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BFP Reader Guy Hewitt Says “Many Thanks, Mr. Arthur”

“Many Thanks, Mr Arthur”

Like so many Barbadians considering their options for the upcoming General Election, I found myself in a quandary in trying to decide what to do with my vote on 15 January 2008. But knowing the history of the struggle for adult suffrage I feel compelled to place my ‘X’.

When I look at the main opposition, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), it seems a shadow of its former self. The DLP is still to convey a real sense of urgency to be the next Government of Barbados. As leader, Mr Thompson gives the impression that he adheres to the notion that governments lose election, oppositions don’t win them.

While there is some truth to this, political change in Barbados has always featured an opposition able to capture the popular imagination of the people. Campaigning around a slogan “time for a change” will be insufficient to win popular support.

Barbados is accustomed to strong political leadership and in his twenty years in Parliament and nearly ten as leader of the opposition, Mr Thompson is still to demonstrate his true political strength. His may be a case of too easy, too soon but whatever the cause, Mr Thompson needs to canvass a national constituency if he desires to become the next prime minister of Barbados.

Along the way, Mr Thompson also needs to let us know who his minister of finance will be. We Bajans are too cautious with our money to adopt a wait and see attitude on this issue. However, I give him full marks for displacing Mr Mascoll. The ‘Hardwood’ saga confirmed Mr Mascoll’s poor lack of judgement and possibly much more. Mr Thompson convinced me that Mr Mascoll should never get control of the Barbados treasury and definitely not the leadership of this country.

But what is the alternative?

There is no question that Mr Arthur is the most remarkable political operator in the history of Barbados. The emergence of ‘Owen Dems’ demonstrated his political skill and the success of his ‘politics of inclusion’. But to what end?

The Monday, 17 December 2007 edition of the Daily Nation revealed a side of Mr Arthur that drove fear in me. The report that he had a “determination never to see the DLP hold the reins of power in this country”, revealed the dark side to his ‘politics of inclusion’.

Having read political science and having lived in and worked on two general elections in Guyana, I was struck by what sounded to be the words of a megalomaniac. I heard in Mr Arthur’s assertion echoes of Linden Forbes Burnham, who similarly drunk on power, created a constitutional presidency and then an executive presidency to allow him to remain as President of Guyana until his death.

It was the first time I became suspicious over the political agenda to create a constitutional presidency in Barbados. I always assumed it was part of the ‘politics of inclusion’; to satisfy one woman’s personal ambition. But when I considered the Government’s recent attempt to amend the Constitution of Barbados to usurp powers from the Governor General to appoint civil servants, another component of the ‘politics of inclusion’, I realised this Government has become intoxicated politically to dangerous levels. Where will it end?

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Strange Omission By Nation News Online – Murder Of Retired Chief Immigration Officer Not Mentioned


Paper Edition Tells Of Murder – But Online Edition Censors Story

Not for the first time we have noticed that the Nation News reports a murder in it’s paper edition, but doesn’t mention the crime in the online edition. This happened before with that poor lady who was murdered and decapitated.

This kind of censorship is (I guess) supposed to keep up appearances for prospective tourists who would have access to the online news but not the paper edition.

The downside of the censorship is once it started, our “news media” soon became a propaganda tool for business and government instead of a foundation of democracy and freedom.

Once the news media starts hiding one type of story, it is easy to extend this censorship to other stories – for instance the Ronja (Ronya) Juman scandal which has never been mentioned, or the 3S kickback scandal where the media sat on the story for weeks after the blogs printed the details.

By censoring a major story like the murder of a retired Chief Immigration Officer, the lapdog Nation News again proves that it serves the government, not the people.


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Barbados Police In Political Cover Up – Fail To Investigate Violent Threats Against Witnesses In Chief Justice’s Land Fraud Trial


Police Commissioner Again Protects The Ruling BLP Government And Says “To Hell With Duty”

Damning Court Documents Posted Online

Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin of The Royal Barbados Police Force was notified weeks ago of numerous death threats against witnesses in the Kingland land fraud trials happening in Barbados and in Canada. Weeks ago Commissioner Dottin was given the evidence needed to identify and arrest the criminals – yet the police have done nothing. The police haven’t even spoken to the victims and witnesses!

A formal letter of complaint was sent to Commissioner Dottin on December 10, 2007 by a Canadian lawyer, K. William McKenzie. That letter is posted in full on the Keltruth Blog along with a second letter to internet supplier Cable & Wireless.


The Short Story

David Simmons, the Chief Justice of Barbados (photo above), his brother Peter Simmons, Prime Minister Owen Arthur, the Attorney General, David Thompson and many other Bajan big-ups are charged with land fraud and conspiracy in a Canadian civil court case that is making its way through the Canadian justice system. The lawsuit revolves around lands in Barbados known as “Kingsland” that are said to have a value in excess of US$ One Billion dollars.

Numerous threats have been made against witnesses in that trial, including one threat to bash in the head of an elderly witness, an old Bajan lady named Marjorie Knox. The threats have come via the internet to Keltruth Blog from a Barbados Cable & Wireless internet account.

Formal Complaint Made In Writing – Weeks Ago

In December 10, 2007 letters to Police Commissioner Dottin and internet supplier Cable & Wireless, Canadian lawyer K. William McKenzie sent a copy of the threat to murder Marjorie Knox, along with the IP number of the sender and the date and time. This information is all the police need to launch an investigation and to identify and arrest the person(s) responsible. After all, the records of the IP number reside on Barbados with Cable and Wireless. (Hey… perhaps one of those pre-signed blank search warrants is all the police need!)

Nothing has been done by the police. Why not?

Why haven’t the police acted? Easy… many of the accused in the land fraud case are Barbados Government Ministers or members of the BLP inner circle and there is a possibility that the threats against witnesses are coming from this highly-placed group of defendants.

Therefore, the police don’t want to touch the case.

Barbados Diplomat Delivers Violent Threats In The Same Land Fraud Case

In a related incident, former Barbados High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Peter Simmons, was recently tape-recorded making threats of violence against persons involved in the same land fraud court case. (See BFP’s Brother Of Barbados Chief Justice Tape-Recorded Making Threats Of Violence In Land Fraud Lawsuit)

Did Peter Simmons make the internet death threats too? The Royal Barbados Police Force doesn’t want to know. After all, Peter Simmons is the brother of Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons and like his judicial brother is a confidant of fellow defendant Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

Politics Cripples Our Police

We have grown accustomed to our police officers allowing themselves to be used by government members for political and personal goals, so we are not surprised at this latest incident of disgusting partisanship by the Royal Barbados Police Force. Whether it is the police being given blank search warrants and acting as debt collectors for government officials, or officers illegally smashing reporters’ cameras and dragging them off to jail without cause – or officers failing to come to the assistance of a woman in a domestic assault for four days – we are becoming used to our police being nothing more than a tool of the political elites.

The world needs to know the story of how a once proud and independent Royal Barbados Police Force has been subverted to a mere political tool for the current government.

May God take mercy upon our small island.

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