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Brother Of Barbados Chief Justice Tape-Recorded Making Threats Of Violence In Land Fraud Lawsuit


Such Thuggish Behavior From A Government Diplomat!

The former Barbados High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Peter Simmons (photo immediately above), was recently tape-recorded making threats of violence against persons involved in a land fraud court case.


The former Barbados government diplomat and his brother, Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons (photo above), are facing charges of land fraud and conspiracy in a Canadian civil court. The Simmons brothers are two of the many high-profile defendants in the Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. lawsuit that is currently being heard in Canadian courts. The lawsuit revolves around lands in Barbados known as “Kingsland” that are said to have a value in excess of US$ One Billion dollars.

Some other defendants in the lawsuit include Prime Minister Owen Arthur, the Attorney General of Barbados, Opposition Leader David Thompson (whether in his capacity as a politician or as a lawyer is unknown to this writer), government insiders David Shorey & Philip Nicholls, accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers and the corrupt company that built the new Barbados jail and the oil terminal: VECO.

Defendant VECO Corporation Has Record Of Bribing Government Officials, Politicians

The defendant VECO is especially interesting as this huge Alaska-based firm has a proven record of bribing public officials and politicians in order to obtain government contracts. One has to wonder about why the Canadian court added VECO as a defendant and what juicy stories of political corruption in Barbados will surface as the lawsuit progresses!

Barbados Media Has Reported Nothing About This Major Story!

Naturally, the “professional” Barbados media have reported nothing on the Canadian lawsuit – not even it’s existence – despite the fact that many of the court documents and other evidence have been posted online and discussed publicly for years. This latest revelation that diplomat Peter Simmons has been tape-recorded delivering threats of violence is hardly likely to be reported in the government-controlled Barbados media.

The majority of voters in the current Barbados election have no idea that some of their candidates are embroiled in this explosive lawsuit over massive land fraud and political corruption that is alleged to have occurred in Barbados!

Threatening Violence Is Nothing New For Supporters Of The Barbados Government

The story of the tape-recorded threats by Barbados diplomat Peter Simmons is breaking on the Keltruth Blog, which mentioned the Simmons brothers in a story about death threats against Marjorie Knox (an elderly Bajan lady who is involved in the Kingsland lawsuit) and Bajan hotelier Adrian Loveridge.

According to the Keltruth Blog article, both the Royal Barbados Police Force and internet provider Cable & Wireless are aware of the death threats and have done nothing. This is not a surprise to BFP as the “professional” Barbados media has refused to report on the threats as well. Don’t forget: in Barbados the government, police, courts and media are all just one big organisation.

For the full story on the death threats and to view many court documents posted online, check out Keltruth Blog’s Violent Threats in the Tropical Paradise of Barbados


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