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Lonely Rihanna Talks About “People In Authority” Over Her And The Difficulties Of Finding A Normal Existence

When she was promoting her second album, last year’s A Girl Like Me, Rihanna found herself in Paris, and fancied a haircut. Off came the long locks, and she returned to her hotel delighted with the bob she’d reduced them to. “The minute I got back,” she recalls, “someone in authority, they were like, ‘Yeah, your hair looks good.’ But somebody else went, ‘You need to put your hair back in – soon.’ ” (How chilling is that “someone in authority”?) In went the extensions, as instructed. “It just crushed me,” she continues.

You must read an excellent article in today’s Times On Line. It gives outsiders some perspective into the tough life on the road for our girl Rihanna and what it is like to be a superstar one minute and then a normal lonely teenager stuck in yet another hotel room.

Rihanna is coming home for Christmas and would probably like to take a few months off at home – but read the Times article and you know that THEY aren’t going to let her rest.

Times On Line: The Growing Pains Of Rihanna

UPDATE: I see that our friend Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter has some thoughts about Rihanna and THEY – and some memories from his time in television news. Very worthwhile reading at Bajan Reporter (Crack cocaine, Authorised Hairdo’s and Two-Faced Bajans – Welcome to Rihanna’s world: the dark side of Stardom)

(Hey Ian, nice photo. We’d forgotten that you used to be young! It wasn’t that long ago.) 😉


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