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Sungoddess Says “Let The Traditional Media Die… No Longer Serves The Interests Of The Common Man…”


“I say let traditional media die. I think they were mandated to be the public watchdog, but in fact serve corporate and political interests with far more alacrity than they do the interests of the common man.

I think blogs and blogging and other online mediums can and should take the place of traditional media, if only because it saves trees… but also because having been a journalist, and in fact a member of this Caribbean Collective, I do not think that traditional journalism is doing the job anymore and it’s up to those of us who have the will and creativity to write, to speak out.

Where is the Ocean Park story? Where is the story about the boy missing in Farley Hill? Where is the coverage of the Roy Morris Rape case? Where is the coverage of anything other that uber-right arch conservative overly-Xtian BLP propaganda in the Barbadian press? Just isn’t there…”

… from The Death Of The Caribbean Media House by Caribbean blogger Sun Goddess.

Our friend Sun Goddess is a big Second Life fan. I don’t know where she finds the time to SL, let alone time to blog, be a mommy and “real” work. But we are thankful that she does take the time to blog because it is always a worthwhile visit.

Oh… the little one?

He’s Dayo and he rates about a 15 out of 10 on the “cute baby” scale. Sungoddess caught him discovering the sunrise. Look at that smile and enthusiasm for a new day.

If you could bottle that, you’d make a fortune.

Keep smiling Dayo and the future is yours!


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Barbados Underground Releases Noel Lynch Poll Results


David over at Barbados Underground says that Tourism Minister Noel “Barney” Lynch probably has the most important job on the island – seeing how everything we have is based upon a tourism foundation.

So how has old “Instant Millionaire” Lynch been doing?

The people have voted and the results are posted at Barbados Underground (link here)


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Rich and Fat Bankers Warn Barbadians To Cut Back On Entertainment And Partying

Not A Word About A Billion Dollars In Government Project Overruns!

Can you hear the train coming folks? The government is trying to keep us from noticing until the election is over, but the express train called “Pay The Piper” has been barreling down the tracks for some time now towards a car called “Barbados” that is stuck at the crossing.

Billions of tax dollars wasted in overruns, bribes and failed projects due to government mismanagement and corruption – with the burden going on the backs of Bajan taxpayers.

Now times are getting bad and there is nothing in the kitty to get us through a lean period. Who’s to blame?

Do the fat rich bastards in charge of the banks mention the outlandish government spending and corruption?


Forget about Christmas, little people. Never mind those parties! Just work yourself to death to support the massive debt that the BLP Government has incurred for you and your children and your grandchildren.

Like our Mercedes-driving, corrupt Public Works Minister Gline “I own two homes, one for me and one for the girlfriend” Clarke said back in November… food is “not that expensive” in Barbados, so cut back on the children’s milk and you’ll do fine! (Mercedes-Driving Corrupt Public Works Minister Chides Barbadians To “Watch Your Spending!”)

Excerpts from The Nation News…

Continue reading


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“No one asks questions when a white man owns property…”

Fiction Imitates Life?

“When we set up King Properties seven years ago we agreed that it would be best if I became the face of the company. You know what it’s like here; no one asks questions when a white man owns property,” he said sheepishly.

Natasha hated to admit that there was some truth to his claim. “So he used his middle names to prevent people finding out his link to the company?” she queried.

… from the romantic noveletteTrading Hearts at Cheese-on-Bread! blog

BFP’s Shona and Auntie Moses are big fans of Cheese-on-Bread! blog and especially the romantic stories section.


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