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Updated: Keltruth Blogger Drinking Mount Gay Rum… All Day!


Something strange and truly wonderful has been going on this afternoon at Keltruth Blog (link here). Obviously someone has received an early Christmas present in the form of Photoshop software. Like a kid with a new toy, our blogging friend has been doing nothing else this weekend and the cartoons keep on coming.

The newest cartoon (of which the above is a small excerpt) makes us suspect that the budding artist has also been hitting the Mount Gay pretty heavily.

Photoshop software… hundreds of dollars.

Such irreverent creativity… Priceless!


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Keltruth Blog Enters The World Of Photoshop Humour


Castro, Chavez, Arthur and his little brother Simmons go for a swim…

It takes a special sort of mindset to mock political personalities through drawn or photoshop cartoon creations – and Keltruth Blog has just joined the club.

Welcome to our fellow bloggers with unrefined photoshop skills!

We’re a little bit ahead of you so Shona cleaned up some of the sky around Chavez and Arthur at no charge. 🙂

What’s the cartoon all about?

Head over to Keltruth Blog and find out. (link here)


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