agree with some of his policies, but of all the choices I believe (rightly or wrongly) that Obama is the best choice if voters are looking for a candidate with integrity. I believe that Obama is at his core, honest, and that he will try to remain as honest as he can when elected.

In my opinion, Obama’s skin colour is NOT a proper reason to support his candidacy. If he was black but a crook, I could not support him.

But Obama is black, and like him or not, he could be the first black to be President of the United States of America.

Was John F. Kennedy Too Young To Be President At 46 Years Old?

Jack Kennedy was 46 years old when he became President.

William “I love a good cigar” Clinton was 46 years old when he was sworn in as President on January 20, 1993.

If he wins, Obama will be 47 years old when he enters the White House.

So why would Andrew Young be so intellectually dishonest as to say that Obama is “too young”?

Andrew Young is welcome to support Hillary Clinton all he wants on the basis that she lifted her skirt above her knees and did a Detroit “Soul Train” line at Nelson Mandela’s inauguration. (Really… you have to watch the video to believe it)

Young can say anything he wants. After all, it is America, not Barbados.

But young Americans and especially young black Americans deserve honesty – and intellectual honesty – from their leaders. Andrew Young has turned himself into a dishonest buffoon and that is a shame for a new generation who should be remembering him for his finer accomplishments.


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Source: Nation News Printed Controversial Hardwood Advert Because Of Barbados Blogs

“The blogs are bigger on the internet than we are…” (actual quote from Nation News management meeting about printing the Hardwood Housing advert)

Chickens Come Home To Roost At The Nation News

Today’s Sunday Sun contains a political advertisement asking about the Hardwood Housing scandal that says it was paid for by “A Group of Small, Black Barbadian Taxpayers”. Whether this “group” is comprised of a couple of neighbours from Grape Hall – or is actually an increasingly well-funded DLP committee, is of secondary importance. What is important is that after initially refusing to publish the ad “under advice of counsel”, (that’s what the backers of the advert were told), senior management at The Nation had second thoughts.

You see, the “advice of counsel” that was said to be the reason for not running the advert was only an excuse.

The Nation has a problem and this little episode with an advert illustrates it perfectly.

New winds are blowing in Barbados and senior management at The Nation have been the government’s lapdog for so long that they find themselves caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Here is their dilemma…

IF the Nation runs such a hard-hitting anti-BLP advertisement, and the BLP wins the next election – management fears they will suffer the consequences. However, if the Nation refuses to run the advertisement and the DLP wins the next election, management fears they will suffer the consequences.

Nation News Management In A Tizzy With Indecision

According to our internal Nation source, senior management at the paper had second thoughts about not running the advert when one of the staffers brought up the fact that if the paper refused, Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground would be carrying the story anyway and (Actual QUOTE from the meeting) “The blogs are bigger on the internet than we are.”

As our readers consider the accuracy of the above inside story, they should be aware that this is the same internal source who tipped us off on the rape allegations against Nation editor Roy Morris four weeks before the regular media dared to carry the story. During the Roy Morris train wreck, this internal source also told us that Anne Gittens loaned her car to Morris to help him avoid the police during the first few days and that journalist Timothy Slinger camped out on the doorstep of Police Commissioner Dottin to call in a favour for Roy Morris – to have the investigation sidetracked.

So do we believe our source when they tell us that senior management ran the advert in large part because of the blogs?

Yes we do. Our readers can make up their own minds.

We do know that if the Nation News had stood its ground years ago instead of crawling on its belly every time the government wanted to control the news, the country’s largest newspaper would not be the hollow and weak institution it is now. If the Barbados media is to regain the respect of the people, it must first think of nothing but integrity.
Message to the Editors of The Nation News: Back when you were wet-behind-the-ears interns you learned of something called “journalistic integrity”. Its time you pulled out your old textbooks and took a refresher course.

Barbados Underground received an email from (we think) the same source that you can view at BU link here.

Here is the advert. Click to see full size…



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