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Rihanna Exhausted – Concerts Cancelled, Health Concerns For Our Bajan Girl


Are The Music Industry Bosses Destroying Rihanna’s Health?

Our bodies are not machines that can go on forever without rest. We have heard time and time again of young “superstars” who are pushed beyond all reasonable limits as the music bosses demand more and more money.

Rihanna is on the treadmill of tours and public appearances without end. Jetting here and there, crossing the Atlantic three times in one week (it happened to Rihanna in August).

Something had to give and it apparently has. We heard a few words from a friend last month and now we see that our girl has been “ordered by her doctor” to rest and cancel a few concerts.

If Rihanna Reads This…

Thanks for your music and for putting Barbados on the map in a big way through your hard work and talent. We want to see you do well, prosper and be happy in the long, long run. Please take time to enjoy your life and grow. It is your life – not your accountant’s.

E! Online News: Rihanna Ordered to Shut Up and Rest


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Canadian Father Murders Teenage Daughter Over Refusal To Wear Muslim Headscarf Hijab


Honour Killing: Brother Also Charged With Assisting Father

It happens all the time in countries ruled by Islamic law and nothing is said or done about it, but when it happens in Britain, Europe or North America it is news.

Aqsa Parvez was an ordinary 16-year-old Canadian teenager who dared to refuse to be subjugated as a woman according to Muslim religious law. She would leave her home dressed in a Hijab and then change her clothing at school. Her father found out and decided to make sure the “family honour” was preserved.

You can read this sad tale at The Star.com: Dad Charged In Teen’s Death

Don’t hold your breath for any deluge of calls for reformation of the Islamic religion or culture coming from within that religious community.

Barbados Islamic Schools Funded By Fundamentalist Wahhabi Sect

Saudi Arabia has poured billions into spreading the message of Islam throughout the world, and the Barbados Muslim community has not been exempt from this funding – nor from receiving the educational texts and other teaching and religious supplies from the Saudi Ministry of Education.

These texts and other teaching supplies are being used at the Al-Hudaa Muslim School, the Islamic Teaching Centre, Makki Masjid and other places of Islamic education and worship in Barbados – to teach the children of Barbados citizens and others of their faith in Barbados.

There is one big concern though that has surfaced dozens of times worldwide as non-Muslim citizens of various countries become familar with the Saudi textbooks being used to educate children around the world…

Many of the most widely distributed Saudi texts and teaching materials extol lessons and information that are completely at odds with the values and attitudes of modern societies. These educational materials teach children the Saudi Wahabbi message that Christians are “pigs” and Jews are “apes” and that non-Muslim religions are “worthless”.

What Are Bajan Children Being Taught In Our Islamic Schools?

Folks, in light of yet another illustration that there are serious concerns with the religious and cultural values of some Muslim sects, its time to start asking questions about how we all want to live together in Barbados – and to remind our elected and appointed officials that they have a duty to ensure the quality and content of the education being given to all our Bajan children.

Further Reading

The Star.com: Dad Charged In Teen’s Death

Canada.com: Man Tells Police He Killed His Daughter

BFP: Should Barbados Allow Saudi Arabia To Fund Local Mosques and Islamic Schools?

Our thanks to the dozen or so Canadian readers who alerted us to this story.


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Barbados Government Supporter Posts Vile YouTube Video AGAINST The Government – In Attempt To Discredit Political Opposition

Barbados Election Campaign Turning Nasty As The Government’s Fear Becomes Palpable

The following article was written by a BFP reader and sent to us anonymously. It warns and gives evidence about government supporters creating vile, filthy anti-government YouTube videos in an effort to discredit the opposition. We at Barbados Free Press have seen this with our printed edition where government supporters at BFPE threatened to create a vile newsletter under our banner.

The Barbados election campaign hasn’t even started and we now have death threats against opposition writers, shots fired at the home of a DLP candidate, arson and threats to rape the wifes of citizen journalists.

Welcome to Zimbabwe West, folks. The Barbados you knew is gone.

I always knew that the upcoming elections would be the vilest and nastiest in modern history, simply for the fact that those currently in power and enjoying the sweets of their position while the average Barbadian suffers with the crumbs would do any and everything to maintain that power.

I also always knew that any gains made by the opposition would be met with the swift election machinery of the ruling party in an attempt to maintain the “lead” in the elction race.

With the advent of technology, blogs, internet access and distribution of information has become commonplace.

Thanks to BFP, BU, email, google and our own local sites and search engines the average Barbadian has been able to come from the dark in a position of ignorance regarding how our leaders lead and how our money is spent, to a position of knowledge, enlightenment and where necessary discernment.

Sadly each coin has two sides and we are now faced with the prospect of some people using the same media that has served us so well in terms of information dispersal, for their own wicked means.

Tonight a poster by teh name of crazymiike033 linked a youtube video named “DLP Barbados – Hardwood Story”, identical in name to the more popular David Thompson spoof. This video was vile in nature, disgusting in content, and absolutely horrid in its attempt at humor. Anyone viewing this video would assume it was a DLP attempt at humor and political gain. One could not be further from the truth. As it turns out crazymiike033 has criticised the DLP, and David Thompson and praised the BLP on another youtube video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WyGI11adeg.

He mentions web sites for Mascoll and Hardwood which don’t exist. His position is clear.

If there was ever an example of someone supporting government and creating material puporting to be from the Opposition in an attempt to discredit them, here it is. I suspect that this is a sign of things to come.

I say this to say to all my fellow internet users and bloggers that discernment is key, intellect is vital, and a critical questioning eye is crucial to the process of knowledge attainment.

We have a responsibility to the average person who views these ages to point out indiscretions and abuses where ever we see them.

We should be aware that access is a double edged sword, and in the same way that some of us see errors and poor practices in our leaders and government, so too will those poor practices creep into our cyber world.

I hope for the day when BU and BFP aren’t needed to expose the wrongs in society and the corruption that obtains. I hope for accountability in public office, private office nd even our own homes. Until that day comes may all of us B, D or whatever continue to use every media possible to probe and question, reveal and enlighten and criticise and xtole, for that truly is the embodiment of freedom of speech and respect of opinion. And to all those who would choose
to use these same media for their vile goals and objectives, may your conscience (or lack of) be with you.

A BFP Reader


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Barbados Government Agents Continue Death Threats Against Citizen Journalists

Barbados Free Press Now Moderating All Comments Again

Good morning friends,

The government has once again activated a team of hackers in an attempt to close down this blog, so we are forced to go to an “always moderate” setting in the comments. You may still post anonymous comments, but before any comment appears one of our editors will have to approve it. We’ll try to get it done within a few minutes or sooner – but we all have real jobs and real families so sometimes it will take a few hours or even overnight.

Barbados Government, Cable & Wireless, Have The Technical & Legal Means To Stop The Death Threats

This is the fourth or fifth time that the government has activated a team to destroy the blogs – and we are aware it is a team through various means. We also see that the threats to murder, rape and commit arson against writers of this blog and our families – and outside contributors like Adrian Loveridge – have ramped up to new levels. All of this is obviously being done with the knowledge of the Barbados Government and Cable and Wireless, who have always had the technical ability to stop it if they desired – under the secret Order In Council that allows them to monitor all communications on the island.

There is even an FBI team of technicians on the island who are training BDF personnel in the finer points of monitoring electronic communications of all kinds.

Other Barbados Blogs Remain Unmoderated For Open Discussions

Several of the other blogs have not been impacted to the same extent, so you may want to shift discussions of a more immediate nature to those places, which include…

Barbados Underground (unmoderated at this time)

Keltruth Blog (it says they need a name and an email address, but fake ones work pretty well!) 🙂

Barbados Forum (Chat board)

Over 1.9 Million BFP Blog Visitors Since January 2006 – The World Is Watching Barbados

As of early this morning, Barbados Free Press logged visitor number 1.9 million since we began. Many of our visitors come from outside Barbados. Some are Bajan diaspora looking for news of home, while others arrive through Google and other online searches looking for investment or business news about our country.

Of this we are certain: the Government of Barbados can no longer hide the corruption and political instability it has created from the rest of the world.

Mr. Prime Minister: The rest of the world is watching you, and the actions of your government.


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