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Telling The World Bank To Shove It…

Hello Folks,

Here’s a quick link to the Kenyan Entrepreneur Blog where our old friend is documenting how Malawi is telling the World Bank to “shove it up their…”

Well, you get the point! 🙂

Kenyan Entrepreneur Blog: Why Do Africans Still Listen To The World Bank?


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Battle Hymn of the Barbados Republic


Battle Hymn of the Barbados Republic

(composed by Owen Arthur)

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of more green
It will line my pockets with dollars from the BLP machine
And if the stupid people vote for this crazy new plan
I’ll be president forever and milk this famous land

They want to know the details? why tell them not a whit
Anyone who challenges me is just a worthless twit
Don’t they know that I’m godliness personified on earth
A Republic’s what we need to increase my personal worth

My progeny all deserve to live their life as rich
Anyone who challenges me is just a son of a bitch
And so my dear voters when you go out to the polls
Pray vote for the Republic and flush away your souls


Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
MY TRUTH is the only one the newspapers dare print!


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Rejoicing In Venezuela As Chavez Loses Constitutional Vote


Will Barbados Strong Man Owen Arthur Get The Same Lesson?

The people of Venezuela have rejected Hugo Chavez’ mission to become President for Life. Chavez had gone to the polls in a referendum that would have changed the Constitution of Venezuela to remove all term limits, but he was unable to find anywhere near the public support for this measure that he needed. (News article here)

The question now on everyone’s mind is “Will Chavez go gracefully, or will he contrive to stay in office?”

Barbados Labour Party Also Seeks To Change Laws To Maintain Power

In an outrageous turn of events in Barbados, Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley first announced last week on live radio that Bajans would be asked a referendum question on becoming a Republic – and that the question would be included on the ballot during the soon-to-be-held national elections.

Then, only two days later, the Deputy Prime Minister announced that the referendum would NOT be held in conjunction with the national election! As a reason for the change, Mottley told a tale that made it clear that the Chief Election Officer had not been consulted prior to the government announcement!

There is no doubt that these are strange, strange times in the Barbados Cabinet.

During the past year the Government of Barbados tinkered with the Constitution almost at will until November – when the government’s quest to suspend the highest law in the land to promote and hire BLP supporters was brought up short by public outrage.

This Chavez-like willingness to change the laws to give legitimacy to anything they want to do has become a hallmark of the Barbados Labour Party under Owen Arthur.

With No Heir-Apparent, BLP Strong Man Must Seek A 4th Term

In September of 2007, the official government Barbados Labour Party Blog ran an article coming out against Term Limits for elected politicians, and especially BLP leader Owen Arthur who is being forced by party loyalty to seek a fourth term as Prime Minister of Barbados. (BLP Blog article Term Limits)

It is necessary for Arthur to seek a fourth term if the BLP is to stay in power as Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley, the previous heir-apparent, has for some reason fallen from popular favour both within and outside the BLP. She has even been the subject of hard-hitting, biting commentaries in the government-controlled newspapers which have in the past been quite supportive.

Mottley’s fall from popular support leaves the BLP with no obvious succession plan, so Arthur must toss his hat in the ring once more.

Like the citizens of Venezuela, Bajans must be alert to the BLP’s continuing quest to change the laws of Barbados for the party’s own narrow purposes.

Because whatever happens to Prime Minister Owen Arthur, there are those in the Barbados Labour Party who fear a change in government because of what will be exposed. These people will do anything, including perverting our highest laws, to protect themselves and to maintain power.


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Nominations Open For 2nd Annual Barbados Piggies At The Trough Awards!


Prestigious Award Now A Bajan Annual Tradition

Barbados Free Press is pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Barbados Piggies At The Trough Awards will take place on December 31, 2007. The “Piggy” as the award is affectionately known, is presented annually to the Barbados politician or civil servant who, in the opinion of the judges, best misuses position, political contacts or internal knowledge to benefit self, family or friends. (And yes, extra points are awarded for creativity or sheer brazeness!)

The Public Is The Nominations Committee

Nominations are open immediately, with anyone able to nominate any current or past Barbados politician or civil servant for the prestigious “Piggy”…

We don’t care how far back in time that the corruption occurred. Whether the unethical actions happened last week by a BLP supporter, or two decades ago under a DLP government doesn’t matter – we’re looking for real quality here, folks. Only the best, most audacious and greedy hog will be this year’s winner!

Last Year’s Winner Is Again Eligible To Win – But The 2007 Competition Is Fierce!

The 2006 Piggy was won by Prime Minister Owen Arthur over his corrupt actions with the Holders land deal. Honourable mentions in a supporting role went to Richard Cox and David Shorey for their extraordinary performances in that same rezoning scandal.

The question on everybody’s mind is, “Can the Prime Minister win a Piggy two years in a row?”

Under ordinary circumstances, Arthur would be a shoe-in on raw talent alone, but in 2007 several other members of Cabinet let it be known that they too are world class crooks – so the award is anyones for the taking.

This year Barbados saw the rise of some incredible new talent in political corruption. Who could forget the fabulous Brass Tacks radio performance of Tourism Minister Noel Lynch? Or the “VECO told me they didn’t bribe anyone in Barbados” statements of the Attorney General?

Yes folks, this year’s competition promises to be as exciting as opening your first offshore bank account!

Send your nominations to barbadosfreepress (at) yahoo.com or post them in the comments section. Nominations must be received by 6pm on December 31, 2007.

Judging will take place at the Barbados Free Press New Year’s Eve beach bash somewhere on the island – probably before 8pm. (Any later than 8pm and most of the judges are likely to be comatose.)


Good luck to all the contestants, and may the best Piggy win!


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