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Satellite John Plots Recent Barbados Earthquakes


Recent Earthquake reports from USGS

It is interesting to plot the earthquakes in the area close to Barbados going back to the Brittons Hill tragedy earlier this year. USGS will provide notification by email of any earthquake it registers, anywhere in the world. The red balloons mark the approximate locations and give the date of their occurrence. The numbers 5 and 7 relate to the sizes of the earthquakes.

There was a large one of size 7.4 just off the north coast of Martinique on 29th November 2007 and a smaller one the day after nearby. However, there have been three others around Martinique, since September, two of them occurring in November, one the day before the big one on the 29th of November which was felt right here in Barbados.

Geologists tell us that the islands shown in the Google Earth screen capture above were literally lifted out of the water by a process of subduction of the Atlantic plate under the Caribbean plate. This process gives rise to earthquakes and created the volcanoes associated with the islands to the west of Barbados.

It would be interesting to look at the locations of earthquakes prior to Brittons Hill and locate them on the map above. The incident in Ellerton where part of a house disappeared into the earth on the 29th November may very well give us additional clues as to why the incident at Brittons Hill occurred.

Perhaps Mont Pelee will soon start acting up.


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Barbados Earthquake Damages Greenland Dump Site – Cracks In Leachate Liner

Preliminary Damage Assessment To Take Place This Weekend

New Cracks And Fissures Visible At Dump!

The controversial Barbados Greenland Dump construction site was damaged during Thursday’s lengthy earthquake.

A source who is known personally to one of the Barbados Free Press staff informs us that “much shifting” took place and that “new fissures and cracks” are visible in several key areas of the site – including the locations of several berms and the leachate liner.

The construction engineer was not on the site at the time of the earthquake and did not arrive before dark, so a preliminary damage assessment will probably not take place until Saturday. (Or even Sunday as some of the staff are Saturday church-goers.)

Our source fears that there will be those who wish to fill in the new cracks and fissures at Greenland prior to a proper engineering damage assessment – for reasons of “money and politics”.

A New Independent Environmental And Engineering Assessment Is Necessary

The appearance of new fissures, cracks and evidence of soil shifting at Greenland after an earthquake is no surprise given the area’s history of landslips, roadway fissures and unstable substrate.

Opponents of the new landfill site at Greenland have long stated that their primary objection to the project is the highly unstable nature of the soil in the region – which causes doubts about the project’s safety and the longterm risk to the surrounding environment when (not if) the soil under the leachate holding ponds cracks or shifts.

Now that the “retrofit” at Greenland is exhibiting visible damage after the earthquake, it is imperative that an independent engineering assessment be made to determine the extent of the damage and whether or not repairs are possible.

Can the damage be properly repaired or is the landfill site now requiring another full rebuild?

Can we trust the government or the construction contractors to perform a proper and unbiased assessment of the damage and possibility of proper repairs?

Or will construction workers be filling in the fissures in the morning?

Stay tuned!

Background Reading At BFP

Greenland Fiasco Dooms Barbados – Professor Machel Names The Liars, Thieves & Incompetents

The Great Barbados Landslip Of 1901 – Will It Be Repeated At Greenland Dump?

Greenland Dump Project Doubles In Cost Overnight – And That Figure Is Still A Lie!

Rape Of A National Treasure Continues At Greenland Dump

Greenland Dump Construction Problems – Landslips, Deviating From Plans, Runoff Diverted Into River

We’re Back!

Barbados Free Press editors are back online after losing our ability to post articles or moderate comments for over ten hours due to the earthquake. For obvious reasons, we can’t provide many more details than that, but Shona had a particularly long day and will be sharing some of her experiences on the blog tomorrow.

G’night all.


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BLP, Marilyn Manson Share The Same Philosophical Outlook… Really!


Keltruth Blog Does It Again!

You have to admire those folks at the Keltruth Blog.

They simply take what the BLP has written and discover that the BLP and wacko rocker Marilyn Manson love to quote the same crazy German philosopher!

No hyperbole. No tabloid cartoons like we get into.

Just straight, indisputable words taken right from the government’s BLP Blog.

I love it.

Keltruth Blog: Does BLP Rely on Same Crazy German Philosopher as Rock Star Marilyn Manson?


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Who Owns ?


New Bajan Website For Video Uploads Is Exciting – BUT…

Hello friends,

Just a few minutes ago we received notice of – a new video upload website somewhat like the famed YouTube, but focused upon Barbados.

What a great concept. They have a few technical bugs to work out with .wmv files, but the entire site looks like a very professional effort and we are excited that Bajans are becoming more adept at using the internet to communicate outside of the normal censored media.

One Caution

We don’t know who owns as they have deliberately used an anonymous service to register the domain and administer the website.

We have also suspected for some time that at least two of the smaller Barbados blogs were established by the BLP government to gain a window into the very active underground Bajan political blog scene – with the hope that they would be able to one day identify the writers of Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground.

So just remember, my friends…

Uploading a tourist video on an anonymous Barbados video blog is one thing. Uploading a political video raises many issues in a country like ours where the government rules the media with threats, extortion and legal blackmail. for vacation videos… wonderful.

But for the political satire and reporting… YouTube remains a much safer choice for Bajans.


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UPDATED: Thousands Of Muslims Call For Execution Of British Woman Teacher In Sudan – Allowed Students To Name Teddy Bear “Mohammed” After Classmate


UPDATED: Thousands Of Muslims March – Call For Teacher’s Execution

November 30, 2007

Daily Express story Protesters Carrying Knives Say Execute Teddy Bear Teacher


UPDATED: This story was updated after a reader pointed out that the teacher didn’t name the bear, her students did. We see that fundamentalist muslims are now calling for her execution.


Gillian Gibbons Could Receive 40 Lashes, Six Months Jail

The British Government has summonsed the Sudanese ambassador to express its anger at the barbaric laws of Sudan – but the reality is that Westerners and especially women who take up employment in any Muslim country had better remember that the standards of behaviour are brutally enforced throughout that part of the world.

In this case a naive teacher allowed her student to name a class teddy bear after one of their classmates who has the same name as the Prophet of Islam, Mohammed.

You know Mohammed: the guy who had sex with his nine-year old child-wife.

Man having sex with a nine-year-old child wife – OK by Islam.

Woman teacher carelessly allowing the naming of a teddy bear after a 7 year old student – 40 lashes and 6 months jail.

Not living under Islamic law… Priceless!

Further Reading

Sky News: Teacher Charged In Sudan


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Telegraph UK Article: Barbados – A Great Place To Live

All the politics and issues we have with the current government aside, we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. It is interesting that with one exception each of us at BFP has lived for a time off the island and then chose to come home.

New York City vs. Grape Hall?

No contest!

From the Telegraph UK…

Life in Barbados – Telegraph Mentor

Julian Armfield says Barbadians are extremely friendly and there is a huge expat community on the island…

I first fell under the spell of the enchanting island of Barbados in 1994 and was drawn back at least once every year afterwards.

In 2003 I met Susan, who is Barbadian born and bred. We married here in 2004 and I moved permanently to the island although I commute regularly to the UK to perform my duties as Chief Racing Correspondent for BBC World Service Radio.

Susan is a Real Estate Agent and we both have an extensive network of contacts in Barbados. We will be pleased to assist anyone planning a visit to the island, whether it be for a holiday, wedding or to purchase or rent a property.

Introduction to Barbados: As a journalist and author, I can think of nowhere more perfect to be based than politically stable Barbados.

The scenery is stunning and it is a huge bonus that all our beaches are public.

The open-air lifestyle makes it easy to make new friends and there is an abundance of good restaurants and places to visit.

Barbadians are extremely friendly and there is a huge expat community…

… continue reading this article at the Telegraph UK (link here


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Independence Day Lime With Hit For Six At Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

We see over at Bajan Reporter that this Friday from 4pm to 9pm, the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is having an Independence Day Movie Lime featuring the movie “Hit For Six”.

Happy hour, grill fish and chicken, beer, more beer and a great time.

Details and a display advert are over at The Bajan Reporter. (link here)

(Hmmmm…. wonder why our friends at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary told Bajan Reporter about this but not Barbados Free Press?)

Probably just an oversight…


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Barbados Free Press 2nd Print Edition Hits The Streets!


Hard-Hitting Paper Edition Is Distributed By BFP Readers

How does a blog publish a paper edition throughout the country and the world? Easy! We publish the print edition online as two .jpg files that our readers can print at home or work.

Hand them out to your classmates. Put them in the toilet stalls at work. Leave a few on the ZR seat when you reach your destination. When no one is looking, put one on the restaurant table next to yours – then watch the fun!

… or, as one very creative BFP reader did last time – insert the BFP print edition into each Nation News or Barbados Advocate stacked at the store counter!

Chief Justice & Director of Public Prosecutions Featured In Print Edition

This issue we feature two important stories that Bajans have never heard mentioned by the government-controlled Barbados media.

Chief Justice David Simmons In Hot Water Over Land Fraud

Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock Corruptly Uses Police To Collect Back Rent

Barbados Free Press readers are familiar with these two important news stories that are supported by court documents posted on the internet at Barbados Free Press and Keltruth Blog.

The truth about political corruption and abuse of position by Bajan big-ups needs to be told, and if the Barbados news media won’t tell the stories out of fear or complicity with the government, then ordinary citizens will tell other citizens about the goings on.

The Barbados Government & News Media Are Stunned About Their Loss Of Control Over The News

If each one of our readers prints and distributes just five copies today, we can have 25,000 to 35,000 BFP news flyers on the streets by tomorrow night. If we all did that each day this week, over half the population would have a copy in their hand by Sunday.

So fire up those inkjets folks! Last time we received an email from a Ministry staffer who loaded up the laser printer when the boss went for a three hour lunch. Now that’s what we call initiative!

Here Is Our 2nd Printable Barbados Free Press Flyer

Page 1 – bfp_nov_07a1.jpg

Page 2 – bfp_nov_07a2.jpg

Just what you need to create a one page flyer printed front and back.

Further Reading

Our first BFP Newsletter: Barbados Free Press Launches Print Edition

BFP Nov 17, 2007 – Breaking News: Barbados Chief Justice Engaged In Illegal Activity, Must Step Down Or Be Impeached

BFP Nov 14, 2007 – Business Dealings Of Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons Exposed On Keltruth Blog!

BFP Nov 5, 2007 – We Publish All The Documents: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions, Police Sgt Paul Vaughan And The Blank Search Warrant Scandal

BFP Sept 24, 2007 – Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock – Ordered Police Thuggery Over His Tenant’s Unpaid Rent – Night Raid, Woman Strip Searched Over Unpaid Rent!


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Goodbye Steve – Court Asked To Declare Steve Fossett Dead

Three Months Since Aviator Disappeared

Steve Fossett’s wife Peggy has asked a court to declare the missing aviator as dead. Fossett went missing on Monday September 3, 2007 over the rugged mountains of Nevada while on a pleasure flight.

When Fossett first went missing, we speculated…

“Fossett will either be found alive but hungry after a couple of days or it will be the worst. There’s very little in-between when an aircraft goes down in the mountains because injured people don’t survive long in the cold at high altitudes.”

No matter how much the aviation industry tries to enhance safety, nothing can change the fact that flying is inherently dangerous. And every so often when a superb pilot like Steve Fossett goes down we become a little sharper with the checklists, and a little more focused on risk mitigation when we fly.

For a time.

Further Reading

Associated Press – Court Asked To Declare Fossett Dead

BFP – Aviator Steve Fossett Missing – Airplane Down Somewhere In Nevada


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Mottley: Government Will Hold A Referendum On Becoming A Republic, But The Details Of What We Will Be Voting For Are Secret!

Mottley Says “Just Vote YES, Then We’ll Tell You What You Are Voting For!”

The Barbados Government has announced that Bajans will vote in the next election for or against becoming a republic – but the details of how the Barbados Republic will be organised and run have been kept secret by the government for the past two years!

“Just Trust Us”, Says Mottley

Oh yes, Your Swindleness, of course we’ll give you and your government a blank cheque to do as you please!

Ca dear!

Read all about this fraud in progress in the Nation News article: Still A Voice


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Barbados Underground Publishes Leaked Barbados Police Intelligence Files – Who Leaked? The Government Of Course!


Government Of Barbados Leaks Secret Police Files On A Political Rival!

Barbados Underground blog (link here) has published deliberately-leaked Barbados Police Intelligence files that tell of a current DLP candidate’s tenuous connection to a police investigation over a decade ago. While the Barbados Underground is concentrating upon the contents of the documents, we wish to point out that this leaking of secret government documents in attempts to discredit political rivals is a common and an official practice of the governing Barbados Labour Party…

… And We Can Prove It!

Head over to the official blog of the Barbados Government – the Barbados Labour Party Blog (link here). Up at the top you will see a tab labeled “Damaging Documents”. This section contains official government documents that have been posted in various stories to discredit the political opposition party, the DLP.

Some of the documents come from the Ministry of Finance, the Land Registry and other government offices, so it can be seen that the Owen Arthur government does not hesitate to misuse government records for their own political purposes. This is shameful behaviour that would be a criminal offense in many countries, but in Barbados the government posts these “leaked” documents on its own official blog!

So it can be seen that as an official government policy, the Owen Arthur Government publishes “leaked” confidential government documents when it is to their advantage.

There is no rule of law for government members in Barbados. The government IS the law and they own the courts too through the appointment of the former BLP Attorney General and Cabinet Minister as “our” Chief Justice.

Make no mistake, friends. The “leaked” documents published at Barbados Underground were sent to that blog by a member of the current Barbados Government, as part of the BLP policy of releasing confidential government documents to discredit government opponents.


Attention American Federal Bureau Of Investigation: The Barbados Government May Be Lying To You!

The Government of Barbados deliberately leaked confidential Barbados police intelligence files to a blog that has been a thorn in the side of the government. The leaked files contain decade-old information in an attempt to discredit an opposition candidate.

But the Barbados Government may have a second reason for leaking the documents: to gain FBI assistance in identifying the publisher of an anonymous blog that has been publishing information about government corruption and waste.

Will the Barbados government now claim that it needs American FBI assistance to “discover” who leaked the confidential Barbados Police intelligence reports to Barbados Underground blog? Will the Barbados government now ask for FBI assistance to identify the publishers of the Barbados Underground blog?

The police and intelligence agencies in the United States are reluctant to be used by foreign governments to target political opposition members or popular opposition to a government. By leaking confidential police intelligence documents to the blogs, the Barbados Government can now claim that they have a serious leak in their police force and ask for FBI assistance.

The FBI could then use the American security laws to approach (an American company) to try to identify the publishers of Barbados Underground – purportedly to try and solve the mystery of the leaked documents.

But it would all be a fraud committed upon the FBI by the Barbados Government. The Barbados Government would be using the American Federal Bureau of Investigation for a political purpose, but disguising its intent under the cloak of a “real” investigation into leaked confidential documents.

It is a good thing that we at Barbados Free Press always use a proxy to write our blog or surf the net. We hope that David at Barbados Underground does the same!

Further Reading

Barbados Underground – Democratic Labour Party Candidate “Fingered” In Confidential Memorandum


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Mariano Browne Accused Of Fraud By Caribbean Commercial Bank Ltd. and RBTT Bank


Has Extensive Connections With Barbados Government and Elites

Trinidad & Tobago’s new Minister in the Ministry of Finance has been accused of fraud by his former Barbados-based employer.

According to the Trinidad and Tobago Express (link here), a civil lawsuit filed in Supreme Court in Barbados in 2004 says Mariano Browne “breached his fiduciary duty” by doing all kinds of nefarious activities including…

– Making unathorised payments to himself and others.

– Purchasing an unauthorised car for a “senior staffer” Cheryll Drakes using the bank’s funds. Apparently Browne liked Ms. Drakes a lot!

– Paying unauthorised and undocumented “bonuses” to himself and other staff.

– Removing and destroying a laptop computer with the bank’s business records on it. (Gotta get rid of that evidence, ya know!)

– Activities euphemistically called “accounting irregularities”.

Browne and his lawyer Alair Shepherd say its all a big misunderstanding. They say that Browne was hard done by during some business dealings with the bank.

Other companies and persons are mentioned in the lawsuit including…

– MB Investments Inc (Mariano Browne’s company)
– Bank owner at the time CLICO
– CL Financial
– Andre Monteil
– Bank of Butterfield
– PriceWaterhouseCoopers (a Canadian accounting firm)
– Fraudulent payments to law firm of Clarke, Gittens & Farmer
– Central Bank of Barbados
– Barbados Coast Guard relocation project
– New Barbados Judicial Center
– Government of Barbados, which provided a “letter of comfort” to Browne during some of the suspected fraudulent business dealings.


Lawsuit Was Hidden By The Barbados Court – Did Chief Justice Simmons Know?

Even though the public is only now learning of the lawsuit against Browne, we learned today that this lawsuit was actually filed in the Supreme Court of Barbados in 2004.

How is it that such a major lawsuit involving government projects and major financial institutions, businesses and law firms could remain secret for three years?

This would have taken the knowledge and co-operation of the Barbados Judicial system.

Dear readers, we at BFP are not lawyers, so maybe we’re wrong here – but it seems to us that keeping this lawsuit secret from the public and shareholders would have taken the participation and direction at the highest levels of government and the courts. Did Chief Justice Sir David Simmons know of this? If yes, what does that say about our courts? If he didn’t know about it, what else is going on in the Barbados courts that is secret?

We don’t expect any answers from Simmons and the government – for the Chief Justice and the Government are two arms of the same body.

Reprint of Trinidad & Tobago Express Article on next page…

Continue reading


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Chief Justice Says New Court Rules “Will Radically Transform The Culture Of Litigation In Barbados” – We Don’t Think So…

An article in the Nation News is interesting for what it says – and doesn’t say – about the court system in Barbados. While speaking of the delays in family law situations in our court system, Chief Justice Sir David Simmons called for a “new culture” among lawyers to move cases along.

Simmons said “It isn’t fair on the parties, the counsellors, the children or the administration of justice… By the middle of next year, there will be completely new rules of court, that will radically transform the culture of litigation in Barbados. The judges will control the pace of litigation…”

The pace of the courts in Barbados has always been three steps forward and two steps back and anything that can be done to bring the pace of the justice system into the 20th Century would be welcomed. What we fear is that all these procedural changes will be viewed as somehow addressing the core problem of our judicial system – which is the unethical influence that any government of the day has over the prosecutors and the judges.

According to our Constitution, our courts are supposed to be independent of, and free from the influence of, the executive branch of our government. With a life-long professional politician and former Cabinet Member and Attorney General as our Chief Justice, no one in their right mind could say that our courts are anywhere near “independent”.

It is also true that our Chief Justice has a personal interest in the outcome of at least two cases now before his courts, yet there are no rules to govern his behaviour in this circumstance. (The two cases are the Ronja Juman case and the Kingsland matter.)

The Chief Justice and his fellow judges can talk all they want about computerisation, case management and other procedures to speed the course of justice, but all of these changes fail to address the core concern that our judicial system is built upon the corrupt foundation of political control and self-interest of the governing elites.

The Nation News Provides An Illustration Of The Lack Of Separation Between Government & Judges

As if to underline all our fears about the government, the prosecutors and the judges all being the same system, the Nation News article is called “AG: New Deal For Family Law”, but then fails to quote the AG (Attorney General) or anyone from that department in the entire article!

Instead, under the title of “AG: New Deal For Family Law”, we hear from the OLD Attorney General, Chief Justice David Simmons and then Justice Jacqueline Cornelius! Both are tight with the Owen Arthur government.

Yup, the courts, the judges, the prosecutors and the government are all the same.

Welcome to Barbados!

Further Reading

The Nation News – AG: New Deal For Family Law

Continue reading


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Former Miss Barbados – Renee Rawlins Thomas Inspires Young Women To Higher Education


Black Pearls In Toronto, Canada

(That’s Renee in the blue dress)

Excerpts from The Toronto Star Online…

“The media is not seeing the educated, upwardly mobile black community in the GTA who are working very hard,” says Renee Rawlins Thomas, 29, executive director of the three-year-old Black Pearls Community Services Inc. (

Black Pearls was born out of concern that stereotypes and negative images were holding back women of promise.

The non-profit agency runs a book club, holds financial seminars, finances scholarships for young women, plans an annual fundraising black tie gala and is setting out to provide etiquette classes for young women seeking to break into Canada’s corporate boardrooms.

Rawlins Thomas, a former Miss Barbados and a Toronto high school guidance counsellor, is working on her doctorate in education and is on maternity leave with her second child.

In her spare time, she and the other members of the group meet in coffee shops and each other’s living rooms to plan programs that will help young black women reach for the stars.

Mostly, though, they lead by example, says Rawlins Thomas.

“We say, we’ve done this so you can do this, too,” she says, adding that this year’s $95-a-ticket gala on Dec. 15 in the elegant Arcadian Court will raise funds for post secondary scholarships.

Rawlins Thomas wishes everyone could get a glimpse of the gala crowd – 150 young black men and women decked out in formal duds, a far cry from the ghetto culture of today’s popular music.

“It’s a unique environment. They are young, urban and edgy.”

The group has learned that attitudes and stereotypes are hard to change. Examples of this are the U.S. radio announcer who referred to the Rutgers University women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos” and television’s Dog the Bounty Hunter, recently bounced off the air, after being recorded using the “n” word…

… read the entire article at the Toronto Star Black Pearls Offer Inspiration


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Found On A Sleepy Friday Morning – Sarah Ann Gill, Rihanna’s New Guy, Constitutional Satire

I Hate Night Shift

Shona was out the door early this morning about 15 minutes after I arrived home from night shift. There’s not much of a family life some weeks when both of us are working opposite hours, but what can you do? As a couple, we are making more money than we’ve ever made before but we still have zero savings. All those plans we made to be in a certain position at the end of the year are long gone and there is no waste or extravagance to blame. Between the increased costs of just about everything (especially food) and some unexpected major car trouble, this year has been bad financially.

I don’t expect much sympathy from our readers because it seems that everyone is in much the same position. Just a bad year in many ways, but I thank God for my family and friends because I would be lost without them. (And a special thanks to Auntie Moses who is due any minute to look after the little one so Dada can get some sleep!)

Let’s see what interesting blogging bits I can find this morning…

Thanks to Cliverton for looking after the blog last night. I see that he couldn’t help himself and modified the title header with a little Thompson stick-man. I agree with one commenter who said “Priceless!”


Sarah Ann Gill – Cheese On Bread!

Cheese-On-Bread! blog looks at the life of Mrs. Sarah Ann Gill – a “free” black who was one of the defenders of the Methodist church in Barbados when that organisation was known for anti-slavery activities and worshiping “against the law” in houses. You know… much the same situation as Christians now face in Communist China and many Muslim countries.

Barbados’ National Heroes – Sarah Ann Gill

Rihanna’s New Boyfriend – Bajan Reporter

Ah yes… we can’t go a week without mentioning Rihanna’s dress, new shoes, new dog or new boyfriend. But this week, we’ll rely upon Ian Bourne’s superior investigative abilities to determine the answer to the question, “Does she, or doesn’t she?”

Breaking News – UK Entertainment Chain Claims Rihanna Owns A Toy-Boy

The Constitutional Cricket Match – “Let’s Change The Rule Book” – Keltruth Blog

Once upon a time, there was an exciting cricket match at a big school in a small island. The lads were divided into two teams: the Indies, and the Percies. “Indies” stood for “Independents”, while “Percies” was short for “Perceived as Having Political Affiliations”.

… Keltruth Blog has something to say about the Government changing the laws and the Constitution whenever it suits them.

Cricket Match – Constitutional Satire

Government Backs Down On Changing Constitution – But You Have To Watch These Crooks Carefully!

Attorney General Dale Marshall now says that the government will not amend the Constitution to allow them to hand out jobs willy-nilly to party loyalists. (That was the plan, ya know!)

Do we believe Mr. Marshall?

Only about as far as we can see him when he takes his lady-friends out on his boat…

The Nation News: As Is


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Seagate Maxtor Hard-drives Contain Trojan That Secretly Uploads Your Files To China!


Investigators suspect Chinese government authorities were involved as part of “an aggressive spying program relying on information technology and the Internet,”

How Many Other Manufactured Hard Drives Contain Chinese Spy Programmes?

You have to hand it to the Chinese Communists – they sure know how to violate rights, spy and subvert.

That Seagate Maxtor external hard-drive that you purchased to backup all your important files came with a heck of a warranty: it guarantees to secretly send all your passwords and copies of your files to Communist China via the internet!

So far, its only one brand of hard-drive that has been found to contain the secret trojan computer programme, but think about all the hard-drives, cell phones, PDAs and other electronic gizmos you own that contain very personal information and also connect with the internet or telephone networks.

How many of your electronic gadgets were made in Communist China or under Chinese control?

The Communist Chinese are master spies with a long-term political, economic and social agenda.

While our current Barbados Government has been begging for scraps from their ChiCom master’s table, Barbados has also allowed joint police and military “training” programmes with Barbados personnel. And how about all those computers that the Communist Chinese “donated” to our military and around the island?

NOTHING be free, friends.


Computer expert Adrian Kingsley-Hughes warns all readers there is a moral to the Seagate story: “Practice ‘safe sectors’ and scan, or preferably wipe, all drives before bringing them into the ecosystem. Don’t assume that a drive is going to be blank and malware free. Trust no one.” (article here)

Further Reading

Taipei Times – Bureau Warns On Tainted Discs


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Happy Thanksgiving To Our American Friends!


Having spent my last Easter in a dormitory somewhere in the USA where the featured Easter movie was The Blues Brothers, I thought it appropriate to post the above Thanksgiving picture for all my old “buddies” back in the land of snow.

Happy Thanksgiving, guys!




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Five Year Sentence For Dangerous Driver – But Still No Breathalyzer Law


A Backwards Legal System Works Without Modern Evidence Or Laws

High Court judge Justice Elneth Kentish just put a fellow away for five years for driving dangerously and causing the deaths of two persons – but the police still have no way of introducing evidence of how much a driver has had to drink. (The Nation News: A Stiff One)

Think about that folks – in practically every civilized jurisdiction in the world when there has been an accident and the police suspect the driver might have had even one beer, the driver has to blow into a breathalizer machine to prove how much alcohol is in his or her body. We know that some people can drink lots and not “look” like they are drunk, but they shouldn’t be driving. The breathalizer provides scientific evidence so there is no doubt.

Barbados Free Press has been calling for breathalizer laws and equipment for the police for two years now. In those two years we have seen some horrible accidents and even mass accidents – but our law enforcement officers have no way of testing to see how much those drivers had been drinking.

Oh… the government has promised a number of times to institute modern drunk driving and breathalizer laws, but I guess they don’t want to take a chance on catching one of their own!

As we have said before, none of this is rocket science – the laws and technology have been perfected over decades.

Yup… loved that Cricket World Cup… perhaps a billion spent on a hell of a cricket party…

… but no money for breathalizers, and old women still haul water in buckets like their slave ancestors before them.

Mr. Prime Minister: Please, Please, PLEASE call the election!

Further Reading

October 30, 2007 – More Road Deaths Than Murders: Yet Barbados Still Does Not Have Breathalyzer Laws Or Technology

August 15, 2007 – Minister of Transport Gline Clarke Finally “Talking” About Driver Breathaliser Tests – As First Suggested By By Barbados Free Press Over A Year Ago

July 25, 2006 – Barbados Government To Ban Cell Phones While Driving


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