Racist Louisiana justice refuses marriage license to Interracial Couple

It is difficult to believe that in 2009 an interracial couple would be denied a marriage license in the United States, but that is exactly what happened.

It is difficult to believe that in 2009 an interracial couple would be denied a marriage license in the United States, but that is exactly what happened.

UPDATED: April 6, 2011

I just posted an article on Greenland Dump and then Environment Minister Liz Thompson telling Environmental Activist Richard Goddard that he had no right to speak because he was a Caucasian male. It reminded me on the Lovings and this article.

I wonder how Liz is doing with her new job at the United Nations?


Original article published October 16, 2009…

Louisiana Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell said he has discussed the topic with blacks and whites, along with witnessing some interracial marriages. He came to the conclusion that most of black society does not readily accept offspring of such relationships, and neither does white society, he said.

“I don’t do interracial marriages because I don’t want to put children in a situation they didn’t bring on themselves,” Bardwell said. “In my heart, I feel the children will later suffer.”

… an unbelievable story in 2009: Breitbart News – Interracial couple denied marriage license in La.

I wonder if former Barbados Government Minister Liz Thompson* would agree with Justice Bardwell?

Shona and I often get “the look” when we hold hands in public – and when the rest of the family is with us we sometimes get “the stare”. That is just reality for a mixed marriage like ours. We know that some folks are more curious or surprised than anything and their stares are not unkindly.

But other people cannot keep the look of disgust from their faces. When its really bad – sometimes we have some fun. Shona will lean over and plant a big long kiss and mischievously say (loud enough to be heard) “I think we should get you right home right now.”

Nothing bothers those kind of bigoted people more than that thought, you know!

Mr. & Mrs Loving - An appropriate surname for the interracial couple who challenged the bigots in 1958

Mr. & Mrs Loving - An appropriate surname for the interracial couple who challenged the bigots in 1958

Interracial marriages will remain “special” for the foreseeable future, but in the United States it was Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving whose love ended all race-based legal restrictions on marriage. In 1958 they left Virginia for a day and got married in Washington, DC. When they returned home they were charged with violating the Virginia State law against blacks and whites marrying or sleeping together. (Other races did not face such prohibitions in law)

In 1967 the United States Supreme Court decided that Virginia’s law was unconstitutional… and that was the end of that for legal prohibitions against interracial marriage.

Richard Loving died in 1975 in a car accident, and Mildred just passed on May 2, 2008 at the age of 68. In an interview shortly before she died, Mildred said that she wasn’t trying to change history, she was just a girl who fell in love with a boy.

Shona and I can both relate to that statement.

Further Reading

The majority of this BFP original article was published last year upon the death of Mildred Loving: The Struggle of Interracial Couples Continues

Our good friend and mixed-race blogger/author Light-skinned-ed Girl recently had her first book published.

* Former Environment Minister Liz Thompson was debating Richard Goddard about putting a garbage dump at Greenland when she decided that Mr. Goddard shouldn’t have an opinion on anything because he is not of the majority race. Have a watch of Liz Thompson on TV and let us know if you think she’s racist: Negrocrat Controversy: Barbados Environment Minister Uses “Caucasian” as Racial Slur

And finally to remind us that no matter where you are, it can be a tough life when you don’t look like everyone else…

The Ugly Secret Of Barbados Revealed Worldwide: Rihanna “I Was Bullied At School For Being White”


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21 responses to “Racist Louisiana justice refuses marriage license to Interracial Couple

  1. Hants

    Out of the 250,000 Bajans how many mixed marriages exist.

    I am betting less than 20.

    For the purpose of my study, foreigners must not be included. Only salt and pepper Bajans.

  2. Hants

    I am pisd off sorry angry.

    What has Barbados come to?


    Getting licks for lateness

  3. Hants

    My apoligies to BFP and posters for putting my comment and link to the above story here.

    It should have been in Open discussion but I lost it when I saw that student being whipped.

  4. I think it shows the tremendous extent of cultural diversity in the US. It is like we are an empire consisting of different nations.

  5. BFP

    Hi Hants,

    No problem. Saw it myself and am disgusted.

    I’ll throw it up for discussion.

  6. well well

    Hants……… Sorry you lose the bet, there are now many more mixed marriages that they were when I took the step. There are many bigots and idiots who stop stare and snicker, but they are the ones with issues…. our reaction is to simply ignore. My children are now Women and very aware of their background , mixing feely with persons of all races and beliefs..

  7. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    Latest reports on CNN indicate that a Senator for, and the Governor of,Louisiana are pushing for the offending Justice to be removed from office, and he ‘has no intention of upholding the law’.

  8. Clearly Bajan

    This story was so sad.

    Racism is such a small minded way of thinking.

    When u have seen the world and interacted with different people who have different cultures so vastly different from your own, then, u realise that the differences in people are wonderful!

    Its a beautiful thing to find someone to love, and it matters so little what that person looks like. What is more important is who that person is at heart.

  9. Adrian Loveridge

    Clearly Bajan,

    SO well said.

    Could not think of any better way to say it.

  10. Hants

    @well well

    I am pleased to lose the bet
    but I have never encountered a salt an pepper couple in Barbados who were not foreigners.

    At least we have one “celebrity” couple as an example thanks to Bizzy.

  11. Well Well

    Perhaps you need to visit Barbados more you are out of touch….. For Clarity both My Wife and I ane Bajan Born.

  12. Hants

    @ Well Well

    I am also Bajan born and educated. I spend 7 or 8 weeks a year in Barbados.

    Prehaps I just haven’t noticed the many mixed marriages of which you speak.

    This bodes well for race relations in Barbados.

  13. John


    You will lose the bet because you are going by what your eyes tell you and not your head.

    Many of the supposed “black” or “white” people you see in Barbados are in reality coloured, products of mixed marriages, (solemnised or otherwise) generations earlier.

    Who you look at and think white … or black, salt … or pepper, may be a product of a mixed liason …. just you don’t know.

    You just don’t know!!!!

    I’ll bet the same exists in Louisiana too, …… just that the judge is not using his head either.

    Maybe he hasn’t looked at his family tree.

    It would be interesting to take a look at Bizzy’s family tree …… or his wife’s, ….. you may get a surprise!!!

  14. Rohan Frederick

    There are so many more pertinent issues in Barbados to discuss than a mixed marriage issue. Barbadians are not true caucasians or true negro, most of us are in reality mixed. I for one is of a mixed marriage, my daughter is like a cohoblopot, three or four mixtures from my family mix, so come on now let’s live and let live and find productive ways to get Barbados on the road to success.

  15. Politically Tired

    Well said Rohan

  16. rasta man

    @ROHAN: A pity that most Barbadians do not recognise this .I am also mixed and can tell you for a fact that I was autracised by the white side some who to this day, 50 years later, do not acknowledge me as family.
    But God is good.

  17. The man wiv no name!!

    It’s beyond me why black people can’t find other black people to love and cherish. I always have. What’s the matter wid wunna! Mixed relationships virtually NEVER work out!

  18. I have joyous news for you guys, the new generations are light years ahead of the currently reigning baby-boomers. These are kids who grew up with friends of all races, are aware of and interested in diverse cultures. It will be a beautiful world in 50 years time, provided the current adults dont destroy it first…

  19. The man wiv no name!!

    Mathilde, ur fooling urself. the Bim u describe doesn’t sound too unlike the community we have in the UK at the moment n, i can assure u, the West Indians r still at the bottom of the pile n, the way things r going in Bim, they’ll remain in the same posn. there too!

    Re: the beating incident; i seem to recall another similar case not too long ago in Bim. Many years ago, i recall Bim being awarded the ‘Most Advanced Black Country’ prize by some organisation or other – maybe the UN. Can anybody (BFP?) please tell me if that prize is still going n which the most advanced black nation is now?

  20. well being negative won’t accomplish much, all we can do is continue teaching our children that we are all made of the same stuff and that diversity can be a great thing, just because in the UK thing’s haven’t worked out perfectly *yet* is no reason to stop trying and all the more reason to KEEP trying 🙂
    I was very happy in Canada with my friends from all over the world and I hope I can see Barbados surpass that soon.

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