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Roraima Airways Adds New M-28B Skytruck


It is a small photo, but I think that is a smiling Gerry Gouveia standing in front of his new PLZ Aircraft M-28 Skytruck.


Gerry and Debra of Roraima Airways are moving up in the world and have just converted to the Polish-manufactured Skytruck. I don’t know if they still fly their old Islander but this bird is 100 times the aircraft that the BN Islander was even new. Roraima Airways operates primarily out of Guyana where they are known for their “anytime, anywhere” capabilities and some high profile medical evacuation flights carried off without a hitch in the worst of weather. (There’s nothing like a Fed-Ex contract to create a roster of high-time, very competent pilots you know!)

The M-28 is a derivative of the Russian Antonov An-28 but with one major difference: Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-65B turboprops fitted with five blade Hartzell fans. This engine change makes the aircraft just about bullet-proof as the airframe is strong with a long and trouble-free operational history.

Barbados Grantley Adams International Airport will be seeing Roraima’s new Skytruck as it ferries fresh fruits, vegetables and all sorts of goodies around the area. With another already ordered, it looks like business is good.

Congratulations, Gerry!

Give us a call when its time for the hot-section inspections. We’re not the cheapest outfit, but unlike certain people we’ll have you turned around in no time!  😉


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Article On Barbados Chief Justice Simmons Reaches #72 Worldwide!


Who Says Nobody Pays Attention To Chief Justice Sir David Simmons?

Almost 2 million WordPress.com blogs worldwide. (1,946,983 to be exact!)

Hundreds of millions of articles online.

98,681 new articles published worldwide yesterday.

Worldwide: The #72 Most Popular WordPress Article Today…

BFP’s Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons – An Evil Threat To Our Democracy. (Yes, We Said Evil)

Thanks, Sir David… we couldn’t have done it without you!

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